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Texas Apartment Group Campaign Looks to Recruit New Workforce

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The Texas Apartment Association Education Foundation’s new campaign seeks to find them. A new campaign from the Texas Apartment Association Education Foundation aims to raise awareness of the growing apartment industry and draw new professionals to fill the open positions.

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ASAE Cites Discrimination, Business Impact in Testimony Opposing Texas Bill

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As a Texas Senate committee considered a proposed “bathroom bill” in a Tuesday hearing, ASAE submitted written testimony opposing SB 6, saying the measure discriminates against members of the LGBT community and is bad for business.

Oil Industry Group Sues Over Texas Fracking Ban

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Facing a ban on hydraulic fracturing in Denton, Texas, the extraction method’s birthplace, the Texas Oil & Gas Association is asking for an injunction to stop a ballot measure from taking effect.

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Roller Coaster Safety Questioned After Texas Death

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A woman’s death at a Texas amusement park has some questioning the safety of thrill rides, but a survey by an amusement park trade group found the chances of being seriously injured on these rides are slim.

Attending ASAE Next Week? Don't Miss Our Social Media Contest!

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Catch us at ASAE 2012 at Booth 439 – August 11-14 in Dallas, Texas. Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs. Corporate + Social. Education + Alumni. Advantages. Branding. Control. Add-On Products. Support.

Texas Court Rejects Claim That Association’s Lawyer Represents Members

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In a decision involving the Texas Automobile Dealers Association, a state appeals court rejected an argument that the association’s general counsel had an attorney-client relationship with a member embroiled in a lawsuit.

A Year After Texas Explosion, Federal Report Outlines Progress on Fertilizer Safety

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According to a new government report to the president 14 months after last year’s massive explosion in West, Texas, much needs to be done to encourage safe practices when storing volatile fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate.

Pro-Cuba Trade Group Finds Support in Texas

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Engage Cuba, which is looking to build congressional consensus for a broader trade policy, has found a groundswell of support among business leaders, universities, and trade groups in Texas. thaws, last week revealed that more than three dozen members have joined its Texas council alone.

New Ideas in Texas and Beyond | KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

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Chew on This: Texas Beef Council Aims for Millennials

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With the beef industry struggling to break through to a younger audience, marketing groups in the space are working extra hard to make the pitch—even in Texas, home of the cattle ranch. And the challenges that face the cattle industry in Texas are being felt across the meat industry.

Is Donor Fatigue Real?

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And still to come this year to a state, region or town near you is the original giving local days, such as GiveMN , North Texas Giving Day , Georgia Gives Day , or Give Miami Day , to mention a handful. Thoughts & Commentary donor fatigue Georgia Gives Day Give Local Give Local America Give Miami Day GiveBig Giving Tuesday GivingMN Kimbia North Texas Giving Day Red Nose Day Small Business Saturday Walgreen's Duane Reade

Leading People Through Change: An Essential for Success

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It is a part of the Texas Society of Association Executives’ CEO Strategies series sponsored by the Fort Worth CVB. Jennifer Blenkle, Frameworks.

What Associations Can Learn from Bumper Stickers

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Most of your association members are in your corner, but don’t ever take them for granted. Like a bumper sticker, they can peel away fast. The post What Associations Can Learn from Bumper Stickers. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

Pharmacy Association’s New Program Gets Patients to Take Their Meds

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The Medication Adherence Project, an initiative by the Texas Pharmacy Association, will use a cloud-based platform to check on people with controlled hypertension. But a new program launched by the Texas Pharmacy Association could help fix this state of affairs.

From the Corner Office: Beth Brooks, CAE, Texas Society of Association Executives

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December 2012 -- Leadership This month, the Corner Office spotlight shines on Beth Brooks, president of the 1,000-member Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE).

Want More Members? Better Get to Know Them

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1 response the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE) received when it recently asked members to identify their biggest challenges. Membership member recruitment membership Texas Society of AssociationsBy Elsbeth W. Russell. Recruit, retain, engage and repeat.

HB2 Costing North Carolina Billions in Lost Business, Says AP Report

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The economic impact on North Carolina is cited regularly by opponents of similar measures in other states, including Texas, where Lt.

How To Find Openly Licensed Educational Resources You Can Use [Infographic]

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Here’s an infographic from the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (at the University of Texas at Austin) that can help. Most of us turn to the internet when we are looking for resources to use for a presentation, report or article.

Water-Efficient Toilets Could Save 170 Billion Gallons Each Year, Study Says

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The research looked at Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, and Texas, all of which have experienced severe water shortages and together made up 28 percent of the population in 2015.

Recruit the Whole Person

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She said that one of the things that had most struck her and has been on her mind since the reports came out last year was the concept, raised in the University of North Texas study, of “recruiting the whole person.”

