#LAstory: How Discover Los Angeles Won Instagram

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The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board’s recent ad campaign “What’s Your L.A. Here’s how it worked: Key influencers’ photos, tagged with #LAStory (many taken during a tour of the Getty Villa in Los Angeles), were projected onto the walls of the J.

Los Angeles Proposes Plastic Grocery Bag Ban

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Associations’ reactions were mixed after the Los Angeles City Council voted to ban the use of plastic bags by grocery stores. Los Angeles grocery store clerks are going to need a new line of questioning for shoppers if the city’s plastic bag ban gets final approval.

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Rams Move Could Bring More Meetings to Los Angeles

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When the Rams move to Los Angeles for the 2016 season, the NFL team’s fans may not be the only visitors coming to town. According to Cvent , Los Angeles ranked number 20 among 2015’s most popular conference destinations, down one slot from the previous year.

Penetrating or Expanding Global Markets through Meetings.


Ajay Bhojwani and I presented this session at yesterday’s ASAE Business of Meetings Track in Los Angeles, USA. GrowGlobally.org. global association strategy, regional planning and local infrastructure to grow your business. About. Channels. MarCom. Market & Biz Plan.

Associations Live: Taxes for Online sales starting to look possible

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Jim Puzzanghera from the Los Angeles Times reported that lawmakers, looking to help cash strapped local governments, are coalescing around legislation aimed at letting states require most online retailers to collect sales taxes from customers. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Associations Live. Connecting MSAE members and a world of ideas! Friday, November 11, 2011. Taxes for Online sales starting to look possible.

Membership Marketing Blog: Will You be Attending #ASAE10 this.

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This year I will be attending the ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership Annual Meeting & Exposition in Los Angeles, CA. Have a safe trip to Los Angeles. Membership Marketing Blog. Membership marketing – acquiring, engaging, upgrading, and renewing members – is the cornerstone for associations and relationship driven organizations.

Daily Buzz: Wanna Make a Marketing Splash? Bring in a Celebrity

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The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board has found an unexpected spokesperson—punk rock icon Henry Rollins. The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board has recruited Henry Rollins to host a five-part video series about the city, Pitchfork reports.

Partnership Builds Police, Community Relationships

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To build relationships between law enforcement and their communities, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles is engaging the Los Angeles Police Department in its mentorship program.

Stained by Sterling: NAACP Misstep Shows Need for Care in Award Selection

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The Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP found itself in a sticky situation when it had to revoke an award it planned to give to embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

Conference Circuit: Western Arts Alliance

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More than 700 performing arts professionals from across the West, including presenters, agents, managers, and artists, are headed to Los Angeles to gain critical knowledge, meet with vendors and consultants, and expand their network. City: Los Angeles.

New Program for Budding Filmmakers Has Golden Globe Pedigree

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In a collaboration with Film Independent, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association will bring filmmakers from two prominent film festivals to Los Angeles to get up-close training in the film industry.

Conference Circuit: Rooted in Research

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The Qualitative Research Consultants Association’s 2017 Annual Conference kicks off in Los Angeles next week. Venue: JW Marriott Los Angeles L.A. City: Los Angeles. Rundown Attendees: 300. Exhibitors: 40.

L.A.’s Earthquake-Proofing Problem: Who Pays?

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Los Angeles city officials are trying to get ahead of the next “big one” and save lives, but the costly upgrades needed for wooden and concrete buildings make a proposed retrofitting plan a big ask, associations in the city note.

When Your Heart Isn’t in It: Leadership Lessons from Magic Johnson

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Magic Johnson—a man who has lived in the public eye for more than 40 years and is one of the best-known sports figures in the world—did just that last week, leaving his role as the Los Angeles Lakers’ president of basketball operations suddenly and just before the team’s season finale.

How a Local Restaurant Association Is Making Taco Tuesday for Everyone

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That’s part of our agenda here, is to really illuminate the Orange County restaurant industry, which can be challenging when you’re sandwiched between Los Angeles and San Diego,” Waitt said.

How Japan Is Selling Americans on Craft Beer

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The sector is just making its way abroad; early market research in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles found that 80 percent of the craft beer consumers JFOODO surveyed said they were interested in trying a Japanese craft brew.

Strategic Adaptation

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An oft-cited quote from success expert Brian Tracy states: “When an airplane leaves Chicago for Los Angeles, it is off course 99% of the time. Having a vision is critical. Not straying from the “big picture” – the ultimate desired outcome – is essential to long-term success. But sticking too closely to the letter and detail of a plan can actually take you farther away from achieving your desired outcome.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.21.19

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Join us online for the livestream of select sessions, thought leader interviews, and so much more, all live from Los Angeles. Join us online for the livestream of select sessions, thought leader interviews, and so much more, all live from Los Angeles.

Production Music Association Works to Boost Gender Equity in Field

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The music industry has virtually erased female producers, particularly women of color, from the popular charts,” Smith said to the Los Angeles Times. “As Women are making some gains, but men still dominate the music production industry.

