Association Subculture Reflects on ASAE 2011 in St. Louis

Association Subculture

Association Subculture Reflects on ASAE 2011 in St. Louis. Maybe it was St. Louis. I think I come across as more social in social media than I have the physical capacity to be at on-site events. Louis. social media. (3).

Mizz Information: See You in St. Louis

Mizz Information

See You in St. Louis. In case youre interested in the non-social media side of me, I do love me some Pinterest. I am an online community & social media manager for an association, love movies and books, and have been blogging since 2005. Mizz Information. Friday, August 5, 2011. For years, ASAEs Annual Meeting was something that former bosses attended to to hobnob with other association big-wigs.

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The Key to Social Media ROI


So what is social CRM, you ask? Here’s our simplified definition: Social CRM is the discipline of applying social media to membership management. Discipline means you’re doing social media work strategically, with organizational goals in mind.

Association Social Media Jobs – Marketing/Communications November 3


We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , digital and technology. Louis Community College. Here are the latest communications and marketing jobs from the SocialFish job board !

The Key to Social Media ROI


We believe that Social CRM is the key to getting ROI out of social media activity. So what is social CRM, you ask? Here’s our simplified definition: Social CRM is the discipline of applying social media to membership management.

Use of Social Media in Membership Marketing | Experts in.

Experts in Membership Marketing

Mizz Information: #ASAE11 Wrap Up

Mizz Information

So Im back from St. Louis and my first-ever ASAE Annual Meeting. While I loved my time in St. Louis and did learn some things, the main thing I think I learned is that huge conferences are not my best learning setting. And even though both the expo hall and social events were glitzy and social, I had a lot of great conversations, met a ton of cool people, made some great connections, and learned some good stuff. Mizz Information. Friday, August 12, 2011.

What Is Generative?

Jamie Notter

Last week Maddie and I had our first public conversation about the Humanize book at the ASAE Annual Meeting in St. Louis. It has also been integral to social media. One of the principles behind the growth of social media has been the notion that what you are creating today will likely morph into something else down the road. Social media is generative, growing and changing constantly. Social Media. Consulting. Speaking. About.

Preview of #ASAE11

Jamie Notter

Okay, the countdown timer has started for #ASAE11 in St. Louis. Social Media. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it. Preview of #ASAE11. Posted August 3, 2011. in Announcements - 3 comments. Tweet. My mind is now getting focused on preparations, packing, dry cleaning, and scheduling. It’s always so much to fit into such a short amount of time.

The Biggest Social Media Scandals, Fails, and Blunders of 2013


Social media can do a lot of good, but it’s also a platform capable of killing a reputation in under a minute. Check out these biggest social media fails of 2013. Last year a waitress from St. Risk and Social Media Guest post by Yazmin Gray.

Associations Live: Light a member on fire

Associations Live

Light a member on fire to take action through a creative social media campaign. Idea list generated at ASAE meeting in St. Louis. Labels: communications , Social Media. Social Media. (24). skip to main | skip to sidebar. Associations Live. Connecting MSAE members and a world of ideas! Tuesday, August 16, 2011. Light a member on fire. link]. link]. Posted by Kathy Johnson. at 12:26 PM. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post. Older Post.

The Convergence of Social Activism, Donations, and Social Media: Episodic Giving In A Post Truth World

Beth Kanter

Our world – politically, economically, socially, technologically – is changing before our eyes. From Syria to China to Mexico, mass economic and politically-driven migration and refugee crises are triggering social tension, the rebooting of nationalisms and the emboldening of old prejudices.

Behind China's Great Firewall ? A Social Media Platform Primer.


Behind China’s Great Firewall – A Social Media Platform Primer. FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are the most recognized social media tools used in the world today. Louis in August. Social Media in China – an opportunity for associations.

From Relevance to REVOLUTION. It's NOW or NEVER: Go BIG, Go.

Tom Morrison

Hats off to ASAE and St. Louis for providing one of the most exciting learning environments in recent memory. Develop a communication structure that engages every demographic group where they are; including print, email, video, and social media.

Stronger by Association: What's the "New Normal" for Associations?

