It Takes Resources

Eric Lanke

Another lesson for me this week that demonstrates how a strategy without the resources to support it is a recipe for failure. What resources are those? But the need for resources almost always extends beyond just dollars.

Resources of the Association Community

Smooth The Path

Here are some generous folks who have done the curation for you, connecting you with free resources, conversations, and education. Join us and find new resources, meet new people, and have conversations about important topics.

4 Ways to Becoming the Best Continuing Education Resource in Your Industry

YourMembership Blog

The post 4 Ways to Becoming the Best Continuing Education Resource in Your Industry appeared first on YourMembership. How associations can support members through professional development. Members’ needs and expectations evolve as they move through their careers journey and look to associations for support. Here are some tips and tricks to take your online learning program to the next level. Your members look to your association to be a leader, especially when it.

Why “Association Hustle” is Your Best Resource for 2019 – Moery Webinar

Moery Company

If so, then Association Hustle is your very best resource to help strengthen those aspects of your organization. The post Why “Association Hustle” is Your Best Resource for 2019 – Moery Webinar appeared first on The Moery Company.

Smaller Meeting Budget or Fewer Resources? No Problem.

Associations Now

A new report from American Express Meetings & Events says that planners can still deliver an excellent event experience, even if they lack the money or other resources they desire. Think having a smaller budget or fewer resources for an event means that it won’t be as successful?

Our Favorite 2016 Summer Community Resources

Higher Logic

We compiled a list of some of our favorite resources to keep you updated while you bounce around the summer months. No, this isn’t your standard reading list -- in fact, very few of these resources are actually blogs or books. Great Community Resources (Twitter List).

Why Human Resources and Analytics Make a Great Team

Associations Now

Like the human resources department. HR teams often use HR technology to ensure maximum utilization of resources,” author Chiradeep BasuMallick explains. The post Why Human Resources and Analytics Make a Great Team appeared first on Associations Now

Step 6-3: The Ultimate Community Resources Page

Disciple Media

This page holds links too useful community resources from a wide range of places. This list is just getting started – Comment if you find it useful, have suggestions for additional resources or want to share an insight.

An Open Letter to Human Resources

Jamie Notter

Dear Human Resources Field, I’ve been struggling with how to say this in the most supportive and effective way possible (because I do love you), but after a seemingly endless stream of imperfect drafts that I have deleted, I’ve decided to just blurt it out: I’m done with you.

Resources for Small Staff Associations


This is a list of free or cheap web, social media, marketing and design resources that I presented in my session, 20 Tools to Help You MacGyver Your Small Association’s Communications, at YourMembership Xperience 2016. This post originally appeared on Mizz Information.

Additional Resources You Can Offer Your Members (At No Extra Cost to You!)


Member resources directly equate to member value. The more resources you can provide, the more valuable a membership with your association or chamber of commerce will be. That said, what if we told you there was a way to offer your members MORE resources at no extra cost to you?

Cost 100

3 Hidden Resources for Your #GivingTuesday Campaign


Here are three of our favorite hidden resources – and yes, we hope you’ll share the secret with others! Sometimes, finding resources doesn’t have to mean scrambling for more budget, setting aside other priorities, or hiring more staff. Guest post by Jenna Sauber, CauseVox. ————–.

3 Design Thinking Facilitation Resources for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

This post summarizes a few resources. 3 Design Thinking Facilitation Resources for Nonprofits and Philanthropy. While I highly recommend them, it is a commitment of time and resources. More recently, Luma has launched an online platform called “ Luma Workplace.”

New Infographics Resource From Idealware

Wild Apricot

Here''s an overview of a new resource from Idealware that can help you understand when and how to use infographics. infographic

Fall Planning Resource Round-up

Wild Apricot

Here''s a round-up of resources to help with fall membership planning. From member and volunteer recruitment, to refreshing your website or communications – we''ve got you covered with helpful guides, articles and blog posts. membership events Volunteers

New Year Planning Resource Round-up

Wild Apricot

Here is a list of resources to help you get your organization (e.g., member renewals, events, volunteer recruitment, website and much more) off to a good start in 2015. membership-technology

3 Marketing Resources for Association Planning


The GrowthZone Marketing Toolkit is a collection of three critical resources developed specifically for association professionals. The post 3 Marketing Resources for Association Planning appeared first on GrowthZone.

Volunteer Recruitment Resource

Wild Apricot

Here's a new volunteer recruitment resource that offers tips and secrets from volunteer managers. Volunteers

Video For Good - Tips and Resources

Wild Apricot

If you''re thinking about getting started with video for good, here are some tips and resources. nonprofit Video

Video 209

Talking About Resources at the Board Table Is Hard

Eric Lanke

Their goals are bigger than their resources. And if we respect the talents and dedication of our staff, then let's give them goals they can actually achieve with the resources that they have. But I'm not sure why.

