Expos Returning to Philadelphia After Labor Contract Changes

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Now that there’s a deal in place with most—but not all—of the labor unions that work the Pennsylvania Convention Center, the Philadelphia facility is starting to win back some business. “This meant that, despite a successful meeting in 2007, AIHA would not reconsider Philadelphia.”

Philadelphia Newspapers Get new Nonprofit Lease on Life

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Facing a challenging decision on how to keep alive three beacons of Philadelphia journalism— The Philadelphia Inquirer , the Philadephia Daily News , and Philly.com— local philanthropist H.F.

Crisis Averted: Philadelphia Event Venue’s Labor Conflict Ends Quickly

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“In order for Philadelphia to remain competitive in a national and global marketplace, we must deliver the best experience at the best cost,” Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO Jack Ferguson told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Streets of Philadelphia All Set for DNC

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And with a convention of this size, with so many high-profile and influential attendees, you better believe the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau and Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee have been hard at work ever since the DNC was awarded to them in February 2015.

Standing Up for Ourselves

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Recently, the Philadelphia Business Journal had as its “ Business Pulse ” question of the week the following: “Do you agree with companies asking employees to ‘volunteer’ to work for free some days?” PA budget impasse Philadelphia Business Journal Philadelphia Business Journal Business Pulse

Trade Association Advocacy and the Political Conventions

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In DC shorthand it’s referred to as “Cleveland” or “Philadelphia” as in “are you going to Cleveland?”. Well it’s here, the two weeks every four years when the political parties hold their nominating conventions.

How to Get Engagement From Your Community


“Artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn create community art by painting entire neighborhoods, and involving those who live there — from the favelas of Rio to the streets of North Philadelphia. I know, I know. This is not quite what you expected when you clicked on this post title.

Bagel-Eating Contest Aims to Draw Attention to Start-Up Bagel Group

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David Brunelli of Philadelphia walked away from the National Bagel Association ’s second-annual National Bagel Eating Contest in New York with a $500 cash prize and the title of “National Bagel Eating Champion” for gobbling down 11 bagels in eight minutes.

Life at the Bottom

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The one exception that I mentioned above was in reference to the compensation of Steven Altschuler , CEO of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia , who, in 2009, earned $948,293 in salary and the exact same amount as a bonus. Does the nonprofit sector have a mind of its own; or a backbone?

Bus Tour Aims to Raise Awareness of Effects of Childhood Trauma

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The Campaign to Heal Childhood Trauma tour, which will begin at ATTACh’s headquarters in Minneapolis on November 10 and end in Washington, DC, on November 15, will also make stops in Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia on the way.

Friday Top 5

Thanks For Playing

From when we went to the Philadelphia Eagles academy for women in February of 2011.

Lessons in Event Planning From a Rock Concert

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That notion was reinforced when I was up in Philadelphia earlier this week to see the indie rock group Arcade Fire. You know what we got in Philadelphia? Every planner wants his or her next meeting to have the same hype and entertainment value as a concert.

Don’t Manage Social Media Like the NFL

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Philadelphia Eagles (@Eagles) October 16, 2016. Some teams, such as the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles, responded satirically to the rules, replacing actual game action with a tabletop equivalent.

[MUST WATCH] The Connected Company


A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia shows that when the working population in a given geographical area doubles, its productivity (the rate of invention) goes up by 20 percent.”

How Snapchat is Revolutionizing Modern Day Advertising for Nonprofits


———– Brittany Goodwin is a digital marketing professional and freelance writer in the Greater Philadelphia Area. Social media in general has had a profound impact on the way that people interact and do business, but many people have overlooked its effects on nonprofits.

Should You Book Trips Over the Weekend?

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In comments to the Philadelphia Inquirer , ARC Managing Director of Enterprise Information Chuck Thackston explained that the nature of business travel booking often led to higher prices because of the need to book trips at the last minute. New research from Airlines Reporting Corp.

Let Your Member Data Show You the Way

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This Old City blogger Jon Geeting’s photos of sneckdowns in Philadelphia in February are a perfect illustration of how, paradoxically, a blanket of snow uncovers the most natural paths for cars and pedestrians.

Blow Hard

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This is same Brian Tierney who brought The Philadelphia Inquirer to its bankruptcy knees when he was publisher and CEO of that paper and did such a fabulous job handling the PR there.

Best Benefit Ever: Quality Assurance

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The Architectural Glass and Metal Association (AGMA), a trade association serving glazing contractors in the Greater Philadelphia area, has introduced a new benefit that offers members both a customized Quality Management System (QMS) and a Quality Assurance Program (QAP).

Equality is My Co-PILOT

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Recently, I was interviewed by a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer doing a story about the possibility of bringing PILOTs – voluntary “payments in lieu of taxes” made by nonprofits to their local government – back to Philadelphia. Philadelphia is no exception.

Member Engagement? It's.Well, It's Complicated.

