Legal changes: New mandates for HOAs in California


Community associations in California must follow new mandates for election procedures, communication preferences, disbursement of funds, insurance requirements, and compliance with rental restrictions after several laws bringing changes to association operations became effective Jan.

Associations and the California Consumer Privacy Act

Nimble AMS

Associations should consider upcoming privacy legislation in California that gives their members ownership, control, and security of their personal information. What is the California Consumer Privacy Act? The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)?protects


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Internet Association Hires New Head Lobbyist In California


Sacramento, CA – Internet Association (IA) announced today that Dylan Hoffman joined the organization as Director of Government Affairs for the State of California, where he will serve as IA’s head lobbyist in Sacramento. He is a member of the State Bar of California. ###.

California Bill Treats Contractors as Employees

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A groundbreaking bill passed by the California Senate extends labor protections and employee benefits to many workers previously considered contractors. California lawmakers approved a landmark bill requiring companies to designate freelancers or independent contractors as employees. Passed by the California Senate on September 10, AB 5 would extend labor protections and employee benefits like healthcare, overtime, and minimum wage to many workers formerly considered contractors.

Journalism Groups Sue California Over Independent Contractor Law

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In a lawsuit, the groups argue that California Assembly Bill 5, which limits how much an employer may use freelance workers without classifying them as employees, is an unconstitutional restriction on speech and the media.

California Bill Redefines Standards for Employment Status

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A bill that would extend labor protections and employee benefits to many workers previously considered independent contractors is making its way through the California Senate. A groundbreaking labor bill is making its way through the California Senate that would redefine what it means to be an employee in the state. This would apply not just to associations headquartered in California, but any U.S. association that employs contractors in California.

What Associations Should Know About California’s AB 5

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California’s “gig economy” law has created a lot of questions for organizations that hire independent contractors in the state. California’s law was a wake-up call, and other states are considering similar legislation. California’s test eliminates the gray area.

California Contractor Bill Will Have Far-Reaching Impact, Associations Say

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Several associations are raising concerns about a recently passed California measure that was touted as targeting gig economy businesses, saying it could bring new costs and workforce challenges in many other industries that rely on contractors. A measure passed by California lawmakers last month that redefines certain contractors as employees under state law has raised concerns for trade groups that say their industries may be hit by unintended consequences.

Pushback on California Privacy Law Picks Up

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California’s new data privacy law, in the mold of Europe’s GDPR, is leading the tech and advertising industries to push for federal legislation that would standardize the rules—and soften some of the California law’s requirements. A controversial California law that tightens the state’s digital privacy regulations has prompted the tech industry to head to the federal level to press for an alternative.

Org Domain Sale Decision Delayed After California Attorney General Weighs In

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ICANN delayed its final decision on the sale to a private equity firm after California Attorney General Xavier Becerra urged the organization against the move. The post.Org Domain Sale Decision Delayed After California Attorney General Weighs In appeared first on Associations Now

California Power Outages: Associations Offer Assistance, Speak Up

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As PG&E enacts major shutdowns of its power grid in a bid to prevent wildfires, groups in California’s medical and grocery fields have been working to find ways to serve vulnerable communities. The state of California, facing a growing threat from wildfires, has increasingly used drastic measures in an attempt to keep those fires under control. In response to these concerns, California Gov.

Nonprofit Alliance Seeks Amendment to California Data Privacy Law

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Nonprofits are concerned about negative effects that could come from a new California law regulating how organizations collect and use personal data. As calls for a national data privacy law gain force , an alliance of nonprofit organizations is working with lawmakers in California to amend state legislation that will go into effect next year to clarify that it does not apply to nonprofit organizations.

California Meeting Facilities Work With Drought Conditions

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A years-long drought in California has made water conservation a priority for convention centers and other meeting venues across the state. California’s drought is in its fourth year, but when the state’s water board earlier this month approved emergency regulations to reduce water use by 25 percent in urban areas —marking the first time mandatory reductions were put in place—many realized how bad the situation had become. (Or,

California Group Helps Shape Water Conservation Policies

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After years of drought, California saw a deluge of rain and snow. As the governor lifts the drought emergency status, the Association of California Water Agencies is helping inform the next conservation policy moves. After record winter rains and snow, California Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order lifting the drought emergency declaration in most of the state. The post California Group Helps Shape Water Conservation Policies appeared first on Associations Now

California Uber Ruling Boosts Taxi Associations, Unions

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A recent California Labor Commission ruling found that a former Uber driver should have been considered an employee—a conclusion that could bolster the case against Uber’s policy of treating drivers as contractors. Uber may not have much reason to cheer about a recent employment ruling in California, but the taxi and limousine industries have plenty. “The NLA commends the state of California.

