The Top 17 Fundraising Software Tools for Nonprofits

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Looking for fundraising software? nonprofit-fundraising-software fundraising-software-for-nonprofits fundraising-software-tools fundraising-software FundraisingCheck out this up-to-date guide to see which one best suits your organization.

The 21 Best Fundraising Software Platforms for Nonprofits

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Although they have different tips and tricks for success, there’s one thing they all have in common: they’ve added nonprofit fundraising software. At WildApricot , we’ve worked with thousands of fundraising professionals over the years.


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The Top 17 Nonprofit Accounting Software Tools

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If you’re looking for a nonprofit accounting software solution, look no further. nonprofit-accounting-software nonprofit-accounting nonprofit-softwareI’ve rounded up all the most popular options into this list. I’ve also highlighted the major benefits of each one and given advice on the kind of nonprofit they might suit best.

200+ Amazing Free or Cheap Nonprofit Software Tools

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Although nonprofits are often resistant to technological change, there are many software solutions that can solve any manual task your nonprofit is doing right now. Feeling like you're doing too many tasks by hand? That's because you probably are.

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How to Sell Your Board on Better Technology

Use this helpful blueprint when you need to convince your board to invest in better software. It includes talking points and tips for your presentation, including quantifying ROI, outlining indirect benefits, and selling the potential of the purchase.

4 Costs To Expect When Implementing New Membership Software


What are the costs you can’t avoid when implementing a new membership management software? Here are 4 unavoidable costs of member management software implementation. The same can be said when purchasing new membership software for your association.

Cost 82

What is an Association Management Software (AMS)?


AMS stands for Association Management Software. This type of software offers associations and other member-based organizations the tools to run their day-to-day operations and provide services to their members. How can an Association Management Software help my organization or me?

43 Event Management Software Tools You Need to Know About

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What if you had an army of robots to do all the grunt work for your events? This isn’t science fiction: this is the reality of many event managers. Instead of manually processing registrations, running checks to the bank, or trying to keep track. events

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Top 10 Most Popular Membership Management Softwares

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Ever year Capterra (a software review website) publishes their Top 20 Most Popular Membership Management Software list — analyzing criteria like customers, members, and reviews — to help organizations decide which option might be best for them. Here is there list of the top 10 membership management software. membership management software

10 Outstanding HOA Software Options for Your Homeowners' Association

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That's because she leaves most of the work up to her Homeowner Association Software — i t essentially runs the organization for her. I know one woman who runs her entire 1,500-member homeowner association by herself as a part-time staff member.

How to Choose the Right AMS Solution for Your Association

The Buyer’s Checklist for association professionals is designed to help you make an “apples to apples” comparison of association management software (AMS) systems, so you can make the right purchasing decision for your association’s unique needs.

21 Association Management Software (AMS) Options to Transform Your Org

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“I’m drowning here! I wish I could afford an admin assistant!” ” This is what an association manager posted in a Facebook Group I’m a part of. I got in touch with her and replied, “Maybe you can’t afford an assistant, website-and-technology

91 Parks and Recreation Organizations Use This #1 Parks and Recreation Management Software

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Learn how you can spend more time out in nature and less time managing your association or organization with Parks and Recreation Management Software. Recreation-Management-Software Parks-and-Recreation-Management-Software parks-and-recreation-software parks-and-recreation

The Top 10 Yoga Studio Software Options

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Here's how yoga studio software can help you automate your administrative tasks and our top 10 picks Do you manage a yoga studio?

The Top 10 Alumni Management Software Options

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Find out how alumni management software can help your organization and check out our list of top 10 options to find one that fits your needs

Easily Calculate and Compare Association Management Software (AMS) Vendor Pricing

When searching for a new AMS, be sure to account for possible hidden fees and additional charges that can turn into an expensive mistake. Download the worksheet to help you uncover, calculate and compare the true total cost of ownership of your next AMS. Download now!

Top 22 Job Board Software Options for 2022

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If you run a professional association, one of the best things you can do for your members is host a job board to your website. It will add value to their membership, help retain your current members , and attract new ones. Not to mention, a job board. membership

Why Your Masjid Needs Mosque Management Software

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Here's how mosque management software can give you more chances to engage with your community Want to save time managing the administrative side of your masjid?

Association Management Company vs. Software: Which One Is Right For You? (+ Our Top 5 AMS Picks)

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Save yourself the headache and outsource your association management to a company or a software tool. In this post, we’ll take a look at both options, talk about why investing in association management software. Thinking of starting an association ?

Tools and Software Every Professional Association Needs

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The right software and tools can help you clear that plate and find a wide range of benefits for your association. Association management software is one of the best ways to get most of the tools you need all in one package. That’s where robust AMS software comes in handy.

