What IS Content Curation?

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Associations use the term “content curation” frequently, but to quote the great Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word. ” Many times, when we’re using the term “content curation,” what we actually mean is “aggregation.”

Podcast: Accessible Content is Just Good Content

Association Adviser

Accessible content isn't widely talked about in associations, but it's on the mind of Carmen Collins, senior social media & brand talent manager for Cisco. The post Podcast: Accessible Content is Just Good Content appeared first on Association Adviser.


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Building Community with Content

Blue Sky eLearn

Networking Around Content. Consider these opportunities to build community with your content. Connect your communities with your blog and podcast content – and generate conversation around it. Keep the content delivery to the bare minimum to allow space for conversation. Content Contribution. Raise the stakes by creating a culture where members of the learning community contribute content. Content Co-Creation.

7 Ideas for Creating Engaging Content

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Every content creator faces the same two dilemmas: When your audience is disengaged, how can you bring them back? The answer might seem obvious: Surprising, intriguing and genuinely helpful content will always be timeless. MORE: Why you need video content.

Why Most eLearning Fails: How to Create eLearning that Gets Results

Speaker: Tim Slade, Speaker, Author, and Creator of The eLearning Designer's Academy

In this session, we will explore many of the reasons why most eLearning fails and the components that contribute to bad eLearning design. we will also explore how bad eLearning design can negatively affect the learning experience. Finally, this session will walk you through several practical methods you can immediately apply to fix your bad eLearning courses.

6 Ways to Repurpose Your Webinar Content

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You’ll want to keep doing some marketing and promotions around your on-demand content to generate interest. While this may not be possible or make sense in all scenarios, if you’re able to chop up a webinar recording into multiple, smaller micro-presentations, you may attract a larger audience who has a shorter attention span, who just has less time to spare, or someone who only wants education on a particular slice of the content.

Beyond Hybrid: Repackaging Your Conference Content

Velvet Chainsaw

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we should optimize the benefits of the best, most-advanced and relevant content from your annual conference by thinking beyond the three-day in-person or virtual meeting experience.

21 Content Ideas for Your Association Audience


If you’ve ever been in a position of trying to figure out what kinds of content to create – for blog posts, articles, podcasts, or something else – you are not alone! 21 Content Ideas for Your Association Audience. Look, we all need a creativity boost once in a while….

Who Should Be on Your Content Squad?

Association Adviser

It’s time for mission-focused organizations to really invest in their content. That means figuring out your content squad's structure & hiring strategically. The post Who Should Be on Your Content Squad?

Community, Content, and Culture: Strengthening Your Association’s Value Proposition


Join Tecker International senior consultant KiKi L’Italien as she shares the connection between community, content, and culture and how to use these elements to fortify your association’s value proposition to members. Is your association’s value proposition as strong as it could be?

5 Steps to Craft Compelling Content Descriptions

Blue Sky eLearn

The biggest mistake marketers make when writing content descriptions is being too brief. It also makes it easy to provide teasers about what content will be covered. Here are 5 steps for writing great content bullets: Go through your webinar content and identify the major lessons you’ll be teaching during the online class. Experiment with incorporating these pain points and benefits into your content bullets.

A Publishing Strategy Makes Content Magic


The post A Publishing Strategy Makes Content Magic appeared first on.orgSource. What magic will– Define your association as the go-to source for education and career development? Engage members to click, like, share, download, purchase, and participate?

Five Content Ideas for Associations

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Categories: Member Engagement + Retention , Social Media and Business Trends Tags: content , content marketing , content strategy You can be the best writer in the world but if you don’t “listen” and “watch” and know your audience, your content will always fall short. Creating top-notch content is as easy as predicting the end of a romantic comedy. The post Five Content Ideas for Associations appeared first on YourMembership.com.

Content Curation: Your Association’s Secret Weapon Against Information Overload

Spark Consulting

Did you miss the webinar Hilary Marsh (Content Company) and I gave last week on content curation and why your association needs to get on board with it to help your members and other audiences deal with information overload? Discuss what content curation is – and isn’t. Share the Association Content Curation Maturity Model we developed (it’s the groovy image that’s the header for this post).

What Is Content Governance and Why Does It Matter?

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Content is never complete. That understanding is the foundation of content governance: If you’re not creating, you’re maintaining or evaluating. The post What Is Content Governance and Why Does It Matter?

How to Make Your Content Work Harder for You

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Make your association's content work harder for you by implementing an organized and consistent content strategy like the pyramid approach. The post How to Make Your Content Work Harder for You appeared first on Association Adviser.

Small staff? Embrace Content Marketing

Moery Company

But I learned early on about the value of thought leadership and content delivery as being the most valuable part of modern marketing. I adopted a loosely defined content marketing effort, at the expense of traditional marketing programs, that transformed our business. Here are a few tips to increase your personal brand by scaling the content: #1 : Start, because most people don’t. After you address the topic, you can then scale the content for delivery on every platform. #3

Serving Up Satisfying Website Content

Wild Apricot

Here are some tips and resources to help you serve up satisfying website content. website content-management

Content Ideas For Your Online Community


Online Software content creation Member Experience

What’s Trending in Association Content Delivery and Sales?

Moery Company

There are a few trends developing around our content delivery and sales process, and it’s very exciting. Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen growth in content engagement and have observed our sales cycle shortening rather significantly. The second trend is focused on the frequency of content delivery – we’ve upped our activities, and the results have been fantastic. Deliver your very best content in the evening and watch your engagement go up.

