Maryland CPAs Group Partners With IBM to Make Members Future Ready

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Through a partnership with IBM, the Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants is training CPAs on technology such as artificial intelligence and data science—and preparing them for a rapidly changing landscape.

From the Corner Office: Tom Hood, Maryland Association of CPAs

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based Maryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (MACPA) , a leader in social media best practices for financial professionals. October 2010 2 -- Leadership This month’s Corner Office profile falls on Tom Hood, CPA, executive director of Towson, Md.-based By Association Adviser staff

AMR Welcomes the Maryland Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians as Client Partner

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January 5, 2016) — AMR is pleased to welcome the Maryland Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians (MD ACEP) as a new full-service client partner. LEXINGTON, Ky. AMR is excited about

Nimble AMS Airstream Returns to ASAE Tech

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during the 2018 American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Technology Meeting and Expo in National Harbor, Maryland. 7:30 AM – 8:45 AM, Maryland Ballroom 1-3. 5:15 ET, Maryland 1-6 Foyer . Join Nimble AMS December 4-5 at the Nimble AMS booth #443 (the Airstream!)

Do Associations Really Get Technology?

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Features Technology 2016 AGC of America APCO International Blue Sky Blue Sky Broadcast California Association of Health Facilities Innovation Maryland Asoscition of CPAs naylor technology TimberlakeThere are two things you can count on this time of year: One, tech will be at the center of the last-minute holiday shopping blitz; and two, many of the latest tech tools and gadgets will be on the. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

A quick shoutout to some awesome volunteers!


Here’s a quick shout out to two of our association clients, Maryland Chapter of Public Relations Society of America and Maryland Recycling Network , both of whom just held their annual conferences.

Columbia Idea Swap - KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

KiKi L'Italien's Acronym Soup

5 Associations Rethink Volunteerism


Tom Hood, CEO, Maryland Association of CPAs , Debra BenAvram, CEO, A.S.P.E.N. Join a group of volunteer evangelists as we explore new solutions for association volunteering on an Association Trends. webinar series.

Association 141+: A Recipe for Association Success

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Living in the suburbs of Maryland, I have made it to Frederick to have brunch at Volt - Chef Bryan Voltaggios restaurant that I could go back to again and again. Association 141+. Sunday, September 4, 2011. A Recipe for Association Success.

Sure I can help


When PRSA Maryland needed volunteers for a one-time task, many of our active volunteers raised their hands. But when they were still coming up short, a “sure I can help” came from a longtime yet relatively inactive volunteer.

Data Drives Good Decisions – #Chessie14 offers a look at 3 Research Studies


For anyone who’s earned their APR or successfully won a Silver Anvil, Best in Maryland or any PR award, you know that research at the front end and evaluation at the end are “do not skip” steps.

Webinars Feature Associations Changing Volunteerism


Hear the stories of IEEE , Maryland Association of CPAs , Society of Petroleum Engineers , Aging Network Volunteer Collaborative , and the Financial Planning Association

Chapters Bring the Local to Global Associations


Maryland, we don't duplicate PRSA, we add to it, we highlight the local. PRSA, the Public Relations Society of America, is the PR central for. some 22,000 professionals around the globe. And when they set the.

Lead Your Way to a Social Organization

Jamie Notter

Maddie and I had the great privilege of presenting today at ASAE’s Technology Conference with Tom Hood, the CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs.

Join an Interactive Discussion on - Membership Marketing Blog

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For those readers located in the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area, I wanted to invite you to attend an interactive session that I am leading for the Maryland Society of Association Executives discussing the results from our Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report. Membership Marketing Blog. Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations.

Meditated Momentum: Sniper Executed

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When he was shooting people in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, I was six months pregnant with Conor. Meditated Momentum. On associations, technology, parenting, people, meditation, and America. Tuesday, November 10, 2009. Sniper Executed. Sniper John Allen Muhammed was executed this evening. My clearest memory was of being such an easy target when I went to get gas. There was just so much of me and I moved slowly.

Membership Q&A: Don’t Leave Us!

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As Dr. Theodore Woodward of the University of Maryland School of Medicine taught his med students in the 1940: “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses not zebras” For our purposes, that means start with the obvious: Did that member switch careers or retire? What’s the #1 reason a long-standing member would not renew?

Small-Staff Engagement Hack: Members Helping Members


As you may know, a few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to attend the American Society of Association Executives’ (ASAE) 2018 Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Gearing Up for ASAE's 2016 Technology Conference


MemberSuite is heading to Maryland next week to attend and exhibit at ASAE’s Technology Conference and Expo. It’s going to be an action-packed two days, so we put together a few things attendees can do to optimize their time at the show

What Can Social Learning Do For You?


Watch this GREAT video of Tom Hood , CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs talking about social media and specifically how important social learning is becoming for his association.

Conference Circuit: Legal Techies

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The International Legal Technology Association’s ILTACON 2018 begins this weekend in National Harbor, Maryland. City: National Harbor, Maryland. Rundown Attendees: 1,600 plus. Exhibitors: 200 plus. Sessions: 200. Keynotes: 3.

