Membership Hack: Conference Call Seminars

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The National Ayurvedic Medical Association hosts a monthly after-hours seminar by conference call. The National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA) has members scattered around the country and the world, which is why it helps Ayurvedic health professionals connect and learn in a free seminar by teleconference once a month. The October seminar focused on fibromyalgia and Ayurveda. And a number of people apply to lead seminar sessions.”.

My slides from Managing Membership seminar

Optimist Consulting

I was delighted to speak today at the Managing Membership Seminar organised by the IAmGroup and Adapta Consulting. I focused on retention. You can download my slides here. If you would like a no-obligation discussion about your retention challenges please contact me. Membership Membership retention


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#ASAE18: Addressing Sexual Harassment Demands More Than a Training Seminar

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The post #ASAE18: Addressing Sexual Harassment Demands More Than a Training Seminar appeared first on Associations Now At her Monday Game Changer session, former White House aide Tina Tchen encouraged attendees to consider sexual harassment as just one part of a range of inequalities that contribute to toxic workplace cultures. Having a sexual harassment policy at your organization is crucial, but that’s not enough to address systemic issues of abuse and inequality in the workplace.

Announcing a Full-Day Membership Marketing Seminar Presented by Tony Rossell and Mark Levin

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We will offer the seminar in Chicago and in metropolitan Washington DC area. Seminar If you are looking for powerful ideas and strategies to grow your organization’s membership next year, this is a program you may want to consider. Mark Levin, CAE, CSP, President, B.A.I., and one of the leading authorities on membership and I will be teaming up to present a one-day program titled, Membership Success for 2014: Developing and Executing a Powerful Strategy.

MeetingsNet Seminar Slides Nov. 18 on International Meetings.


MeetingsNet Seminar Slides Nov. global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. About. Channels. MarCom. Market & Biz Plan. Meetings. Membership. Products. Public Affairs. Services. « International Meeting Strategy and Cost Saving Tips – MeetingsNet Webinar. Enhance Your International Meeting Bottom Line with Effective Local Tax Reclamation » Nov. 18 on International Meetings.

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Emerging Market Strategy Seminars ? Chicago and DC in August.


Emerging Market Strategy Seminars – Chicago and DC in August. global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. About. Channels. MarCom. Market & Biz Plan. Meetings. Membership. Products. Public Affairs. Services. « Final Stop ASAE Study Mission 09 – Abu Dhabi, UAE. MCI Launches E-Learning Services for Non-US Market » Jul. Categories: MARCOM , Market & Bus Planning , Meetings , Product Mgmt.

JP Moery to Speak at Thought Leadership Conference in Cambridge, MA

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JP Moery, president of The Moery Company, will be speaking at the Profiting from Thought Leadership seminar , held on November 14 and 15, in Cambridge, MA. The event exists to advance the practice of thought leadership marketing in addition to the industry-shaping thought leadership research conducted by Rattleback , one of the nation’s leading marketing agencies.

SCD Group: 5 Articles on Association Meetings & Education

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Education (whether conferences, seminars or webinars) represents a key component – and major revenue source – of most associations. Google Enters The Realm of Online Events By Julius Solaris via Event Manager Blog News is that Google just announced Course Builder, a suite of tools to run courses, seminars, workshops online. Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic. AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. Sunday, September 16, 2012.

Wild Apricot Blog : Trends and Best Practices for Associations

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Can you hear me now?


I attended a session at last week’s Mid-Atlantic Marketing Seminar in Baltimore on reaching the media in a digital/mobile world. The main message was that while the media may be more accessible, it is also harder to get their attention. After all, there is so much information coming in from so many directions that our heads are spinning

The Learning Equation that Changes Everything

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More than likely, you spent about 30-50 hours of time in ‘training,’ whether it be in keynote speeches, online training, or face-to-face seminars. Think about why then so many seminars and keynotes fall flat. Most in-person seminars, which present materials, such as how to operate Excel or a new work process, may be experiential, where you physically do the process but are extremely low in emotional quality.

