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Fundraising and Association Leadership

Eric Lanke

Associations LeadershipIn the past year, me and my association have gone through dramatic transformations. With regard to my association, we have significantly increased the amount of money--and our dependence on that amount of money--that is raised from our members through our 501(c)(3) foundation. Initially, we worked with an external fundraising consultant. That's always been important.

The Secret to Better Leadership

Jamie Notter

I attended a session this week about leadership development in the association world. We talked about different leadership styles, and the need to adapt your style to fit the context, and then we talked about leadership development programs for volunteers. And if leadership is so important, why do we have to skimp and make them do webinars? Culture Leadership

Leadership Lessons from Moving

Jamie Notter

So to transition my head away from the move and back into work, I thought I’d pull out some leadership lessons that can be drawn from the moving process. The same can be said for leadership. As much as we make leadership out to be a “lonely” exercise, it’s just not. If you try to do everything yourself, you’re not doing leadership very well. Leadership Get Help.

Cementing Your Leadership Legacy

Associations Now

And the question of leadership legacy applies to any leader looking to step down, whether it’s a corporate or association CEO, a board president or elected leader, or an executive staff member. The post Cementing Your Leadership Legacy appeared first on Associations Now Yet the question that always arises around any president’s farewell speech is: Will this speech cement his legacy?

Community Leadership: Getting Everyone to Participate

Higher Logic

Leadership hype always focuses on the C-suite – are your executives on social media? But here’s another consideration: have you ever tapped leadership beyond the C-suite? 66% Mature communities had formal leadership/advocacy programs. Extend leadership beyond traditional roles. Leadership extends beyond your organization’s c-suite and executive team.

Big Data and Leadership and Management

Jamie Notter

” It’s not so much about privacy or spying, as it is about big data, and how that can be applied, not to sales and marketing, but to the work of leadership and management. You’re now stuck with an army of people lacking a key leadership skill who will never leave! Humanize Leadership Managing People It’s hard. We struggle. Well, some companies are.

The Leadership Gap Beyond the Generation Gap

Associations Now

A recent study spotlights a generational divide over defining leadership. But we can agree on what leadership is , right? Even the definition of “leadership,” though, isn’t set in stone. That made “leadership” a term more rooted in skepticism about leaders, and demanding more transparency from them. Don’t discount other reasons for the divide, though.

5 Ways Consistent Leadership Wins


When you’re talking leadership, there are five ways consistency wins every time. It is important you not confuse consistent leadership with predictable leadership. While some believe predictable leadership is the equivalent of good leadership, it isn’t even close. Aspiring Leaders Governance Leadership

The Fundamental Attribution Error and Association Leadership

Smooth The Path

Often it is not their performance but rather the situation impacting them and this is particularly true when there is a leadership change. Understanding the fundamental attribution error is important in association leadership because knowing this can help us improve performance where formerly we may not have known improvements existed. Why do high-performers become average performers?

A Last Look at Leadership in 2016

Associations Now

If leadership is all about steadiness at the helm, 2016 has been an especially challenging year for leaders. And as I look back over a year’s worth of writing on leadership for Associations Now , it’s clear that all of those changes have had an impact on how association leaders do their work. Employee evaluations may be the biggest leadership challenge of all, though.

Book Review: Leadership and Self-Deception

Jamie Notter

Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting Out of the Box. Books and Reading Individual Development Leadership by the Arbinger Institute. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc. This book argues that many problems we face internally in our organizations (conflict among employees or silos, nasty bosses, ineffective employees, etc.) It happens quickly, and almost sub-consciously.

Leadership and U-Shaped Tables

Eric Lanke

It was one of the best displays of leadership I have seen, especially when you consider that the breakout chairs who followed him wisely choose to emulate his style. Associations Leadership image source I''m just returned from what was a very successful strategic retreat with the Board of Directors of my association. Like many of the Board meetings we''ve done before, we used a U-shaped table for several of the sessions. In order to help focus discussion, we usually break our Board up into a handful of smaller groups. It could have been a disaster. This was anything but.

The Intersection of Systems and Network Leadership

Beth Kanter's Blog

I’m facilitating a peer learning course on practical networked leadership skills with a group of community foundation leaders for the Knight Digital Media Center and part of the “practice” is having conversations and sharing thought provoking ideas with our professional networks via social media. Found when researching systems thinking. netlead

Three Leadership Truths

The Moery Company

I’ve learned successful leadership often comes down to some simple truths. Take some time to reflect on your leadership truths and consider changes to improve the overall. The post Three Leadership Truths appeared first on The Moery Company. Business Development Business Practices LeadershipAre you bringing it to the table every single day? You are the evangelist.

