Webinar Recap: Association Value Prop Remix

Blue Sky eLearn

If you missed their webinar, Association Value Prop Remix & Laying the Track for Member Persona Creation , we’ve recapped it below and have made the recording available here. Chances are, your members aren’t getting all of the things they need from your association. What do they assign value to and are you providing it? While most associations are focusing on acquiring new members, we can’t forget about retaining our current ones.

Having Difficulty Defining Your Association Value Proposition?

Moery Company

How well can your association articulate your value prop? Defining member value and what differentiates you from other organizations in your industry is often a challenge – and, it can’t be developed by a group on K Street. The opportunity for associations to adopt and develop a strong value proposition is by asking your members what the heck they find valuable about your organization. Ask them to be specific about what they value in these areas.


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Hack Your Way to Better Association Value

Association Adviser

Bonin Bough, author, entrpreneur & marketing executive explains how associations can hack their challenges and their futures. The post Hack Your Way to Better Association Value appeared first on Association Adviser.

Does your association value job boards as much as your members do?

YourMembership Blog

A recent Community Brands study shows that job opportunities are one of the most important benefits to members, yet associations have work to do in this area. The post Does your association value job boards as much as your members do?

Understand the Three Professional Stages to Improve Association Value

Smooth The Path

Here is another way to look for gaps in your association’s value proposition. If your professional or trade association is one where you hope members stay members their entire career while they are in the profession or industry you want to make sure that the association is providing value to members at all three stages. Some associations focus heavily on personal success but not at all on team success or success for the industry or profession.

Improve Association Value With Soft Skill Training

Smooth The Path

Shaming around professional development is unthinkable to many of us but, some professionals say it happens at their organizations and this is a problem association can solve. When associations offer soft skill training (i.e., The post Improve Association Value With Soft Skill Training appeared first on Smooth The Path. Association Value association conference communication conference conference experience professional development professional skills soft skills

The Association Value Trigger Point Explained by New Member Background

Smooth The Path

When I speak about a way to engage new members early in their membership by using an Association Value Trigger Point (AVTP), association professionals often ask me if their association should have just one AVTP or should we have many for our different members? I find that association’s that have an AVTP put a lot of time, effort, and resources into their AVTP so funneling new members through one great experience is recommended.

Overcoming the association value gap: part I

Principled Innovation

This post originally appeared on the Associations Now Leadership Blog on March 7, 2013. In a recent post , Associations Now blogger Joe Rominiecki shared what both he and I regard as a startling fact: 53 percent of associations surveyed in 2011 had raised their dues in the previous three years. To put it another way, during the most severe economic decline in most of our lifetimes, more than half of associations surveyed still moved forward with a dues increase.

Overcoming the association value gap: part II

Principled Innovation

This post originally appeared on the Associations Now Leadership Blog on March 28, 2013. In Part I of this series earlier this month, I identified the association value gap as an underlying structural problem within membership-centric business models. Put simply, associations are unable to drive profitability solely by delivering on the membership value proposition and must find alternative ways to monetize membership to maintain their existing business models.

What is the Association Value Proposition?

Eric Lanke

Lego Value Meal Another subject we tackled at the dinner I mentioned in a previous post was the much-reported sickness of the association value proposition. We had both association executives and consultants to the association community present at this dinner, and I couldn't help but notice that the battle line seemed to be drawn between those two camps and the perspectives they each brought to the table. Associations Leadership

Members Want More Meaning

Smooth The Path

Members are looking for more meaning in their interactions with their associations. How can your association plus up the meaning? Related: The future of associations is experiences. They wish for more meaningful: Connections because small talk doesn’t cut it.

Association Value & Vision not Command & Control.

Robert M Barnes

Working for, consulting to and volunteering in Associations is especially rewarding when you see your peers have lightbulb moments that you know will be a defining point in their involvement. Often these come after long periods of stagnation, frustration and … Continue reading → A Dangerous Mind

Overcoming the Association Value Gap: Part II

Associations Now

Building sustainable business models depends on association leaders adopting a 21st-century sensibility as they imagine and co-create new forms of value in collaboration with their stakeholder networks. In Part I of this series earlier this month , I identified the association value gap as an underlying structural problem within membership-centric business models. The problem for associations is that the member market does not really exist.