My Mumpreneur UK Conference slides

Optimist Consulting

I was invited to deliver a seminar at the Mumpreneur UK Conference today. I talked about How to create a marvellous marketing plan. I hope all the delegates found it useful. I said I would share my slides from the event, so here they Optimist Consulting Mumpreneur Conference 30 Sept 2012 FINAL. Do get in touch if you have any questions or comments. Marketing

25+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for July 2010

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There’s no more convenient way to brush up on your skills than to do your professional development online - and July 2010 brings us lots of free online presentations and seminars for fundraisers, board members, administrators, active volunteers, volunteer coordinators, and other non-profit folks.(

Associations don’t have long tails

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For a while there, Chris Anderson’s book, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More, seemed to dominate the association consulting/seminar/blogging space. Now that its currency has dimmed a little, I have a confession to make. I struggled for a long time trying to like this book1. But in the [.]. The Nature of Associations


Poll Finds Decisiveness, Board Relations and NFP Experience Key to Association Leadership

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Soft skills such as listening, empathy and consensus-building get the most attention at seminars, management retreats and self-help books for association leaders. But early results of our. For more about this topic, click on the headline. Did You Know? association leadership association management board relations Did You Know leadership skills not for profit poll poll results

My slides from CHASE 2014 – Generational differences

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You can download my slides here - OC CHASE 2014 generational differences seminar FINAL Feb 2014. I was delighted to present a workshop at CHASE 2014 on generational differences and what membership bodies need to do about it. Do contact me if you would like to know more about this issue and how I can help your organisation meet the challenge of the different generations. Membership


Membership Management Software and eLearning | 5 Tips


Whether it’s online courses, learning sessions, discussion forums, streaming seminars, or live webinars — when it comes to eLearning and the value it can bring to your organization, the possibilities are endless! Guest blog by Jake Fabbri, Senior Vice President, Marketing – Fonteva, Inc.

Webinars: Training on a Shoestring

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Online seminars can offer an affordable option for professional training, ideally suited to nonprofits who don't have the travel budget to send staff and volunteers to major conferences and workshops.( read more

Rosetta Stone for Twitter

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A lot of what gets tweeted at conferences and seminars is drivel, but for those fluent in the language, Twitter can add a [.]. Twitter is a second language … it takes some effort to learn to speak it fluently. But does tweeting content in realtime at educational events add or detract from the educational experience? Social Media & Associations

Try These Tricks for Engaging Members with Online Learning


One trend we’ve seen in the last few years is the traditional seminar being taken online to create webinars. Thanks to new tools and platforms, many traditional member benefits are being taken to the virtual space, allowing more flexibility for members to participate. In fact, your association may already be conducting webinars on a regular basis!

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42+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for August 2010

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August is a great time for online learning – in fact, this month we’ve rounded up more free online seminars than ever before! Ready for a bit of professional development, before Labor Day brings the start of another busy fall season? There’s something for everyone from board members and administrators, to fundraisers and volunteer coordinators, to active members of all interests and levels.( read more ).

23 Free Webinars for Nonprofits - October 2009

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Live or recorded, online seminars (webinars) or web-based teleconference calls make it easy and affordable for your staff and volunteers to get in direct contact with expert resources, without anyone needing to take time off work or to travel. Here's a list of 23 free nonprofit webinars for October 2009.( read more ).

22+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for June 2010

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Even as we move toward the lazy days of summer, when the pace traditionally slows down a bit, there’s still a great variety of free online presentations and seminars on tap for fundraisers, board members, administrators, active volunteers and volunteer coordinators. It’s that time again! Our regular monthly round-up of free professional development opportunities for nonprofit folks is back for June 2010.

Event Planning Software: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide


They can range from seminars and conferences, to university alumni events, to recruiting events for businesses. Planning an event of any kind takes organization, teamwork, and a lot of manpower. However, one of the most important elements you should include in your event planning process is something that might be easy to take for granted at times: Event planning software.

Why You Should Consider Blended Learning

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workshop, seminar). Blended learning (hybrid, mixed-mode or technology-mediated instruction) is simply combining traditional face-to-face instruction with online learning. Virtual events cannot, and should not replace face-to-face events, but at the same time, in-person learning should be enhanced by bringing in adaptive and personalized technology. This blended learning approach tends to work best by enhancing participant engagement, thus providing a richer learning experience.

30+ Free Nonprofit Webinars for May 2010

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Once again, it’s professional development time for nonprofit folks – fundraisers, board members, administrators, active volunteers and volunteer coordinators – with our monthly round-up of free online presentations and seminars. Fundraising and nonprofit technology topics are in the lead for May 2010, but I think you'll find a little something here for everyone.( read more ).

8 Association Event Ideas 20-Somethings Will Love


8 Fun Ideas for 20-Somethings: Group dinner featuring local breweries. Personal growth seminar using the Clifton Strengths Finder program. Poker Tournament with play money but real prizes. Sky-diving simulator. Bingo – cheesy but fun. Virtual horse racing or home run derby. Performance bartending (Google it). Giant “Operation” or “Light Bright” games. Our recent industry survey revealed a number of trends impacting the association industry.

Change is good…right?