What California’s New Diversity Law Says About Boards

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California’s just-passed law requiring women to have a place on the boards of public companies reflects wide interest in seeing added diversity in boardrooms, including in nonprofits. A new California law targeting publicly traded companies based in the state will make it imperative that women are represented on corporate boards. The California arm of the National Association of Women Business Owners said it would open up opportunities to its members. “We

Forestry Group Looks at Big Picture Amid California Wildfires

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The Alameda County Firefighters Association Local 55 recently launched a GoFundMe to raise money for firefighters from Redding, California, who have continued to fight the Carr wildfire despite losing their homes in the disaster. The California Forestry Association, which represents the state’s timber industry, says an oversaturation of trees is a big reason for the repeated wildfires in the state, and it has pledged to help thin out the forests.

“Airbnb for Water” Teams With Association to Battle California Drought

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A startup is working with the Western Growers Association to get its irrigation system up and running in a place that really needs it: drought-stricken California. Water—or, actually, the lack of it—is a pretty serious issue in California these days. ” The Western Growers Association, a trade group representing farmers in California and Arizona, is working with SWIIM to launch irrigation efforts in water-starved areas of the Golden State.

Why These California Groups Shifted on Medical Marijuana

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Since 1996, medical marijuana has been legal in California—but regulatory efforts have remained limited and largely local, with some groups opposing statewide regulation for nearly two decades. For years, the League of California Cities (LCC) and the California Police Chiefs Association (CPCA) expressed concern that any regulation of medical marijuana would validate the use of the drug in the eyes of the public.

California Realtors Get Tough on Ethics Violations

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In a move designed to boost accountability in the industry, the California Association of Realtors announced last week that it would publish information about member ethics violations on its website—albeit in a members-only section. In a pilot program approved by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Board of Directors, the California Association of Realtors (CAR) will publish a database, including names and photos, of members who are found to have violated the Realtor Code of Ethics.

A Revival: California Rural Health Association Reorganizes

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After closing its doors early last year, the California State Rural Health Association has recently been making a comeback. CSRHA, which laid off staff and closed its office in Sacramento as a result of insufficient funding and increasing debt, is regrouping with a 13-member volunteer board and a newly launched website, according to California Healthline. “The short version is we had a near-fiscal-death experience,” board member Will Ross told California Healthline.

The Story Behind California’s Mandatory Vaccination Law

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A newly signed law in California says parents cannot turn down a vaccination for their children for religious reasons or personal beliefs. The fight over childhood vaccination in California was nearly as intense as the diseases public health officials are looking to prevent, and associations played key roles throughout the process. With Senate Bill 277 (SB 277), California joins Mississippi and West Virginia in barring nonmedical exemptions for childhood vaccinations.

The California Consumer Privacy Act: Best Practices for Preparing Your Association


Guest post by Jake Fabbri, CMO of Fonteva Effective January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a new data privacy law that will impact associations throughout the US. Jake Fabbri, CMO of Fonteva. Read more. Data privacy. webinar

Extreme Weather Extends California Ski Season Into Summer

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This summer, people will be able to surf and ski in the same day as some of California’s ski resorts stay open into the summer, thanks to the winter’s unusually high snowfall. After a winter of extreme weather that led to flooding and the lifting of the drought emergency status in California, skiers and snowboarders will be able to hit the slopes well into the summer months. The post Extreme Weather Extends California Ski Season Into Summer appeared first on Associations Now

NAACP Secures Changes to California Marijuana Initiative

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After successfully voicing their concerns about how a marijuana legalization measure could negatively impact African American and Latino urban communities in California, the state’s NAACP chapter endorsed the ballot initiative. We were not consulted with,” California NAACP President Alice Huffman told the Sacramento Bee this week. The post NAACP Secures Changes to California Marijuana Initiative appeared first on Associations Now

Native American Group Cheers California Ban of “Redskins” Mascot

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In California, however, the term “redskin” will soon be retired from use by the state’s high school sports teams. The California law has drawn complaints from four communities where the mascot name is still used. Seals, superintendent of California’s Chowchilla Union High School District, which has used the term since 1928, noted that proponents of the measure had no local ties to the community.

California Association Turns Farm Workers Into Farm Owners

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An organic farming association in Northern California trains immigrant field workers how to manage their own farms. In Salinas, California, the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA) teaches minority, low-income farm workers about the business aspects of farming and helps them start their own farms. Many of the farmers-in-training are immigrants from Mexico who have picked harvests up and down California.