Conference Circuit: Local Government Leaders

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City: Baltimore, Maryland. Following a welcome reception at the Maryland Science Center on Saturday evening, ICMA2018 starts on Sunday afternoon with an opening general session featuring bestselling author Daniel Pink. Rundown Attendees: 3,500 plus. Exhibitors: 150 plus.

Groups Push Ban on Powdered Alcohol in Massachusetts and Beyond

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In Maryland, industry groups worked with the state to get the powder banned. A number of other states are also joining Maryland and Massachusetts groups in the battle. Powdered alcohol? Yes, there is such a thing.

What Should Associations Do to Bridge the Education to Employment Gap?

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Maryland Association of CPAs. If you’ve been persuaded by the information I’ve shared about The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm the past few days that we do have a large-scale problem that associations are uniquely equipped to address (and I hope you have), the next question is: where do we start? fourth post of The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm release week).

Smaller-Scale Locales Score Big on Top Destinations List

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National Harbor, Maryland? The biggest surprises: Despite having a population of just 3,788 and a total of just six hotels, National Harbor, Maryland, a mixed-use development near Washington, DC, whose first phase was completed in 2008, ranked 26th on the list in its first appearance. (In

Tucson 101

An AweSOME Evening for Those in Need

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David Tolson on a deer hunt in Maryland. Congratulations to SOME, (So Others Might Eat), the D.C. non-profit that helps the homeless, and low income seniors, “restoring hope and dignity one person at a time.”

Conference Circuit: Foodservice Pros

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The Association for Healthcare Foodservice’s 2017 Annual Conference begins in National Harbor, Maryland, next week. City: National Harbor, Maryland. Rundown Attendees: 650. Exhibitors: 115. Sponsors: 12.

Who’s Doing Mission Driven Volunteering?

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From the new Spark whitepaper, The Mission Driven Volunteer , written with Peggy Hoffman: The Maryland Association of CPAs realigned all their volunteer roles along a grid where the X-axis represented high value to members and the association and the Y-axis represented alignment to strategy.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.30.16

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Maryland Dept. The Maryland Internship Network. The future of learning has been on my mind lately.

Games Done Quick Gives Gaming—And Charity—Another Swift Kick

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This year’s event, a 156-hour extravaganza taking place January 6-13 at a hotel in Rockville, Maryland, keeps going long after most event planners have gone to bed.

Best Benefit Ever: Hitting All the Pins

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In 2011, the offering was named the Maryland Distance Learning Association’s “Program of the Year.” Bowling University, the online educational platform offered by the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America, helps make a lot of sense out of a complicated business.

Iowa 91

#Tech18: Forecasting Cybersecurity Risks and Rewards

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Payton addressed attendees in a Tuesday morning keynote session opening the 2018 ASAE Technology Conference & Expo in National Harbor, Maryland, challenging association leaders to think about their cybersecurity exposures every time they adopt a new technology.

Ad Alliance Details Disclosure Standards for Political Ads

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In a news release , DAA Executive Director Lou Mastria said the alliance is working quickly to implement the standard and already has seen it authorized for use in Maryland. “We

Local Mission, Local Partner - Friday Fix

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Let’s imagine for a moment that you are the Maryland Association of Ice Road Truckers (This is an attempt to fictionalize an association. If you are a state organization that promotes the rights and interests of ice road truckers in Maryland, does it benefit your members to use a trucking company that does not employ Maryland-based drivers? Membership Software Association Management Software. Solutions. Associations. Nonprofits + Foundations. Chambers + EDCs.

Facebook, Attorneys General Start Online Safety Initiative

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We hope this campaign will encourage consumers to closely manage their privacy and these tools and tips will help provide a safer online experience,” said NAAG President and Maryland Attorney General Douglas F.

The Perfect Storm

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Maryland Association of CPAs. I’d like to share some sobering statistics about higher education and employment: In the United States, students graduate from college with an average debt load of nearly $29,000. Total student debt in the U.S. is $1.23 trillion and rising. 47% of college-educated workers under 25 work in jobs. that do not require a college degree. Worldwide, 73.3 million people under the age of 25 are unemployed, representing 36.7% of total global unemployment.

Scanning the Horizon on the Chesapeake Bay

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Early Morning on Lake Ogleton, near Annapolis, Maryland. Cruising from Annapolis to Crisfield, Maryland, you can see the water becoming more and more beautiful and pristine as you head south, away from large population areas and the more significant agricultural production.

What’s Your Membership Resolution for 2019?

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Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, Rockville, Maryland. At the start of a new year, you’re probably making a resolution or two. We asked a few association professionals what their 2019 membership resolutions will be. Here’s what they said.

A Year in Photos

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My resolution in 2012 was to do Photo365 , which I documented on a Tumblr. I started a little before January 1, 2012 and took at least one photo nearly every day for the entire year.

Just Another Association

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Case Study: In December 2016, the Society for Vascular Ultrasound, in Lanham, Maryland utilized a Member Impact Survey to help its board and staff team identify the profession’s up at night challenges and opportunities. Strive to Be More Than Just Another Association .

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