How education protects organizations from fiascos.

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Associations play an important role in higher education

Aaron Wolowiec

education) wasn’t nearly as strong. As some of you may know, I work at a university (in addition to my Event Garde role), so I live and breathe higher education. One example: competency-based education. Mix and match educational opportunities.

Associations play an important role in higher education

Aaron Wolowiec

education) wasn’t nearly as strong. As some of you may know, I work at a university (in addition to my Event Garde role), so I live and breathe higher education. One example: competency-based education. Mix and match educational opportunities.

How Associations Can Transform Higher Education

Reid All About it

If you need a little inspiration—the kind that makes you feel blessed “to have been alive and well back then”—then read The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm , a white paper from Elizabeth Engel, CAE and Shelly Alcorn, CAE. The sad state of higher education.

Education Is Not Enough

Eric Lanke

I just finished reading the latest white paper from Elizabeth Weaver Engel of Spark Consulting, this one written with Shelly Alcorn of Alcorn Associates Management Consulting, entitled "The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm."

Research Is Education

Eric Lanke

My posts from a few weeks back ( here and here ) on the role of associations in the work of educating next generation professionals for the industries or professions that they represent have been getting some attention. One is the idea summarized in this post's title: Research is Education.

Disruption in Education

Spark Consulting

What are some of the forces impacting education in 2016? second post of The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm release week). Scandals in for-profit education. Skills gaps and lack of agreement on the purpose of higher education. I’ll share more about how later this week, or you can find out now by downloading your free copy of The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm at [link] , no divulging of information about yourself required.

‘Using the force’ from a professional education perspective.

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eLearning Industry News + Trends Thought Leaders e-learning elearning learning learning management software learning management system online education online learning professional development professional educationWhat we can learn from the 40-year anniversary of “Star Wars.”

5 concepts for associations we’ve learned in professional education.

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In professional education, like in any field, there’s a preponderance of misconceptions which affect our daily practices and implementations. Here are five key concepts to consider when developing education programs […].

The benefits of educating about benefits

Aaron Wolowiec

In the survey, only 33 percent of employees rated the benefits education they received as excellent or very good – a drop from 2012 and a reversal to the upward trend in ratings since 2009. Bottom line: Employers need to do a better job educating their staffs about benefits.

Leveraging strategy to amplify education initiatives

Aaron Wolowiec

My session will illuminate current best practices in training and conference session planning and has come to be titled, “Leveraging Strategy to Amplify Education Initiatives.”. Aerial of downtown Detroit Riverfront Photo Credit: Vito Palmissano. On Oct.

Content Curation & Association Education Strategy

Web Courseworks Associations

National associations or “communities of practice” have been in the business of content curation for many years: publishing journals, books containing the community’s body of knowledge, and face to face educational sessions. For association educators, the time has come to curate digital information for creating formal educational products delivered on line. These are products the learner earns continuing education credits for taking.

Why Should You Provide Continuing Education to Your Members?  

Web Courseworks Associations

Professional education is one of the top perks that young professionals are looking for in the 21st century. Providing educational resources that allow your association members to advance their own careers is a great way to position your organization ahead of the competition.

Applying the DIKW Methodology to Education Offerings at Associations

Web Courseworks Associations

The post Applying the DIKW Methodology to Education Offerings at Associations appeared first on Web Courseworks. Marketing to Members Assocations association marketing Continuing Medical Education elearning marketing to your members performance improvement professional development

Education in Healthcare: the Next Fundraising Goldmine


For instance, can we give industry partners a choice to support education opportunities over exhibiting? Channel Mgmt: Partners - Sponsors - Sales Education MARCOM Market & Bus Planning Meetings Product Mgmt education europe exhibits industry partners medical meetings sales sponsorship

Meetings, Education & Professional Development Survey Report

Association Adviser

A group of 12 state societies of association executives collaborated with Whorton Marketing & Research in Las Vegas, Nevada and Event Garde in Kalamazoo, Michigan to conduct a survey of their education, meetings, and professional development activities.

An Award Winning Approach to Professional Education

YourMembership Blog

An Award Winning Approach to Professional Education. Your audience may seem homogenous, but in reality, there are demographics and educational “buyer” profiles within your audience. You can find more traits of successful programs here in our Health Check for Professional education.

Back to basics: Education programs

Aaron Wolowiec

It’s again a reminder of the important intersection and relationship between learning and logistics, particularly as it relates to association education programs. In many associations, education programs help achieve these goals.”. So, what truly is the purpose of education?

MCI Education @ ASAE Toronto


Build Medical Education in China: Strategy and ROI. Medical education and international exchanges is a long-standing collaboration between the US and Chinese associations. Channel Mgmt: Partners - Sponsors - Sales Channels Education MARCOM Market & Bus Planning

Announcing New Educational Partnership with CalSAE - IDEAL

Association Subculture

Alcorn Associates Management Consulting has partnered with the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) to begin a new learner-centric educational program called IDEAL. IDEAL stands for In-Depth Education Association Laboratory. education

Business Improvement Conference Education Trends

Velvet Chainsaw

Does your conference education drive attendees’ business performance? Five Business Improvement Conference Education Trends. They seek education that provides a real value to their company. Here are five trends in aligning conference education with business improvement efforts.

