The Ultimate Nonprofit Video Marketing Strategy + 5 of the Best Nonprofit Videos We’ve Seen

Wild Apricot

Learn how to create the ultimate nonprofit video marketing strategy with our guide, as well as getting inspired with the five best nonprofit videos we've seen. video-marketing-strategy video-marketing nonprofit-video-marketing-strategy nonprofit-video-marketing nonprofit-video

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Ten Strategies for Pricing eLearning Content

Blue Sky eLearn

Recently, Blue Sky eLearn Client Success Manager, Kara Adams, presented a webinar covering ten strategies for pricing eLearning content. You can watch the webinar on-demand here , and check out a summary of her ten strategies below. . Ten strategies for pricing your eLearning content.

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10 Steps to Improve Your Video Content Marketing

Association Adviser

Navigating the world of video content strategy and video marketing can be complicated for associations. Here's how to succeed at video content marketing. The post 10 Steps to Improve Your Video Content Marketing appeared first on Association Adviser.

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10 Steps to Improve Your Association’s Video Content Marketing

Association Adviser

Navigating the world of video content strategy and video marketing can be complicated for associations. Here's how to succeed at video content marketing. The post 10 Steps to Improve Your Association’s Video Content Marketing appeared first on Association Adviser. Features Marketing & Communications Technology video video content video marketing

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Kickstart a Video Campaign with this Simple Process

Web Courseworks Associations

I know you’ve heard it, “Video is the next big thing” and “Video converts”… Marketers hear this all day long, and it’s true. Videos are a great way to reach your audience and resonate on a personal level. Step 5: Promotion Strategy.

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Year in Review: Most Popular Videos of 2019

Moery Company

One of our 2019 goals was to produce more videos. We shared more than 70 videos with you on YouTube over the course of the year, with a few dozen extra throughout our social media channels. Look out for more videos from us in 2020 and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel !

Three Pak: Most Common Marketing Video Types


“A minute of video is worth 1.8 Did you grow up in a family that shot home videos? Are you an avid fan of America’s Funniest Videos? Video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53X — Forrester. Video as Part of Your Overall Integrated Marketing Approach.

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Video Can Be a Game Changer

Moery Company

We recently had our morning “pep rally” meeting during which we share ideas and challenges we are facing and this particular day we discussed the use of video in prospect communications. 2) Video helps you stand out amongst the crowd and it breaks up the monotony and flow of content.

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7 Online Member Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Base

Blue Sky eLearn

What are the best ways that your organization can step up its online strategy in order to acquire more members? When it comes to strengthening your online member acquisition strategy, there is no technique so effective as leveraging social media to expand your outreach abilities.

Our Relationship With Online Video is Changing

Associations Now

Recent research from Pew notes that online video, particularly on YouTube, is increasingly becoming a key way that the public informs itself. An embrace of online video could offer a potential opportunity for associations to stand out. A good video can make a great introduction.

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Best Practices for Nonprofit Video


It really gets into the ROI of video, and specifically takes a look at specific business goals for video – namely marketing and raising awareness, fundraising, membership development and relations, and advocacy. We are in the same place now with video.

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Adding Active Learning Strategies To Passive Video Watching To Increase Effectiveness

Velvet Chainsaw

Watching online video has gone from being a niche activity to mainstream. The implications of online video growth are huge for brands, organizations as well as learning. Yet watching a video is a passive experience. Tips To Increase Video Learning Effectiveness.

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Technology Trend Alert: Association and Nonprofit Engagement [Video]


We recently spoke with Tom Lehman of Lehman Associates, a technology, strategy, and research firm. Conversations around technology in the world of associations and nonprofits are constantly evolving. There is a steady stream of new research, case studies, and trends saturating the web.

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How To Video Series: How Do I Know If My Video Is Any Good?


I was part of a team that filmed a series of short how-to videos with 5:00 Films & Media as they prep for their first #MMCCon. I’ll be posting a few of the videos for you here in the run up to the conference – because these guys are awesome and they really know their stuff.

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Video Interview about #Humanize

Jamie Notter

Video Interview about #Humanize. George does a weekly video news show for TMA Resources, called Association Tech News. Strategy. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it.

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Creating a Video Strategy? Answer These 4 Questions First


As we have fewer moments in the day to consume massive amounts of information, videos are super easy for an audience to ingest, process and act upon. As an industry that is—often unfairly—characterized as slow to adopt technology and innovation, associations might actually be one of the biggest beneficiaries of communicating through video. Think it may be time to adopt a video strategy?

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7 Online Member Acquisition Strategies to Grow Your Base

Blue Sky eLearn

What are the best ways that your organization can step up its online strategy in order to acquire more members? When it comes to strengthening your online member acquisition strategy, there is no technique so effective as leveraging social media to expand your outreach abilities.

Growth Strategies from Top Fundraisers

Spark Consulting

Special for those of you who prefer to learn from methods OTHER than reading: Two are videos; one is a podcast. Video one: Association Chat with KiKi L’Italien : Podcast: fusionSpan podcast with Justin Burniske : On the fusionSpan site.

Ways Your Association Can Promote Videos to Members

Association Adviser

Last month, we explored the power of adding video to your current communication strategies and how MHEDA, WRLA and other associations are using video to increase member engagement and retention and. Barry promoting video social media video video promotion Western Retail Lumber Association WRLA

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Developing a Micro-Moments Marketing Strategy

Higher Logic

So how do we take advantage of these micro-moments in our marketing strategy? It should be no surprise social platforms are a popular starting point, and a critical component of a micro-moment marketing strategy. Include people early on in your video to draw viewers in.

