Farm Bureau, FFA Join Forces to Push Agricultural Education Forward

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Keeping the industry of agriculture strong doesn’t just involve tools and technology. Virgin Islands.

Blind Federation: Make K-12 Assessments Accessible to All

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Virgin Islands—NFB alleges that the company’s failure to make the tests accessible to blind students during the field testing process violates the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The field test is not offered in Braille or with the text-to-speech screen-reading technology used by many blind students, the federation said.

I'm returning your call, Patsy. : Off Stage

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Now I know there are a couple of virtual AEs among our ranks: one of my friends just assumed the responsibility of a virtual AE for the Virgin Islands (Ill leave it up to you to guess his new title.). Look at our members—they dont understand technology. Technology.