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Let’s Talk Discounting

Aaron Wolowiec

Discounting is something that we love to talk about in the hopes that we will drive additional sales, but will it drive additional profitability? In this article, we're going to discuss why discounts are not necessarily bad and the proper way you should use them.

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Membership Q&A: Discounts

Spark Consulting

Don’t offer pricing discounts unless your audiences are EXTREMELY price sensitive or your membership is declining and you’re desperate to get people in the door by any means necessary. Does offering a discounted membership based on time of the year (i.e. The post Membership Q&A: Discounts appeared first on Spark Consulting.

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What to Consider Before Launching a Membership Renewal Discount

Associations Now

While a discount might sound like a good way to get more members to renew, consider your options before moving forward. Choosing to offer a discount during a membership renewal campaign can convince more members to stay, but it’s important to do some thoughtful planning before you make that decision. “If

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Discounts Are Not Valuable

Jamie Notter

Shortly after this session, I was talking to an association client about the value they provide to members, and the word “discounts” came up a lot. In other words, part of the value of membership was the discounts they would receive when they bought many of the association’s products and services later. Strategy'

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Do Discounts for Bad Customer Service Work? A Lesson From Newspapers

Associations Now

If you want to keep a subscriber—or member—happy after a customer service mishap, a discount won’t be enough, according to a recent study from the newspaper industry. Will a temporary discount do the trick? According to a recent study, discounts actually discourage customers from sticking around.

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March Update: Don't miss out on these conference discounts

Wild Apricot

This month's update features information on the new attachments feature, and an introduction letter from our new GM.

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CSAE Canadian Association Financial Operations Study: Participate by November 30 For Free Highlights, Deep Report Discounts!

Portage Group

Participants will receive a free highlight report as well as deep discounts to purchase the full Financial Operations study report when it is published in a few weeks' time. Click Here to Access the Survey This study is being conducted by TPG in partnership with the Canadian Society of Association Executives.

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