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Association Chat: The Digital Organization

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

The March 24, 2015 edition of Association Chat will focus on The Digital Organization - inspired by this great book. Is your association a digital organization? Does your organization focus on always improving? Does your organization use technology to better communicate internally? In your role, how would you choose to next invest in technology for your organization?

Build a Better Organization with Community

Higher Logic

But will community help your entire organization? When your organization fully embraces an online community, bringing every single customer into the fray, the beneficial effects of community trickle down into ever aspect of the organization. So, how exactly do online communities make your entire organization better? You bet. Retain customers. But it’s about more.

Your Growing Organization Needs an Online Community

Higher Logic

Online communities aren’t just for enormous, multinational companies -- small organizations need them, too, just as much as the behemoths do. How do communities make sense for small organizations, where every decision -- big or small -- can make a huge difference in your bottom line? Empower your entire team to be part of your organization’s online presence. Two-in-one.

How to Organize Volunteers to Maximize Impact

Wild Apricot Blog

So, how do you organize your volunteers in a way that maximizes their impact with your organization, and, you know… makes them want to stick it out in the long run? association nonprofit organize VolunteersWith over 62.5 million people volunteering in the US and 12.7 million in Canada, there’s certainly not a shortage volunteers.

Gamification: member organizations play for keeps

YourMembership Blog

Businesses and organizations are using this tactic to create brand awareness and drive user engagement. by 2015, 40% of Global 1000 organizations will use gamification as the primary mechanism to transform business operations. By employing gamification, your organization can persuade members to engage and participate with more frequency and for longer duration.

Member Organizations: Listening Plus Action for Best Results

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Whether you are a member-centric organization or a corporation, listening is not enough. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Pricing. Company. News + Press. Customers. Technology. Management Team. Inside YM.

How Higher CEO Pay Can Impact an Entire Organization

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But higher executive pay, as the corporate sector well knows, tends to make your organization a magnet for extra scrutiny. And nonprofits are subject to more executive-salary scrutiny from the IRS under the private inurement prohibition, which watchdogs leaders receiving “unreasonable” benefits from an organization’s assets. Association CEO compensation is up these days.

Search Engine Optimisation Benefits For Small Organizations


As search engine rankings increase, organic visitors come in. Small business owners that do not use professional SEO services do not actually make the most of their online presence. They basically miss out on huge possible profits. Even so, most site owners do not fully understand how important search engine optimisation is for their online entities. Improving ROI. A Higher Conversion Rate.

Top 5 Twitter Management Tips for Non-Profit Organizations to Increase Followers Organically


The social media network isn’t just limited to commercial entities, but is also beneficial to a wide range of not-for-profit organizations who support various causes. The challenge for most organizations on Twitter lies in getting a good number of followers, and growing followers. Make sure to include your branding collateral as well, such as your organization’s logo.

Conference Organizer: Proceed With Caution!

Velvet Chainsaw

Danger, conference organizer! Too many organizations pat their leaders on the back for increased attendance, positive smile-sheet scores, or increases in sponsorship revenue. That elevates your position as a forward-looking, strategic conference professional in your organization. The post Conference Organizer: Proceed With Caution! Danger! Wouldn’t you?

Is Your Organization Compatible with Millennials?

Jamie Notter

They will see the whole you as an organization. You need to BE an organization that makes sense to them. It's a quick survey that you can give to any team or group inside your organization (or the whole organization, for that matter) to get a sense of how compatible your organization is with Millennials. How do we retain our Millennial employees? Learn more here.

Crowdsourcing for Organizations


What can an organization crowdsource? There are many platforms that have been launched to help organizations raise funds entirely online with friends, fans and followers in social networks making the ask and contributing smaller amounts but in larger quantities. The creatives are performing “microvolunteering” while the organizations get the work done for free. Action.

How to Monitor Your Organization Online


It’s not always pleasant to hear what your partners and competitors are saying about your organization online. However, deciding to turn a deaf ear to the constant buzz of their feedback puts you at risk for getting into a situation where your organization’s reputation is damaged almost beyond repair. Use Google Alerts. One of the great things about it is it’s free.

How to Make Culture, Not Perks, Work For Your Organization

Higher Logic

These types of workplace perks are everywhere these days, but they may actually be harming your organization. These perks are meant to reflect a culture that helps employers recruit and retain top-rate talent to their organizations. This has the potential to create resentment amongst organization members. How to define your organization's culture. Too good to be true.

