Lunchtime Links: Peyton Manning’s Omaha Shoutout

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The city of Omaha found new love for Peyton Manning’s play-calling skills over the weekend. That brought the city of Omaha, Nebraska, which doesn’t even have an NFL team, a little welcome attention. — Official Omaha Info (@VisitOmaha) January 12, 2014. Omaha, Omaha! The Greater Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau was certainly surprised—and pleased—when the largest city in Nebraska was trending on Twitter this weekend.

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Associations Boost Aid Efforts Amid Nebraska Flooding

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Omaha wasn’t spared from the historic flooding, but that didn’t stop the Omaha Bar Association from putting on an event that mixes fun and aid. The group’s Pints for a Purpose event on Thursday at an Omaha beer garden will help raise money for the American Red Cross.

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How Facebook (and Social Media in General) Shifted Fundraising Strategies

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Similarly, we saw that a 10 percent increase in the number of Facebook posts a nonprofit made in the year before the Omaha Gives day in 2015 was associated with it raising 2.6 Recent research finds that giving days on sites like Facebook are shifting nonprofit fundraising strategies.

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Conference Circuit: Net Results

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The American Volleyball Coaches Association’s 2015 Annual Convention began earlier this week in Omaha, Nebraska. Location: Omaha, Nebraska. Rundown Attendees: 2,600. Exhibitors: 100 plus.

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A Year in Photos

Thanks For Playing

My resolution in 2012 was to do Photo365 , which I documented on a Tumblr. I started a little before January 1, 2012 and took at least one photo nearly every day for the entire year.

Put a Cork in the Competition With an Online Marketplace

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From Anchorage to Honolulu to Omaha, it’s amazing how winemaking is spreading, and yet, the ability for craft winemakers to get their products recognized and shipped to market can be hampered simply by size.”. Many associations say they want to be like Amazon, but do they act like it?

Small Towns, Big Gesture: Bar Associations Push Law Students Back to Main Street

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The cost of living (in small towns) can be cheaper,” NSBA President Michael Fenner explained to the Omaha World-Herald.

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Associations Partner On New Journal For STEM Educators

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For example, one article focused on the benefits of a partnership between the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska, and local school districts. The new resource will help showcase the possibilities for in- and out-of-the-classroom educational collaborations within the STEM fields.

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What Is Your Real Mission?

Spark Consulting

Organized by Joe Gerstand t and Jason Lauritsen , it provided an opportunity for 10 people who didn’t know each other to sit in a cabin outside Omaha for 2 1/2 days and think and talk deeply about the future of work. Last fall, I had the opportunity to participate in The Boondoggle.

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Partner Pop-Ups Offer #Ideas17 Attendees Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups

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The bourbon bar “popped up” again on Monday afternoon, but joining it this time was Visit Omaha’s Popcorn Pop-Up. To help attendees fuel up for their afternoon sessions and network at the same time, a number of ASAE partners hosted pop-up events during this week’s Great Ideas Conference.

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ASAE 2011: A View From Just Down the Road

Association Okie

Grand Rapids had a local craft beer (Founders Brewery) and brought the brewer with them, and Omaha had a local ice cream. A week ago I was in St. Louis at the ASAE Opening Celebration. It is four days of pure association geekdom. And I love it. As a one person shop, my attendance at the Oklahoma Society of Association and American Society of Association Executives activities are critical for me to grow as an executive. Here is my view of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of ASAE 2011.

Friday Buzz: A Tech Company’s Charity Campaign

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You would absolutely not say ‘Oh, I would go learn from Warren Buffett for a month, but I just don’t like Omaha, so forget it.’”. Bandcamp uses its influence to raise money for the Transgender Law Center in the wake of the military ban.

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HR Reinvention: A Strategic + Interactive Conference for HR Leaders


In Omaha for HR Reinvention. Guess where Jamie Notter and I will be on May 22? HR REINVENTION: WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT. Human Resources is at a crossroads. HR can no longer sit on the sidelines, watching others play the game. Time for change is upon us.

