2016: An Association Blogging and Podcasting Odyssey

Spark Consulting

I remember participating in my first bloggercon at ASAE in a sunny plaza in San Diego in 2008, shortly after I’d launched Thanks For Playing, the precursor to the Spark blog, with about 30 other association professionals, sharing our thoughts about how to use this new platform to strengthen our industry and our community. Feature Story social media video #assnchat KiKi L'Italien

Are You Trying Social Media Contests to Promote Your Conference? [CASE STUDY: AILA]


They kindly agreed to write up their experience as part of a social media contest put on by the association. The Lawyers Debrief: Participation in Social Media Contest to Promote Bar Association Conference. Conferences are always well-attended and include a multitude of panels on all topics in immigration law and practice development, pro bono initiatives, networking opportunities and social events.


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Association Weekly Wrap-Up for February 8th!

YourMembership Blog

A study conducted by the Center for Creative Leadership in San Diego found Millennial employees have about the same level of organizational commitment as other generations. Well, things are changing: the economy, technology, social media tools and paradigms for using them, generation shifts. Don’t: Use blanket “Like Us” messages to drive people to your social media pages.

How a Local Restaurant Association Is Making Taco Tuesday for Everyone

Associations Now

That’s part of our agenda here, is to really illuminate the Orange County restaurant industry, which can be challenging when you’re sandwiched between Los Angeles and San Diego,” Waitt said. OCRA says it will make the domain “an umbrella brand for taco events, social media activations, media tours, guest chef interviews, and an opportunity to foster strategic partnerships, corporate citizenship, philanthropic giving, and beyond.”.

(No NTEN chat 8/19/08)


Last week, we were lucky enough to have Paul Chaney , President of IBNMA stop by the NTEN Office, to tell us all about the relaunch of the IBNMA (International Blogging and New Media Association). Paul told us all about how it was conceived as a trade association, and its mission is "to provide research, information, education and advocacy to bloggers, podcasters, social media consultants and others". Tags: chat rooms NTEN sharing social media

I'm a SocialFish too!


This is it, it's official, Lindy Dreyer and I launched our new social media strategy consulting firm, SocialFish, LLC at ASAE's annual meeting in San Diego. So far we've come up with a bunch of variations on: - "we help you navigate the deep waters of social media" - "we help you hook the right audience using social media" - "dive into social media with us; the water's fine" Etc.

BIO International Convention 2020: Taking an International 17,000 Attendee Conference Virtual in Under 8 Weeks


This year’s convention was scheduled to take place in San Diego, June 8-11, 2020. That event was eventually cancelled, and on March 2 nd , a San Diego Visitors and Convention Bureau representative contacted BIO and told them that due to federal mandates issued in response to the COVID outbreak, they were cancelling all events until June 1 st. They also cross promoted their suggestions via social media.

Younger Millennials Strike Back with “OK Boomer”

Jamie Notter

The keynote I did in San Diego last week covered both Millennials and workplace culture, and as I was preparing for it, I realized that Millennials have now been in the workforce for more than 15 years. And this isn’t just about comments on social media posts.

YAPpy Friday update!


YAP Social Media Guru and Cool Guy Lauren A. WE WILL HAVE A PRESENCE AT ASAE's ANNUAL MEETING in San Diego and hopefully at every other ASAE conference. Facebook LinkedIn associations community YAP social media innovation Associations 2.0 Tags: social networking web 2.0 THANK YOU to everyone who has joined YAP , our Young Association Professionals group. We are also now on LinkedIn if you prefer to join that way. REMEMBER - anyone can join.

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Carole Baskin is killing it in marketing: How the non-profit in ‘Tiger King’ dominates digital strategy

Association Success

And while most of my friends are obsessed with whether this so-called “Mother Theresa of Cats” fed her husband to the tigers (I will let Carole defend herself on that one), I was fascinated by how her nonprofit organization used digital and social media to expand its reach, raise money, attract visitors, and lobby Congress well before most of us had ever heard of it. Well, how about this: The San Diego Zoo is literally the No.

Tampa 83

Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.17.20

Reid All About it

This pasta al limone from Bon Appetit reminds me of a dish I had for lunch one day in a restaurant in the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. Joe Buehrle, vice president of organizational planning for Social Advocates for Youth, San Diego. Rise of the Branded Community Over Social Media .

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The Big Picture: The Gripman Cometh

The Big Picture

« Integrating social media into the association communication mix | Main. My family and I just enjoyed a spring break vacation in San Francisco (or we enjoyed two days and then we endured the cold rain during the others anyways). Had similar experiences in San Francisco. I also had a cab driver in San Diego spend our whole ride telling us all the things he hated about the city. I'm hoping to do that from a social media perspective at my company.

