Proposing governance changes – what the CIPR did

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They then opened a two-month consultation with members which outlined the proposed changes and rationale and asked for feedback. They presented the final proposed changes at the AGM and they were approved by members in June. Have you had to communicate governance proposals to members? Governance changes can be a difficult sell to members. They can be complex (and not always very interesting!) which can prove difficult to communicate to members in an engaging way.

Build a Better Request for Proposal

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Requests for Proposals (RFPs) can be a useful tool for associations wanting to discover the best options for products or services they need. Help solution providers create a better proposal and pricing structure by providing specific pieces of data about your association’s needs, and ask for specific details about how a vendor’s offerings would match those needs in an RFP. The post Build a Better Request for Proposal appeared first on Association Adviser.

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Eric Lanke: Provocative Proposals for Change

Eric Lanke

Provocative Proposals for Change. I just finished reading an advance copy of Shelly Alcorn s " Provocative Proposals for Change ," a report she authored based on Appreciative Inquiry interviews she conducted with more than 200 association executives (including me). But what I like best about her proposal is the way it keeps the association as something unique and beneficial in our society. Provocative Proposals for Change. Provocative Proposals for Change.

The great proposal debate: Why consultants eschew RFPs

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Simply draft a proposal describing you’re recommended course of action and be sure to include your proposed fees. Although I cannot be certain, I believe this particular organization has – instead of hiring me or another consultant – simply decided to implement themselves the ideas I presented in my unnecessarily comprehensive proposal. I’ve also heard of cases where the proposal outline is handed to another consultant for execution. Proposals.

How to Create a Proposal That’ll Sell Website Advertising FAST


To do that, here are four things to include in your proposals: Small Staff Chatter non-dues revenueYour association or chamber website is a hot commodity. People in your industry or community (not just members) visit your website looking for valuable information. And, between directory listings, banner ads , sponsorships, etc., there are a number of different ways advertisers can display their message.

Statement On The Proposed Manager’s Amendment To The EARN IT Act


Washington, DC – IA Senior Director, Federal Government Affairs and Counsel, Mike Lemon released the following statement on the proposed Manager's Amendment to the EARN IT Act: “The EARN IT Act remains a deeply flawed proposal that would make it harder for IA member companies to rid the internet of CSAM and protect the most vulnerable online. The post Statement On The Proposed Manager’s Amendment To The EARN IT Act appeared first on Internet Association.

ICANN Proposal Would End Price Caps on.Org Domains

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Associations and other tax-exempt groups could find it a lot costlier in the future to renew their website domain names ending if a new contract proposed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is approved. In announcing the proposed new contract with Public Interest Registry, ICANN said the change “takes into consideration the maturation of the domain name market and the goal of treating the [.org

Utility surcharge proposed to cover cost of replacing private streets in Prior Lake (MN)

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The City of Prior Lake recently sent notice of a proposed private street utility surcharge to city residents who live on private streets.

Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Your First Call for Proposal


A Call for Proposal (or sometimes described as a Request for Proposal) is an open invitation from conference organizers asking for session presentations that are interesting and relevant for fellow industry professionals. Getting your proposal chosen can be of great benefit to an association professional, vendor, or partner. Often times though, many association professionals don’t know where to begin when starting the proposal process.

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project

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Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project. I would like to announce the Association Executives: Provocative Proposals for Change project (that link will take you to my website for a complete description). Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Rese. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thursday, January 20, 2011. Second stage is cut. Were now in orbit. Stabilizers up, runnning perfect. Starting to collect. requested data. What will it affect.

Internet Association Releases Proposal For Racial Justice And Reform And Reaffirms Commitment To Diversity & Inclusion


Over the coming weeks and months, IA will continue to highlight additional steps internet companies are taking to promote diversity and inclusion within our own industry, as well as legislative proposals for policymakers to consider as they tackle this very important issue. To read the full proposal, click here. ###.

Proposed Statutory Register of Lobbyists – how will it affect you?

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Those against feel that the proposed Register won’t be able to provide the complete transparency it was seeking to deliver. The Government is considering creating a Statutory Register of Lobbyists. This will obviously affect lobbying firms and consultants, As Lobbying is something that many membership bodies do on behalf of their members, and indeed their own members may also carry out their own lobbying, it is something that the membership sector should think about.

Proposed Charity Act Would Promote Giving, Sponsors Say

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The post Proposed Charity Act Would Promote Giving, Sponsors Say appeared first on Associations Now Introduced last week in the Senate, the Charity Act would promote charitable giving, expand tax provisions for charitable donations, and simplify tax calculations for foundations. New legislation, introduced in the Senate on April 6, would incentivize charitable giving and make it easier for foundations and other tax-exempt organizations to carry out their missions.

ASAE Submits Comments on DOL Overtime Rule Revision Proposal

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As the Department of Labor considers a new overtime revision proposal, ASAE says a high minimum salary level would negatively affect nonprofits. Following the Department of Labor reopening discussion on the overtime rule in June , ASAE submitted comments and a proposed minimum salary level last week to DOL as it prepares to revise eligibility regulations. The post ASAE Submits Comments on DOL Overtime Rule Revision Proposal appeared first on Associations Now

A Call to End the Call for Proposals?

