Let's Stay the Course

Eric Lanke

I continue to put the necessary pieces into place for our annual strategic Board retreat. This week it was a discussion with our outgoing and incoming Board chairs about the strategic conversations we want to build an agenda around.

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Tips for Marketing (Online Courses) To Your Association Members  

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Planning and effective execution of marketing concepts for services, such as online courses, requires a different approach to be successful. When marketing online courses or events to members, identify the best platforms for reaching them simply by asking.

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What to Do If Your Association’s Online Course Failed

WBT Systems

You really thought you had a great idea for an online course. But when the course launched: crickets. After you and your colleagues put so much effort into it, how do you explain to your boss and committee chair why your online course failed? Learn why your online course failed. Is there really a market for this course? Employers told you they need people to develop the skills taught in the course. Develop a webinar based on a portion of the course.

How to Validate an Online Course Idea

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New players in the online learning market are bringing fresh ideas to online course development and marketing. They’re making millions of dollars in revenue, so they’re doing something right, for example, knowing how to validate an online course idea. If your online course doesn’t meet a market need, it won’t succeed. You’re looking for proof of market—evidence that will validate your online course idea. Prepare for the Course Validation Process.

Nonprofits That Stray Off Course

Reid All About it

An organization loses its way, goes off course and what does it get? “D” This week I read about a nonprofit accused of losing sight of its mission and those it serves. The story reminded me of another nonprofit I read about months ago in similar straits.

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Did You Know? Despite Living in a Tech Age, Association Members Still Prefer In-Person Courses

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Online courses? Half of respondents told us their members prefer in-person courses: There could be several reasons for choosing an in-person continuing education course over other forms of professional learning.

Following Harvey, Meetings Change Course to Give Back

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The post Following Harvey, Meetings Change Course to Give Back appeared first on Associations Now Hurricane Harvey severely affected residents and businesses in Houston and other areas of southeast Texas.

Free New Mini-Course: Use Facebook Ads to Increase Your Membership

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This Mini-Course will show you how to execute a successful Facebook Ad campaign sure to grow your membership. mini-courseYou probably sign into Facebook every day to see what your friends are up to, but are you using it to grow your organization?

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A Big Course From a Small Association

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For Jan Grimes, it’s meant building a lot of partnerships and putting together a must-attend online course. But ultimately the job of coordinating all the course has fallen to Grimes. The post A Big Course From a Small Association appeared first on Associations Now

Freelancers Union Changes Healthcare Course

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” The post Freelancers Union Changes Healthcare Course appeared first on Associations Now 53M The estimated number of freelancers in the U.S., according to a recent study by Freelancers Union and Elance-oDesk, Inc.

UpStream! Series #1 Charting the Course to Satisfaction

Portage Group

Following are some of the trends we are seeing behind the numbers: Members Aren’t Charting the Course Member influence, direction and priorities of their association is a significant source of dissatisfaction for many not-for-profits. Shhh!! Listen closely! Do you hear that?

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Marriott Reverses Course on WiFi Blocking

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Even though it was switching course, the company still wants the FCC to rule on its petition, Re/Code reports. ” The post Marriott Reverses Course on WiFi Blocking appeared first on Associations Now

12 Ways to Add Extra Value to Your Online Courses

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Besides offering high-caliber curriculum and instructors, how can you add extra value to your online courses and ensure they stand out from the pack? Make sure your marketing copy includes a description of these additional course benefits. 1 – Provide pre-course resources. Understand the obstacles students must overcome before registering for an online course. Provide a review of the basics or refreshers of prerequisite courses.

Exploring #Humanize: A Collision Course

Jamie Notter

Exploring #Humanize: A Collision Course. The rest of the book, of course, talks about how we can create more human organizations moving forward. Exploring #Humanize: A Collision Course | Humanize | Scoop.it. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it. Posted September 27, 2011. in Humanize - 1 comment. Tweet.

