Five Tips for Conference Sponsorship Pricing

Velvet Chainsaw

In other words, a sponsor’s ROI is subjective in nature, making pricing an inexact science. Pricing methodologies for sponsorship vary greatly. Cost-plus is the most common method for pricing sponsorship. Which of these strategies are you currently using for sponsorship pricing?

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How to Price a Virtual Event Sponsorship

Moery Company

One of the biggest topics of discussion in the association space right now is how to price webinar sponsorships. You need to know what their objectives and needs are and think about how you and the webinar can deliver on those things before you think about pricing.

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Building a Virtual Sponsorship Program, Part 3: Pricing and Sales

Moery Company

The final part of building a virtual sponsorship program is pricing and selling of the virtual event sponsorship packages. Today we’re going to cover pricing and selling your virtual sponsorship inventory, a very important topic that many of you care about.

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The Purpose of Pricing

Aaron Wolowiec

When it comes to value in pricing, it is not about greed. Many associations think that if they discuss pricing, their members will see them as greedy, especially because we are nonprofit organizations.

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Easily Calculate and Compare Association Management Software (AMS) Vendor Pricing

When searching for a new AMS, be sure to account for possible hidden fees and additional charges that can turn into an expensive mistake. Download the worksheet to help you uncover, calculate and compare the true total cost of ownership of your next AMS. Download now!

The Ins and Outs of Membership Pricing

Wild Apricot

Deciding how to price your membership can be challenging. How can you find a price point that's fair for your members, accurately represents the value you’re providing, and covers the cost of running your organization?

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eLearning Pricing Models: 5 Ways to Price Your Courses

Web Courseworks Associations

If so, you’ve probably encountered the challenge of how to price those courses. Pricing them too high may deter members from investing. But, pricing them too low will prevent your team from making any meaningful revenue. 5 eLearning Pricing Models for Your Courses.

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Use Price Anchoring to Price Your Virtual Event!

Aaron Wolowiec

Are you struggling with how to price your upcoming virtual event? If so, then this article is for you

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The Price Is Right

Association Freak

Everyone knows that show: The Price is Right. Prices matter but … Continue reading "The Price Is Right". Reading Time: 3 minutes “Come on down!” Contestants try to guess how much something really costs, and whoever gets the closest wins fabulous prizes. That’s it.

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How to Price a Sponsorship Package

Aaron Wolowiec

“How do you price a sponsorship and what factors should be considered when coming up with the package price?” Dr. Michael Tatonetti shares a few considerations in order to give a proper answer

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Which Is Your Strategic Pricing Objective?

Aaron Wolowiec

When potential clients go to Pricing for Associations and ask how they should price a specific product or service, one of the first questions they have to return is “What is your strategic pricing objective

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Price Your eLearning Right

Blue Sky eLearn

Rethinking Event-Based Pricing. One of the most common mistakes I see in pricing eLearning is exclusively applying the old one-time registration model. Before setting pricing, it’s critical to understand your market. Conduct a market analysis to understand your competitor’s products and pricing, target market, market needs, and price range that market will bear for the value you’re offering. Consider these models to price your eLearning right.

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The 3 Things Your Next Pricing Survey Must Have


At Pricing for Associations, we have conducted numerous surveys for market research and market testing around value and pricing. If you’re looking to DIY a survey on value and pricing in the next few months, this article is for you. Always ask about value and pricing.

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Webinar Pricing and Sponsorship Data

Leading Learning

We’ll stress that this is in no way a guide to setting Webinar registration or sponsorship fees or a suggestion for how you should price your registration fees and sponsorships. Highest Webinar Pricing. Lowest Webinar Pricing.

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How do we price and sell our virtual event sponsorships? – Ask JP #030

Moery Company

We’ve been doing a series of podcasts and videos about virtual sponsorships and these questions fall into the third pillar of pricing and selling virtual event sponsorships. The first question is, “How do you price your virtual sponsorship program?”

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The Quick Way To Price Your Hybrid Events

Aaron Wolowiec

After running virtual events for free or very low cost, the first thing that you want to focus on is raising the price of any virtual components that you're going to offer, whether hybrid components or purely virtual events.

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How to find the right pricing strategy for your association


How do you set the right pricing for your association’s membership, products, and services? . Read on for ideas and resources to help you set prices that balances member value with profitability. When it comes to your association’s pricing strategies, there’s a lot to consider.

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Virtual Event Sponsorship Pricing and Sales – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 245

Moery Company

The third and final episode in our series on building virtual event sponsorship covers pricing and selling your new inventory. Tune in to hear a list of upsides you can use to bring sponsors on board and the variables to consider when pricing your packages.

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Don’t Lead with Lower Prices

Aaron Wolowiec

Have you ever seen an ad that says “New Low Price” ? Or did it make you question why the price was lowered? What effect did that have on you? Did it make you want to purchase the item? In this article, we talk about the psychology of how you position discounts, and why it matters

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How do you price a virtual event?

Association Success

How should I price my event? What you ultimately want is to be able to monetize the event,” said Michael Tatonetti , director of certification and education for the Professional Pricing Society. With that being said, pricing should follow the same concept. . “A

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Pricing for Associations in 2022: What To Know

Aaron Wolowiec

As we head into 2022, the biggest question that we are asked is “ What should we be ready for when it comes to pricing for associations? ” Dr. Michael Tatonetti explains where you need to begin

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Your 2020 guide to setting pricing for your association’s educational content

YourMembership Blog

Pricing your association’s learning courses can be tricky, but important, business. With the new year quickly approaching, here’s a look at some strategic pricing practices you should be thinking about. How you price your content can make a. The post Your 2020 guide to setting pricing for your association’s educational content appeared first on YourMembership.

