Recession-proof your association with a member management system

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The post Recession-proof your association with a member management system appeared first on YourMembership. Industry News & Trends Membership & Marketing Online Community Non-Dues Revenue Technology Member Renewal Integrated Software Solution Non-dues RevenueWhile the economy may be strong, being ready to weather an economic downturn is still smart business for small associations. Are you prepared?

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6 Compelling Reasons to Consolidate Your Association’s Technology Systems


How many times have you heard someone say that they want to make a difference? Nurses, doctors, teachers, charity workers, and professionals from all generations long to love their work and make a difference in other people’s lives. It’s one of the most pervasive aspirations in our society, and its one that many people struggle to fulfill. That brings us to the topic of you. How lucky are you? Training Membership Management Software AMS Software Member Experience

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16 Systems to Supercharge Your Member Digital Experience

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Make quick improvements to your member digital experience with these 16 systems. The post 16 Systems to Supercharge Your Member Digital Experience appeared first on Association Adviser. Features Technology association technology Ricochet Advice

Association Management Systems (AMS): 5 Software Strategies

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But to do this effectively, you need to have a system in place for gathering, organizing, and accessing the member information that provides you with insight into their goals and preferences: an association management system, or an AMS. Your association management system can make planning and hosting your next conference or event much more efficient. When you use integrated systems, you won’t have to transfer any information manually from one platform to the other.

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9 Considerations When Implementing Multiple Systems at Once


Big” becomes “huge” when you pair an AMS implementation with a content management system (CMS) or learning management system (LMS) implementation. They’re implementing multiple systems at once, three or more—now we’re talking about a humongous project!

4 Reasons You Should Integrate Your Learning Management System and Community [Case Study]

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To provide its members with access to the education and training they needed in a useable, relevant way, AGMA invested in Higher Logic’s Learning Management System (LMS). The gear manufacturing industry is incredibly broad, and it changes every day with advancements like laser cutters and 3D technology. Because AGMA can tailor its new LMS much more than its past system, the association can ensure the LMS is branded appropriately.

CommPartners Announces Acquisition By Symphony Technology Group (STG)


Symphony Technology Group Acquires CommPartners, a Leading SaaS Provider of Learning Management System Software and Virtual Events . NEWS aquisition association technology commpartners Elevate Learning Management System LMS Rich Finstein Rushi Kulkarni STG Symphony Technology Group

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How to Tackle Technology

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The post How to Tackle Technology appeared first on Association Adviser - Best practices, news and leadership strategies for association professionals. Features Technology ASAE benchmarking CAHF communication integration poll everywhere poll systems Simply Voting technology video video integration And do it on your own terms.

Web Courseworks Wins Silver for Excellence in Technology

Web Courseworks Associations

The 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards in Technology Web Courseworks Wins Silver. Technology is the great enabler of human capital management initiatives. That is the ultimate differentiator: the positive business impact of technology.”.

4 steps to reduce the risk of systemic failures

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The financial crisis of 2007-2008 was a teachable moment about the obscure risks of highly interconnected and interdependent systems. The Tangled Web of Technology Services. What can you do to reduce the risks of systemic failures with technology providers?

6 Key Features of the Best Learning Management Systems

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And with modern technology, including learning management systems (LMS), associations have the power to pick up where colleges leave off. These DOA systems are the ones that haven’t met the demands of technology and learners. To make sure that your association has the best learning management system to educate members and provide valuable skills development, you need to avoid purchasing an LMS that’s DOA. By 2020, 65% of all jobs in the U.S.

?6 ways AMS technology can make your small association’s event planning easier

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An AMS system with modern event technology built in can make your association’s event planning easier. There’s no need to struggle through event planning because you have a small staff.

Face Your Fear of Technology

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Technology (and the thought of it) sometimes elicits a similar response. I’ve worked with hundreds of associations and here are some of the responses I have gotten when asking about their take on “technology” or “new ways” of reaching and engaging their members: Do we have to? Our members don’t like technology. There are non-scary ways to embrace technology to better engage with your members and to maximize non-dues revenue for your association.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing New Association Technology

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Purchasing new technology is a big undertaking. Ariel Brandt Lautman , Online Community Manager for the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials, has a list of questions to review before she purchases new technology. For example, a strong integration lets members interact in your online community then pay dues in your AMS without feeling like they’re switching systems.