Best Practices for Monetizing Your eLearning Content

Blue Sky eLearn

In this article, we will discuss three of the most effective ways for leveraging educational content and technology. Most Effective Ways to Monetize Educational Content: Here is what we’ve found to be some of the most effective ways for associations to monetize their educational content: Develop and sell online courses. Live Stream and/or record content from in-person meetings and conferences. How vital is non-dues revenue for your association?

5 Ideas for Repurposing Content After Your Virtual Event

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Another option is to deliver your virtual event content as a podcast that your audience can listen to on the go. The post 5 Ideas for Repurposing Content After Your Virtual Event appeared first on Blue Sky eLearn. We’ve seen it time and time again with in-person events.

Content Recycling Tip

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Content Recycling Tip. You can use this same concept to repurpose your own content. The common ways to recycle content such as elongating blog posts into articles, or using a whitepaper for the basis of a video, merely changes the medium. Adjustments to either of these can help you repurpose your existing content easily and disseminate it to a wider audience. Tags: blogging , content marketing. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions.

What Platforms Should Associations Use For Putting Out Content? – Ask JP #056

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I’m seeing a great amount of growth surrounding audio content and podcasting. We’ll be in contact shortly: The post What Platforms Should Associations Use For Putting Out Content? Hello everybody, welcome to another Ask JP.

Content Marketing is?

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Content Marketing is… January 31st, 2012 | Posted in Social Media and Business Trends. content your audience wants, in the form they want it, at the time they need it, with the ease to share it. Chapman and Maggie Fox for today’s webinar: How Content Marketing is Changing Everything.). One Comment to “Content Marketing is…” What Do They Want? Tags: content marketing. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions.

Do You Have a Membership Content Strategy?

Wild Apricot

What is a content strategy and how does it apply to small membership organizations? member communication Content-strategy

Q&A: Planning for an Uncertain Content Year

Association Adviser

The post Q&A: Planning for an Uncertain Content Year appeared first on Association Adviser. Answers to what's on association executives' minds regarding strategy & planning, virtual events, and member surveys from our Aug 2020 benchmarking webinar.

Why Associations Should Prioritize Repurposing Content

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Is your association currently repurposing every piece of original content created into various formats across your communications channels? The post Why Associations Should Prioritize Repurposing Content appeared first on Association Adviser.

Is Curation Included In Your Content Strategy?

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Here are some thoughts on curating content for your members as part of a content strategy. Content-strategy

A Microsite is Your Association’s One-Stop Content Hub

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There are times, however, when your association’s content needs to stand alone and serve a specific purpose or audience. The post A Microsite is Your Association’s One-Stop Content Hub appeared first on Association Adviser.

5 Unusual Ways to Find New Inspiration for Content!


Why can’t coming up with new content be easier ?! I try to write at least 750 words every day in addition to creating new content for my clients and my own projects, so I am constantly exercising that inner creative muscle. This Old Content.

Content Curation Revisited

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Which means good information management is curation of both content and community. As I wrote in Attention Doesn’t Scale : Content curation provides a potential path to a new type of thought leadership [for associations], one that is more suited to a world where information is no longer the scarce resource…But that type of support will require a significant shift in our business models.

How content builds brand habits

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Whether they realize it or not, many people build their habits around consuming content. . Before long, this content becomes woven into the daily fabric of our lives. Here are three ways your content strategy can build brand habits that stick. . Publish new content frequently.

Why Event Planners Need a Content Strategy


In a previous article, we discussed the different methods of creating an effective content strategy. However, I wanted to spend some more time elaborating on the “Why”, and the outcomes that can come about from having an effective content strategy. .

Engage Members More with These Career Center Content Ideas by Employment Level

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Customizing your career center's content meets members' needs for different info at each career stage. Here are some content ideas by employment level. The post Engage Members More with These Career Center Content Ideas by Employment Level appeared first on Association Adviser.

Curating Content For Members, From Members


Your… The post Curating Content For Members, From Members appeared first on MultiView. Association Insights associations Content content creationNow, more than ever, it’s important for people to feel connected, to feel empowered, to feel heard and understood.

Drive Engagement with an Online Community Content Calendar

Higher Logic

The post Drive Engagement with an Online Community Content Calendar appeared first on Higher Logic. Community managers have to put a lot of energy into their community content strategies. Make your job easier with this comprehensive guide to building an online community content calendar. The post Drive Engagement with an Online Community Content Calendar appeared first on Higher Logic.

Top 6 Types of Content and Perks to Offer Your Members

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That’s where digital content and other perks come in. Creating special content and unique benefits for your members is the most direct (and often easiest) way to start boosting engagement. We’ve outlined 6 of the most effective types of content, digital activities, and other perks to offer your members: eLearning Opportunities. Podcasts and Other Audio Content. It’s not the job of your eLearning content to promote your entire membership program.

Increase Value By Cutting Your Content

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If you intend to deliver real value through online learning, you’ve got to cut your content. We think we’ve got to pack in the content, so we develop sliduments and deliver rapid-fire lectures with little (if any) discussion. This naturally results in event attendees’ requests for slide decks, syllabi, and conference recordings – because they can’t possibly digest the content in the session. As we’ve transitioned content online, we’ve brought these bad habits with us.

What content metrics actually matter?

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In that role, which she’s held less than a year, Reid has begun to rethink the strategy around content and how the organization reaches out to its members. This is a little corny, but I feel like content is paving the road of the member journey because it’s what gets people excited,” she said.