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Most associations generate content and select speakers through a call for proposals. I don’t know about you, but in the past week or two, my inbox has been filled with a larger-than-usual number of emails from organizations I belong to, asking me to sign up for different volunteer activities or submit session proposals for upcoming meetings and events. One part of NASSP’s overhaul was to eliminate the traditional call for proposals.

Proposed Mugshot Rule Pits Privacy Against the Public’s Right to Know

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A proposed New York state law that would bar the public release of mugshots to prevent their exploitation online has set up a conflict between privacy and the public’s right to know. Andrew Cuomo recently proposed a change in the state’s freedom of information law that would block the public release of criminal mugshots and arrest records. Nonetheless, the proposal has proven divisive.

Obama’s Data Breach Proposals Get Associations Talking

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While retail and financial groups welcomed the proposals, a key privacy group questioned whether they focus on the right things. But the big talker for many trade groups is the proposed Personal Data Notification and Protection Act, new legislation that would require companies to notify consumers within 30 days when their personal data has been exposed. Associations had varying reactions to the proposals.

Maine Nonprofits Say Property Tax Proposal Would Jeopardize Programs, Services

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Paul LePage submitted a proposed budget including a property tax for certain nonprofits. Last year, before releasing his biennial budget proposal, Maine Gov. So when LePage’s budget was released at the end of January, it was no surprise that it included a proposal to allow communities to levy a tax on any nonprofit that holds property valued at more than $500,000. Tax-exempt organizations in the state said the proposed property tax could have devastating effects.

Maine 61

IRS to Revise Proposed Rule for Nonprofit Political Activity

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After receiving a record-setting number of public comments on a single rule, the Internal Revenue Service and Treasury Department announced they will rewrite a proposed rule that would govern political activities conducted by 501(c)(4) social welfare groups. The Internal Revenue Service, which planned to hold a public hearing this summer to discuss a proposed rule restricting political activity by 501(c)(4) groups, is pumping the breaks on the proposal so it can make a few changes.

In China, Proposed Law Would Clamp Down on Foreign Nonprofits

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Under the proposal, all foreign-based nonprofits would be required to register with, and be vetted by, the Chinese government before they could conduct activities in the country. The Chinese government opened the proposal up to public comment, and myriad U.S.-based The post In China, Proposed Law Would Clamp Down on Foreign Nonprofits appeared first on Associations Now

Pharmaceutical Firms Tackle Proposed FDA Social Media Guidelines

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Trade groups and drug giants alike have raised significant concerns about proposed social media compliance guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration. ” But its proposal has received anything but a warm welcome from drug companies and trade groups such as the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO).

OMB Reviewing Proposal for Meetings Protocol

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The Office of Management and Budget is reviewing an ASAE proposal that could provide an answer. The post OMB Reviewing Proposal for Meetings Protocol appeared first on Associations Now To learn more ASAE will share the final OMB meetings protocol with the association community as soon as it’s available. For more information, email

Proposed Copyright Curriculum Leaves Educators, Activists Conflicted

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The post Proposed Copyright Curriculum Leaves Educators, Activists Conflicted appeared first on Associations Now As a coalition of media and internet interests develops an educational program for teaching schoolchildren about intellectual property rights, education groups and tech activists are raising concerns about teacher workloads and possible bias in the curriculum. Copyright law could be coming soon to a classroom near you.

Meat, Agriculture Groups Challenge Sustainability Goals in Nutrition Proposal

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The post Meat, Agriculture Groups Challenge Sustainability Goals in Nutrition Proposal appeared first on Associations Now The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, for the first time, considered the impact of the American diet on the environment. Several meat and farming groups say the group overstepped its bounds. When considering the makeup of your diet, how much emphasis should you place on the environmental impact of the foods you eat?

Medical Societies Speak Out on Proposed Aid-in-Dying Bills

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The post Medical Societies Speak Out on Proposed Aid-in-Dying Bills appeared first on Associations Now Though the California Medical Association has taken a neutral stance, other groups in the U.S. and Canada resist supporting physician-assisted suicide. More states are considering following the lead of California and four other states in crafting legislation that would allow physicians to assist in the deaths of terminally ill patients.

Advertising Groups Cry Foul Over Proposed Tax Changes

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Industry associations are gearing up for a fight over reforms proposed in Congress that would effectively cut the advertising tax deduction in half. Proposals in both chambers of Congress go after a key tax deduction relied upon by the advertising industry, and industry groups are gearing up for a legislative battle. The issue: Last week, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) offered a series of draft proposals designed to help streamline and simplify the tax code.

Manufacturers, Health Advocates Divided on FDA’s E-Cigarette Proposal

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Testing the Waters The FDA’s e-cigarette proposal almost got an early showing thanks to the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. The trade group threw a picture of the draft proposal on its website earlier this month and suggested it would post the full document online, but then it changed its mind after talking to the agency. But this week, the Food and Drug Administration released a proposal that aims to change that.

