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Use a Chatbot to Answer Members’ FAQs

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After research and ideation, we determined that a chatbot, preloaded with our FAQs, would handle a large percentage of inbound inquiries, providing members with immediate and accurate responses to their most pressing questions,” Jones says. The post Use a Chatbot to Answer Members’ FAQs appeared first on Associations Now When your members ask questions via social media, do you respond? It might be hard to keep up.

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How to Write an Event FAQ That’ll Actually Help Attendees


That’s where an FAQ, or “frequently asked questions,” page comes in handy. Here are some thoughts on writing your FAQ page in a way that’ll effectively keep attendees in-the-know: event planning marketingAnswering attendee questions is an inevitable part of event planning. That said, with all the other balls your juggling, it can be hard to take the time to answer the same questions over, and over, and over.and over again.

FAQ 65

Online Video FAQ for New Nonprofit Managers

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First-time nonprofit managers can often use a bit of guidance from more experienced colleagues, as well as the answers to specific questions. The problem is, there just aren't enough mentors to go around, and perhaps this is especially so in the nonprofit sector where resources are stretched to the limit. What's the solution? Well, Third Sector New England believes it's found a partial solution at any rate.( read more

FAQ 150

Conference Go/No-Go Decisions in a Pandemic

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Refunds and FAQs. Whatever options you provide, it is wise to put together a good FAQ page on your event website. We are very impressed with the FAQ they put together.

FAQ 126

October Update: Don't Miss Our Free Membership Growth Online Summit 2018

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In our October update we look at the new member app on Android, member location mapping, and some support FAQs. newsletter update october growth-summit location-mapping app-for-members

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Announcing: Membership Q&A

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I have some membership FAQs my clients have asked me over the years that I’ll address, but you might have questions too, and might want the opportunity to ask them in an anonymous setting (rather than on ASAE’s Collaborate community or other public forum). You’ve got questions – I (may) have answers! Now that the Membership 101 Series has concluded, it occurred to me that folks might have some more questions about membership I didn’t think to address.

FAQ 150

July Update: 8 Super Easy Tech Tools to Grow Your Membership

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In this month's newsletter, you'll find your invite to a webinar packed with tech tool tips to save you time, plus an introduction to recurring donations, support FAQs and more

FAQ 39

Make Your Blogging Future Bright


Blogging FAQs. It may seem like blogs are taking over the world. Everywhere you look, blogs, blogs, and more blogs. Today, anyone can be a blogger as long as they have something to say. You may be wondering what this has to do with associations? The answer: everything. Blogs are one of the best ways to informally communicate with a broad audience. Whether it’s current or prospective members, your association has the ability to educate and engage. Think blogging doesn’t apply to you?

FAQ 60

5 Unusual Ways to Find New Inspiration for Content!


FAQ Fox. FAQ Fox looks in subreddits and forums to look at the questions that people are asking about your topic and the words they are using to ask. Why can’t coming up with new content be easier ?!

How to Leverage Voice Search for your Association


Low hanging fruit: Start with your member or potential member FAQ’s. Hint: FAQ’s also offer your great direction for social media, video, and PR content. Utilizing digital assistants from Siri to Cortana, from Alexa to Google Assistant, is producing a dramatic increase in voice-based search. As each year passes, the presence of devices that offer voice search continues to grow at a fast pace. It’s not just an idea for the future, it is here and getting bigger by the day.

FAQ 83

Making a splash: Majority of communities plan on opening pools this summer


>>Find more research, resources, FAQs, and best practices related to COVID-19. . With summer quickly approaching, many community association boards continue to discuss how to safely open swimming pools and other amenities for residents to enjoy in the warmer months.

FAQ 87

Questions for Associations to Ask When Choosing an AMS


webinars, on-site training options, videos, searchable FAQs, forums, etc.). online chat, phone, email, online FAQs, etc.). It’s critical for associations to make an “apples to apples” comparison of association management systems when researching new software. Not sure what criteria to consider? In Part 2 of the blog series, “Where to Begin Your Association’s AMS Search” we address how to research ease of use, setup and integration, and training and support.