YouTube Subscriber Strategies for Nonprofits


All three will succeed or fail at video marketing based on their ability to get YouTube subscribers. Thinking that you can succeed with one great video is false. A feature of the YouTube for Nonprofits program is the video overlays for calls to action. By Matthew Yeoman.

Online Video Keeps Growing, Says Marketing Report

Associations Now

A new report from the Web Video Marketing Council takes a look at some of the latest trends in online video production, and the message is clear: Organizations are devoting more resources to engaging their audiences with a growing trove of video content.

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Vote now for the DoGooder Video Awards!


See3, along with YouTube, NTEN, Cisco, The National Alliance for Media and Culture and the National Youth Media Network launched the 2014 DoGooder Video Awards , celebrating video creators in the nonprofit and cause space on February 1st. Why yes, it is that time again!

Video 108

8 Tips for Social Video Storytelling


Amy DeLouise is a video director-producer who specializes in telling real people stories that help nonprofits and companies tell their brand story. Wistia has done several useful studies on viewer drop-off, and it looks like a couple of trends are worth watching for social video makers.

Video 102

Video: THE Content Marketing Trend of 2014


Video is taking a firmer hold in the content marketing space and dominating. Thus the statement, “Video is the New Black (Dress)”! Video is immediate. Video is interactive. Video is influential. Four Misperceptions About Video. © iStock Photos. “If

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Guest Post: Facebook Video Tips from Non-Profit Marketers

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: Is Facebook Live or posting videos part of your nonprofit’s strategy for 2018? Using a tool like Animato can make it easy for your nonprofit to create DYI videos, but to be successful you need to develop a strategy and use compelling storytelling.

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Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy

Beth Kanter

Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy – Guest Post by Michael Hoffman, CEO of See3. It’s obvious to anyone who spends time online that video is taking over the internet. 92% value the investment they have made in video.

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Online Video: Now Playing in Your Inbox

Associations Now

15 % The increase in the use of video in email marketing from 2012, according to the “2013 Online Video Marketing Trends Report.” ” A new report on online video marketing looks into some of the latest trends, including incorporating video into email.

Video 110

Strategies for Association Micro-Learning


Get strategies and tips for getting. young professionals to join your association >> Don’t miss out on the big (macro) picture: Have a micro-learning strategy. Instructional short videos, 2-10 minutes.

Great Ideas 2017: The Challenges of Making Great Videos

Associations Now

A morning workshop on the first day of the 2017 Great Ideas Conference highlighted that there are many ways to make videos that work for your audience—but also many factors, including cost, approach, and overall strategy. Looking to do video?

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Content Marketing Strategy Tweaks: Boost Your Game in 2019

Associations Now

An array of recommended strategy tweaks highlight the importance of not resting on your laurels. As association messaging strategies go, content marketing has gone from buzzy trend to old standby. If you don’t have an actual content strategy, maybe you should get one.

Why is your content strategy failing?


It is important to understand that it is not enough to just have a content marketing strategy in place. Planning out an effective strategy that does both the jobs well can be difficult, and may not necessarily hit all the right chords amongst your consumers.

5 Ways Technology Can Push Your Fundraising Strategy Forward

Higher Logic

That’s why we’ve put together a refresher course on some of the greatest advantages of using technology as part of your nonprofit fundraising strategy. As technology becomes more advanced, so do nonprofit strategies.

Association Subculture: Trampoline Strategy

Association Subculture

Trampoline Strategy. This video just seems to sum up the process of innovation for me. Heres the link for those of you who cant see the embedded video - Foxes Jumping on Trampoline. Labels: innovation , strategy. strategy. (5). Trampoline Strategy.

Enhance your online education strategy in 90 days

Aaron Wolowiec

This plan often does not drill down, however, into the specifics of education strategy (and the chances it extends to digital learning are equally shaky). At right, you’ll find the results to two different poll questions on the topic of education strategy. Webinar Poll Questions.

Thursday Buzz: Vertical Video Is OK

Associations Now

We may be used to horizontal video, but, thanks to mobile technology, vertical video is no longer a crime. Remember those days when vertical video was a crime? With television sets and computer screens, horizontal video was always the norm.

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21st Century Communication Strategies for Associations: Integrating Video, Social Media, and The Next Thing

Mizz Information

A few weeks ago, I led a DC-area Idea Swap about 21st century communication strategies for associations, so figured I’d repurpose it here for those of you not in the DC area. Happy summer! Hope yours is going better than mine so far. : /. I hate powerpoint so figured I’d try something new– Wakelet –to curate the examples I wanted to showcase in a way that was both easy to use for the live presentation but also easy to share online.

Mindful In May – Rebellious Living Mindfully – Live Video Inspiration

Holly Duckworth

Business & Strategy mindfulnessRebelliously Living Mindfully “Your body is not a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride.” ” ~ Anthony Bourdain Like everyone else, mindful or spiritual people can become a little uptight about things. I’ve sometimes been called “holier than thou” by people who don’t take the time to take me off a pedestal and get […].

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How to Create Powerful Video Content (Painlessly)

Association Success

We've made an e-book to help you shoot professional, beautiful video content! Video content gives us something which is as close as possible to the real thing. Using video has many other benefits.

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What Makes a Video Shareable Online?

Associations Now

Timing and distribution matter: Advertisers used different strategies for releasing their multimillion-dollar ads to the world, and those that chose poorly felt the effects. “Distribution strategy turned out to be highly significant for this year’s Super Bowl,” the study states.

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