Experiential Leadership Development

Beth Kanter's Blog

I’ve just returned from week-long leadership development program in Israel called “ Reality Storytellers ” hosted by the Schusterman Foundation. How do our unique brands of leadership, our values and our perceptions of injustice contribute to our visions for a better future? We reflected on the applications to leadership. Exercise #4: Leadership Dilemmas.

Technical Support Group Introduces New Leadership Structure

Associations Now

The association for the technical support industry, HDI, has redesigned its volunteer leadership structure to make sure its chapters are getting proper resources from the national body. To better serve its chapters and members, HDI, the organization for technical support professionals, has restructured its volunteer leadership network.

What Leadership Looks Like in Human Organizations

Jamie Notter

I certainly see the value of a “sponsor” at the executive level, but as I’ve said previously , I don’t want to let people off the hook by telling them they need to wait until the senior leadership “gets it.” Leadership, as it is defined traditionally, is the job of people in positions of authority. Leadership looks different in human organizations.

The Fallacy of Individual Leadership (Friday Quote)

Jamie Notter

Specifically, we take on 3 “best practices” in the management field: strategic planning, human resource management, and “leadership.” 55-57) is from the section on leadership. The field of leadership seems much more concerned with the individual leader than the idea of leadership. Leadership, in short, is about individual leaders.

Better Listening, Better Leadership

Associations Now

A new book by New York Times leadership columnist Adam Bryant shares CEOs’ lessons for success. Early 2014, for me, is overstuffed with new leadership and management challenges. I wouldn’t presume to equate these roles with the day-to-business of running an association, but all the same they’ll put a lot of what I’ve been writing about leadership to the test.

What leadership skills do nonprofit emerging leaders need to succeed?

Beth Kanter's Blog

Are leadership skills different for emerging “Millennial” leaders than for people from different generations? There’s an excellent summary by the study’s authors in this post, “ Preparing Millennials for Leadership Success ,” the tips include: 1. Is your nonprofit offer professional development for emerging leaderships? Leadership

Realignment #6: Relationship-Driven Leadership


Instead it is highly dependent on a new type of leadership—not only of the CEO level but of stakeholders throughout the organization. All paths are enabled by people, catalyzed and guided by those in leadership positions. “ What is the kind of leadership that associations need to resonate with their markets and customers today? The Next Phase of Association Leadership.

The New Face of Leadership

Jamie Notter

Humanize LeadershipFast Company Magazine, believe it or not, has been around for almost 20 years. It was founded in 1995 by Bill Taylor and Alan Webber (who were previously editors at Harvard Business Review). I remember when I was doing my graduate work in Organization Development at the turn of the century, and it was the magazine that all the cool clients were reading. I remember going to “Company of Friends” meetings–social networks before we had Twitter or Facebook! To me, Fast Company was representing the “new” way of doing business.

Leadership under Milennials?

NonProfit University Blog

This past week, I read 108 mission statements , the result of an assignment I’d given to two of my classes: one in La Salle’s Masters program in Nonprofit Leadership and the other in our MBA program. Was I having a window into the answer to the question that so many pundits are playing with now: what will leadership under millennials be like? Thoughts & Commentary crowdfunding good-better-best La Salle Masters in Nonprofit Leadership La Salle MBA Michael Kaiser nonprofit executive transition nonprofit mission statements Are we getting lazier? and other materials.

A Crisis of Confidence in Nonprofit Leadership

Associations Now

Last month, McKinsey & Company released a report on its 2013 survey of CEOs and other execs at social-sector nonprofits to gauge their confidence in the leadership structure they have and what they think they’d need to improve. I don’t think you can strictly equate a social-sector leadership crisis with an association one. Humility is a virtue, but this may be a bit much.

A Last Look at Leadership in 2014

Associations Now

From diversity to globalization to governance, a few big leadership themes from the past year—and challenges for the next one. And I do worry, as I wrote back in May, that social-media herd mentality might trickle down into leadership , leading to groupthink. Listening is an underrate leadership skill. So, what did we learn in 2014? Boards remain dysfunctional. Humbug!”

Capacity Building: A New Way to Think About Leadership Development

Wild Apricot Blog

The newest article in our Membership Knowledge Hub – A New Way to Think About Leadership Development – explains that membership-based organizations need to empower their volunteers and volunteer leaders by strengthening and building their leadership capacity. membership leadership

Leadership Lessons From a New Association

Associations Now

But what’s missing, people inside the continent and out told me, is a vision of association leadership as a profession unto itself. That said, Grimmer is happy to let the association leaders within AfSAE define their own path for what’s best for association leadership in Africa. “It’s The post Leadership Lessons From a New Association appeared first on Associations Now

How Overconfidence Affects Leadership

Associations Now

But if they’re not careful, that same supreme confidence “can cause detrimental and sometimes disastrous results in their organization,” leadership advisor Lynn Flinn writes in a guest column for the Journal Record of Oklahoma City. The post How Overconfidence Affects Leadership appeared first on Associations Now Can having too much confidence get leaders into trouble?