FAQ 88

Top Tips for Preparing Your Presenters

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All of these details can be provided in consumable methods on a speaker portal, via FAQs, emails, or instructional video. In addition to having presenter FAQs and deadlines published on your speaker portal, curate and/or create resources that will help your presenters elevate their game.

FAQ 89

Building an Association Crisis Communications Webpage


The FAQ page should be easy to navigate and scan and finding the answer to a single question should be painless. crisis [krahy-sis] noun: a stage in a sequence of events at which the trend of all future events is determined.

How to effectively build a communication plan for pricing changes at your association

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Update your FAQ page. ? In association emails, consider linking members to more detailed versions of the communication plan found on your FAQ page. Change is never easy. According to a Gartner study , 50% of all change initiatives fail and only 34% succeed.

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Tips for Preserving Your eLearning Programs

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A volunteer member once enthusiastically told me “I love a good binder!” ” I’ve taken that to heart over the years and have created many, many good binders. To preserve the online education programs and processes I worked so hard to put in place! At some point, circumstances that may or may not be in your control will dictate that someone else is going to need to review past decisions in order to make future ones.

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5 Tips for Staying Sane During Your Online Community System Migration

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Before your members arrive, be sure to: Create an updated FAQ. If you didn’t have a community technical FAQ before, now’s your chance to create one. Most of us hate moving. It means hassle, stress, PACKING, money, and time, but it’s one of those things you just have to do sometimes.

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Vaccine mandates: What could requirements mean for your community


>>Find more COVID-19 resources, FAQs, and best practices. The continued presence of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. has been forcing hospitals, schools, other workplaces, and even one Florida apartment community to consider implementing vaccine mandates.

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A part to play: Communities positioned to help during the COVID-19 pandemic


The May/June issue of CAI’s Common Ground TM magazine covers the steps communities are taking as a result of the outbreak, some of the most pressing FAQs answered by expert attorneys, how large-scale communities and management companies are reacting, what to do about construction projects , and more.

FAQ 56

Open and shut: How communities should proceed when reopening amenities


>>Find more research, resources, FAQs, and best practices related to COVID-19. . Reopening amenities and common areas during the COVID-19 pandemic is a complicated decision for community association leaders.

Attracting More Association Members: A Q&A

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A FAQ page for those who want quick answers. An association’s success is dependent on how happy and fulfilled its members are. The more meaningful experiences and learning opportunities your association offers , the more likely you can get membership renewals and even attract new members.

Why your code of ethics is a top-ranking member benefit

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Also, guarantee the FAQ section of your website redirects to the Code of Ethics landing page. When was the last time you reviewed your association’s Code of Ethics? It might be time to revisit this crucial organizational document.

Go Forward, Cancel, Postpone, Wash Your Hands, Rinse … and Repeat

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Communicate with members, exhibitors and sponsors on a regular basis and develop FAQs pertinent to all sectors. The disruption to the live events industry due to the Pandemic COVID-19 is unprecedented and impossible to escape.

FAQ 110

Why members should have a seat at the leadership table

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Ensure your code is easy for members to find, making it accessible on your FAQ page and member portal. . When it comes to delivering superior member experience (MX), association professionals know how important it is to invest in technology that drives member loyalty.

How to boost the member experience by integrating career center software with Nimble AMS

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Post a short video of your career center experience – such as signing in, find ing a job opportunity, and clicking through to apply – on your FAQ page, or on your learning program website to help promote your career center to members who might not know about it. .

Support your Association


Of course, you can always send your members a link to one of SilkStart’s FAQs from our extensive support section. If your members have questions that are not covered in the FAQs, please let us know ! As the administrator of an association, you can expect that your members will occasionally come to you when they encounter issues. Although you may not have any experience providing support, not to worry, you will do great!

