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FTC Seeks to Stop Tradeshow Directory Scam

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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has announced it is seeking to permanently halt a Slovakia-based operation from scamming small businesses and nonprofit organizations into collectively paying millions of dollars to be listed in an online exhibitors’ directory called FAIR Guide. The post FTC Seeks to Stop Tradeshow Directory Scam appeared first on Associations Now Graham IV, CAE. “We

[Infographic] Hold Your Ground: Tips for Print and Digital Directories to Successfully Co-Exist

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Can print and digital member directories peacefully (and profitably) co-exist? Our latest infographic explores four steps to making and distributing a successful print/digital directory pair. The post [Infographic] Hold Your Ground: Tips for Print and Digital Directories to Successfully Co-Exist by Association Adviser staff first appeared on We think so.

Managing Multiple Member Directories in Wild Apricot

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With Wild Apricot, you can create multiple membership application forms and directories to manage different membership types, and single out categories such as sponsors, discounted membership levels, and more. Find out how! membership database management online database Wild Apricot

A Directory Your Members Will Actually Use


Your member directory should be more than just a list of names. Leverage SilkStart’s built-in directory application as an engaging online resource and empower your members with the tools they need to build relationships, further their careers, and learn from others in your database. Below are some of our favourite features to help you build a directory your members will actually use.


5 effortless ways to help your members stand out


Here are 5 effortless ways to make your members standout by creating an engaging member directory. Each directory profile should have editable bios, headshot uploads, contact information, and the ability to post updates. Link your directory with your member database so that sign-ups, renewals, and expiries update automatically. association tools directoryEmail me here.

LinkedIn finally launch searchable group directory


As of this Friday June 11, you will be able to search for groups within the group directory on LinkedIn. At last! So, instead of emailing me to get this link to YAP, [link] , you will just be able to search for "YAP" and it will come up. Sweet! Now I just wish they would get rid of the annoying red tape where you have to wait for me to approve you. So irritating for all concerned. Speaking of YAP, we're inviting a select group of our readers to beta-test our new groupsite, Check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks!

PR Departments Take Note: How to Find Relevant Journalists on Twitter


Just came across Press Pass , a directory of journalists on Twitter categorized by media outlet , by beat and by region. You can of course also use various Twitter directories, but those will also pull in anyone who has journalism keywords in their bio. Each journalist is ranked based on the number of followers they have and their number of tweets.” Implementation

Improve the Member Experience with Curated Networking

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Networking is providing a session, a break, a chapter meeting, a plain directory, or a reception. Detailed directory. Imagine a conference that only has 200 attendees. How many meaningful connections does each member make during the conference? Maybe 5. Maybe even 10. The chances of them meeting someone else just like them is slim. Curated Networking. How can this work? Onward!

Hold Your Ground

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The Evolution and Importance of Resource Guides and Membership Directories. Features digital communications membership directories membership directory print resource guides The post Hold Your Ground appeared first on Association Adviser - Best practices, news and leadership strategies for. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

On the go with your members: The case for responsive web design for your association website

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An event planner might need suppliers, so instant access to your member directory on their mobile device is extremely valuable. Mobile and tablet computer sales are expected to surpass sales for desktop and laptop computers in 2013. So why are you still designing your association website for only the desktop experience? This is why the concept of Responsive Web Design (RWD) is so important.

How the Customer Support Funnel Works for an Online Community

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Whether it’s tagged discussions, FAQ pages, a detailed member directory or well-placed videos and articles, these various touch points will act as an extension of your onboarding experience. Funnels, chutes, hourglasses - they’re all used to help us plan the customer’s journey with our organization (or maintain a particularly organized baker’s kitchen - depends on your audience). Retention.

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Discovering interesting Google+ users


Find People On Plus – A great directory, search by any keyword. Women of Google+ – an awesome an early directory of women on the G, since there weren’t that many of us to begin with. One of my favorite tech blogs, The Next Web, has a great list of Ten Ways To Find Relevant Google+ Users to Circle. Example: Journalists. Look for your members! Example: yours truly.

Free Webinar: Managing Your Membership Database in Wild Apricot

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17 at 3 pm EST. We'll dig deep into the membership database portion of Wild Apricot software, including online database structure and composition; membership directory; integrating widgets into Wild Apricot; and much more.( Want to learn about Wild Apricot membership management? Attend our free webinar on Thurs. read more ). association management software association management software system association management system Membership management membership system nonprofit non-profit Non-profit technology nptech

Easy Ways to Add Value to Memberships: Pt. 1


Directory. Configure directory access to let non-members browse through profile listings or conduct a detailed search to get a glimpse of the available networking opportunities. How do you attract and retain the attention of newcomers in your industry? How do you convert event guests into paying members? The answers are in the value of your membership. Website Permissions. Job Board.

