Utah Restaurant Association to Cyclists: Skip the Drive-Thru

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Both the state’s legislature and the Utah Restaurant Association (URA) have weighed in. The post Utah Restaurant Association to Cyclists: Skip the Drive-Thru appeared first on Associations Now

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Conference Circuit: Fish and Wildlife

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The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies’ 107th Annual Meeting begins in Sandy, Utah, in the coming days. territories, Canada, and Mexico are headed to Utah next week to discuss conservation policy and management issues and accomplishments. City: Sandy, Utah.

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Elevating Advocacy Voices for Children Through Social Media

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Utah’s tourism slogan captures the physical wonders of our state, which has some of the best skiing, highest deserts and deepest canyons in the world. Utah is dead last in the nation for education funding per pupil. Voices for Utah Children recently helped host a conference on.

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Reading and Writing

Reid All About it

It’s been a busy spring of conferences, a hiking vacation in southern Utah (see below), weekends away and lots of work for clients. Have you missed my Reads of the Week posts?

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Four States Put Up So Parks Don’t Stay Shut Up

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And in Utah, five national parks — Zion, Bryce, Arches, Canyonlands, and Capitol Reef — reopened over the weekend after the state paid $1.67 George News in Utah , referencing last week’s Occupy Zion protest, when a small group of hikers ignored the gates and walked into the park. “It

Membership Hack: Workshop Essentials

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The Utah Nonprofits Association does more than just train its members. It now works with them in post-training workshops to ensure they know how to put the tools they learned to use. How to hack it?

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Conference Circuit: Oral History in the 21st Century

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October 4: The first collision industry exposition heads to Salt Lake Community College in Utah this weekend, with more than 50 vendors taking part in the inaugural event. Learn how an association dedicated to preserving oral history is adjusting to the digital age.

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Now It’s the States’ Turn to Grapple With Swipe Fees

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One flash point: The Utah Bankers Association has already succeeded in pushing for a law that bars retailers from placing surcharges on credit purchases in the state; the association cited the settlement as it advocated for the measure.

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How the Outdoor Industry Found Its Lobbying Voice

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Colorado and Utah are not the closest places in the world to Washington, DC, but the outdoor industry—thanks in no small part to its economic clout—is well-positioned to make the political gap a lot smaller.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 8.15.16

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<Creative Commons photo of Provo Peak in Utah by Miguel Vieira > Tagged: Brain Food. I wouldn’t blame you for having conference envy right now.

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Driven to Distraction: AAA Warns About Voice-Activated Devices

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The foundation, with the help of the University of Utah and Precision Driving Research, tested a number of voice-activated vehicle systems and found that, depending on the feature being used and the accuracy of the system, the devices had a high potential to distract the driver.

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Bill that Would Lift Bike Ban in Wilderness Areas Draws Mixed Reactions

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In mid-July, two senators—Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)—introduced Senate Bill 3205— Human-Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act.

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Some must-dos for ASAE’s annual meeting

Aaron Wolowiec

13-16 in Salt Lake City, Utah, we’ll be providing some tips on how to maximize your experience. Lowell Aplebaum. In anticipation of the ASAE Annual Meeting and Exposition , which will be held Aug. To start us off, Lowell Aplebaum shares his advice. Follow him on Twitter at @LowellMatthew.

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5 Things Your Organization Should Do to Improve Website Accessibility

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WebAIM, a service offered by Utah State University, has a useful guide that covers these elements.)

KiKi's Unofficial ASAE Annual 2016 Party List (a.k.a. How to Never Be Alone at #ASAE16)

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

Every year, for the past several years, I make it a point to attend the ASAE Annual Conference. This conference is where anyone involved with associations and nonprofits can connect with others working in that space. Because it is the best way to catch up with the "Who's Who" of the association world. To be sure, ASAE Annual promises opportunities in learning and networking. It also promises a ton of parties in all shapes and sizes.

Reads of the Week: August 31, 2012

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I have no problem using it when I see a sight that inspires awe, like the landscape of southern Utah. If I had to pick one blog to take with me to a deserted island, it might be Brain Pickings.

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The Fire Has to Be Stoked

Idea Architects

I'm on a brief writing sabbatical in the mountains of Utah. My previous condos have all featured a gas fireplace. Just flip the switch and you have instant and constant flames.

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How Associations Are Changing Up School Sunscreen Rules

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According to Stateline , six states—Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Utah, and Washington—have passed laws this year allowing sunscreen to be used during school activities. You may not think of sunscreen as medication, but the FDA does, and so do many schools.

Are You Using Identity as Association Marketing Strategy

SCD Group

Sitting in the airport last Saturday, I noticed a huge number of people wearing logoed clothing that identified themselves with their team, cause, city, company. Rather than a team or cause, some were unpaid walking billboards for “cool” apparel companies.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.28.17

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Photo: Lower Cathedral Valley Overlook Trail, Capitol Reef NP (Utah) Tagged: Brain Food.

