Thankful: Channeling Virginia Woolf

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Virginia Woolf would be pleased. “As you sit down with your loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, what is one thing you’ll be especially thankful for?” ” Only one thing? But there are so many things I’m thankful for. As I think about that I lean back into my chair and glance around the room. My eyes settle on the red, orange and yellow leaves of the trees outside the window. It’s so pretty this time of year.

Yes, Virginia, there are gaps between member expectations and association technology.

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The post Yes, Virginia, there are gaps between member expectations and association technology. The way we connect, communicate, learn and shop is ever-changing. Consequently, your association members have a heightened level of expectation for flexibility, convenience and personalization in everything they do. But, association experiences are struggling to keep up with these growing member expectations.


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Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) for Associations, Nonprofits, and Other 501(C) Organizations


Continuing that trend, the Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) was signed into law on March 2, 2021 and will come into effect on January 1, 2023. This law will make Virginia the second state to enact privacy laws after California.

Helping hand: Virginia HOA sets up little food pantry to help neighbors


The post Helping hand: Virginia HOA sets up little food pantry to help neighbors appeared first on Ungated: Community Associations Institute Blog. A Charlottesville, Va., neighborhood started its Little Free Library with books as “food” for the mind.

Join Jeff for P.I./TMA Resources Executive Breakfast on March 6 in Alexandria, Virginia

Principled Innovation

This free breakfast session will be held at the headquarters of the National School Boards Association (NSBA) in Alexandria, Virginia, and registration for this event is now open. TMA Resources , located in Vienna, Virginia, provides member-centric organizations with the software solutions, services and partners that help keep their members and other constituents returning to them to find information, collaborate, learn and communicate with their communities.

Food Truck Association Cooks Up Successful Legislation in Virginia

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Members of the DC, Maryland, and Virginia Food Truck Association led the push in Richmond for food trucks to return to the commonwealth. That’s because Virginia Gov. The Virginia bill brings to an end several years of tension between food truck operators and local communities by allowing the trucks to operate on public roads maintained by the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Virginia Manufacturers Team Up With Colleges to Attract Young Workers

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Working with community colleges across the state, the Virginia Manufacturers Association hopes to use expanded training programs to bring younger workers into the field as older ones start to retire. Like the construction industry , the manufacturing industry is engaged in efforts to bring younger workers with the right skill sets into the fold, and the Virginia Manufacturers Association hopes to build on them. Southside Virginia Community College.

Virginia Shooting Highlights Safety Concerns for TV News Crews

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” Gardner has also served on the board of the Virginia Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives. Associations in the television news industry had safety concerns before this week’s murder of a Virginia TV reporter and cameraman, which aired on live television. Wednesday’s deadly shooting of a Virginia television reporter and cameraman by a disgruntled former colleague stirred up a lot of emotions for television news professionals.

Santa Associations: Yes, Virginia, They Exist, and They Aren’t Always Pretty

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The post Santa Associations: Yes, Virginia, They Exist, and They Aren’t Always Pretty appeared first on Associations Now $ 30 The median hourly pay for a mall Santa, according to PayScale statistics reported by CNBC. The piece notes that “freelance” Santas can make even more. There are guys getting $500 an hour,” explained Santa booking agency operator Dan Greenleaf, who also serves as president of the New England Santa Society.

Santa Associations: Yes, Virginia, They Exist, and They Aren’t Always Pretty

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The post Santa Associations: Yes, Virginia, They Exist, and They Aren’t Always Pretty appeared first on Associations Now $ 8K The amount that professional mall Santas can make during the holiday season in Southern California, according to comments FORBS President “Santa” Bob Callahan made to Though the pay is good, he notes that the work is stressful and can take hundreds of hours. Is there an association for professional Santa Clauses?

How Do You Get to The Executive Director Position? Listen, Question and Learn

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From the Corner Office: Brandon Robinson, CAE, Virginia SAE. The VSAE Board of Directors takes a break outside at their 2015 Board “Advance” in Lynchburg, Virginia. and executive director of the Virginia Society of Association Executives (VSAE) from a job answering phones for an association to one of the top positions for a state SAE. Brandon Robinson, CAE, Virginia Society of Association Executives.