Making Virtual Exhibiting and Sponsorship Worthwhile

Smooth The Path

There is a common thread in the research across many associations, and that is exhibitors are tired of feeling like “the wallet.” In many associations, there is almost an adversarial tone between the association and exhibitors/sponsors.

Members Might Need a New Way to Solve Problems

Smooth The Path

Related: Soon it will be time for association leaders to envision the future. Effective association to innovative association at light speed. What will you do with your association of the future?

How to Spot a Budding Trend

Smooth The Path

By mid-2020, we had identified the missing ingredient, and the association community was trying to develop solutions. One association leader said, “we need to learn how to engineer serendipity.” Related: Associations may not have access to previously hidden data.

How To 124

Is It Time To Revisit Your Mission, Vision and Values?

Association Adviser

With the world going through immense changes over the last few years, many associations are taking a deeper look at the direction they want to take moving forward. The post Is It Time To Revisit Your Mission, Vision and Values? appeared first on Association Adviser.

Too Much is Riding on This Next….

Smooth The Path

Some associations have a single value proposition—just one thing, like an event, that delivers most of the value of the membership. Sure the association may offer a handful of benefits, but when you ask members, they get their value primarily from one source.

Is Free Harmful for Your Pricing Strategy?

Smooth The Path

Setting the price temporarily at $0 can work for associations launching new products and events as well. Association Strategy association innovation association value developing a price discovering value free innovation innovation strategy price value

Price 78

I am Not a Fan of Most Membership Structure Change Projects

Smooth The Path

The association landscape has been slowly changing for at least the last decade. Associations with individual membership see the opportunity to reach more members with organizational membership. Navigating each association’s two-way trust street.

Things We Should Not Have to Tell Members (But We Do)

Smooth The Path

Sometimes we have to tell people things we do not think we should have to say to them: The vibrant association is dynamic because members like you tell professionals like you all about the association. There is a lot of value in your membership, here let me show you. Gentle reminders go a long way toward improving our member’s value, experience, and culture. When association professionals assume positive intent.

Solve the Virtual Networking Problem

Smooth The Path

Because this is a hard nut to crack, we are convening a team of association professionals to join us. Together we will decide why, how, and what virtual networking works for all types of association events.

Potential Members Are Not Hearing About Associations Anymore

Smooth The Path

Why don’t people join associations anymore? Well, it could be because they do not hear about your association. When I talk to members, the vast majority say they become aware of the association because someone told them about it. Most association awareness happens because enthusiastic current members are out there promoting the association (or their chapter, or the conference). Related: The 40-year old association problem.

How Much Email is Too Much Email for Members?

Smooth The Path

” New members want emails from the association. They crave emails from the association. We immediately respond with a message whose goal is providing them with a bit of value. Instead, the message should be just a few sentences leading them to a value-packed, but easy to access, and quick-to-consume valuable piece of content. The first three-week window is usually the association’s best opportunity to influence members.

How Content & Thought Leadership Can Build Association Value

SCD Group

Louis Institute for Association Leadership (STIAL) meeting got a personal look at the strategies and tactics of the Composite Engagement Score system. I really like the concept of “scoring and tracking” member engagement of your association. 0- As I listened to Matt, I was impressed at how well the CES system helps Aptify enhance its thought leadership position in the association community. He focused on explaining CES and how it could benefit our associations.

Associations that Overreact or Underreact in a Crisis

Smooth The Path

Right now, some associations are overreacting. The trouble is, these leadership teams might cut and layoff so severely there may not be enough person-power to figure out how to add member value in this new environment. Other associations find themselves paralyzed.

Associations Spark Idea Inspiration

Smooth The Path

Association professionals tell me over and over that their members cannot wait to start networking again. The future of associations is experiences. The post Associations Spark Idea Inspiration appeared first on Smooth The Path.