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Thursday Buzz: Advance Reading for #ASAE16

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Get to know some associations that call #ASAE16’s host state home in “ Associations USA: Utah ,” Associations Now , May/June 2016. Can't Be There? Here are some ways to stay up to date from your desk: Twitter: Follow @asaeannual ; the hashtag is #asae16.

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Trainer’s Tip: Your Room Set Up Can Make or Break the Learning Experience

Beth Kanter

Yesterday, I spent a day facilitating leadership workshops for arts leaders attending the Art House Convergence Conference near Park City, Utah. on personal and organizational resilience based on the ideas in my new book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit.

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To Help Fight Cancer, The American Cancer Society Is Mapping Its Toll on America

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Congressional districts in Utah, meanwhile, have some of the lowest cancer mortality rates.

ASAE Annual Meeting 2016: Come see the new version of TopClass LMS!

WBT Systems

We are excited to be heading to ASAE Annual Meeting & Expo 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah from August 13-16 ! ASAE Annual Meeting 2016 is the biggest Association conference of the year and the schedule is jam packed with educational sessions, learning labs and social events.

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3 Must-Have Productivity Tools for Creating Visual Content for Social Channels

Beth Kanter

You are on a roll! You’ve put together an editorial calendar for next month that lays out the themes, news events, and content ideas for all channels, including social media.

Membership Renewal Starts on Day 1


This was the focus of one of the wonderful sessions that I had the opportunity to attend while at ASAE Annual 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah. When is the right time to start approaching your members about renewing their membership? Do you start 30 days prior to their membership expiring?

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Nonprofits, Aid Groups Rebuke Governors Over Refugee Crisis

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One governor who has shied away from such a ban is Utah Gov. After more than half of all U.S.

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Reads of the Week: April 26, 2013

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Nelson, director of the Metropolitan Research Center at the University of Utah. Curated life. One of my favorite curated posts is published on Friday afternoons: Nieman Journalism Lab’s Week in Review.

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Why NEA Wants Arne Duncan to Resign

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Lily Eskelsen Garcia, an award-winning Utah educator and onetime folk singer, was elected to the post on Friday. A New Face Out Front With Dennis Van Roekel leaving the NEA presidency in August, the teachers union is bringing fresh blood to the role.

Secular Groups Play Up Political Clout of “Nones”

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The Northeastern and Northwestern regions of the country tend to be least religious, while the Deep South and Utah are most consistently religious.

National Governors Association Makes Cybersecurity Its Newest Focus

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” The focus is a bit narrower than the prior year’s initiative—Utah Gov. Every year, the chair of the bipartisan political group focuses on a singular issue. This year, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe wants to bring his state’s cybersecurity know-how to a wider audience.

Compounding Pharmacists Shift Lethal Injection Stance

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The IACP announcement came a day after Utah Gov. Another Voice? IACP may not be the only organization looking into changing its official policy on lethal-injection drugs.

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How One Association Started a Conversation on Workplace Safety

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This is on par with other state bar surveys taken in Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Oregon, and North Carolina. After a tragedy that served as a wakeup call, the State Bar of Arizona worked to educate legal professionals on workplace safety and was recently awarded for its efforts.

Industry Group Forecasts Winds of Change as Wildfires Rage

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Drones flying in prohibited areas nearby fires grounded aerial firefighting efforts several times last week in Utah.

Conference Circuit: An Apple a Day

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School nutrition professionals and other industry members will head to Utah’s state capital in the upcoming days to broaden their knowledge and learn practical information that they can immediately implement when they get back to the office. Rundown Attendees: 6,000. Exhibit Hall Booths: 800.

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Proposed Bill Aims to Cut Federal Travel Expenses Via Videoconferencing

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Jim Matheson (D-Utah), Glenn Thompson (R-Pa.) The newly introduced bill calls on the Office of Management and Budget to cut travel expenses by 50 percent by setting up a plan for federal employees to use more videoconferencing.

How AAA’s New Car-Share Service Thinks Beyond Ownership

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Mike Hetke, executive vice president and chief strategy officer at AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah, notes that this model differs that of Zipcar and others in an important way.

Partnerships Take Affordable Food Program Nationwide

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Other states included in last week’s second round of federal funding were Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, Utah, Texas, Arizona, and California.

Groups Push Ban on Powdered Alcohol in Massachusetts and Beyond

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Alaska, Louisiana, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia have already banned the substance. Powdered alcohol? Yes, there is such a thing.

Association Says Pharmacists Should Not Take Part In Executions

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Utah, meanwhile, could turn to firing squads. In a newly adopted policy, the American Pharmacists Association says that participating in the creation of chemicals used in lethal injections is contrary to the role pharmacists play as healthcare providers.

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