Associations Assist With Investigation After Seattle Hijacking

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The hijacking of a passenger plane at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport by an airline employee on Friday was, by all accounts, almost unprecedented. The post Associations Assist With Investigation After Seattle Hijacking appeared first on Associations Now

Strawless in Seattle: How One City Committed to a Straw-Free September

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Seattle, which recently approved a ban on plastic straws that will take effect next year, will get a practice run next month as part of the Lonely Whale Foundation’s “Strawless in Seattle” campaign.

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Franchise Association Promises Lawsuit Over Seattle Minimum Wage Law

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The International Franchise Association says a new minimum wage law in Seattle—raising wages to $15 per hour over time—unfairly targets its members by treating franchisees differently from other small businesses. ” I don’t know how I’m going to do it in Seattle.

Driven to Organize: Seattle-Area Uber Drivers Form Association

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With regulations for app-based ride services looming in Seattle and with concerns rising over the companies’ business practices, a group of drivers decided it was time for an organization of their own.

Minimum Wage Law: Franchise Association Files Suit Against Seattle

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The International Franchise Association has followed through with legal action against the city of Seattle over its $15 minimum wage law, which the association says unfairly targets franchisees.

Franchise Association Takes Seattle Minimum-Wage Case to Supreme Court

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The Changing Grassroots The battle over Seattle’s minimum-wage law highlights a current trend in urban areas. One of the most prominent critics of Seattle’s minimum-wage law is taking its legal fight to the highest court in the land.

#kantersea: Data, Transparency, and Measurement In Seattle

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Fist bumps to @ msftcitizenship for hosting #KanterSEA ! And look, I’m rocking my #Surface to live tweet.…. Shanon Doolittle (@sldoolittle) February 11, 2013.

How to Make Association Committee Members Happier and More Productive


There’s the company in Seattle that raised its minimum wage to $70,000, there’s WL Gore & Associates that eliminated a managerial hierarchy , and Whole Foods that publishes all of its employees’ salaries , which are based on work and abilities (the more able the employee, the higher the pay).

Membership Q&A: Don’t Leave Us!

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Your conference is in Seattle, and he lives in Seattle. What’s the #1 reason a long-standing member would not renew? As Dr. Theodore Woodward of the University of Maryland School of Medicine taught his med students in the 1940: “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras” For our purposes, that means start with the obvious: Did that member switch careers or retire?

Executive Connections: Dr. Vint Cerf: Living Legend

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If you are coming to the 2008 SLA Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO in Seattle next month, you are probably as excited as I am that our opening keynote speaker will be Dr. Vint Cerf, vice president and chief Internet Evangelist at Google. It is a brief article, but I think it shows what a treat is in store for us in Seattle. Executive Connections. « Book Recommendation | Main.

Executive Connections: SLA Says It "Big"

Executive Connections

I hope you had an opportunity to see the advertisement that appeared in the Wall Street Journal before and during the 2008 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO in Seattle promoting the role of information professionals. Unfortunately I was too busy to see what else the media ran during the conference to let the Seattle area know what was going on. Executive Connections. « And the Question Is? Main. | A Visit To Emerald City » 24 June 2008. SLA Says It "Big".

Executive Connections: A Visit To Emerald City

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If you had the good fortune to attend the 2008 SLA Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO last week in Seattle, you know what a tremendous success it was. If you were unable to be with us in Seattle, you can still access the conference blog, listen to podcasts from the conference, hear the SLA candidates and more at Executive Connections. « SLA Says It "Big" | Main. Whats Up at SLA? » 25 June 2008. A Visit To Emerald City.

Conference Circuit: Continuing Education Pros

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The University Professional and Continuing Education Association’s 104th Annual Conference begins next week in Seattle. Venue: Sheraton Seattle Downtown. City: Seattle. Rundown Attendees: 700 plus. Exhibit booths: 50. Learning tracks: 7.

Conference Circuit: Dam Safety

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The Association of State Dam Safety Officials’ 2018 Annual Conference begins this weekend in Seattle. Nearly 1,000 dam and levee safety professionals are headed to Seattle in the upcoming days to network, share knowledge, and learn from industry leaders. City: Seattle.

How a Tweet Reopened an Association Book Fair

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After the Association of Writers and Writing Programs tweeted that tax issues forced them to close a Seattle book fair to the public, the group was able to strike a deal. AWP is grateful to the City of Seattle Tax Office for its responsiveness to our community.”.

Optometric Association Offers Free Lyft Rides to Eye Exams

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Louis, and Seattle. Noting that nearly six in 10 Americans haven’t had their eyes checked in the last two years, the American Optometric Association is offering Lyft rides in 10 cities to help people get to their eye exams.

Protecting community: Board members and managers show the value of crisis leadership


The board of directors at the Fifteen Twenty-One Second Avenue condominium in Seattle adopted regulations to only allow outside family members access to the community.

SBI Announces New Client Partnership with the Western Association of College and University Business Officers (WACUBO)


Seattle, WA – July 1, 2019. SBI, a Seattle-based association management company, is proud to announce the Western Association of College and University Business Officers (WACUBO) as its newest full-service association management client.

[Guest Post] Your Association’s Website Is Your Best Member Recruitment Tool


The following blog post was written by SBI Association Management , a Seattle-based and AMCI-accredited association management company. How shopping for an association is a lot like buying a toaster on Amazon. Online purchases for all consumer goods are at an all-time high. Prospective members are used to finding everything from the best-rated camera to the safest car seat online, so it’s no surprise they’re using similar “shopping tactics” to decide on joining your association.