?6 ways AMS technology can make your small association’s event planning easier

YourMembership Blog

An AMS system with modern event technology built in can make your association’s event planning easier. There’s no need to struggle through event planning because you have a small staff.

How To Eat an Elephant—Byte-Size Advice for Making Your Next Big Technology Purchase


What does a technology investment have in common with a woolly mammoth? Whether you’re looking for a small, mid-sized, or major system, a lot is riding on that purchase. The goal of any technology platform is to […].

7 Must-Have Technologies for a Remote Workplace


But regardless of your organization’s complexities, the important thing is to use cloud-based technologies. We have compiled the seven most essential technology categories every organization should have to operate remotely successfully. #1: 4: Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

Aligning Vision with Technology

Association Success

When it comes to becoming a more innovative organization and leveraging today’s technological advancements for the overall betterment of the association and its operations, it all starts with the vision. There are a few systems that businesses use, and most of them will force an organization to look at every aspect of their “business” and form an understanding for where they are, where they want to be and how to get there.

6 Signs You’re Putting up with Association Technology That Deserves to Go


The question is: can your association’s technology support your association’s goals in 2021 and beyond? In 2020, you relied on technology to quickly shift direction so you could continue to deliver value to members and attendees. Was it because of your technology?

Preparing your association for trending technology: system integration

Nimble AMS

Here’s how you can start to deliver a more seamless member experience for your members through system integrations. When you think about delivering a great member experience, your first thought might not be about integrating your technology systems. But system integration is more important to your association than you might think. The Enterprise Technology Trends report from Salesforce includes system integration as a key trend impacting enterprise IT leaders.

2020 Association Technology Trends And Predictions

Nimble AMS

Want to know what’s on the horizon for association technology in 2020? But when it comes to association technology trends, you don’t necessarily have to look far into the future to see the road ahead. Nimble AMS Technology

Unpacking the System Administrator / Systems Engineer’s IT Bag


The system administrator (or systems engineer) is the Swiss Army Knife of association IT staff. Here are the people, policies, tools, and talents a systems engineer or sysadmin needs for your association to use technology effectively. First, a clarification: Systems engineers deal mostly with the planning, design, design changes, and implementation of a network or system. The system administrator’s technical work is guided in part by 2 critical policies.

Bad Data = Bad System

Effective Database

” The reality is, for many users, bad data = a bad system. Another reality is that “better” technology won’t necessarily fix bad data. It’s highly unlikely that “bad technology” is causing bad data (although better technology may make management of the data easier and more effective and efficient).

Beware of sneaky, hidden costs in your next association management system

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Determining how much your next association management software (AMS) system will cost you can be a tricky thing. It’s not uncommon these days for associations to invest in a new AMS system only to be hit with additional, unexpected costs during implementation. Technology

Cost 78

Rolling Out New Technology to Your Members: 3 Best Practices


Adopting new technology — whether it’s a membership management system, a learning management system, a conference app, or something else entirely — is exciting!

Interview with an Expert: Emilio Arocho, Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at FDLI

Blue Sky eLearn

As Director of Technology and Digital Strategy at the Food and Drug Law Institute (FDLI), he facilitates data-driven decision making across teams and tailors cloud architecture and business processes to anticipate and exceed stakeholder demands. How long have you been involved with technology in the association space? What are some of the most common questions you get about technology? Ignoring emerging technology and digital practices is a bad idea.

Why Do You REALLY Need an Association Management System?


Association management system, or AMS for short. For those who don’t, an AMS is a technology solution that allows you to manage your organization’s membership using one integrated system, which includes your website and your database. You’ve likely heard the term, and you may even know what it means.