From the Corner Office: Dave Murillo, ACEC California

Association Adviser

January 2013 -- Leadership This month, the Corner Office spotlight shines on Dave Murillo, director of member services for the American Council of Engineering Companies of California. ACEC California serves 1,000 consulting engineering and land surveying firms in the Golden State representing 19,000 employees.

With Ebola Scare, California Nurses Push For Strict Safety Standards

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After a possible Ebola case surfaced in Sacramento, the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United called for transparency and strict adherence to CDC protocols among hospitals and health agencies. California nurses are not taking any chances with the Ebola virus. The patient, who traveled to California from West Africa, was kept in isolation while blood samples were sent to the CDC for testing, according to local TV station Fox 40.

California Realtors Group Publishing Ethics Violations

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To educate its members and the public about unethical behavior in the real estate industry, the California Realtors Association recently began hosting a database of violations and subsequent disciplinary actions on its website. California real estate professionals who have been disciplined by state authorities should now expect to find themselves listed on the website of the California Association of Realtors.

California’s Plastic-Bag Ban Could Be on the Ropes

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The plastics industry wants to bag California’s SB 270—and they’re a step closer to doing just that. California voters will now have the chance to vote down a terrible law that, if implemented, would kill 2,000 local manufacturing jobs and funnel obscene profits to big grocers without any money going to a public purpose or environmental initiative,” APBA Executive Director Lee Califf said in a statement. Missouri, Compromised?

California’s Nut Producers Have a Costly Problem: Organized Crime

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40K The weight, in pounds, of the truck shipment recently stolen from a California nut producer. Sophisticated thieves have been making life pretty difficult for California’s nut industry, and that’s prompted some of the region’s trade groups to fight back. The post California’s Nut Producers Have a Costly Problem: Organized Crime appeared first on Associations Now

New Trade Group to Help California Wines Cross the Pacific

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The new California Wine Association is stepping in to help the state’s wineries go truly global. California wines most notably caught the French by surprise nearly four decades ago when they took top honors in a blind-tasting event that has come to be known as the Judgment of Paris. Despite the success of California wines at home and abroad, one market remains difficult to conquer: Asia.

California Teachers’ Unions Promise Appeal After Tenure Ruling

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A court decision that threatens to upend the tenure model used in K-12 public schools throughout California—and by extension, the rest of the country—is drawing some strong reactions this week. State of California , Judge Rolf M. The California Teachers Association and the California Federation of Teachers, which joined the state in defending the lawsuit, promised an appeal.

California Medical Association No Longer Opposes Physician Aid in Dying

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The California Medical Association became the first state medical group to change its position on assisted suicide last week. CMA announced that it would no longer oppose the proposed End-of-Life Option Act, a physician-aid-in-dying bill currently moving through the California legislature. CMA has engaged in open discussions with the California bill’s co-authors, state Sens.

An Open letter to Crowdfunding Companies from the California Association of Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: The crowdfunding industry has sponsored legislation in California to clarify what is legally permissible. The California Association of Nonprofits is seeking feedback from the broader nonprofit community about these proposed guidelines. An Open letter to Crowdfunding Companies from the California Association of Nonprofits. Guest Post by Jan Masaoka, CEO, California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits).

Back From The Dead: California Rural Health Association Reorganizes

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After closing its doors early last year, the California State Rural Health Association has recently been making a comeback. CSRHA, which laid off staff and closed its office in Sacramento as a result of insufficient funding and increasing debt, is regrouping with a 13-member volunteer board and a newly launched website, according to California Healthline. “The short version is we had a near-fiscal-death experience,” board member Will Ross told California Healthline.

How California’s Gig Economy Law Could Reshape Your Freelancer Pool

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While intended to target services such as Uber and Lyft, the added restrictions of California Assembly Bill 5 could create challenges for associations that rely on freelance help. If you rely on freelancers who are based in California—or if your organization is based in the state—you could run into some headaches in the coming months. That ruling essentially created the so-called “ABC test” to determine whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor under California law.

California Medical Group Issues Guidance on Physician Aid In Dying

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The California Medical Association issued a 15-page document that aims to answer physician and patient questions about the recently passed End of Life Option Act. Following the passage of legislation that allows for physicians to aid in the death of the terminally ill in California, the state’s medical group released new guidance to assist its members and the public. The post California Medical Group Issues Guidance on Physician Aid In Dying appeared first on Associations Now

“Paper or Plastic?” California Answers That Question for Residents

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A Win for Franchisors Also this week, California Gov. The single-use plastic bag—that scourge of environmentalists—may become a thing of the past in California. Among the bill’s supporters was the California Grocers Association, the main sponsor of the “Yes on SB 270″ campaign. CGA says the law “will bring uniformity to California, while further reducing the use of plastic bags.”