Know Your ABCs: Associations Benefit from Committees

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Committees are the lifeblood of associations. The post Know Your ABCs: Associations Benefit from Committees appeared first on Association Adviser. Here's how you can better appreciate their value and identify steps you can take to better realize that value.

Inconvenient Truths About Committees

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A new article in our Hub offers tips and strategies for effective committee development and management. association committees Volunteers

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Dump Your Committees

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The thing about standing committees is that they're standing. One of the problems with standing committees is that they can easily become zombies, continuing on with calls and meetings and reports to the board whether or not there's actually anything for them to DO. I know what you're about to say: "Our standing committees are set in our bylaws. And you do probably have to maintain a standing finance committee. Volunteerism is changing.

Evaluating Committee Success (Before It's Too Late)


Does your association or chamber of commerce have committees in place? Perhaps you have an event planning committee, a fundraising committee, and/or a diversity and inclusion committee. Do you send committee members a self-assessment once their term is up?

Architectural Committee and Approval Process.Follow the Rules


Architectural Committee and Approval Process.Follow the Rules AMG is pleased to share with you two blog posts from the Black, Slaughter & Black law firm. In particular, approvals or denials must follow the express language of the declaration, including a properly appointed committee.

Technical Committee Checklist

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Here is a handy checklist you should have before starting your first technical committee or [.]. Operations Standards Committees Working GroupsYou have just formed a new consortium and you’re anxious to begin work – real work – on meeting your goals and objectives. Your chances for success will be much higher if you first have a solid foundation in place.

Do You Train Your Board Member’s and Committee Chairs?

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Boards of Directors Members and Committee Chairs are key leaders who determine whether an association is successful or not. It’s simple – associations whose directors and committee chairs are not focused on the organization’s strategic plan, are not consensus builders, and don’t know how to run effective meetings cause their association’s to fail – or at least stagnate. Committee Chair training.

3 Types of Committees Your Association Could Truly Benefit From


Every organization has a unique structure in terms of staff, board of directors, committees, task forces, etc. And what works well for one association may not work well for another.

The Problem with Committees

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The Problem with Committees. Here’s the problem with committees: They exist. He had written about an experience he had on a committee that wasn’t pleasant and was reflecting on how the Chair might have “lead” the committee differently. Consulting.

Education Committee: More Advising and Curating, Less Slotting

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Models vary, but most include a 15- to 20-person conference committee (slotters) and army of reviewers (graders). Progressive organizers are shifting to a blended model, where conference committees act more like content curators and advisors and less like graders and slotters.

Re-Establishing a Collapsed Committee: 4 Steps


Committees are a great way to delegate tasks at your association. Unfortunately, committees sometimes fail - people become disengaged, deadlines start to slip, and sooner or later, the weight of the committee is left on only one or two people.

Working Committees Have Plenty To Do

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We're looking ahead to another calendar year in our association, and as part of that look forward we are setting a year-long course for some of our working committees. Working Committee is the term my association uses for what others might call Program Committees.

Eric Lanke: Which Committee Are You On?

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Which Committee Are You On? You serve on two committees for this association--one of which you chair. Because this association has dozens of committees, you find the meetings for both of your committees scheduled at the same time at an association conference. Eric Lanke.

A Welcome Role for the Membership Committee

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One association puts its volunteer membership committee to work in calling all new members to welcome them to the association—a rewarding effort for members, volunteers, and the association alike. At the committee level, though, there seems to be no hard and fast rule.

A Committee By Any Other Name

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One of the very first posts I wrote for this blog (back in September 2011) was titled, " Should Committees Report to the Board? " In the post, I argued that committees whose function was programmatic (i.e., Our four types of committees are: 1. Working Committees.

How to Make Association Committee Members Happier and More Productive


The internet is filled with stories of organizations instituting radical changes to make employees more invested, happier, and thus more productive.

All Committees Are Not Created Equal

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Got into a friendly argument with a colleague about last week's post , where I revisited an idea that I've discussed before : that program committees should report to an association's Chief Staff Executive, or CEO, and not its Board of Directors. Governance committees, yes, I replied.

When Opinion By Committee Can Lead You Astray

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Beware Of Committee Opinion Echo-Chamber When we are designing a conference or planning the next steps of an organization, we need to be aware of the challenges of relying only on the opinions of a committee. Especially if everyone on that committee has the same belief.

When Committee Bureaucracy Stymies Your Conference Potential

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Its committees serve as the central nervous system influencing all parts of the body. The conference planning committee is similar to our spinal cord, serving as the internal communication highway between the parts of the body and the brain.

Eric Lanke: Should Committees Report to the Board?

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Should Committees Report to the Board? Should committees report to the board?" There are some committees whose jobs clearly relate to the governance of the association. The Finance Committee. The Nominating Committee. The Executive Committee. Eric Lanke.

Come One, Come All! The Ultimate Template for Committee Recruitment


Trying to bring some new lifeblood into your committees ? While your members may have the time and energy available to dedicate to new committees, they might not take the plunge without a little push.

Creating a Compelling "Call for Committee Volunteers" at Your Association or Chamber


Few projects could be completed (and/or completed well ) without the help of committees. Not only do committee members assist with ideation, but they help with execution, often managing projects from start to finish.