Tools 115

Why 100+ Parks and Recreation Organizations Use This #1 Management Software (with examples and alternatives!)

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Learn how you can spend more time out in nature and less time managing your association or organization with Parks and Recreation Management Software. Recreation-Management-Software Parks-and-Recreation-Management-Software parks-and-recreation-software parks-and-recreation

What Will Association Management Software Look Like in 5 Years?


Mobile Engagement Membership Management Software AMS SoftwareFlying cars. Meals that spontaneously appeared after a machine was given an order. A shower that dressed you. These are things I grew up expecting. They had been promised to me by the Jetsons , first, and then Back to the Future and all its sequels.

4 Easy Steps to Effectively Evaluate Membership Management Software


Then the board, your boss, or maybe a staff member uttered those dreaded words, “ I think we need new membership management software.” While new software can be exciting, the idea of sitting through countless hours of demos and sales presentations is enough to take the joy out of anything. Association Membership Management Software AMS SoftwareMaybe it was a Friday afternoon and you were just counting down the minutes until the weekend.

Choosing Donor Management Software: 20 Options You Can Try Today

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Two years ago, I was involved with a charity that made me understand why donor management is so important. Communication with our donors was a key aspect of my work. Instead of generic “thank you for your donation” emails , our executive. website-and-technology

Top 11 Chamber Management Software AMS Systems


Whether your chamber of commerce is regional, local, or niche-specific, a feature-rich Association Management Software (AMS) is a must. This article will help you evaluate different association management software for chambers of commerce. Chamber Software 101.

System 124

Association Management Software: Giving You Your Day Back

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I’ve worked for a software company for nearly half a decade. I’ve made it my business to stay on top of the latest and greatest additions to association management software – things that we’ve added and things the competition did. The post Association Management Software: Giving You Your Day Back appeared first on

How modern membership management software can help your association’s key functional areas

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Your organization’s ability to thrive now and for years to come depends heavily on your choice of association management software (AMS). . With Nimble AMS, every customer is using the same latest and greatest version of the software.

25 Powerful Club Management Software Tools For 2019

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If you want to spend more time in 2019 having fun and less time managing your club, Club Management Software may be for you — here's everything you need to know about Club Management Software, along with 25 options and how to evaluate between them. Club-Management-Software

19 Tennis Club Software Solutions That Save Time and Money

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If you want to spend more time playing tennis and less time managing your club, tennis club software may be for you — here's everything you need to know about tennis club software, along with 17 options and how to evaluate between them. Tennis-Club-Software

49 Popular Nonprofit Software Tools That Save Time and Money

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Like any company, your nonprofit needs software to increase productivity. Here are 49 of the most popular nonprofit software tools perfect for that. technology nonprofit-software

Choosing the Best Association Management Software


Whether your membership organization is an association or chamber of commerce, feature-rich Association Management Software (AMS) is a must. This article will help you compare and evaluate the best association management software currently on the market. .

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Free Membership Management Software

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Don't choose a free membership management software option before reading this guide. membership management software freeI'll show you the benefits of each option and how to choose between them.

How Recreation Software Can Save You 20+ Hours Weekly

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Learn how you can spend more time out in nature and less time managing your organization with recreation software

How to Convince Your Board You Need Membership Management Software

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Ready to start using membership management software. but your board is dragging their feet? Here's how to overcome the top three most common objections, and how to successfully pitch your new MMS

Strategies to Justify Association Software


Robust AMS (association management software) has far-reaching benefits to members, staff, the board of directors, and the organization as a whole. The post Strategies to Justify Association Software appeared first on GrowthZone.

The Top 9 Chamber of Commerce Software Solutions in 2021

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If administrative work is taking over your organization — things like filling out membership applications by hand, running cheques to the bank, manually processing event registrations, and sorting through a messy Excel directory — Chamber. website-and-technology

Choosing Event Management Software for 2021: 3 Questions to Ask


we think there are still some ways that you can be proactive when it comes to finding the right event management software to suit your needs for the next year and beyond.

The Best Way to Avoid Choosing The Wrong Nonprofit Software

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How do you avoid bad software and choose a solution perfect for you organization? tech-tools softwareFortunately, tech experts Jason Shim, Mark Hallman, and Shub Sengupta developed an easy test that any nonprofit can use, which reveals just that.

The ROI of a Smarter Association Management Software


To see good ROI on association software, you must have a platform that is both innovative and dependable. Just by using an AMS, organizations will immediately realize software ROI – helping to save time, reduce errors, and improve efficiency.

How to ensure you’re using updated software to run your association

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Read on to learn how to make sure you’re always using the latest and greatest association management software, without hassle and extra cost. Wouldn’t it be great if that were the same with the software you use to manage your association – your association management software (AMS)? .