AMR Management Services

Several of our Drakeco staff had the opportunity to attend a recent meeting of the St. Louis Society of Association Executives. 5) Social networks outside traditional organizations. In a world where groups can be formed almost spontaneously in a matter of seconds on social media, what value does your association offer? Ag Media Summit. Pages. CONTRIBUTORS. AMR MANAGEMENT SERVICES. Wednesday, May 25, 2011. Whats the "New Normal" for Associations?

Color Me Impressed: The Smart Set for August 2011

Reid All About it

Social media gives us a platform to b h about the ways we’ve been done wrong, and that negative buzz spreads quickly. The good news is we also use social media to rave about our good experiences. Social media is some powerful stuff, huh?

American Library Association’s Ferguson Memorial Damaged

Associations Now

represents just one of several social justice issues that BCALA champions,” Makiba Foster, a caucus member who is helping to organize the National Conference of African American Librarians in St. Louis later this year, told The St. Louis American on Friday.

Solving homelessness, one tweet at a time


We met so many incredible people with such different stories: homeless men in the tunnels under Las Vegas, a family living in a by-the-week motel in St. Louis, homeless veterans in Albuquerque, and advocates, volunteers, and physicians who have dedicated their lives to solving this crisis.

YAPpy Friday update!


YAP Social Media Guru and Cool Guy Lauren A. Wolfe - YAP Hostess and Party Planner Jamie Notter - YAP All Around Smart Guy and Generational Expert Lindy Dreyer - YAP Hostess and Marketing Queen Jeff De-Cagna - YAP Thought Leader and Innovation Dude Tessa Hultz (St. Facebook LinkedIn associations community YAP social media innovation Associations 2.0 Tags: social networking web 2.0

Metro 50

Are You in Tune with Your Members and Prospects?

YourMembership Blog

According to a survey by the Workforce Solutions Group at St. Louis Community College, more than 60% of employers state that many job applicants lack “communication and interpersonal skills”. Gibson has developed a new technology for their electric guitars.

2011 Q3 Review: SocialFish Clients and Work


STRATEGY WORK –We have clients who come to us at a stage where they understand the tools, they see the benefits, and they need help defining a social media strategy for their organization. We offered assistance to several groups on hiring for social media.

Have you written your Humanize review yet?


Jamie Notter and I are amazed – and humbled – what people are saying about our book Humanize: How People-Centric Organizations Succeed in a Social World. “We’re amazed by possibilities of social media and social business, of re-humanizing businesses.

Review 114

Association Media Relations: Two Scoops are Always Better than One

SCD Group

Media relations work much the same way: The only thing better than giving the press one good scoop is to give them two. I’ve had the opportunity to work on both sides of the media relations process, having been a reporter and a media relations specialist. Louis.

SCD Group: Best of the Week: 3 key topics for Association CEOs.

SCD Group

Issue 2: Should your association have a social media policy? Only about 40% of employers have formal social-media policies, according to a survey of 470 companies released this year by the Society for Human Resource Management. FRAN -3.37% The Houston-based company fired him because he "improperly communicated company information through social media," the company said. 8 Reasons Social Media Policies Backfire by Heather Bussing. Pages.

Are Your Attendees Also Your Number-One Fans?

Associations Now

What do the New England Patriots , St. Louis Cardinals , and Chicago Blackhawks have in common? Social media and digital platforms are increasing reach. They better be. If you want your events to thrive—not merely survive—you need to build a loyal attendee fan base.

Halloween Offers Associations Creative Growth Opportunities

SCD Group

The West County YMCA (St. Louis) sponsored a Halloween Fest the Saturday before Halloween. Delta Dental Health Theater in St. Louis created a "post-Halloween" Great Candy Exchange inviting kids/parents to bring new Halloween candy. Halloween Event Photos: Treats Unleashed.

Is Your Association a Media Manipulator or Media Manipulated?

SCD Group

I’m reading Ryan Holiday’s updated book titled Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator. I’m a media manipulator. In today’s culture, Blogs like Gawker, BuzzFeed, and the Huffington Post drive the media agenda. Louis.” Media Manipulated.

What I Learned From Dunder Mifflin and The Office

SCD Group

Kathy Deters is a senior writer and social media manager for St. Louis Sprout & About magazine and has more than 15 years of experience in government, communications and public relations. Guest Post By Kathy Deters I’ve worked from home for nearly a decade.