DC Tattoo Artists Petition to Stop Proposed Regulations

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For a second time in a year, Washington’s tattoo shops and artists say, the Health Department has proposed rules that show a basic lack of understanding of their work. In April, the District of Columbia Department of Health backed away from a set of controversial proposed regulations for the trade—specifically one that would have required a 24-hour waiting period before a person could get a tattoo —due to pushback from both the industry and the public.

DC 53

Labor Department Proposes Association Retirement Plans

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Acting on an executive order issued by President Trump in August, the Department of Labor has proposed a new rule to allow small businesses to pool together to offer retirement plans to workers. The post Labor Department Proposes Association Retirement Plans appeared first on Associations No

Los Angeles Proposes Plastic Grocery Bag Ban

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The City Council must vote on the proposed ordinance again next week for it to be officially adopted. ” The post Los Angeles Proposes Plastic Grocery Bag Ban appeared first on Associations Now Associations’ reactions were mixed after the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban the use of plastic bags by grocery stores. Los Angeles grocery store clerks are going to need a new line of questioning for shoppers if the city’s plastic bag ban gets final approval.

Coalition’s Proposed Standards Draw Attention After Ad-Blocking Rumor

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The post Coalition’s Proposed Standards Draw Attention After Ad-Blocking Rumor appeared first on Associations Now While Google says it won’t comment on a Wall Street Journal report about adding an ad blocker to Chrome, the report is drawing attention to an initiative by the Coalition for Better Ads—a group that includes the search giant.

Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Proposals Prompt Debate

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The post Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Proposals Prompt Debate appeared first on Associations Now Would requiring small employers to provide paid sick leave to workers be good or bad for business? As more cities consider the requirement, advocates for workers and businesses make their cases.

For-Profit Colleges Under Pressure From Proposed ‘Gainful Employment’ Rules

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Department of Education proposal that would tie federal financial aid eligibility of for-profit colleges to the results the schools deliver drew a wide array of reactions ahead of its comments deadline this week. But the agency’s proposed method of doing so—a “gainful employment” rule that ties the schools’ financial aid eligibility to the success of its students—is controversial and drew an array of reactions. A U.S.

6 Prompts to Properly Propose New Membership Software to Your Board


There’s a lot riding on your proposal to the board—staff’s productivity and effectiveness, data security and usefulness, maybe even your reputation, and definitely your stress level. Ask a membership professional about some of their biggest challenges, and selecting and implementing membership software is right up there. Why is it so challenging? For starters, before you even get to the selection phase, you have to convince the board to fund the project.

Proposed Debt Collection Rule Changes Draw Array of Responses

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The process of debt collection—a bread-and-butter task for many businesses, albeit one associated with controversial methods—could change significantly, thanks to a new set of proposed federal rules. ” Consumer groups were quick to praise the proposed rule changes, but ACA International, the trade group that represents collection agencies, was more measured in its response. “It Too far or not far enough?

IRS Open to Feedback on Proposed 501(c)(4) Rules

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As the IRS begins sifting through a record number of comments on a single proposed rule, the agency said it will seriously consider that feedback before finalizing regulations that would restrict political activity by tax-exempt social welfare groups. ” The proposed rules, which the IRS issued last fall , are intended to clarify how much political activity is allowable by groups that hold tax-exempt status as social welfare organizations.

Ethanol Industry Suffers Setback as EPA Proposes Lower 2014 Target

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The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to decrease the required amount of ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply has producers on the defensive. But the oil industry suggests the proposal doesn’t go far enough. More details below: About the proposal: The EPA’s 2014 Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) proposal released Friday would set the target total for renewable fuels in the U.S. This proposal cannot stand.”

Associations at Odds Over Proposed Massachusetts Ban on Noncompete Clauses

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Deval Patrick (D) proposed legislation in April that would ban the practice of keeping employees from working for a competitor under most circumstances. The proposed ban has earned support from tech groups, who say that noncompete clauses stifle innovation in Massachusetts and are giving California’s Silicon Valley the upper hand in recruiting, even though the Northeast has a major research hub in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Tech Groups Oppose Internet Wiretapping Proposal

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There are a number of serious unintended consequences with this flawed proposal. Michael Beckerman, CEO of the Internet Association, released a statement that was highly critical of the proposal. There are a number of serious unintended consequences with this flawed proposal. The post Tech Groups Oppose Internet Wiretapping Proposal appeared first on Associations Now

Foes Join in Praising Proposal to Relax Mortgage Rules

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A proposed new Qualified Residential Mortgage rule, introduced last week by federal regulators, received praise from both consumer advocates and the mortgage industry, groups that don’t typically agree on much. Under new rules proposed by regulators that oversee the mortgage industry, it may get a little easier to make the biggest purchase of your life. The six agencies behind the QRM proposal are the Federal Reserve Board, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.,