Why Nonprofits Are Seriously Interested in eLearning Tech

Why Nonprofits Are Seriously Interested in eLearning Tech

The time is right for nonprofits to do more with learning tech!

Nonprofit organizations seem to have accelerated their interest in eLearning tech as of late. Driving this need are several factors including reaching a remote workforce, growing demands for training, and changing regulations. The challenges nonprofits face are not dissimilar from for-profit companies, yet there are notable differences.

By their nature, nonprofits are mindful of each new expense, and how it contributes to “the mission.” In this eBook, we focus on challenges that nonprofits are addressing with eLearning technology.

Topics include:

  • Cultural differences in nonprofits
  • Using learning tech to adapt and thrive in a nonprofit world
  • Retaining quality employees
  • Why attitudes are changing around tech
  • Achieving management buy-in

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