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We even had one person dialing in from Philadelphia! image source A big thanks goes out to the more than forty association professionals who joined me on Wednesday, September 4 for an informal discussion on member engagement.

Latest Association & Nonprofit Jobs – April 12


The National Marketing Director will report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and will ideally be based out of either Philadelphia, PA or New York City, NY. Here are some cool jobs, hand-picked by me, that you can find via the SocialFish job board !

What’s All This about Emerging Markets?


James Ott, SVP, International Programs, American College of Physicians, Philadelphia, PA. Join MCI & A Panel of Association Execs from ACP, MDRT, PMI, and SLAS.

Latest ruling could mean more unpaid internships

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It’s summer…and that means planning season for many of you. Perhaps that planning includes whether to hire an intern for the upcoming year. And with that comes the question: “Should we pay them?”.

Five Things You Might Not Know About Halloween

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The 186-year-old Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia houses Terror Behind the Walls, a massive haunted-house production with a cast of more than 200 performers each evening, Hollywood-quality sets, and animatronics.

Survey: Size Matters When Running An Association Today

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Laura Otten, director of The Nonprofit Center in Philadelphia, made a similar point in Associations Now several years ago. 70 % The amount of mid-size and large associations that reported now is a good time to be running a membership organization, according to Virtual, Inc.

Tennis Foundation Volleys Help to Vets

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Last year, the foundation hosted a series of tennis events for veterans at facilities in New York City and Philadelphia. The U.S.

Internship Intel

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Associations aren’t usually top of mind for students looking for internships, said Todd Von Deak , president and founder of Philadelphia-based TVD Associates, but they should be. I continue to be amazed at the response from readers on the topic of internships.

Fighting Homelessness: Libraries on the Front Lines

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Dedicated social workers: Libraries in Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, DC, have hired social workers to help the homeless, especially those who are mentally ill. When people think of libraries, they think of books.

A Global Story of Soap and Hope from #ASAE16 Closing Keynoter

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After escaping the Ugandan civil war as a boy in 1979 and living among other refugees for more than a decade, Kayongo arrived as a young man in Philadelphia, where he saw to his surprise that the soap at the hotel where he was staying was replaced every day, after only one use.

All Eyes on Cleveland as It Finalizes Preparations for RNC

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Stay tuned next week for a look at how Philadelphia is getting ready to host the Democratic National Convention. It been two years—and lots of work—since Cleveland was awarded the Republican National Convention.

Association Chat to feature authors of "Leading Engagement from the Outside-In" on July 14th

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When she's not helping associations grow, she loves to dance, listen to live music, cook, and blog about the Philadelphia Eagles. Associations have always been “about” engagement, and in the past several years, we’ve had a renewed focus on engaging our members and other audiences.

Essay Contest Harnesses Student Voices to Fight Hazing

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Students at Sayreville War Memorial High School in New Jersey and Central Bucks West High School in suburban Philadelphia saw their schools’ football seasons come to an abrupt end earlier this month.

How the Pope Is Connecting with Younger Generations on Social Media: Pope Emojis

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As you probably know, the Pope is visiting the United States this week in Washington, DC; Philadelphia; and New York City. While the crowds will gather on the ground for a change to touch the hand of Pontiff, there will be a lot of crowds online to celebrate his visit.

Beer Group Helping to Brew Up a History Lesson

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Last week, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History announced at the Brewers Association’s (BA) Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America in Philadelphia that the two organizations have launched a three-year initiative to preserve the history of brewing.

Dirty Money

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Recently, The Philadelphia Inquirer did an article on the philanthropy of media and cable giant Comcast. Thoughts & Commentary AT&T Comcast NBCUniversal Philadelphia Inquirer Queens Borough President Queens NY Library Time Warner Cable Verizon #106670363 / gettyimages.com. When are people going to learn that politics and nonprofits just don’t go together? It is messy; it even gets ugly.

Study: In Charitable Giving, Middle Class Digs Deeper Than the Wealthy

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Philadelphia. A Giving Slowdown New research from the Nonprofit Research Collaborative’s midyear fundraising survey reveals a slowdown in charitable giving in the first half of 2014.

Tuesday Buzz: Can Social Media Surface New Member Leads?

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Use your social media presence to attract new member leads for your organization—but don’t forget the strategy. Also, find out why the Democratic National Convention has a case of the tax-status blues. If you build it, that doesn’t mean they’ll come.

3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofits That Can Boost Professional Success

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This year I facilitated several labs, including several for the Knight Foundation Arts Program to learn about the local arts ecosystem in four cities, including Philadelphia, San Jose, Charlotte, and Macon. I would like to wish all my readers, colleagues, and friends a happy new year!

Take the Oath

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Or perhaps it was the Delaware River Port Authority , which charges cars $4 to cross the Delaware River from Philadelphia to Camden and was planning a $1 rate hike for next summer, gives money to the Kimmel Center. (I