Six Ways to Intersect Publications and Education Events

Aaron Wolowiec

Delivering content to your members is a cornerstone of not only your publication program, but also your education events. How do we help sell the value of our education events? Cross-promote your education event through Twitter.

Q&A with The Discovery Educator Network Community: Connecting and Empowering Educators Across the Globe [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Where can educators around the globe find resources, advice, networking, and support when they need it? Connecting was difficult - until the Discovery Educator Network (DEN). Jenny: And you haven’t always been a community manager, but you’ve always been in education, is that right?

Medical Groups Boost Opioid Education Offerings

Associations Now

Building on the efforts of the AMA series, ENA also released a new toolkit targeted at healthcare professionals that aims to educate and offer resources on tackling dealing with opioid-related issues. The post Medical Groups Boost Opioid Education Offerings appeared first on Associations Now

Content Is Not Education

Velvet Chainsaw

Let’s get one thing straight: Content is not education! If content was education, then all of us would be very knowledgeable because we have information at our fingertips through the internet. But content is not education. Just as information and data is not education.

Party of One? How to Manage Your Association’s Education

Blue Sky eLearn

Raise your hand if “providing education and learning opportunities” is part of your association’s mission statement and/or core values. Meet with all the other departments in your association to identify new educational opportunities.

Short Sims for Education

Web Courseworks Associations

For the last 17 years, Clark Aldrich has been pushing for education to break outside of both traditional media and strictly linear techniques. The post Short Sims for Education appeared first on Web Courseworks.

Good News For Association Education Courtesy of Generation X

Association Subculture

Generation X is the first generation to fully embrace the need for lifelong learning and they show every sign of continuing their pursuit of quality education that will make them competitive in the workplace. Education. education Gen X workforce No his mind is not for rent.

Are Digital Badges and DIY Learning the Future of Education?


As someone who has a kid headed to college in three years, the concept of the staggering cost of a college education combined with the reality that a college degree (or even graduate degree) is no longer the guarantee of employment it used to be is one that weighs heavily on me.

Part 2: Secret recipe for continuing education LMS success.

YourMembership Blog

Today, I’ll share the eight remaining elements to ensure your association has sweet success with its continuing education (CE) programs. The post Part 2: Secret recipe for continuing education LMS success. In last week’s post, I had the opportunity to dig into the first five ingredients of a winning learning management system (LMS) recipe. CE Management: Providing learners with an easy way to report and claim credits is paramount.

LMS 133

Education Is Not Just About What’s Happening in the Classroom: Rajika Bhandari, Ph.D.

Association Adviser

Education is one thing no one can ever take away from an individual, but it is something that can be hard to access, especially at the college level and beyond. Institute of International Education. My entire career has been in the space of educational research.

Conferences Are Providing Inferior Education Through Lectures

Velvet Chainsaw

Conferences are providing inferior education if all they provide is didactic, presenter monologue lectures. If all your attendees do is sit and listen passively to speakers, you’re providing bad conference education! times more likely to fail than those taking active learning education.

Dangerous Assumptions About Your Conference Education Part I

Velvet Chainsaw

We equate telling from the stage with audience education. Most of our conference education mimics our traditional higher education model. The majority of higher education institutions were developed as research institutions in the early and mid 19th century.

Understanding New Trends In Educational Technology [Infographic]

Velvet Chainsaw

Trying to keep up with all of the new buzzwords in the booming educational technology sector can leave you feeling like a kindergartener in a calculus class. How many of these education trends is your organization implementing?

Exposing Your Mental Model For Conference Education

Velvet Chainsaw

Most conference organizers are not even aware of the mental models that drive their decisions—especially when it comes to conference education. Your Conference Education’s Full Monty. How you offer conference education exposes your organization’s mental model for learning.

2017 New Idea Search: #7 Meeting the Education Challenge


Do you want to help be part of innovating education for all? Are you just a little curious about how a couple of associations are rewriting their approach to education A good friend and colleague sent me her latest white paper to read.

Part 1: Secret recipe for continuing education LMS success.

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The continuing education (CE) market is sweet. The post Part 1: Secret recipe for continuing education LMS success. By some estimates, CE represents $47 billion of total formal training spending in the United States alone. So, it’s no surprise the CE market is attracting a broad spectrum of providers. Associations, for-profit commercial training companies, academic institutions and subject matter experts everywhere are competing for a slice of.

LMS 125

How Technology Impacts Education [Infographic]

Velvet Chainsaw

I’m not convinced that technology is a barrier to education as this infographic states. If technology is having this type of impact on college education, what type of impact is it having on your association education and conference education offerings?

Flipping Conference Education For Successful Learning

Velvet Chainsaw

However, the concept of being learner-centric and providing active learning during the education session is not a trend! Defining Flipped Education. So what is the flipped conference education session? Why Flipped Education? Flipped conference education: 1.

Education: The Key to Member Growth and Loyalty

Wild Apricot Blog

If your association targets recent graduates, young professionals, and those looking to gain more employable credentials (or would like to), you may be familiar with the current educational landscape. White-Paper Education Shelly-Alcorn Elizabeth-Weaver-Engel