A Summary of Collecting Delinquent Community Association Assessments (VA)

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For those who live in a community with a homeowners association (also referred to in Virginia as a “property owners’ association” or a condominium association (an “Association”), you are no doubt familiar with assessments that go toward landscaping, parks, and pools, and declarations and bylaws that govern architectural changes to the exterior of the homes. Read the article……………………… Collections Condo & HOA Articles Virginia Articles

Meditated Momentum: Sniper Executed

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When he was shooting people in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, I was six months pregnant with Conor. Meditated Momentum. On associations, technology, parenting, people, meditation, and America. Tuesday, November 10, 2009. Sniper Executed. Sniper John Allen Muhammed was executed this evening. My clearest memory was of being such an easy target when I went to get gas. There was just so much of me and I moved slowly.

Cups vs Cookies – Tasty Politics!


On a recent swing through Richmond, Virginia the hunt for fresh coffee and fossil fuel landed me at the 7-Eleven in Glen Allen (somehow I missed the nearby Starbuck’s). com bar code blue states coffee coffee poll cookie poll cookies Glen Allen VA McCain Obama political polls RBA red states Retail Bakers of America Starbuck's Virginia

Continued Discussion 9/15/09 - by Steven Davis, CAE

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In this post I want to follow up my 1/28/09 post wherein I quoted Scott Geller, a Virginia Tech professor. on Leadership … by Steven Davis, CAE. Leadership … an Ongoing Discussion. « Leadership … Continued Discussion 9/9/09. Leadership … Continued Discussion 9/26/09 » Leadership … Continued Discussion 9/15/09.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 166: What Farming and Sales Success Have in Common, with Julie Divine

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This week, Host JP Moery welcomes to the show, Moery Biz Dev Associate Julie Divine who recently moved her family from Northern Virginia to where she describes as “the middle of nowhere with cows.” This week, Host JP Moery welcomes to the show, Moery Biz Dev Associate Julie Divine who recently moved her family from Northern Virginia to where she describes as “the middle of nowhere with cows.” Who knew there was a strong parallel between farming and a fantastic sales process?

Leadership ? Continued Discussion 1/28/09 ? on Leadership ? by.

on Leadership

In this post I would like to surface an additional quote from the previously quoted Scott Geller, who is a professor at Virginia Tech. on Leadership … by Steven Davis, CAE. Leadership … an Ongoing Discussion. « Leadership … Continued Discussion 1/16/09. Leadership … Continued Discussion 2/3/09 » Leadership … Continued Discussion 1/28/09.

Thought Leadership From Intern, Taryn Young, on Her Experience at the Big Red M

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Taryn is a senior from Alexandria, Virginia, who will be graduating this year. The Moery Company has had the pleasure of working with, Taryn Young, our summer intern. We had a great time getting to know Taryn this summer and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

What We Learned From the PPP Application Process – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 230

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Our small family business here in Virginia received a Virginia 30 Day Fund grant, we had an angel investor loan us some resources, and the PPP loan came in.

Apricot Chat: The Richmond Venture Forum

Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot is a great fit for professional and business associations -- the Richmond Venture Forum is an association that acts as a social network to link the entrepreneurial community with venture capital to promote business growth and development in the central Virginia area.

Join MoeryLAI #9 Racer at Final Event!

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MoeryLAI is providing supporters the opportunity to win all access passes for the September 14-15 race program at Virginia's pre-eminent racing venue, Virginia International Raceway in Alton, VA. Thank you for supporting the #9 Belardi Auto Racing/MoeryLAI race cars last weekend at the Grand Prix of Baltimore. It was a fantastic experience. In fact, let's just keep this going!

Professionalism, resilience and teamwork

Golden's Rules for Association

earthquake struck Virginia. Commonplace words … but recent events have added a depth of meaning to each of them. Midafternoon on August 23rd, a magnitude 5.9 Earthquakes in this region are rare. Earthquakes of that size are unheard of. Much of the Washington DC area was able to shake it off and move on. The little [.]. The Way We Are

One year later: Turning tragedy into change for community associations


Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Virginia passed legislation to increase condominium requirements for reserve studies and funding. Florida and Virginia also passed legislation addressing building inspections and structural integrity.

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Association Field Report (April 9, 2020)

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Hey folks, the report from the field today is coming from outside because it’s so darn nice here in Northern Virginia today. Wish your family and all your staff members the best of health. Here’s what I want to focus on today.

Report 195

Presentations This Week - BlogClump


The next few days are crazy for me as this weekend is the Virginia Youth Soccer Association workshop being hosted here in Arlington. skip to main | skip to sidebar. BlogClump - Blogging About Associations From a Gen Xer. A Gen Xer giving his thoughts and opinions on the Association world. Friday, January 23, 2009. Presentations This Week. Then Tuesday and Wednesday is the ASAE Tech Conference. I will be presenting at both conferences. Saturday I am talking about Web 2.0

Service adjustments: Labor shortages, rate increases forcing communities to adapt


Mutlu, PCAM, chief operating officer and general manager of Lake Ridge Parks and Recreation Association in Virginia, says that the association posted a job opening for a landscaping specialist in April. High demand and short supply seem to be a recurring theme in the U.S.