Lessons from innovation's front lines: An interview with IDEO's CEO

The Big Picture

One such company though is IDEO—a designer of products, services, and experiences ranging from Apple’s first mass-market computer mouse to aspects of Prada’s store in New York City to the patient-care delivery model at SSM DePaul Health Center, in St. Louis, Missouri. Social Media. The Big Picture. A big-picture view of issues and trends affecting associations - in Mississippi and nationally. Shawn on Facebook. Shawn on Twitter. Shawn on Google+.

Lunchtime Links: Don’t be Afraid of Improvisation

Associations Now

Kathy Deters, senior writer and social media manager for St. Lessons on making room for innovation within a traditional context from Comedy Central’s newest hit show, Key and Peele. Also: How The Office taught one writer key lessons in professionalism.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Millenials Crave & Deserve It. Where. - SCD Group

SCD Group

” Smart businesses catch the ‘Age Wave’ By Harvey Mackay via St. Louis Business Journal “What happens to media and advertising that have pretty well exclusively been oriented toward 18 to 34 year-olds, when that age group gets smaller and the 50-plus population, which has always been a throwaway group, all of a sudden has all the money and all the growth?” Louis Business Journal , Washington Post. Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic.

Mizz Information: 5 Ways Exhibitors Should Market to Attendees.

Mizz Information

I mean, am I supposed to just amass a folder of these postcards--most of which contain some messaging like "bring this card for [swag of some sort]"--then haul it to St. Louis and somehow make my way through the exhibit hall and remember which card goes with which booth?

#ASAE11 iPad app rants and raves


I can also see the Twitter stream, and the media tab seems to go to Acronym posts, which is cool since there’s always great conference-related content there. Also–my Social Media Trouble Spots session has a hashtag (#asae11 ld2) but none of the other sessions seem to?

ASAE 2010 Annual Meeting & Conference: A Look Back

Association Okie

For me, getting to meet great folks, who I felt like I knew from online activities, like Kiki Delcor,Deirdre Reid, and Cynthia D’Amour, as well as hanging out with social media gurus like Ben Martin, Jamie Notter, and Maddie Grant made the trip worth while. I already have these on my calender: St. So “Meet Me In St. I spent Friday through Tuesday of last week in Los Angeles attending the ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo.

Thank you #ASAE11


from Lindy’s session with Elizabeth Engel, Social Media Trouble Spots. from my session with Sterling Raphael and Tom Myroniak of SEMA on Social CRM for Associations: Future Trends for Managing Member Data.

The Big 3 (Costs, changing demographics and mobile) impacting association meetings

SCD Group

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Washington University in St. Louis announced Thursday that it’s joining a network of nine other schools — including Duke, Notre Dame and Northwestern — to offer courses online for credit. We now call them “lurkers” because they follow our social media posts but rarely, if ever, comment or become engaged.

Part 2 - Helping Your Association Establish a Credible Reputation with the Media

SCD Group

Moving Past an Acme Anvil Approach to the Media, Part Two Guest Post By Kathy Deters If your position requires fielding questions from the media, chances are, at some time or another, you’ve felt like that little Roadrunner, waiting for the coyote to drop an anvil on your head.

So You Think You Know Non-Dues Revenue

Association Adviser

Carla Kalogeridis, Association Media & Publishing. Carla Kalogeridis , editorial director and publisher, Association Media & Publishing said associations often get “bogged down” in day-to-day operations and servicing member needs. Brittany Shoul, Network Media Partners.

Part 3 - Helping Your Association Establish a Credible Reputation with the Media

SCD Group

Moving Past an Acme Anvil Approach to the Media, Part Three. Working with the Media, Rule No. No matter how likeable you, your association or your members might be, if you’re doing something that has a negative impact on readers, the media has a responsibility to report on it.

Mizz Information: Should Vendors be Industry-Specific?

Mizz Information

Did I mention that I had a blast in St. Louis? ;). I can understand this--theres a LOT more money being earmarked for social tech in the corporate sector than there is in the association sector. Corporations are hiring for social media and community management jobs in droves while associations are.well, not. In case youre interested in the non-social media side of me, I do love me some Pinterest. Mizz Information. Monday, September 12, 2011.