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Mini-Course for Association Professionals: Proving Value in the First 3 Emails to New Members

Smooth The Path

The post Mini-Course for Association Professionals: Proving Value in the First 3 Emails to New Members appeared first on Smooth The Path. Association Value Online Course association solutions email member communications member problem member value

Online Course Marketing Tactics from Six-Figure Digital Entrepreneurs

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When digital entrepreneurs—those who make their living selling online products and services—see a need in their market, they design a revenue-generating online course to meet that need. They also use online course marketing tactics that help them become millionaires in the process. Amy Porterfield , who teaches online marketing to aspiring digital entrepreneurs, is one of many digital entrepreneurs whose courses have put them in the six-figure club.

How to Use Webinars as Lead Generation for Your Online Courses

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What does it take to make a seven-figure income from online courses? Her free webinars act as lead generators for her paid online courses. Even better, free webinars lure prospective customers into the top of your marketing funnel and nudge them along that funnel toward one of your paid programs, like an online course. Webinars help Porterfield’s audience get a sense for what it would be like to participate in one of her online courses. Promoting your online course.

How to Build Spaced Learning into Your Online Courses

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Introduce them to the concept of spaced learning and provide suggestions on how they can build it into their course design. If you offer prep courses for designation or licensing exams, don’t offer cram courses. Provide study tips at the beginning of the course that include guidance about spaced learning. Build spaced learning into course design. Courses designed for spaced learning are also mobile-friendly—as long as your LMS is responsive.

MOOC as Promotion: Brewers Association Launches Beer Course

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In an effort to draw attention to beer’s culinary role, the Brewers Association announced a five-day course on how to best pair the popular beverage with food. The first four days of the course are open to the public.

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Mini-Course for Association Professionals: The Optimization Trap Many Associations Face

Smooth The Path

Learn how to avoid this trap in the newest mini-course for association professionals: If the embedded YouTube video is not working for you go directly to YouTube. Associations tend to lean toward optimizing. Optimizing can become a trap.

Free Online Courses vs Association eLearning


From : Blog Entry >> Michelle's Blog Entry There are a multitude of blogs and articles outlining the benefits of taking free online courses for professional development to advance your career, but do these courses actually deliver the value and opportunity they profess to provide to adult learners? The following are the top reasons suggested to promote free, public online courses, such [More].

10 Secrets of Online Course Design from Award-Winning MOOCs

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If you want to see engaging, transformative online course design in action, add a little poetry to your life. An online Coursera course, Modern American Poetry , aka ModPo, is one of the 50 most popular MOOCs of all time. Typically, a MOOC features a course syllabus, in this case, a ten-week lesson plan with assigned reading (poems), instructor-created video content, discussion forum, peer-reviewed writing assignments, and quizzes.

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Leadership Qualities on the Golf Course

Association Leaders

The golf course is one of those places. It never ceases to amaze me where simple but effective lessons in leadership are found. Golf is a game of man against hiimself. How can leadership be present without someone to lead? I contend the qualities the game of golf emphasizes are leadership qualities that can be applied in any setting. Here are my top golf qualities: 1. Honesty. Integrity. Humility. Generosity. Do you have any to add? Uncategorized CM Services leadership trust

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NEW! Essentials of Online Community Management On-Demand Course


I’ve partnered with Ben Martin of Online Community Results to offer an on-demand, crash course on the Essentials on Online Community Management (EOCM). We designed this course for community managers (full or part-time) and the executives who oversee community management.

Social Media Marketing All-in-One Video Training Course


This 90 minute training course shows you how to build your strategy, tips for Twitter and Facebook, and how to measure your results. Take the Social Media Marketing All-in-One For Dummies Video Training Course and reach more customers, make more sales, boost your bottom line today!

Is Earning More Non-Dues Revenue an Obstacle Course for Your Association?

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The post Is Earning More Non-Dues Revenue an Obstacle Course for Your Association? Brianna Martin, Naylor Association Solutions. Two out of five respondents (41 percent) to the 2017 Association Communications Benchmarking Survey feel their inability to generate non-dues revenue from communications is a significant challenge.

