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I’m Already a Member; Don’t You Know That?

YourMembership Blog

I recently requested information for an upcoming conference from an association that I’ve been a member of for a few years. As expected, I received a confirmation email thanking me for the request and the approximate time I’d receive the brochure. But, I also received an email that stated I just created a new account to access all of their websites and tips about how to get started.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.26.16

Reid All About it

Birthday weeks always put me in a reflective mood. Over the last few days, I’ve been thinking about…. what I accomplished, or didn’t, this past year, and what I hope to achieve in the coming year. what habits I’ve developed, broken, and want to develop. how I’ve been spending my time, and how I rather spend my time. how I can help others because, well, it’s not all about me. Make Video That Works.

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The Data Approach to Community

Higher Logic

Predicting your community’s behavior can be hard. Many organizations find themselves guessing at member information, outreach and retention tactics. But the data is all there – in fact, you probably already have a plethora of data to help you draw conclusions about member predictors. It’s taking that data to the next level and organizing it that can seem daunting. Data: the fear of starting.

The Perfect Storm

Spark Consulting

I’d like to share some sobering statistics about higher education and employment: In the United States, students graduate from college with an average debt load of nearly $29,000. Total student debt in the U.S. is $1.23 trillion and rising. 47% of college-educated workers under 25 work in jobs. that do not require a college degree. Worldwide, 73.3 million people under the age of 25 are unemployed, representing 36.7% of total global unemployment. In the United States in 2015, 32% of employers reported. struggling to find qualified workers. form of postsecondary education or training.

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Bridging the Education to Employment Gap: Where Can I Learn More?

Spark Consulting

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn a little bit about the disruption affecting education, the changes in the employment market (both in the US and world-wide), the “wicked” problem that perfect storm has created, and how Shelly Alcorn and I think associations are uniquely positioned to respond, what if you’d like to learn more? We’ve got you covered. Download  The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm  white paper. Remember: Remember: it’s free! The webinar also provides 1 CAE credit.

To Share or Not to Share Your Association’s Content?


It’s a common question in the association world: Should you share your organization’s content or reserve it for members only? On one hand, you want people to see the great value your organization provides. But on the other hand, why would someone join your association if they can get that information for free? association management member engagement Small Staff Chatter

How the “Shark Tank” of Podcasts is Changing the Start Up Game


By Kristen Matthews. ———-. So, you’ve finally got it….that that thing that wanna-be entrepreneurs dream about and fight for all their lives…an incredible, original and viable business idea. You’ve done the research, crunched the numbers and wowed your friends with your amazing idea. You’re ready to hit the start-up market, full speed ahead. Only thing you need is…an investor.

Lean Startup Strategy: Take Your Innovation in Smaller Bites

Associations Now

Notes on My Notes Two weeks ago, before the ASAE Annual Meeting began in Salt Lake City, I noted that I was conducting an experiment in putting my notes out there in public, through Dropbox Paper. Next time, I might test out another tool. You can see how I did over this way. Could the lean startup strategy for building out ideas be one way to shift the conversation in your association?

Building a Winning Advocacy Strategy

Beekeeper Group

The Olympics are over but your winning advocacy strategy journey is just beginning. Follow these steps and bring your campaign from an idea on the starting blocks to a gold medal finish. We’ll see you on the podium. The post Building a Winning Advocacy Strategy appeared first on Beekeeper Group.

Why the Nonprofit Work Ethic Is Outdated and Needs to Change

Beth Kanter's Blog

P re-Order my next book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout. This information was given to artist Paulina Correa who created a visual from the interview which was presented to us upon our departure from Israel. talked about hoping to find spiritual (not necessarily religious) meaning from the experience. The U.S. Happy Healthy Nonprofit

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From #ASAE16: Using Trends to Steer Your Organization’s Strategic Plan


While at #ASAE16, I had the opportunity to attend a session titled, “Using Trends and Environmental Scanning to Steer Strategic Planning.” The session was presented by Sue Pine, CAE, Vice President of Professional Development at Association Headquarters , and Kristine Metter, CAE, Vice President of Member Services at America’s Essential Hospitals.

How to define affiliation (and is it different than engagement?)


Jamie opines on this topic over at : “One client we’re working with created an “Affiliation and Engagement” task force. Their engagement conversation wasn’t particularly focused on membership. It started looking within membership at how members lined themselves up for participation in the association. wanted to clarify what’s going on here. ” Read more here.

Want to Improve Your Culture? Don’t Micromanage It

Associations Now

Leaders steer the culture of their organizations, actively or not. But leading well demands an awareness of when managing becomes controlling. didn’t attend the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition last week in Salt Lake City, but I did my best to keep up with the conversation on leadership there via the #asae16 hashtag. Gruenert & Whitaker #ASAE16. ASAE16. Love this. ThadLurie.

Reeling in the Big Kahuna - Washington DC Association Consultant

The Moery Company

Ah, the sales ‘go round’… I’ve attended meetings for years now where we sit around the table with association people who are NOT in sales or the business development area.  They start ticking off all the prospective member companies we should have, or the sponsors who should be at a six-figure package.  I like to categorize these as “oughta be’s.”. “Oh, ‘so and so’ ought to be a member, etc.”