Creating Change Adept Organizations


Not-for-profit organizations, social sector groups and associations are not inherently designed to be nimble. The principles of democracy that underlie the structure of most non-profit organizations are by design slow and deliberative. You are reading Creating Change Adept Organizations from the Wired 4 Leadership blog. Change Executive Development Governance Leadership

How Human is Your Organization?


Click on the image below to take a test assessing your organization based on the four human elements we describe in Humanize as defining (for us) a human organization. The test will take about 15 minutes, and we’ll send you individual results. See how deep the rabbit hole goes. photo credit ). Humanize Useful Data

Organized Retail Crime Growing, Survey Says

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Organized retail crime is a $30 billion issue affecting the retail industry that continues to grow, according to a new study from the National Retail Federation. According to the National Retail Federation’s 12th annual Organized Retail Crime survey , ORC is affecting more retailers than ever before. Organized retail crime is growing because it’s lucrative,” he said.

Meeting Generously: Organize a Collection Drive

Cvent Association Tips

A great way to generate some pre-event and onsite excitement is by organizing a collection drive. Encourage your attendees to bring the items to the event by pre-sharing information about the people and the organization they are helping. By Mindy Lallier, Senior Sales Manager, Overland Park CVB. The business of meetings often leaves little time for anything but business.

Overtime Rule Released: How Organizations Can Prepare

Associations Now

In some cases, such as staffing a conference registration desk, organizations can outsource or contract work. “It The post Overtime Rule Released: How Organizations Can Prepare appeared first on Associations Now The new overtime rule is a reality, and come December 1, associations will need to be in compliance. Those are the employees who are affected.”.

Drone Racing Group Launches Insurance Plans for Racers, Organizers

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The International Drone Racing Association says it held off on rolling out memberships until it could offer a significant perk to racers and event organizers. Drone racers are getting a useful new benefit from the organization that’s trying to turn it into a professional sport. That perk, it turns out, is liability insurance. In short, our goal was achieved.”.

[New!!] How aligned is your organization with the Millennial generation?


How aligned is your organization with the Millennial generation? Sign up today and start building an organization that makes sense in the Millennial era. Take the Millennial Alignment Scan to find out! Here’s a sneak peek at how it works. Culture That Works Featured

Is your Association a Learning Organization?

WBT Systems

Is your association a learning organization? A learning organization is one “that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself” According to this definition , this type of organization is more responsive to external pressures, has a faster pace of change within the organization, and is better able to innovate and remain competitive.

Organic Trade Association, Textile Exchange Partner to Advance Organic Fiber

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The two groups have formalized a partnership to advance advocacy initiatives as well as educate consumers and manufacturers on the environmental, health, and social justice benefits of organic fiber. News of a formalized MOU comes after OTA formed its Fiber Council last April to help grow the North American organic fiber sector. The groups want to change that. “We

Applying Design Thinking to Your Organization: New CEO Workshop


For many years now, I have focused my consulting work, research and writing on how organizations can shift from inside-out to outside-in—from products to customers and relationships; from efficiency to engagement and innovation. Our organizations are wired for production and efficiency rather than innovation and experimentation. Why Design Thinking? This is a quantum leap. Debra S.

The Ultimate Risk Member-based Organizations Face with SOPA

YourMembership Blog

The Ultimate Risk Member-based Organizations Face with SOPA. My biggest concern for the operation of member-based organizations, businesses and nonprofits is the risk and responsibility (not to mention costs) they would now assume. Under SOPA the member organization assumes responsibility for all content on their site. Membership Software Association Management Software.

Can Community Double As Intranet for Your Organization

Higher Logic

You figured out the recipe for member engagement. Can you work the same magic on your employees? Intranets have a reputation for being underused and clunky, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Instead of thinking about it as an intranet, think about it as a staff community, where people go for professional support and fun. How do you create an engaging environment for your staff? Volunteer.

8 Steps to Organize Volunteers to Maximize Impact

Wild Apricot Blog

So, how do you organize your volunteers in a way that maximizes their impact with your organization, and, you know… makes them want to stick it out in the long run? association nonprofit Volunteers organizeWith over 62.5 million people volunteering in the US and 12.7 million in Canada, there’s certainly not a shortage volunteers.