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Improving the Relationship Between People and Technology

Association Success

You need your staff’s buy-in before bringing in new technology solutions to your association. When trying to bring in new technology into an organization, it is guaranteed that you will be met with resistance, because any sort of change often is. You need that buy-in from people first, otherwise there’s going to be struggle in incorporating the technology into operations. People who see the value in technology are typically agile.

Ten Criteria for Vetting Event Technology Solution Providers (Updated)

Velvet Chainsaw

Over the past decade, there have been significant upgrades and newcomers in the event technology space. There are several hundred event technology providers competing to win your business. Before you take a look under the hood or consider test driving a core technology that you’re going to make part of your event and business processes, consider these ten criteria for vetting: 1. It’s never a good idea to be on the bleeding edge with any technology.

6 signs your association needs a new membership management system

Nimble AMS

As your association grows in size and complexity, you need technology that grows with you. If you don’t put in place a solid system as your organization grows to the next level, it becomes more difficult to accommodate the evolving needs of members. With these challenges in mind, here are six signs that it’s time for a new membership management system. You need a system that can automate manual processes so your team can focus on serving members.

Nimble AMS introduces integrations with learning management systems that help power association growth

Nimble AMS

Struggle to keep up with changing technology. Members have come to expect a simple, seamless experience online with their association, regardless of the back-end technology that supports their learning journey. Nimble AMS Technology

Your AMS technology partner’s approach to training matters

Nimble AMS

A few months ago, my colleague wrote about the importance of considering an association management software (AMS) vendor’s training approach when you’re looking for a new AMS system.

How to Tame Technology

Association Adviser

” But, according to the association technology experts we consulted, if you don’t get some more features soon, you ain’t going to have more members. feature, you’ll see that our research shows association leaders are more likely to invest in new tools, technologies and processes than they are in hiring more people. Technology is no longer a siloed department. Common association technology mistakes. Technology success stories.

Technology Considerations for Moving to a Virtual Office


Like many decisions these days, technology will play a critical role in whether your virtual office succeeds or creates new problems for your organization. What follows are some key technology considerations before you make the leap. Choose Your Technology Infrastructure Wisely.

5 Ways Technology Can Push Your Fundraising Strategy Forward

Higher Logic

We all know it’s true: technology is becoming more vital with each passing day. As useful (and addictive ) as technology can be, many nonprofits still don’t know how to reap the full benefits of their various software platforms. Between donation tools, donor or member management software, online community platforms, and other technological tools, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the capabilities and forget to make the most of these amazing solutions.

Successful Learning Management System Implementation eBook

WBT Systems

Recently, eLearning Industry invited WBT Systems to contribute to the publication of a free eBook which addresses one of the biggest concerns faced by organizations – the complexity and difficulty of Learning Management System implementation. A new LMS implementation or migration to a new system can be quite disruptive to an organization. Who needs to be involved in the Learning Management System implementation project? What systems do you need to integrate with?

3 technology trends to improve your association’s member experience

Nimble AMS

Is keeping up with technology trends on your association’s radar? Meanwhile, technology advances aren’t standing still for your association. Failing to keep up with technology may cause your organization to fall behind in its ability to deliver a great member experience. One of the key reasons to keep up with the latest technology is to ensure you continue to deliver the experience your members have come to expect. 3 technology trends associations should be following.

Technology: The Communication Enabler

Association Success

As a systems developer for 10+ years, a manager for about a year, and yes, a huge techy, I have firmly come to believe in the importance of technology for assisting in building bridges and opening communications between people. One primary example of how problems manifest between silos is when different departments use overlapping and incompatible technologies while still expecting them to work together. Harness the power of your IT department to break down silos.

Bad Systems Can Make Good People Leave

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In the past week I’ve met with two different associations who are struggling with their current AMS systems. That is, since the time the system was first implemented, many (if not all!) Did the staff leaving cause the system to break down (i.e., become less effective) or did the staff leave because the system was not working correctly? Bad systems can make good people leave.

Which is better: an AMS system built on a CRM platform or one built on a proprietary platform?


For large membership-based organizations, one of the primary AMS choices is between systems that are built on top of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform and those that are built on a proprietary platform. Both types of AMS systems have their own benefits.