Everyday People Are Heroes: Using Big Data to Engage New Agents of Change Online

Beth Kanter's Blog

Photo by CogdogBlog. Note from Beth:   I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of Data Driven Nonprofits by Steve Maclaughlin (launching Sept. 6th so stay tuned) and so data and nonprofits has been on my brain.  So when colleague, Cheryl Contee reached out an idea for this post, I could not resist! Did you miss it? This is awesome news for nonprofits! Here’s how: 1. We designed

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5 Easy Ways to Boost Survey Participation


Creating a survey is one thing, but getting people to complete it is a whole different story. People just don’t have the time - or often, the incentive. So how do you change that frustrating behavior? Here are five tips: association management association leadership member engagement Association Views

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Social Media: It’s a Thing


We all know it, but this is kinda fun regardless. Credit: OnBlastBlog. photo credit ). Potluck

Creating Mentorship Programs to Drive Engagement

Associations Now

At an #ASAE16 session, the executive director of the Illinois Park and Recreation Association discussed its mentoring program and how other associations can build their own successful, sustainable  programs to serve members. If members request a new product or service, associations are usually quick to consider it. Trueblood pulled from her experience running IPRA’s mentorship program, ProConnect.

The Conference Experience Starts Before the Conference

Smooth The Path

How do you create a great conference experience? By getting attendees ready for a great conference experience! Here are three new things to try out: Rock the pre-conference communications : What are the most common attendee mistakes or misunderstandings? What is the biggest pain point for your conference? Is it how to get there, which sessions to go to or how to get the most out of the reception?

Association Labs – Episode 50: Just Make the Call! - Washington DC Association Consultant

The Moery Company

Host JP Moery completely embraces digital communication. He says, “Email has transformed our business communications enabling us to cover more ground and respond with lightning speed – It’s unbelievable.” Over the last several weeks, however, he’s been increasingly surprised by how effective problem solving can be through face-to-face conversation or by just picking up the phone. Podcast

Why Digital Badges are the Future of Association Education

WBT Systems

Why are Digital Badges the future of Association Education? The way we learn is constantly evolving. Association members use their professional social networks, curated feeds, and a myriad of other digital channels to enhance their professional skills. At the same time, the means whereby learning/training is recognized, accredited and validated is also changing. How do you achieve both?

Evaluating Your Association Offerings

Association Adviser

This session at ASAE’s 2016 Annual Meeting & Expo by Amy Riccardi, CEO of HCM2020, LLC started a strategic-level conversation about how Riccardi said associations can create an environment for learning and innovation and how most associations could benefit from creating the role of Chief Learning Officer or Chief Human Capital Officer. Amy Riccardi, HCM2020.

Accessibility for All: Toolkit Ensures Better Meetings For Every Attendee

Associations Now

A new resource from the Event Service Professionals Association helps meeting venues, hotels, CVBs, and destinations ensure they are accessible to everyone and that all attendees have the information they need. In other words, we get inundated with information—but I mean that in the best way possible! where to find food and snacks). It’s basically an A-to-Z guide to Annual.

Hello, Goodbye, Hello

Association Subculture

Dear Association Subculture Readers - I know it has been a long time since I have posted. Please forgive the communications sabbatical I took from blogging and social media (although I have been active on Facebook). I've missed you guys. wanted to send you a quick message to let you know I'm back, but I'm shuttering the Subculture and moving my efforts to a new platform - The Association Forecast.

How to Get the Most out of Your Next Association Brainstorm

Smooth The Path

Have you ever facilitated a brainstorm where no matter what you did you couldn’t get the energy up and the participation flowing? Have you ever participated in a brainstorm and had a hard time coming up with great ideas? Have you ever walked out of a brainstorm and thought we didn’t come up with much that we haven’t already discussed before? love brainstorms! love the energy.

Experiential Leadership Development

Beth Kanter's Blog

For the leadership development, there were four guiding questions that we explored throughout our journey – and now as I’m back I will continue to reflect and take action based on these: What does it mean to be a leader in the face of complex challenges. What social disparities do you most want to remedy? Where do these disparities come from? Exercise #1:  Herding Sheep.

Storytelling Over Statistics

Association Adviser

Stories have a power that facts don’t. Scott Steen, CAE, FASAE. That was the lesson at “Becoming Your Association’s Storyteller in Chief,” a riveting Learning Lab by American Forests President & CEO Scott Steen, CAE, FASAE at the 2016 ASAE Annual Meeting. Today, instead of looking to inform his audience solely with facts and figures, his goal is to inspire. Use poetic language.

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Association Adds Drone Insurance for Farmers

Associations Now

Many businesses and industries will be affected by the Federal Aviation Administration’s small drone regulations that go into effect next week. The American Association of Insurance Services is doing its part to ensure farms and agricultural businesses using the technology are covered by drone insurance. Currently, most insurance policies exclude aircraft—including drones.

Attracting Millennials Through the Art of Storytelling


Storytelling is a powerful tool for your association. It connects people and brings a human feel to your organization. In fact, by telling a compelling story, you can actually boost Millennial recruitment. Now the key word there is compelling. So what makes a compelling story? Here are a few ideas: association management member engagement Small Staff Chatter

Membership Renewal Starts on Day 1


When is the right time to start approaching your members about renewing their membership? Do you start 30 days prior to their membership expiring?  What about 60 days? Do you go back even further than that?  The truth is, renewal started the moment that the member chooses to join your organization. It was interesting to hear the many approaches that different organizations take to retain members.

Embrace the Association Change


The waves of change have reached the association world. More than ever, association professionals are having to relinquish control and understand the changes that are occurring in their industry. This may seem exciting, but for many, the impending change can be an overwhelming challenge. Changes in the workplace are inevitable, but an adjustment no less