Simple Tips for a Better Email Campaign


– Account Update Reminder (completed profiles increase the value of your directory). SilkStart’s email campaign tool lets you effortlessly communicate with all of your members at once, or a specific segment. Easily design a message to promote your next event, keep members up-to-date, increase online engagement, and more using our tips below! Optimize Deliverability. Design Wisely.

IRS Teams With Tax Groups to Make Choosing a Tax Professional Easier

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Ahead of what has been predicted to be a particularly complicated tax season, the IRS announced a set of new resources, including an online searchable directory, to help consumers choose credible tax preparers. With the 2015 tax filing season officially beginning on January 20, the Internal Revenue Service recently announced a host of new resources it will offer tax preparers this year.

Promote Your Community at Events

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Outline community features that would enhance members’ conference experience, like the directory, discussions, event site, resource library and mobile app. You and your team spent a lot of time and energy either creating a new community or revamping your existing community. It’s time for celebration -- and getting people online, engaging. Step 2: Digital Ribbons. Step 7: QR Codes.

Wild Apricot Goes Green: A Live Demo for USGBC Chapters

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Below is the recording and transcript of this demo to show you how easy it can be to set up a website, create a directory and so much more. On Thursday December 4th, 2014, we held an exclusive live demo for US Green Building Council Chapters.

The association lobbyist’s iPad toolkit

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112th Congress Member Directory: Produced by the Government Printing Office (GPO), this app is a basic listing of every member of Congress by state, chamber (House or Senate) and political party. MyCongress: It’s another member directory, but more robust. I love my iPad. I really I love my iPad. I probably use it more than my office desktop and television combined. It’s not only a great way to watch videos, read e-books and check email and social media networks, it’s also becoming a part of how I do my job as an association lobbyist. 9.99. Free. Free. Free.

A Framework of Member Value

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Member to Member – services which facilitate members feeling connected to each other and being a part of a group to which they really belong, a sense of finding their ‘tribe’ These include mentoring, the social and collaborative aspects of events, online communities and discussion groups, and the member directory to find people who can help them. I’ve been thinking about member value a lot recently, and I see four ways that an association can provide value to members: Association to Member – benefits offered directly from the organization to member.

5 Colleges Using Social Media to Boost Student-Alumni Relations


The university’s Social Media Directory is proof that university leaders are using the tools of their students and society to stay connected. Guest post by Maria Peterson, an early education specialist who writes about advocating for head start schools. Colleges recognize social media has become one of the most powerful ways to both convey and aggregate information. Duke University.

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ATM Association Promotes Networking with Online Tool

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The program is a members-only interface that provides access to a member directory and allows users to digitally network within the association. Member-to-Member Connection joins ATMIA’s list of existing member benefits, including ATM services directories, ATM consulting and training, research, and events.

10 Tips for Increasing the Stickiness of Your Membership

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Enhance member visibility with directory listings, vanity email addresses, referral links from your organizations website, certificates for display, window clings, and member usage of your organization’s logo -- all limited to continued membership. We all want to increase membership retention. Here are some tips that you can implement this year to help make your membership stickier and encourage members’ to stay with your organization. Increase the number of contacts and relationships you have within a member’s organization. This list is only a start.

Can Email Make Online Community Gamification Fun?

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I found that the members of my community were incredibly motivated to update their profiles because they now had a fancy new badge that they wanted to show off, plus were utilizing the member directory a lot more to check out what badges their friends/peers within the community had been awarded. How can we make gamification more authentic and fun? Build Hype. Boost Community Logins.

Spring Cleaning - What Parts of Your Community Need Work?

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Do members frequently forget that the directory exists? It’s spring, which means it’s time to fine tune your community. What aspects of your community can you improve? Are there any nagging issues you’ve been meaning to work on? If you run a community, you constantly have to balance two big groups: your members’ needs and your organization’s needs. How will your fine tuning support them?

Engaging Leadership to Eliminate Deadwood Programs: Repair, Replace, Reinforce

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First, was a printed membership directory produced bi-annually, that included headshots of each member. Often, there was only 50% participation and the directories took a tremendous amount of staff follow up time to produce; but the board was committed to keeping the directory. There were two programs that immediately came to the table to further evaluate.