A Crash Course in Design Thinking for Network Leadership Skills

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For the rest of the morning, we learned about design thinking by doing it through “ A Crash Course in Design Thinking.” Last month, I participated in a Design Thinking Lab with network leadership practitioners convened by the Leadership Learning Community.

Best Benefit Ever: A Crash Course for Payroll Professionals

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The online courses are divided into five modules covering topics from tax and statutory payments to employee rights, auditing, office management, and beyond. ” The post Best Benefit Ever: A Crash Course for Payroll Professionals appeared first on Associations Now

Infection Control Group Spearheads Online Ebola Training Course

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APIC and Johns Hopkins worked together on the course at the request of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The post Infection Control Group Spearheads Online Ebola Training Course appeared first on Associations Now

Free New Mini-Course: Convert Event Guests into Paying Members using Wild Apricot

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Imagine you’ve just held your latest event--a swanky fundraiser that’s attracted thirty new guests. That’s great! What’s next

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Tuesday Buzz: Of Course You’re Online. Now Update More!

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The post Tuesday Buzz: Of Course You’re Online. Having a website isn’t enough; you have to update it. Also: the opening day of #MMCCon.

Does Aversion to Risk Equal Less Success – On the Golf Course it might

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Of course that doesn’t make logical sense when you realize the goal of the golf tournament isn’t to be closest to par, it’s to have fewer strokes than any other player. A colleague shared an interesting article with me the other day. The article ( attached here ) was about a study done at the Wharton Business School on professional golfers. The premise is professional golfers miss putts for birdie more often than the miss the identical putts for par.

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[You need this!!] Essentials of Online Community Management On-Demand Course


I’ve partnered with Ben Martin of Online Community Results to offer an on-demand, crash course on the Essentials on Online Community Management (EOCM). We designed this course for community managers (full or part-time) and the executives who oversee community management.

Free Online Course Materials from MIT

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Did you know that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers free online access to course materials? MIT's OpenCourseWare site is a remarkable resource for self-education — or for developing your own training programs for staff and volunteers, especially in the areas of management and communications.( read more ).

Best Benefit Ever: For Golf Course Managers, New Association Brings Renewed Perks

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Now that the International Golf Course Equipment Managers Association has dissolved, its members will reap the benefits of their new affiliation with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

4 questions to ask when selecting e-learning authoring tools.

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Is purchasing or subscribing the best approach to build your association’s online learning courses? April 2017 has been a big month for e-learning authoring tools with the release of Articulate Storyline 3 and Adobe Captivate 2017.

5 concepts for associations we’ve learned in professional education.

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That’s after 15 years of success and even the mistakes which made them possible. In professional education, like in any field, there’s a preponderance of misconceptions which affect our daily practices and implementations. And the risky part is when they start cementing into practices.

Working with an Instructional Designer: How to Prepare for Success

WBT Systems

Developing a new online course with the help of an instructional designer is an exciting prospect for an association. Before either of you signed the contract, you and your instructional designer (ID) should have ironed out all aspects of the course development process including who’s responsible for each task. Is the new course based on an existing program or is the content being developed from scratch? Are you relying on the ID to come up with the course content?

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A Crash Course in Landing Pages : Off Stage

Off Stage

5, 2011 - A Crash Course in Landing Pages. This rule is, of course, a necessary component of a blog, a newsletter, a flyer, an article or press release: always add the buttons for Facebook, Twitter, email, and other sharing options. 17, 2011 - RE: A Crash Course in Landing Pages. Off Stage. A landing page? Say what??? We’re talking internet marketing here.

Coming soon to association learning: gamified learning and microcredentials

Aaron Wolowiec

But some new types of learning are also emerging: massive open online courses, flipped classes, gamified learning, microcredentials and microlearning, which has the highest rate of adoption. Jeff Cobb and Celisa Steele, co-founders of Tagoras.