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The 3 Things Your Next Pricing Survey Must Have

Aaron Wolowiec

At Pricing for Associations, they have conducted numerous surveys for market research and market testing around value and pricing. If you're looking to DIY a survey on value and pricing in the next few months, this article is for you

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How to effectively build a communication plan for pricing changes at your association

Nimble AMS

When the time comes to introduce new prices at your association, transparency is key. Continue reading to learn how to develop a communication plan and effectively announce pricing changes at your association. . Change is never easy.

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Event Financials 101: Building a Budget and Pricing Your Event


Managing your event’s budget and pricing can give you the flexibility to prioritize where you spend money (and where you don’t) and how you add value to attendees, giving you the ability to drive more registrations. It all starts with your event budget and pricing.

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How do you price a virtual event?

Association Success

How should I price my event? What you ultimately want is to be able to monetize the event,” said Michael Tatonetti , director of certification and education for the Professional Pricing Society. With that being said, pricing should follow the same concept. . “A

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The Price of Honesty

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

Honesty can be really expensive. At least it seems like it. Because if I were to tell you a list of truths, you might make decisions about me that were not necessarily pleasant. For example: I hate exercise. I''m bored with green juice and the entire juicing craze. I like wine - probably a little too much. I''m productive from 7:30 am until about noon, and then the wheels fall off. I love writing. I hate writing. Then I love writing again.

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February Update: Wild Apricot Pricing Plans Are Changing

Wild Apricot

Find out how our pricing plans are changing and other updates this month

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Pricing Your Virtual Event: 3 Tips


How exactly do you price a virtual event, particularly when you’ve never hosted one before? But here are a few things to keep in mind as you’re trying to price yours: event registration virtual event

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Virtual Conference Pricing: The Many Factors to Consider

WBT Systems

Virtual Conference Pricing: The Many Factors to Consider. Read more about Virtual Conference Pricing: The Many Factors to Consider

How’s Your Pricing Strategy?

Associations Now

And, more precisely, how to price what you’re selling. As I was working on my feature for the latest issue of Associations Now on pricing strategy , it quickly became clear that there are few hard and set rules about how to think about pricing. Except, perhaps, that you should be more confident about experimenting with pricing than you perhaps have been. One is that the lack of a coherent pricing strategy risks alienating members.

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3 Better Ways to Think About Association Pricing

Association Freak

Everyone knows that show: The Price is Right. Prices matter but … Continue reading "3 Better Ways to Think About Association Pricing". Reading Time: 3 minutes “Come on down!”

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Don't Compete on Price

Eric Lanke

image source Don't compete on price. There are certainly some organizations that can successfully compete on price. They generally have high-volume, low-investment business models, and are perfectly suited for the low-price strategy. As a consumer, if I'm after a commodity, whoever can get it to me at the lowest price is going to win my business--but not my loyalty. And this is why competing on price is a bad strategy for associations.

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Pricing Decisions for Education Programs: When Is Free Okay?

WBT Systems

Looking back, what do you think of these two decisions made by many associations during the early months of the pandemic? #1: 1: Taking down the members-only paywall and providing free content, resources, and

Association Convention Pricing Strategies

SCD Group

Should we create some special, last minute pricing to fill the spaces?” Most associations that I know “hold the line” on conference pricing. Yet, we see industry/retailers adjusting pricing based on supplies. hotels lower room rates as dates get closer airlines adjust pricing based on seat availability retailers offer sales As consumers, we are used to (even expect) differential prices of the things we buy. Should we consider variable pricing?

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3 Studies Impacting Association Member Pricing Strategies

SCD Group

I’ve posted before about the “magic pricing” for association memberships and a case study of one association that added a free member category. Is there a "magic" price for association memberships ? Now, Gregory Ciotti of The Daily Egg shares 3 Research Studies That Reveal Smarter Pricing Strategies. The three pricing strategies share additional information for associations, most of whom have steadfastly followed an annual member price strategy for decades.

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Can Pricing Influence Association Membership Decisions?

SCD Group

These are specially-designed theaters which – for a “slightly” higher ticket price – offer luxury seating, table dining service (with wait staff) and other services catered to a select group of movie goers. Perhaps, this “mass strategy” of keeping the price low enough to entice more members is wrong. association membership L''Oreal SCD Group AMC Dine-In Theatres membership pricing association executives Russ Henneberry ASAE

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Association News: USPS Raises Prices, Virtual Meetings Evolve & Possible Changes to NYC’s Mitchell-Lama Co-ops

Yes Elections

Between the ongoing pandemic, legislative efforts to expand virtual meetings in New York, and updates from the United States Postal Service, it's been a busy summer in the association world

Pricing Your eLearning Materials: Subscription versus One-Time-Fee Models

Web Courseworks

By taking the time to choose your eLearning pricing strategy carefully, you can increase your chances for success in getting more members to purchase your eLearning materials. While there are numerous pricing models used in the world of eLearning and online courses today, two of the most common are subscription and one-time-fee models. One-Time-Fee should be the first pricing option for higher quality courses.

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CIM – how they presented their membership price rise

Optimist Consulting

However, you may feel there is a good business reason to increase prices, so how do you present this to members? As an organisation you do not want to appear to be “wasting money” on documents about price rises. Deciding to increase membership fees is not something that any membership professional or board take lightly. In these austere times, we all know that an increase in fees could be the difference between a member renewing and not renewing.

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