Should Social Media Matter to Leadership?

Jamie Notter

Maddie and I put together a quick survey about social media and leadership a few weeks ago, and in no time at all we got 505 people to complete the survey (thanks to all of you who helped spread the word!). I think we need to elevate our conversations around leadership and social media, because our ideas around leadership are not evolving nearly as fast as they should.

How Your Organization’s CEO Can Use Social Media for Thought Leadership

Beth Kanter's Blog

Many nonprofit CEOs use their social media profiles to extend the reach of their thought leadership and connect with professional colleagues, media, and policy makers. There are significant benefits to both the organization and the leaders themselves by building a thought leadership profile on social. Is your nonprofit’s CEO using social for thought leadership? Benefits.

Leadership Training With a Personal Touch

Associations Now

If you’re the head of an association, how responsible are you for improving the quality of leadership within its industry? But the more critical concern she’s seen are the behavior-oriented leadership skills such as relationship management, consensus-building, culture, strategic thinking. The post Leadership Training With a Personal Touch appeared first on Associations Now

Is Going With Your Gut Smart Leadership?


I have learned a few things about smart leadership, decision-making and the power of execution. Here … Continue reading Is Going With Your Gut Smart Leadership? → You are reading Is Going With Your Gut Smart Leadership? from the Wired 4 Leadership blog. Executive Development LeadershipBefore we get started I have a confession to make.

Leadership Lessons From the Meetings Department

Associations Now

The post Leadership Lessons From the Meetings Department appeared first on Associations Now A good association meeting isn’t just a fun and educational experience. It’s the product of smart strategies that leaders can apply throughout an organization. And after all, Associations Now ‘s website dedicates a whole section to the topic.). Meetings are just one part of that.

I-WE-IT Framework: Transformative Leadership for Social Change

Beth Kanter's Blog

On April 6-8th, I’m co-facilitating a transformative leadership retreat with colleagues Heather McLeod Grant, Chris Block, Lance Fors, and Justin Ferrell. This an impact to impact developed and practiced by the American Leadership Forum in Silicon Valley , a network of social change leaders in the heart of technology innovation. Leadership What is I-WE-IT ?

Distinguishing Management from Leadership

NonProfit University Blog

While I have taught classes on leadership, I don’t present myself as an expert on leadership. That said, and with apologies to all those who have spent their careers studying and pontificating on leadership, I will borrow from the wonderful Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart : I know good leadership when I see it. True leadership, however, cannot be taught, although a predisposition to leadership can absolutely be nurtured by design, experience, etc., But with each tier of leadership, the expectations and the needs change. Big mistake!

Getting Leadership Buy-in For Your Conference Upgrades

Velvet Chainsaw

Now you have to convince your leadership including the C-Suite, possibly the Board of Directors, and others, that these changes are the right move to make. What types of discussion starters can you have with your leadership to impact positive changes? Common Leadership Resistance & Stage Setting. They’ve even agreed to some of the unique changes that should happen.

The Linchpin Leadership Relationship

NonProfit University Blog

The linchpin relationship. There are multiple linchpin relationships in a nonprofit: the executive director and the director of development; the executive director and director of marketing/communication/public relations; the board and the executive director; the board president and the executive director. Without a doubt, and to a very great extent, the success of these relationships, and thus, the contributions they can make to the organization, is completely and totally dependent upon the people in each of these positions. View image | Still nothing. No big ego allowed.

The Pollsters Whiffed. But Data-Driven Leadership Still Matters.

Associations Now

But Data-Driven Leadership Still Matters. Big-name polling analysts failed to predict last week’s presidential election. There’s a lesson there in how leaders should use and think about data. We live in the era when knowing the numbers matters, an era of data-driven decision making. And then the numbers didn’t do what they were supposed to do. Yes, this is an election-related post. Probably.

The NFL School of Leadership

Associations Now

Davidoff spent enough time hovering over the proceedings to see some of the cracks in Ryan’s leadership style: “[H]e would need more directive clarity, had to tell people what his wishes were and then hold them to them, and himself, to it.” The post The NFL School of Leadership appeared first on Associations Now Some game last night, huh? So, how’d Ryan do?

Wednesday Buzz: When Quiet Leadership Works

Associations Now

That can be especially challenging when the newcomer is in a leadership role, such as on a board or committee. The post Wednesday Buzz: When Quiet Leadership Works appeared first on Associations Now How one company founder managed to build a massive success story— without heavy promotion. Also: Help new volunteers understand your organization’s rules and expectations.