FAQ 47

How to Drive Traffic to Your Community Using Social Media

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And having your FAQs in one place saves time for you and your colleagues. We are busy people. And there is a constant battle for our attention. Some people tend to spend their time on Facebook and others on Instagram. Our communities are in constant competition with these other platforms, so why not use them to our advantage? Go where your members go.

10 leading membership organisations and their approach to website UX

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The report suggests that the sites reviewed could offer more online form ‘prompts’ and FAQ sections. I recently came across Pedalo’s report which examines user experience (UX) on UK membership body sites and thought I would share some of the insights. Pedalo – a web design agency working with membership organisations and other sectors – reviewed 10 leading UK association sites against a set of website user experience criteria and reported on their findings.

FAQ 100

Time for a Conference Chatbot?

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After research and ideation, we determined that a chatbot, preloaded with our FAQs, would handle a large percentage of inbound inquiries, providing members with immediate and accurate responses to their most pressing questions,” said Chrissy Jones, AICPA’s lead manager of communications and member engagement. Abby’s job was to help attendees navigate SXSW, find out what was happening, and get timely answers to FAQs.

Spreading joy: How associations are lifting community spirit in the pandemic


>>Access CAI’s free COVID-19 resources, FAQs, and best practices. Despite the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, outreach has increased in community associations across the U.S., even as neighbors maintain physical distance from each other.

FAQ 79

Raising spirits: How a Texas community is engaging residents during COVID-19


>>Access CAI’s free COVID-19 resources, FAQs, and best practices. Community associations are developing innovative ways to increase community spirit while observing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Five tips to improve your connection with Gen Z members

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You can add increased functionality to your website in the form of FAQ pages and chatbots. Boost member satisfaction by providing detailed answers to common customer service problems on your FAQ page. Is your association looking for ways to boost your ties with Gen Z members?

FAQ 106

International Cleaning Supply Group Sweeps Australian Arm into the Fold

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” The groups released an FAQ [PDF] noting some of the reasons for the merger—particularly NCSA’s limited resources and reliance on volunteer leadership to manage its benefits, annual meeting, and networking events. “With its current resources, NCSA is not able to support these initiatives as fully as it would like to,” the FAQ says, adding that ISSA’s wide resources, existing member benefits, and 7,000 members help to offset the problem.

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Protected profession: Few managers seeing employment impacts from COVID-19


>>Find more research, resources, FAQs, and best practices related to COVID-19. . Community association managers remain largely protected from the employment impacts, such as furloughs and layoffs, that have affected so many other Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

FAQ 72

Designing the Optimal Association Awards Program Website


You may also wish to have additional navigation bar items that include FAQs, policies, rules, or contact information for administrators. As you get lower down the page, you provide additional information on eligibility and FAQs.

FAQ 52

Energy Storage Group Gets Proactive on Corporate Responsibility

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According to an FAQ , the pledge came to light out of concern with the sector’s fast growth. We intend to work proactively to address topics head-on that could otherwise disrupt the industry’s progress,” ESA stated in the FAQ. The Energy Storage Association, overseeing a growing industry, has created a corporate responsibility initiative that aims to put safety out front. At least 30 companies have signed on to take part.

FAQ 41

No swimming: Why opening pools in a pandemic isn’t so simple


>>Find more research, resources, FAQs, and best practices related to COVID-19. . Pools might be one of the most desired amenities in community associations, but opening pools in the middle of a pandemic isn’t so simple.

Protecting community: Board members and managers show the value of crisis leadership


>>Access CAI’s free COVID-19 resources, FAQs, and best practices. Community association boards and managers have been making hard decisions to protect residents and staff members since COVID-19 began its rapid spread across the U.S. in late February.

Hello, neighbor: What to include in a welcome packet for new residents


A series of FAQs can fill information gaps and can easily be written in a document or on the association’s website, if applicable. By Erik Robinson, CMCA, AMS. Moving into a community association, especially if you’ve never lived in one before, may seem daunting.