Join Me at SXSW, 14NTC, and Other March Conferences

Beth Kanter

There are many nonprofit, social media, and technology conferences all year long. What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You I’m thrilled to be on a panel organized by Alexandra Samuel, Vision Critical , along with Jeremiah Owyang and Colby Flint. The session will share the results and insights from research studies that combining social media analytics with survey data. Photo by George Galanais.

Media Relations – The New World According to Brian Solis (from the ASAE Annual Meeting)

Guilt by Association

Brian Solis, one of the superstars in social media strategy, spoke at the ASAE Annual Meeting in San Diego last week. He talked about how public relations professionals can still influence opinion and behavior even though mainstream media is in its death throes. Then track back to the social activity that will move that number. Monitor the social network conversations! The Social Media Manifesto.



And among all the serious stuff we're also doing, such as setting up working groups on a wide range of issues that affect young professionals, and providing a security net for lone travelers, and being a sandbox for social media innovation, etc., I am off to San Diego. Tags: social networking associations community YAP ASAE Elizabeth Engel over on Thanks For Playing has a really nice post about the missing element of delight.

6 Gorgeous Apps With GPS Integration


Last year, it was social; this year, GPS integration is the new must-have for app design. Their cute owl mascot is a fun avian variant on the famous Twitter bird, and their color scheme is just close enough to Twitter’s to remind you what social network you’re using. ———— Sam Peters is an avid blogger and social media whiz. Sam resides in sunny San Diego, California. Guest post for SocialFish by Sam Peters.

Come chat with me on Tuesdays!


I am in the Communications Track and will be talking about social media and blogging (and YAP and whatever else you want to talk about). My hour is 2 pm EST every Tuesday during the rest of the summer (except the last 2 weeks of August when I will be at ASAE in San Diego, then at the beach (yay!). I am volunteering some time for NTEN's Office Hours. Because clearly I am insane and can't resist piling on way more stuff than I can possibly handle.

Association Subculture: Winning by Failing Big

Association Subculture

This clip might be old news for everyone, but it shows a new vantage point on the epic failness from the San Diego fireworks show of 2012. Yes, the San Diego fireworks display this year did not go as planned. social media. (3). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Monday, July 9, 2012. Winning by Failing Big.

How California’s Gig Economy Law Could Reshape Your Freelancer Pool

Associations Now

Already, the effects are being felt in the editorial space, where some media outlets have specifically excluded California-based freelancers from working with them, according to a recent Hollywood Reporter story. The article sparked a major debate on social media over the weekend, including public criticism of state Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego), who wrote the bill and admitted the number was decided through less-than-scientific means.

Conference Circuit: A Landmark Event in the Fight Against AIDS

Associations Now

With that in mind, attendees will focus on six objectives, which include raising awareness about the differing speeds at which progress against the virus has been obtained, bringing attention to global hotspots, and making sure that HIV and AIDS remain on the international radar amid countless other pressing social and medical concerns. The San Diego County Apartment Association will be hosting its own show in the next week.

For Leaders, Approval Starts With Awareness

Associations Now

But tucked in the poll data is evidence that Americans are contemptuous of institutions sometimes even more than people: They’re down on the Democratic Party (43 percent negative), the Republican Party (48 percent negative), and most of all, the news media (59 percent negative). In an article last week at the Atlantic , Derek Thompson outlined a few reasons why anti-media feelings have intensified in recent years. And as with the media, so it goes with other institutions.

Lunchtime Links: Peyton Manning’s Omaha Shoutout

Associations Now

During Sunday’s win over the San Diego Chargers, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning shouted the city’s name a total of 44 times, causing viewers to take to social media to discuss what the call meant. Secure social sharing: With your nonprofit’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and other social media tools becoming increasingly important for pushing out your message, keeping them secure is hugely important.

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Conference Circuit: Heart Association Pumps Life into Education

Associations Now

November 21-23: The National Council for the Social Studies is highlighting the importance of community involvement with this year’s annual conference theme: the Civic Mission of Schools. Down the Line: November 22-25: The American Academy of Religion will help move religious studies into the digital age during this year’s annual meeting in San Diego. In the same vein, the Religion and Media Workshop will examine the intersection of religion, media, and culture.

AI for Nonprofits and Social Good: Link Roundup

Beth Kanter

Allison Fine and I have been actively researching and writing about AI for Social Good and Nonprofits with an eye towards our next book. We are tracking the conversation and resources about AI and Nonprofits and social good. They also published this “ AI for Good Guide ,” intended to help nonprofits and social enterprises learn how to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to social, humanitarian and environmental challenges. Social Change.