4 steps for moving to paperless board and committee meetings

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I was recently asked by a client to look into what they would need to do to move to paperless committees for their board meetings. Have you moved to paperless committee or board meetings?

Ditch the ladder (& the committee) #Assnchat Recap


Elizabeth Engel and I co-hosted the weekly Association Chat yesterday to talk about mission-driven volunteering based on our white paper of the same name (you can download a copy here ). There was quite a number of very interesting points made during the conversation (read the recap here thanks to Kait Solomon ) but two struck me a particularly relevant

An Association Committee’s Three Responses To Change And Innovation

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Here’s your Who Wants to be A Millionaire million dollar question: What are the three states of association committee change? Their goal is to make the committee and ultimately the organization impervious to change.

Using a Committee to Gather Collective Insight

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Having a dedicated and trusted committee in place helps us effectively bridge the gap between member expectations and the event offerings. Our communities are our experts – and we leverage that to ensure our events are successful. Virtual events are more than just a convenient and fun means for education and engagement.

Your Approach to Working Committees Reveals Your Organizational Culture

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As we were discussing her work with committees in her old position and her anticipated work with our committees in her new position, a difference in style and culture became readily apparent. Our working committees don't determine strategy," I told her.

You Can't Build A Website By Committee

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What don't you do by committee? It's hard for associations to hear. That's what you're about. Getting people in the organization to get together and make decisions for the future good of the membership. association technology Websites associations

Poll: Age-Appropriate Networking, Committee Involvement Key to Attracting Next Gen to Events

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While that may not surprise you, did you know that 23 percent of associations tell us they are inviting younger members to join their event planning committees? The post Poll: Age-Appropriate Networking, Committee Involvement Key to Attracting Next Gen to Events by Association Adviser staff first appeared on

4 Tips to Revitalize Your “Black Sheep” Committee


If your association is like most, you have that one committee that just can’t keep the attention of your members and ends up feeling like a struggle to even keep afloat. Take a look at our four tips that will help bring life back into your “black sheep” committee and regain your members interest! Feeling lost at what to do? association management association leadership small staff association member engagement member retention membership management Small Staff Chatter

Does Your Board Act as Your Innovation Committee?

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It advocates for corporate boards to serve as a kind of innovation committee for the corporations they are put in place to safeguard. conducting its annual self-evaluation, the board found that a number of its directors had recommended that a board committee be created to work explicitly with the new CEO on technology and innovation — not to manage it, but to partner with management on it. image source I found this post of the Harvard Business Review blog thought-provoking.

Transportation Committee Pushes for Clarity on Airline Fees, Seating Sizes

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Transportation Department advisory committee this week recommended that airlines transparently disclose fees and seat sizes to consumers before they buy tickets—and that hotels include mandatory resort fees in the price of the room. Leocha is the consumer advocate on the committee.

Why a Virginia Advocacy Group Is Recording Legislative Committee Hearings

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Progress Virginia’s Eyes on Richmond project, developed as a workaround to the state’s decision not to record committee hearings itself for public consumption, is an effort at “radical transparency” in legislation, according to the group.

How to Find Volunteers for Committees and Task Forces

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Finding volunteers for long-term goals and short-term needs can be difficult, but it may help to consider whether you need to set up a committee or a task force. Example Job Descriptions If you are looking to build a committee or a task force, start with something similar to this.

Project Management for Board Members and Committee Chairs

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volunteer leaders Board Management committee leadership leadership Project Managementby Brian Reuwee. Project management requires structure. As a more free-form, creative person, I'm not always a big fan of structure, but I do love it when a plan comes together.

Baseball Hall of Fame Gives Stars a Second Chance With New Committee Process

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The National Baseball Hall of Fame’s Era Committees, which were tweaked last summer to favor modern players, could provide a path into the Hall for “steroid era” stars passed over in the traditional voting process.

Mizz Information: If Your Members Organize Their Own Committee.

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If Your Members Organize Their Own Committee, Are You Failing Them? At any rate, one of the thousands of SXSW things that flowed through either my Twitter stream or Facebook news feed caught my association eye-- the announcement of a new Council on Ethical Blogging and Aggregation, a "committee aiming to establish standards for (content) aggregation." What does does it say about associations when members organize their own committees or councils independent of the association?

SCD Group: 15 Tips for Better Board/Committee Meetings: Ideas.

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15 Tips for Better Board/Committee Meetings: Ideas from NE-SAE Annual Conference and a whole lot more. Question: How do we enhance the time spent in board or committee meetings? Ensure committees have clear assignments/roles and be sure they dont overstep. Pages. About. Contact.

International Olympic Committee Attempts to Strike Balance on Russia Ban

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In the lead-up to the Rio Olympics, the International Olympic Committee this week took a stand on a hot-button topic: whether Russian track and field athletes will be banned from competing amid a doping scandal.

Eric Lanke: I Don't Want to Serve on Your Committee

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I Dont Want to Serve on Your Committee. Here are some quick DOs and DONTs for your consideration: DONT send me a list of committees that have openings and tell me I have to respond by a deadline if I want to serve on any of them. DON'T have committees. Eric Lanke.