Stop guessing and start knowing

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The Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, for example, is using data to help highlight the importance of its members—Virginia hospitals and health systems—and the work that they do. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Virginia Health Department. Without a doubt, two of the most important shifts occurring in the association industry are the use of cloud and analytics. Data is enabling us to receive, store and retrieve information in real-time.

Members Hire Strategic Solutions

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Brian Wynne , President & CEO, Association for Unmanned Vehicles ( AUVSI ), Arlington, Virginia, “Our new strategies are aligned with Industry challenges and our member’s desired business outcomes”. Breaking news.

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Lending updates: Federally backed mortgage rules tighten for condos in vacation areas


Terrie Suit, board president of Sanctuary at False Cape Condominium Association in Virginia Beach, Va., and CEO of Virginia Realtors, says the 248-unit building was disqualified from Fannie Mae financing in December after the new rules went into effect.

Rebuild trust: How communities can bring neighbors back together again


Don Forsyth, a professor of social psychology at the University of Richmond in Virginia, recommends developing a focus on shared goals to help repair damaged and fragile relationships. For more than two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every part of our lives.

Amazon’s HQ2: 3 Ripple Effects for Associations

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With one of two new Amazon headquarters planned for Northern Virginia, associations in the DC region are likely to see some big shifts in the local market in the coming years. Amazon’s planned move to Northern Virginia’s Crystal Cit … er, National Landing promises to bring big-tech flavor to a region better known for big government and an abundance of nearby advocacy shops. Meanwhile, Fairfax, Virginia-based George Mason University will launch a new institute for digital innovation.

Jeff De Cagna serving as curator for ACE Symposium on July 12

Principled Innovation

Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE , chief strategist and founder of Principled Innovation LLC, is serving as curator and provocateur for the inaugural Association Chief Executives (ACE) Symposium , to be held on Friday, July 12 at The Gannett Building in McLean, Virginia. an executive search and consulting firm located in Northern Virginia.

Celebrate managers: International Community Association Managers Day on June 13


Sammie Rosenbloom is a Northern Virginia native and currently an intern with CAI’s communication and marketing team. By Sammie Rosenbloom.

WV Medical Group Opens Membership to Physician Assistants

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In a move to help physicians and physician assistants work together both inside and outside the hospital, the West Virginia State Medical Association is adding PA’s to its membership lineup. Through a collaboration with the West Virginia Association of Physician Assistants (WVAPA), the West Virginia State Medical Association (WVSMA) has opened its membership to PAs to further unify the work between them and physicians.

Have party, will travel: Block party trailer builds neighborly connections


One community in Northern Virginia is taking a simple, old-school approach that’s proving to be a recipe for success: a block party trailer. Creating community spirit and building neighborly connections is a long-standing attribute of community associations.

Learning opportunities: Why pursuing education is crucial for community association leaders


Contributed by Brittanie Davis Morge, CMCA, AMS, PCAM. One of the most valuable gifts we can give ourselves as community association managers and homeowner leaders is to continually expand our knowledge.

Why eliminating racism starts with institutions

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Dr. Wornie Reed , a professor of sociology and Africana Studies at Virginia Tech, argues the opposite is true. In a 2015 TEDx Talk at Virginia Tech, Reed said individuals are not born prejudiced — they learn bias somewhere along the way.

SJA Golf Tournament

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Yesterday was a perfect day for the tournament at Raspberry Falls near Leesburg, Virginia. Playing a round of golf on a beautiful Monday is a treat. Thank you to Trish and Craig Maloney for organizing another successful St. John Academy Golf Tournament; the final numbers aren’t in yet but the outing is expected to raise more than $10,000 for sports uniforms and equipment at the McLean school!

Building standards: Improving structural integrity requirements for condominiums


Reserve studies for condominium associations are currently required in nine states: California, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, and Washington state.

National Governors Association Makes Cybersecurity Its Newest Focus

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This year, Virginia Gov. The Democratic Virginia governor, who is the 2016-17 chair for the National Governors Association (NGA), made cybersecurity his primary initiative for the coming year, under the moniker “ Meet the Threat: States Confront the Cyber Challenge.” “The aim of my cybersecurity initiative is to replicate the work we have done in Virginia, helping other states to protect their assets and citizens from cyber threats.