Study: To Retain Millennial Employees, Organizations Must Adopt New Technologies

Associations Now

As a younger generation who grew up using technology, millennials expect companies and organizations to be cutting-edge adopters, using the most up-to-date hardware and software to add flexibility and ease to their workflow, according to a new study from CompTIA. The post Study: To Retain Millennial Employees, Organizations Must Adopt New Technologies appeared first on Associations Now

Why Your Organization is Ripe for Design Thinking


As associations evolved from places to solve problems and network with peers, they’ve diversified, relying heavily on selling stuff - research, certification, webinars, education programs, conference registrations, exhibits, sponsorships and more - to make ends meet. On average, non-dues revenue (NDR) generates anywhere from 60-65% of an association's total income, according to data from ASAE.

What Leadership Looks Like in Human Organizations

Jamie Notter

At the same time, I’m not trying to deny the truth that we have hierarchies in our organizations. So if we want to create more human organizations, then it definitely helps to have people in those positions who see the value in a different way of doing things. Leadership looks different in human organizations. ” Proceed until apprehended is our motto. We do.

Professional Organizers Sort Out the Impact of Clutter

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A new survey by the National Association for Professional Organizers found that half of Americans are overwhelmed by clutter at home and at work. The group shared some tips to get organized in the new year. If you’re like 54 percent of the respondents to a recent National Association for Professional Organizers survey , the answer is yes, and all that clutter is overwhelming you.

How Would Engagement Score Affect Your Organization?

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The post How Would Engagement Score Affect Your Organization? Categories: Member Engagement + Retention Tags: attracting members , engaging members , member engagement , member retention Christopher Penn shared an article this morning about the next big thing in digital marketing — engagement scoring being tied into influence. He sites YouTube’s recent announcement that they are entertaining a new system of search ranking that would factor in how many viewers watched the full video. The concept is not entirely new as [.] ( Read more. ) appeared first on

Organizations are Flattening but Not Taking Risks

Jamie Notter

The questions measure how your organization is doing in the areas that social businesses need to do well, like decentralization, transparency, inclusion, relationship building, experimentation, and ownership. The people who completed the assessment were from all different levels in the organization (13% from the C-Suite) and across all different departments. image credit.

DC Organizations Prepare for Disruptive Metro Maintenance

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With the introduction of the DC Metro “SafeTrack” plan , DC area organizations will have to work with staff to maintain productivity as commutes are disrupted and extended. Each organization needs to think through how much support they’re willing to give to their employees.”. Ultimately, the reality of the challenge won’t hit organizations until the Metro restoration begins.

Metro 29

Does Your Organization Pass the Toothbrush Test?

Reid All About it

How does your organization live up to that test? If not, it’s way past time to research your market, talk to people and find out how you can meet their needs in a way that no other organization can. Do your clients or members depend on something you provide to do their jobs? Does that product/service improve their professional or personal lives? Does it help them reach their goals?

Good Enough: the silent killer of organizations

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Good Enough Will Poison Your Organization – Friday Fix. ” Joe Gerstandt suggests you should go so far as to invite struggle into your organization. It’s an organization and motivation killer. Tags: Friday Fix , good enough , innovation , mediocrity , organization. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support. Pricing. Company. News + Press. Customers. Technology. Management Team.

Four Trends Tradeshow Organizers Need to Know Now

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“The information contained in this white paper is key to show organizers and valuable supplier partners as they formulate their strategic plans,” said IAEE President and CEO David DuBois, CMP, CTA, FASAE, CAE, in a statement. The post Four Trends Tradeshow Organizers Need to Know Now appeared first on Associations Now Francis J. Data Dive. The first was big data.

Making Conflict Work for Your Organization

Jamie Notter

I started my career twenty years ago in the conflict resolution field, and to this day it surprises me how bad our organizations are at dealing with conflict. Of course, as you might have guessed, I think this is tied into the fact that we have been running our organizations like machines for decades. My second White Paper in the “Making it Work” series is out!

For-Purpose People and Organizations Will Change the World

Reid All About it

I was fortunate enough to come away from the 2014 digitalNow conference in Nashville both recharged and inspired thanks to being surrounded by smart people, good friends, savvy conference organizers and the very cool city of Nashville. Now, his organization, Pencils of Promise, builds schools (200 so far!), She became a huge supporter and organizer. I know some of us do.

The Link Between Community Managers and Community Organizers

Higher Logic

There’s one crossover we need to add: Community organizing. You are a modern-day community organizer. While online community management is new, community organizing has a long, storied history. How are community management and community organizing similar? What can community managers learn from organizers? And you are. guess MySpace was good for something).