Canadian E-Waste Group Crosses Border With New Depots

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The group is focusing its rollout on two of the country’s largest tech hotbeds—Seattle and Silicon Valley. “We are looking to donate over 100 laptops and 100 computers to charities and schools in the Seattle area to mark ERA’s grand opening in the U.S.

SBI Announces New Client Partnership with the International Ombudsman Association (IOA)


Seattle, WA – January 2, 2019. SBI, a Seattle-based association management company, is proud to announce the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) as its newest full-service association management client.

Conference Circuit: Big Innovation for Little Ones

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The National Head Start Association’s first-ever Early Childhood Innovation Summit kicks off in Seattle next week. Location: Seattle. Rundown Cohosts: 4. Sponsors: 3. Keynotes: 2.

What associations can learn from the 2012-2013 NFL season

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For those who are not sports fans, this was the final play of one of the first Monday Night Football games of the season where one referee called it a touchdown for Seattle while the other called it a touchback for Green Bay. Ultimately, the game is called for Seattle.

Ignite me? Ignite you!

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The first Ignite took place in Seattle back in 2006 and has since spread across the world. My name is Stefanie and I’m obsessed with Ignite. For those not familiar, Ignite is an event where speakers have five minutes and 20 slides (auto-advanced every 15 seconds) to make a point.

Pi Day Hits a Landmark Anniversary for Number Crunchers and Pastry Lovers

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The Downtown Seattle Association, for example , is holding multiple pie-eating contests on Thursday, with prizes for the winners. With several associations as boosters, National Pi Day was born a decade ago, dedicating March 14 to the mathematical constant 3.14 and promotion of math education.

Monday Buzz: When It Comes to Salaries, How High Is Too High?

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The debate continues after a Seattle company raises its minimum salary sky-high. Last week, Seattle-based credit-card-processing company Gravity Payments suddenly announced that it would raise its minimum salary to $70,000.

Conference Circuit: Weather Watchers

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Thousands of scientists, educators, students, and other professionals from across the weather, water, and climate community are headed to Seattle to share, learn, and collaborate. City: Seattle. Rundown Square Feet of Exhibits: 20,800. Attendees: 4,100. Poster Presentations: 1,436.

Friday Buzz: New Media Lessons Associations Should Heed

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At the 2014 Independent Sector Conference earlier this week in Seattle, media pros offered up a few ideas about how nonprofits can support new media initiatives to help get their message out. How nonprofits can keep a place at the table, even as the media world constantly changes.

Daily Buzz: Turn Office Complaints Into Positive Change

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Among them: Washington’s Dulles International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare, Dallas’ Love Field, and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport—the latter near Nintendo of America’s home base of Redmond, Washington. Work with employees to identify organizational problems and find solutions.

Conference Circuit: Immune System

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The American Association of Immunologists’ Annual Meeting kicks off in Seattle later this week. Location: Seattle. Rundown Attendees: 3,000. Exhibitors: 150 plus. Distinguished Lectures: 3.

Washington Restaurant and Lodging Associations Become One

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Combining resources provides a stronger organization for our members and a stronger voice,” Stan Bowman, president and CEO of the Washington Lodging Association, told The Seattle Times.

Florist Society’s Solution to Stress: A Little Flower Power

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The tour plans stops along the West Coast, including Portland, Oregon, and Seattle. The Society of American Florists is embracing its product’s ties to ‘60s hippie culture in a new chill-out marketing campaign. The Society of American Florists has a message for America: “Flower power” is back in style.

Looking Back at 2018: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going


In 2018, we participated in several giving projects for our local Seattle area. conference put on by MemberClicks in Indianapolis, Indiana; and Washington State Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Annual Chapter Awards here in Seattle, Washington.

Reads of the Week: October 5, 2012

Reid All About it

Here’s a performance they did for Seattle radio station KEXP – check that station out too. I’ve fallen in love with poetry! You knew it would happen eventually. Yes, I had a dalliance with Yeats when I was much younger – it was during my romantic Irish phase – but we drifted apart.

Trade Group: Malls Consider High-Tech Solutions to Security

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In the wake of a shooting at a Macy’s store in Seattle and a stabbing incident at a mall in Minnesota, executives are considering measures that rely heavily on technology.

Nonprofits, School Groups Pick up Fight Against Cyberbullying

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In one example cited by the AP, the Seattle Council Parent Teacher Student Association has encouraged its district to increase education efforts focused on “soft skills.”. A recent report finds that cyberbullying is on the rise, particularly among young girls.

Office in a Pod: Workbox Could Give Road Warriors Some Privacy

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The Luxembourg-based company already has a wide reach in the Seattle area. The international workspace-rental firm Regus wants to make it easier for businesspeople to get work done on the go.

Stay in Touch


I was working on my laptop between sessions at the recent WA-ACTE conference near Seattle when I overheard a nearby conversation: - Did you hear the keynote speech? - Yes, it was excellent. I wish I could get a copy of that presentation. My ears perked up because we had just the solution.

How Associations Are Embracing Apprenticeships

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It’s just the beginning,” said Amazon’s Ardine Williams, a vice president of human resources operations, in comments reported by The Seattle Times.

What Jeff Bezos’ Philanthropic Play Says About Big Giving Today

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Earlier this year, Amazon faced a major political challenge in its hometown of Seattle, when the city attempted to adopt a new tax on large companies , based on the number of people they employ, to help pay for homeless shelters and low-income housing.