Trade Groups Breathe Easier After Overtime Rule Blocked in Court

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District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, rejected the Labor Department’s effort, saying that the rule change exceeded its mandate under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and that Congress should be the arbiter of whether such a rule change is implemented. “If

Butterfly Association Steps Up Conservation Efforts

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BHN will include the already-existing National Butterfly Center , a 100-acre education center in Texas run by NABA that hosts thousands of wild butterflies and native plant species.

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How to Prepare for a Chapter Restructuring

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A Texas chapter member said, “ By disaffiliating , we retain critical flexibility to respond quickly to community needs and we retain the authority to innovate and control our ongoing programs and service.”. You’ve seen the warning signs.

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How to be a World Changing Leader

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My brother-in-law graduated from the University of Texas. One wall of his room is painted burnt orange and the skull of a Texas Longhorn hangs on it. Recently, my brother-in-law sent me a copy of the text of the University of Texas 2014 Commencement speech given by Naval Admiral William H. I’ve often thought fondly of UT. I remember watching great UT football teams in the 1970′s and again in the 2000′s.

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Review: When Millennials Take Over

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Happy State Bank , a community bank operating in Texas, that is able to make good decisions almost absurdly fast thanks to their laser focus on caring and relationships (not exactly traditional for financial institutions).

CXPA Elevates the Customer Experience with Community

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The mentor program is one of the most valuable things CXPA offers,” says Lisa Nance, CXPA Member and Treasury Client Experience Manager from Texas Capital Bank. Lisa Nance, CXPA Member and Treasury Client Experience Manager, Texas Capital Bank.

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Three Tips for Brand-New CEOs

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During her session at last week’s ASAE Great Ideas Conference on tips for first-year CEOs, Texas Society of Association Executives CEO Beth Brooks, CAE, related her experience just starting as the executive director of the Texas Pest Control Association.

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Clown Group Looks to Change Public Perception on Clowning

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Since then, “creepy clowns”—the moniker given to this craze—have made appearances in more than a dozen states , including Arkansas, Texas, and California. In early October a pair of Baytown, Texas, teens were arrested for dressing as clowns and chasing people with sticks.

Awesome Association Jobs this Week – March 9


Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board ! We focus on jobs in social media , marketing , communications , PR , advocacy , and digital.

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For the Kids: Child-Friendly Conference Events

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At its January 2017 North American Beekeeping Conference & Tradeshow in Galveston, Texas, it held the “Kids and Bees” event. Sure, conferences are usually for adults, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for “kids stuff.”

How Associations are Making Their SXSW Imprints Felt

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For one thing, the president’s decision to keep his commitment to SXSW over attending the funeral of former first lady Nancy Reagan has drawn controversy this week, though PolitiFact Texas reports it is rare for sitting presidents to attend the funerals of first ladies.).

When You Should Book: Expedia Highlights 2015 Airline Pricing Trends

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And in Texas, the repeal of the Wright Amendment, which limited airlines flying out of Dallas’ Love Field airport to destinations within Texas or in nearby states, is expected to greatly boost air capacity in the region.

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Summer-Fresh Meeting Ideas

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When we started this, we knew it’s Dallas, Texas. Meetings are making the most of the season to provide attendees with experiences that give a nod to their summer favorites. We’re on the verge of “triple H” time here in DC—hazy, hot, and humid.

Report: LGBT-Owned Businesses on the Rise

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The industry’s growth is being driven by specific parts of the country—with California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Georgia representing what the report describes as “a disproportionate concentration” of certified LGBT businesses nationally.

Study: Women With Job Authority Are More Depressed

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What’s striking is that women with job authority in our study are advantaged in terms of most characteristics that are strong predictors of positive mental health,” Tetyana Pudrovska, the study’s lead author and a University of Texas sociologist, said in a statement.

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Why Telemedicine Is Making Major Progress Nationally

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The states that scored an A on the report card were Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. With HR departments starting to embrace the technology, telemedicine is on track to see massive growth in 2016.

Ted Cruz, Republicans & Association Law

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In comments to the Texas delegate Thursday morning, he repeated his principles and added “it’s not my job to support the leadership team; it’s my job to support our principles.” NOTE: This is NOT a political statement nor political endorsement. Rather it is commentary on how political actions can showcase association issues.

From the Corner Office: The Wisdom of Wading Into the Pool Before Going Deep

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This month’s Corner Office spotlight shines on Christopher Newton, president of the 700 member Texas Food & Fuel Association. Incidentally, Texas has more convenience stores than any other state (14,000) and our members own, operate and supply more than 10,000 of them. Chris Newton.

Farmers and Ranchers Alliance Announces “New Faces” Program

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These five new “faces,” farmers and ranchers in Virginia, Texas, Ohio, and Wisconsin, will act as the spokespeople for USFRA and serve its mission of reaching consumers. In the third year of the “Faces of Farming & Ranching” program, the U.S.

House Passes Six-Month Delay of Overtime Rule

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Before adjourning for election season, the House passed a bill that would postpone the December 1 effective date of the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule until the middle of next year. Senate action, if any, won’t come till after election day.

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