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Influence Across America

Spark Consulting

Thanks to the generosity of my friend and colleague Ed Barks , I had the opportunity to attend Influence Across America: The Rise of State and Local Power and the Impact of Digital Media , a National Digital Roundtable panel event at the Newseum earlier this week. The post Influence Across America appeared first on Spark Consulting.

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What would an actively anti-racist America look like?


Justice and Peace in America: A Dialogue on Anti-Racism & The Future of Policing in America. Chuck” Ramsey on Justice and Peace : A Dialogue on Anti Racism and the Future of Policing in America. Moderated by CNN legal analyst Laura Coates , author of YOU HAVE THE RIGHT: A Constitutional Guide to Policing the Police.

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Associations drive the heartbeat of America.


The post Associations drive the heartbeat of America. Saying it with song on a magical night, annual ASAE Summit Awards captures monumental contributions of the association industry. photo credit: USAe-News You couldn’t help but be moved by the range and passion of Mikky Ekko’s vocals and performance. appeared first on YourMembership.

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The C-Suite's Bias: Addressing The Imbalances of Corporate America

The Journal by EXEC

Corporate America is inundated with stereotypes, but what matters most is whether businesses utilize them to make decisions. Gender bias. Age discrimination. Lack of diversity. The world has been focused primarily on the gender gap when it comes to diversity in the workplace — and for good reason.

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How the Romance Writers of America responded to racism accusations — and what associations can learn from them

Association Success

Next, came a rather public revamp of policies and initiatives intended to make the Romance Writers of America more diverse and inclusive. Four months later, the Romance Writers of America board suspended Milan for a year and banned her from ever holding a leadership position in RWA. Where to start. But it can’t end there. Johnson said.

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IMEX America picks Swapcard


As part of the new partnership, Swapcard will serve as the foundation for IMEX America’s new all-in-one, omnichannel digital experience which will run between May and September 2021. [ Read full press release ].

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The State of Volunteering In America

Wild Apricot

Here are highlights from the "Volunteering and Civic Life in America" research report. Volunteers'

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