Hello, Perfect Community Manager - Are You There?

Higher Logic

Currently there are 114, 657+ open positions for community managers on LinkedIn – New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles rank as the top three cities in the United States. Are you looking to hire a community manager for your online community? You’re not alone.

Daily Buzz: The.Org Battle Gets a Public Protest

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On Friday, protesters will gather outside the Los Angeles offices of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)—a global nonprofit that manages the internet’s address system.

Traveling Is So Much Fun

Eric Lanke

I flew in and out of LAX this week. It's not a frequent airport for me -- I can't even remember the last time I was there. But something happened there that I thought was worth blogging about. When I arrived for my return flight home I didn't at first recognize anything as unusual.

Why NEA Wants Arne Duncan to Resign

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State of California , a Los Angeles County Superior Court ruling that struck down teacher-tenure statutes in the state as unconstitutional, drew a statement of support from Duncan. “My You added to the polarization,” she wrote to Duncan last month, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Daily Buzz: Say Goodbye to Free Shampoo at Hotels

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Something to keep in mind if you’re traveling to California in the future: Small plastic shampoo and soap bottles would soon be banned at hotels under a new bill passed by the state Assembly, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The Coalition Fighting “Hair Discrimination” in the Workplace

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Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), would prohibit employers from implementing grooming rules for hair that the coalition says disproportionately affect black women.

E3 Organizers Launch Public Version of Gaming Expo

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Part of the Entertainment Software Association’s long-running videogame industry event, which takes place in Los Angeles each year, will be open to the public for the first time.

Journalism Groups Sue California Over Independent Contractor Law

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Toby told the Los Angeles Times (which also made changes to its employee pool as a result of the law).

Inclusive Design Creates Better Conferences

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One of those events is Adobe MAX , which brought more than 12,000 graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers to Los Angeles last month. Consumer-technology companies like Microsoft, Google, and Adobe often employ inclusive design to ensure that everyone can use their products.

Best Benefit Ever: New Perks for L.A. Beer Enthusiasts

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The Los Angeles Brewers Guild (LABG) announced its new Enthusiast Membership last week, during L.A. A young California organization offers benefits for brewers and beer fans alike. What is the benefit?

Welcome to Association Advocacy Chick!

Association Advocacy Chick

Los Angeles changed that. I’ve been considering a blog for the last couple of years, but could never find the time or motivation to do it. I had an idea of what I wanted to talk about, but just couldn’t take that next step. Earlier this week, the American Society of Association Executives held its annual meeting and expo at the LA Convention Center. It was my first time in this city and third annual meeting.

Add Chapters to Make an Old Association Feel New

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That began to change in 2017, when we opened a Washington, DC, office, and in 2018, when we unified with the former PEN Center USA , which had previously existed separately in Los Angeles.

Tulsa 69

Robot Used in Dallas Police Shooting Raises Ethical Quandary, Groups Say

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Because ground robots may allow deadly force to be applied more safely and easily, they raise the danger that they will be overused,” Stanley told the Los Angeles Times.

Are Exhibitors Opting Out of the Traditional Tradeshow Booth?

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When the Entertainment Software Association’s E3 2016 Expo takes place in Los Angeles in June, it will miss one of its largest and longest-tenured exhibitors: entertainment software company Electronic Arts.

California Meeting Facilities Work With Drought Conditions

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For example, the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) reduced water consumption by 7 percent in 2014 through an extensive program. Late last year, the Los Angeles Times highlighted the ways hotels are rethinking their green initiatives due to the drought.

Study: In Charitable Giving, Middle Class Digs Deeper Than the Wealthy

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It hits closer to home,” Tami Phillips, chief development officer at the Midnight Mission, a Los Angeles shelter, told the Chronicle. Los Angeles.

Class 82

3 Reasons for Brain Drain—and 3 Possible Solutions

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As Bloomberg noted last year , this is particularly problematic in cities with larger urban areas nearby—such as Hanford, California, within shouting distance of both Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, and Danville, Virginia, near the tech hotbed of Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Greenbuild Gets Even Greener, Diverts 90.3 Percent of Waste

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The 2016 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center exceeded waste diversion goals for both the U.S. Green Building Council and the meeting venue. The U.S. Green Building Council’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo last October kept 90.3

Hotel Group Launches New Job-Recruiting Initiative

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Conference of Mayors winter meeting, will be funded through $500,000 in grants from AHLA’s foundation and will support recruitment efforts in six cities—Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Washington, DC.

For Marketing Association, Name Change Highlights Data

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At &THEN (DMA’s global marketing conference) in Los Angeles last week, attendees got a sneak peek at the new name.

Conference Circuit: Waste Trimming

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The California Resource Recovery Association’s 39th Annual Conference and Tradeshow is taking place in the “City of Angels” next week. Location: Los Angeles. Rundown Speakers: 180. Sessions: Close to 50. Exhibitors: 38.