The First Step to Increase Your Association’s Value

Smooth The Path

Related: Associations need to swing more. The problem with association problems. Before you can change the organization you have to… The post The First Step to Increase Your Association’s Value appeared first on Smooth The Path. Association Value association change association value change management delivering value innovation champion innovation culture key value proposition membership value perception of value

Team 65

Are You Addressing Member’s Top Worry Today?

Smooth The Path

What more can your association do to help members with these issues right now? Related: Back to school for associations and members. Association response to big, hairy problems. Associations dump new ideas too quickly.

How to Exponentially Improve Member Engagement at Any Association

Smooth The Path

At some associations, members do feel this way, and your members can feel like this too. The good news is size is not holding associations back. The only thing preventing our association from becoming the top of mind resource, the organization members are trying to figure out how to become more engaged with, and the one members rave to their colleagues about is… Simply, our understanding of members. My sleep study illustrates the problem with association data.

You Need to Know Your Association’s Value Trigger Point

Smooth The Path

Ask engaged members when they realized the value of the association and many could tell you the exact moment. The moment new members understand the value of the association is the Association’s Value Trigger Point (AVTP). Now that they experienced the AVTP and understand the value of the association they are more likely to be engaged in other ways. They look to the association first for information.

Associations Need to Provide Imperfect Hope

Smooth The Path

Often associations highlight the bright spots. Related: The post Associations Need to Provide Imperfect Hope appeared first on Smooth The Path. Association ValueI’m going, to be honest with you, I had a hard Spring.

Teach Your Members to Be Indispensable

Smooth The Path

One role associations can play is to help our members become indispensable. Many associations excel in providing this learning. Right now is the perfect time to question what an association is and what your association should be doing.

How Association Members Really Evaluate Value

Smooth The Path

Our thoughts around value are changing. In fact, our perceptions of value are becoming more sophisticated. Some experts define value as quality + price. There’s a new definition for value. Value is one part solution, another part story, another part experience. As you think about the value your association delivers to members consider these new trends. Related: Association trend watch: member experiences.

Class 69

Member Benefits Take a Back Seat to Member Experiences

Smooth The Path

Members also feel valued because they give to the community. Value is necessary, but so is cultivating exceptional member experiences. Related: Behind the mask of the association. Innovative association leaders borrow and apply ideas. What is it like to be a member?

Who is Solving the Member Engagement Problem?

Smooth The Path

”, an association CEO and big thinker in our industry asked me yesterday. Many indicators point to a member engagement problem for associations. Many associations are facing shrinking annual revenues, low retention ratings and, are having a harder time recruiting volunteers and quality volunteer leaders. I do not know of one person, or organization, or firm, or consultancy out there solving the association engagement problem for our industry.

Our Members are Burning Out

Smooth The Path

Your association might be the balm for your members’ burn out. Innovative association leaders borrow and apply ideas. Association Innovation Association Value association innovation association solutions future-focus member challenges member experience problems worry

Navigating Each Association’s Two-Way Trust Street

Smooth The Path

Associations oscillate between two different trust states with members. There are so many things that build members’ trust in an association. It starts when another member recommends the association and continues as each prospective member samples the association’s benefits by attending a chapter meeting or browsing the website or reading an article. Once a new member joins, the trust continues to build as they interact and receive value.

Our Careers Are a Big Part of Our Identity

Smooth The Path

Navigating these challenging transitions is another way associations can help members. How can associations help? What are associations really selling? . Understand the three professional stages to improve the value. Association Value association value creative problem solving delivering value innovation mindset key value proposition membership value perception of value solving members' problems

Associations Please Help Fix Time-Poverty

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From university presidents to CFOs, to fundraisers, to engineers, to financial planners, to association professionals, none of us have enough time. Being involved in an association usually takes time. But what if our association could give back time to our members? And this is something many associations already do. Association online communities can save members time because they don’t need to sift through the mess of some public communities.