Aaron Wolowiec

According to the survey, association innovation tends to focus around a few main areas: website and social media; conventions, conferences and seminars; education programs; and membership, technology and marketing (56 percent each). Leaves change. People change. And yes, businesses change. But what about associations? Most of us realize innovation is key to driving a business forward. New ideas, new inventions, new strategies, new operating plans.

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How Associations Help Under 30s with Career Growth


The kit includes 8 Engaging Event Ideas for 20-somethings with functions like a personal growth seminar using the Clifton Strengths-Finder program , virtual horse racing , or a home run derby networking event. For associations, catching the interest of the Under-30 professional crowd can seem daunting, if not impossible. For young professionals, association membership matters. A lot. But convincing this generation of the power of association membership is tough.

Change is good…right?

Aaron Wolowiec

According to the survey, association innovation tends to focus around a few main areas: website and social media; conventions, conferences and seminars; education programs; and membership, technology and marketing (56 percent each). Leaves change. People change. And yes, businesses change. But what about associations? Most of us realize innovation is key to driving a business forward. New ideas, new inventions, new strategies, new operating plans.

Survey 154

Peer-to-Peer Learning: Why Your Attendees Are Experts Too

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One way to do that is to eliminate experts and keynoters entirely, which may sound extreme, but it is exactly the strategy the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges is taking with its 2020 California Great Teachers Seminar. With no experts or keynote speakers, the seminar is based on the principle that faculty are the experts in teaching and learn best from one another,” says the conference website.

How should associations face COVID-19?

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We actually compiled an email today that went out this morning with course recommendations, but also free content: webinars, seminars and podcasts that we had about this topic,” he said. “We Since the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic, we have seen an unmistakable impact on not only public health, but also on the global economy.

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Adding Snap, Crackle & Pop to Chapter Events

Mariner Management

In fact, 43% of GEN Y Millennials reported they are attending more workshops, seminars, conventions and exhibitions. Way too often we hear the lament “we can’t get anyone to our chapter events. Everyone’s too busy.” ” I’ll counter with, yes, people are busy, however event attendance is strong. ASAE’s 2017 Decision to Attend study confirms this.

Conference Circuit: Pig Tales

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Following Saturday’s preconference seminars, the 48th AASV Annual Meeting will start on Sunday with afternoon concurrent sessions and an evening welcome reception. Fifteen veterinary students, who earned their spots by producing the best abstracts at the AASV Student Seminar in September, will compete for awards in this year’s Veterinary Student Poster Competition. Rundown Attendees: 1,000. Technical Tables Exhibitors: 80 plus.

Why Your Professional Association Needs a Strategic Plan…Right Now

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If I wanted to attend a seminar, I had to limit my search to local groups hosting local events. What’s an eight-letter word for association management? Strategy. And even though it should be the driving force behind your professional association’s agenda, strategic plans are often lacking in their most basic elements—including the imperative to stay current.

Convenience Store Group Joins State Agencies in Human Trafficking Fight

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A series of seminars will be held across the state, and WPMCA will share information with members throughout the year to increase understanding of human trafficking in the industry. The Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association is teaming with law enforcement officials in the state to provide training to store workers to help them recognize the warning signs of human trafficking. The state of Wisconsin has a new set of partners in its fight against human trafficking.

Don’t Get Deserted on an IT Island: 8 Steps to Improve IT Maturity


Attend seminars that are not related to technology so you can better understand the challenges and trends your colleagues face. Many of us dream of a relaxing vacation on a tropical island with white sand, sparkling blue water, brilliant sun, palm trees, and refreshing tropical drinks. But, being stranded on a deserted island with little hope of rescue—that sounds like a nightmare.

Does the Future of Membership Live at 501 Mission Place?

Reid All About it

For $27 a month, members have access to online forums, seminars, articles, blogs, leadership interviews and resource libraries. Yesterday Chris Brogan sent out an email and published a blog post announcing a new membership group, 501 Mission Place. The “501” in the subject heading caught my eye. Sure enough, it’s an online community for those who run nonprofits.

10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

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A session or a seminar? Whether you’re a solo eLearning hero or you’re like the Avengers and you have a whole squad, we are counting down 10 tips that’ll help you put some POW into your program! Tip #10 – Preparation. Start preparing NOW. If you already have content, decide what’s worth keeping. Prioritize it, organize it, and start adding more to it.

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Best Benefit Ever: Authors Get Virtual Publishing Help

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Today the organization launched Author U Circles , phone seminars held on Mondays that focus on four major aspects of the creative and publishing process: writing, platform development and social media, book production, and marketing and sales. Why it works for members: The seminars offer specialized coaching and peer help and support. Author U provides support and resources to help members turn ideas into books. What’s the benefit?