Social Learning Resources


I unfortunately missed my favorite Twitter chat last week, #swchat (Social Workplace Chat) but I always read the accompanying summary blog post and check out the resources.

Association Staff and the Marriage of Strategy and Resources

Eric Lanke

I had another experience this week that helped reinforce the important role that association staff must play in successfully marrying strategy to resources. The reason we applied for the federal grant was we didn't have the resources necessary to execute the program on our own.

Non-profit Report & Resource Round-up

Wild Apricot

Here's a roundup of resources, reports and guides for non-profits and membership organizations. We've included overviews of Facebook's Non-profit Resource Centre, two reports on mobile use and a Nonprofit Guide to Internet Marketing.( nonprofit Non-profit research Resources social mediaread more ).

Association Resources - The ARC - a blog & resource

Portage Group

Small, But Mighty: A Resource for Small Nonprofit Leaders

Beth Kanter

Small, But Mighty: A Resource for Small Nonprofit Leaders by Debra Natenson and Karen Walker. Strategically, this decision made a lot of sense because undertaking the work of the PI requires significant resources, which are often unavailable to smaller organizations.

Revenues, Expenses, and Assets.Oh My! Canada's Premier Association Financial Benchmarking Resource is Here!

Portage Group

This report is your number one resource for Canadian financial benchmarking data to understand how your association stacks up across a multitude of detailed metrics related to revenues, expenses, liabilities, assets.and a whole lot more.

Healthcare Groups Pool Digital Resources to Improve Leadership Collaboration

Associations Now

Developed by the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) and the American Hospital Association (AHA), Leadership Evolve offers a digital storehouse where healthcare leaders can find resources curated from the collections of the two organizations.

3 Hidden Resources for Your #GivingTuesday Campaign


Here are three of our favorite hidden resources – and yes, we hope you’ll share the secret with others! Sometimes, finding resources doesn’t have to mean scrambling for more budget, setting aside other priorities, or hiring more staff. Guest post by Jenna Sauber, CauseVox.

Communications With Hustle – Moery Webinar

Moery Company

ResourcesThe post Communications With Hustle – Moery Webinar appeared first on The Moery Company.

Resource: The Emerging Nonprofit Leaders Playbook

Beth Kanter

I am thrilled to share The Emerging Leaders Playbook. It offers a comprehensive guide for emerging leaders and their mentors to help them make sense of the changing nature of leadership.

Resource: The Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

The Skills Platform and Zoe Amar have created the Social Media Toolkit to aid professionals within the charity and third sectors. I’m thrilled to have contributed a chapter. There are many guides to digital and social media. From Dummies guides to video tutorials, it’s all out there.

Resources for Measuring What Matters

Beth Kanter

I’ve been curating resources on nonprofit measurement over on Scoop.It, with eye towards collecting useful material related to social media and social impact measurement. The resource also includes some case studies.

Leadership Resources For Sale

Idea Architects

When you've been consulting and speaking as long as I have you tend to stockpile some resources that never get put to use with clients. The complete bundle of new diversity, team development, innovation, and other leadership resources would cost $1732.95

Done With Dull! - a blog & resource

Portage Group

Tips For Appreciating An Essential Resource – Your Volunteers

Wild Apricot

Just in time for National Volunteer Week, we''ve developed a new resource - a Volunteer Appreciation Guide - to help with volunteer recognition planning.

Enhance Your Career Resources through an Internship Module

Association Adviser

Incorporating a new career development tool such as an internship module on your online career center helps position your association as the premier resource within your industry or profession. Do you remember searching for internships while in school or as a freshly minted graduate?

Google+ Resources for Nonprofits


All the Google + Links - GREAT list of resources about G+. This presentation from V3 Integrated Marketing’s Shelly Kramer and Community Organizer 2.0′s ′s Debra Askanase for the SocialFish Think Tank Summer Series focused on best practices for using Google+ for campaigns and advocacy. The presentation delivered real world tips on how to develop your G+ profiles/pages and how to build and leverage your networks.

Let’s Start with Human Resources

Jamie Notter

In about a month, I will have the privilege of delivering the keynote address at Impact99 , a small conference for human resources professionals taking place in Toronto. But I’m nervous because in Humanize, we do get up in the face of Human Resources a bit.

12 Resources To Help With Fall Planning

Wild Apricot

Here are 12 resources to help get you started. Summer is coming to a close so it''s time for fall planning. member communications events Membership renewal

Introducing the Membership Knowledge Hub -- Helpful Resources for Small Organizations

Wild Apricot

Introducing a new online resource "Hub" for volunteers and staff of small membership organizations. Resources membership Wild ApricotCheck out articles and "how-to" guides on membership management, communications, event management and much more.