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From the Kids’ Table to the Adults’ Table: Taking Relationships Seriously in a World of Networks

Beth Kanter

Similarly, Lyn Wallin Ziegenbein, Executive Director of the Peter Kiewit Foundation, a private independent philanthropic trust in Omaha, Nebraska, says, “We place a high priority and value on building enduring relationships with our grantees. Flickr Photo by Banana Custard.

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Lunchtime Links: Re-creating a Super Bowl Slam Dunk

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AdWeek has a list of brands hoping to score big with the approach—including the City of Omaha, which won accolades of its own after jumping on Peyton Manning’s play-calling a couple of weeks ago. Last Super Bowl, Oreo scored a big brand victory on Twitter.

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Nairobi Terror Attack Puts Focus on Mall Security

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After a 19-year-old man fatally shot eight people and injured five others at the Westroads Mall in Omaha, the industry started working more closely with the Department of Homeland Security on emergency response to such situations, according to the Associated Press.

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Will Blog for __


So, here are just some of the ideas that the ChatterBachs team hopes to see come our way: Round trip flights to exotic locations like New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Argentina, Omaha, Atlanta, etc. See the value in blogging, but don’t know where to start? Want to try a risk-free way to begin? ChatterBachs is conducting a “Will Blog for _” contest.

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Will Blog for __


So, here are just some of the ideas that the ChatterBachs team hopes to see come our way: Round trip flights to exotic locations like New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Argentina, Omaha, Atlanta, etc. See the value in blogging, but don’t know where to start?

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Lunchtime Links: The Limits of Your “Young Professionals” Group

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This sort of brand hijacking doesn’t always work, but organizations can certainly gain a lot of free exposure from this approach if it’s done well—as the Greater Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau did when it riffed on Peyton Manning’s play-calling a couple weeks ago.

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The Future of Work: A Manifesto


This manifesto is a work in progress, and my personal output from 4 incredible days in Omaha last November with Joe Gerstandt, Jason Lauritsen, Jamie Notter, Janyne Emsick, Jen Benz, Eric WineGardner, Charlie Judy, James Papiano, Stuart Chittenden, Mike Wagner and David Ballard.

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Heartland Pride: Winner of the #npfail Little Bets Contest

Beth Kanter

Last month, during the Nonprofit Technology Conference plenary session on placing little bets and learning from failure , we issued a challenge to 1,000 nonprofits in the audience.

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Happy New Year: What’s Your Theme for the Year?

Beth Kanter

In the US, I keynoted and gave workshops at nonprofit conferences in Pittsburgh , North Carolina , Buffalo , and Omaha. The Sun Sets on 2014. This year I took off a full two weeks during the holiday, spending time with family on the Big Island on a coffee farm and mostly offline.

Future of Work Manifesto

Jamie Notter

Maddie is the one who wrote it up, but it was the result of a weekend retreat last fall of twelve people (including me, Maddie and Charlie; Maddie lists them all in her post) in, of all places, Omaha, Nebraska. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it. Future of Work Manifesto. Posted May 10, 2012.

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Mizz Information: Associations' 15 Minutes of Fame Courtesy of.

Mizz Information

Sadly, this whole Cain scandal is shining a very unflattering light on associations--the lavish perks Cain enjoyed at the expense of members, including a lavish DC apartment, weekly first-class trips back to his wife in Omaha, schmoozing poolside and wining and dining--oh, and allegedly sexually harassing female colleagues. Mizz Information. Friday, November 4, 2011. Associations 15 Minutes of Fame Courtesy of Herman Cain.

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Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects: Five Lessons from the Road

Idea Architects

Doing the closing keynote at the HR Reinvention Experiment in Omaha allowed me to fully participate in the conference prior to making my remarks at days end. Jeffrey Cufaude, Idea Architects. Jeffrey Cufaude is an architect of ideas.