Mizz Information: New York Times and Other Excitement

Mizz Information

At any rate, today Im off to the ASHA Convention in San Diego, the time of year where I get to actually meet face-to-face with the people with whom I interact on Twitter or otherwise online throughout the year in my capacity as community manager. In case youre interested in the non-social media side of me, I do love me some Pinterest. I am an online community & social media manager for an association, love movies and books, and have been blogging since 2005.

Authenticity is the new Cool and other lessons from my Pecha Kucha Session at ASAE 2008


ASAE & The Center 2008 San Diego) view presentation tags: discovery insights ideas story Jeff De Cagna and I conducted a session at ASAE using the Japanese presentation format Pecha Kucha , where the entire presentation is done using 20 slides (images only, minimal or no text) for a maximum of 20 seconds each (totaling 6 minutes and 40 seconds). San Diego - wow. What's Your Learning Story?

For ASAE members: Countdown to ASAE 2008


I'll post about this again later, I am sure, but just a quick head's up about ASAE's Annual Meeting in San Diego, August 16-19, since I had a few minutes to look through my pile of stuff about it and try to work out a little bit of a schedule for myself. I just came across " groups " in the ASAE database - if you join the "social media lab" group, you can discuss stuff in advance! -

Expanding the Hive: Beekeeper Group Welcomes New Bees

Beekeeper Group

Katarina also assisted in the development, launch and monitoring of client-specific social media platforms, both building and maintaining their overall social media presence. Leslie Carlson , Account Manager , previously worked as the Communications Manager of Sister to Sister: The Women’s Heart Health Foundation, she managed social media pages, created content for the website, drafted fact sheets and newsletter items, and helping develop sponsorship proposals.

Mizz Information: Blogging and Busy-ness

Mizz Information

My job at the time had nothing to do with blogging or social media, and after recently "on-ramping" back to the work world after an eight year hiatus, I was basically in an entry-level position and had plenty of time to blog. I manage my orgs blog and social media presences, and frequently speak about blogging and social media. In case youre interested in the non-social media side of me, I do love me some Pinterest. Mizz Information.

Get To Know Me!

Association Okie

The spread of social media in our corner of the world (associations) has me contemplating the change in how we know people. I met her in San Diego, at ASAE 2008. We read their blogs, follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, “Friend” them on Facebook, and think we know them. I first noticed this at ASAE’s 2007 Annual Meeting in Chicago.

Hold Judgement: 9 Questions Speakers Must Ask Their Association To Begin Healing

Holly Duckworth

Last Wednesday, 1200 members of the National Speakers Association (the other NSA) met in San Diego for PERFORM, the 2014 national conference. A“big” announcement was brewing on social media and in the hallways. Almost immediately after the announcement my social stream started inquiring for my thoughts on the announcement.

10 Secrets of Online Course Design from Award-Winning MOOCs

WBT Systems

Social media participation is not required, but it helps students feel like they’re learning together as part of a poetry community, not just an online course. Nearly 1,200,000 students have taken the most popular MOOC of all time: Learning How to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help You Master Tough Subjects taught by Dr. Barbara Oakley of UC San Diego. If you want to see engaging, transformative online course design in action, add a little poetry to your life.

Mooc 41

Catching Back Up with Shirky - BlogClump


At ASAE Annual, many were talking about their social media strategy and what to do. The Fun Stuff in San Diego. Thoughts from ASAE Annual in San Diego. How Big is Your Social Network? skip to main | skip to sidebar. BlogClump - Blogging About Associations From a Gen Xer. A Gen Xer giving his thoughts and opinions on the Association world. Tuesday, August 26, 2008. Catching Back Up with Shirky.

On new meeting formats.


As you may remember, Jeff de Cagna and I did a Pecha Kucha session at ASAE's annual meeting in San Diego. One thing that would have pushed it higher would have been some helpful hints on how to implement this type of learning too much emphasis on social media, Best thing about this session was it gave me the opportunity to reflect and put on paper my key learning. I've been following this interesting discussion on Acronym about different meeting formats.

Association Management Gen Xer Meme - Right Here, Right Now

Association Subculture

I was recently tagged in Maddie Grants Social Fish Xer Meme and am happy to have been invited to play. It puts a lot of years on you when you are sponging media off of any generation that comes in contact with you. Second - I went to a thought leader session led by Nadira Hira at the ASAE Annual Conference in San Diego. The magical world of social media accelerated the hunt. social media. (3). skip to main | skip to sidebar.