AARP Foundation Launches Initiative to Combat Isolation

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It includes a directory that users can search to find programs and services near them. “We’re Social isolation is a serious problem for older Americans. AARP Foundation’s new platform, Connect2Affect, aims to raise awareness and identify solutions. Through its Connect2Affect initiative, the foundation is raising awareness of social isolation and working toward solutions.

Best Benefit Ever: Free Legal Services for Design Professionals

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Other perks: All AIGA members can benefit from the association’s wealth of professional development resources, including personal member portfolios, the Designer Directory, and the organization’s job board. Professional design association members can get their legal agreements in order with a year of free documentation services. What’s the benefit?

Turning Membership Inside Out


Resulted in digital products like, a searchable member directory. is the result, a holistic, content-driven online community that is free and open to all plant scientists. Turning Membership Inside Out. Here are the slides from the session, with a brief summary of the flow below. Turning Membership Inside Out: ASPB’s Digital Transformation from

What can be Done to Increase Renewal Rates?

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Similarly, 43% who reported an increase in book and directory purchases saw and increase in renewals and 37% who reported an increase in annual conference attendance saw an increase in renewals. Only 30% of associations participating in the 2014 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report said that they have increased renewal rates over the past year.

Research: People Want Learning Opportunities At Tradeshows!

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Second to selecting education sessions is searching the exhibition directory and registering for special events. Many (exhibition) attendees have dual needs for attending: shopping (69%) and learning (66%). CEIR, What Attendees Want From Exhibitions , February 4, 2013. They come to your tradeshow with very real learning needs related to their own personal and professional development.

New Association Will Accredit Healthy Destinations

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a member listing in the association’s Healthy Travel Directory. A new nonprofit organization founded by six resort hotels aims to help travelers in their search for healthy destinations through a new certification process that will evaluate hotels’ wellness programs and services. The recently launched Institute for Health Destination Accreditation, currently comprising six U.S.

How to Manage Social Media with Hootsuite and Buffer

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In the Hootsuite App Directory, you can find other social networks to add to your dashboard, like Instagram, YouTube, and Flickr. This article was originally published in the Association Executives of North Carolina’s Success By Association magazine, February 2016 issue. ~~~. Social media is a great way to connect with others, find and share resources, and build a community. My Tweets.

Assume Your Employees Might Lose Your Devices

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With that information, I went to the company’s website, called up the number for the main office, and reached the directory. When an organization-owned device like a laptop, tablet, or smartphone goes missing, a lot of major concerns should arise—and they aren’t limited to the device itself. Mitigate the risk by using a thoughtful security strategy. It wasn’t mine. It’s a privacy minefield.

How to Identify Your Next Challenge

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The heft of the conference directory, filled with dozens of general sessions, learning labs, deep dives, and other educational opportunities, points to a lesson in itself: If you’re not taking in a lot of new information, you’re not doing what you need to develop as a leader. Leaders get into ruts like everybody else, and boards don’t always press them. Which is as it should be.

Measuring the Impact of Your Nonprofit Program

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Check out B Lab’s directory and choose someone with a solid background and who understands your industry/sector, geographic focus, and target population. A few months ago, I facilitated a mini-innovation lab on measuring impact for grantees of the Google Nonprofit program at the Impact Hub. The group included a mix of Google grantees as well as measurement professionals. Report Out.

Study: The Biggest Mobile App Security Risks You May Not Know About

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If those databases are connected to the corporate Active Directory, then apps can mine that data and send it to third parties over the internet. An analysis of which mobile-app categories put consumers and companies at highest risk had some surprising results. social networking, productivity, news, and so forth). Mobile threats are not just about malware. Simple apps still pose risks.

Cool Social Tools: Small World Labs Community


Directories. This series of posts is for software and app and tech vendors who have useful tools they’d like you to know about. Startups are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms. ———— Cool Social Tools: Small World Labs Community. Improve supporter retention rates. Empower local leaders or volunteers. Blogs.

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Monday Buzz: Finding Profitability in Virtual Events

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The Colorado Society of Association Executives has just launched the Colorado Association Marketplace Directory. Virtual events aren’t just a flashy show of technology for your association; they can also turn a profit. Plus: It’s time to mothball those musty buzzwords. As much as your members may want to attend your conferences, life can often get in the way.

The Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) entry process

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When individuals upgrade to ordinary membership, they have full voting rights at the annual AGM and are able to advertise in the SfEP Directory of Editorial Services. The directory provides contact information for more than 500 SfEP members, plus details of the skills, subjects and services they offer. All entrants to the SfEP initially join as associates. Tiered benefits.