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Many businesses utilize partnerships with trade associations as a way to build relationships with end users and position their company as an ally to the industry. Biotechnology Industry Organization. Consumer Data Industry Association. Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.

Industry Hiring Managers: Reach & Recruit Only the Best Candidates

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Niche job boards, recruitment advertising and sponsorship solutions make it easier than ever for associations to bring value to their industry and members. YM enables them to collaborate and become the recognized industry leader to match talent with jobs.

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Members Hire Industry Advocacy and Promotion

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What they are looking for are opportunities to address their company’s challenges and help position their Industry for growth. As Associations ponder their future strategies, the message is clear: Members hire industry advocacy and promotion.

Funding Industry Innovation

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Associations who are Funding Industry Innovation can position themselves as essential partners in helping members achieve business outcomes. Once an organization reaches this point they move to what’s becoming a new trend where Associations are funding Industry Innovation.

Turn Member Influencers Into Industry Ambassadors

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If you have members who are influential in your industry or profession, consider putting them to work as ambassadors. Regardless of where your association’s influencers reside, consider if they could serve as an ambassador for your industry or profession.

Address Your Industry’s Skills Gap in So-Called “Soft” Human Skills

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Address Your Industry’s Skills Gap in So-Called “Soft” Human Skills. Read more about Address Your Industry’s Skills Gap in So-Called “Soft” Human Skills

Seeking Volunteers For an Association Industry Campaign

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I work in the association industry.”. This is the fifth time you’ve been asked to explain the association industry, and it’s just not worth going over again. When you think about it, why is that the association industry isn’t understood as such?

How the Events Industry Is Coming Together Amid COVID-19

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Despite the large economic hit the meetings sector is dealing with due to coronavirus, industry professionals, venues, and organizations have still found ways to support one another and their communities. This was among the most powerful experiences we have ever delivered to our industry.

13 Ways to Develop Expertise & Keep Up with Trends in Your Industry

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13 Ways to Develop Expertise & Keep Up with Trends in Your Industry. Read more about 13 Ways to Develop Expertise & Keep Up with Trends in Your Industry

4 Ways to Becoming the Best Continuing Education Resource in Your Industry

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The post 4 Ways to Becoming the Best Continuing Education Resource in Your Industry appeared first on YourMembership. How associations can support members through professional development. Members’ needs and expectations evolve as they move through their careers journey and look to associations for support. Here are some tips and tricks to take your online learning program to the next level. Your members look to your association to be a leader, especially when it.

Four Ways Associations Can Boost Their Industry’s Future Workforce

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With many industries facing a shortage of workers and a skills gap, associations can play a critical role in addressing workforce development. Future workforce is a hot-button issue in many industries, with associations looking to boost the flow of talent into their respective fields.

4 communication tips for small-staff associations during a health crisis 

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YourMembership News Industry News & Trends Member Engagement Professional Development Industry TrendsWhile you hoped that you would never have to experience a crisis impacting your association, here you are.

Industry Buzz: 3 Key Takeaways from #MCLIVE18


there were a number of breakout sessions covering a variety of industry-related topics: how to work with a difficult board (yeah, we’ve all been there), how to improve the member experience, how to more effectively manage your organization’s data - all that good stuff.

Demystifying the China Healthcare Industry


Industry Growth Statistics. Healthcare Industry Stakeholder Map -Government, Hospitals, Industry Partners, etc. As we wrap up 2014, we complete our “subscriber-requested” three part China series with an indepth overview of the China healthcare market.

Associations’ New Role During an Industry Downturn

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Some associations serve industries or professions whose heyday is in the past. The post Associations’ New Role During an Industry Downturn appeared first on Smooth The Path.

Delivering Your Valuable Industry Content to Members: 5 Tips


An inherent benefit to joining any association is the amount of industry knowledge that comes along with membership. This knowledge comes in a few different forms: A network of peers (aka, other members), connections made throughout the industry, and the resources that YOU provide!

Joint Surveys and the Importance of Knowing Your Industry

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More about the importance of knowing your association members and your industry in depth. The post Joint Surveys and the Importance of Knowing Your Industry appeared first on Association Adviser -.

Survey 118

Pet Industry Group Launches New Startup-Specific Membership Category

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The pet-care industry is traditionally known as a big business worth tens of billions of dollars annually. In fact, the most recent annual report from the American Pet Products Association found that the industry as a whole hit $95.7

3 Marketing Lessons From the Newspaper Industry

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In a time when the industry as a whole is struggling, newspapers have been getting creative with their marketing approaches. The nature of all industries is that they’ll have ups and downs, high points and low.

Bridging the Education to Employment Gap Will Take An Industry-Wide Movement

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The post Bridging the Education to Employment Gap Will Take An Industry-Wide Movement appeared first on Spark Consulting.

Become an Advocate (Not Just a Leader) in Your Industry


To keep up with your ever-changing industry, you have to move beyond the traditional “business leader” position and adopt the role of “industry advocate.”. You’ll earn the respect and appreciation of others in your industry. What Is an Industry Advocate?

Universities could help the failing marketing industry

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This week, the Association of National Advertisers announced a new initiative called the Talent Forward Alliance to identify talented professionals and support them in their careers – via professional development and continuing education

Study: Robotics Presents Opportunity to Security Industry

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Like other industries, research from the Security Industry Association shows that automation can help enhance the skills of human workers. Automation is one of the biggest trends associations are facing , and the security industry is no exception.

Top Auto Groups Combine in Major Industry Merger

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The auto industry is shifting into a new gear this week in a move that brings the global sector together in a single trade group. That’s the kind of work that a unified industry can do as efficiently or more so than we’ve been able to do in the past,” Bozzella said.

Getting the Most from Industry Contributors

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This is not only a great way to get relevant, on-topic content from industry thought leaders, but could also be a great way to simultaneously promote the conference and session in one or more of your publications leading up to the event.

Scavenger Hunts and Industry Knowledge

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image source It''s been a busy few weeks at my association. Our Annual Conference just passed, we''re now revving up for our big triennial trade show. In fact, when this post goes live, I''ll be in the thick of things at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Daily Buzz: Education Offerings for Industry Partners

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Inviting industry partners to join your community pushes its mission forward. Industry partner, affiliate, vendor, or supplier members—whatever your association calls them, if you fail to engage with this member segment, you’re missing an opportunity.

The Industry Standards That Could Kill Robocalls for Good

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Telecom industry groups have stepped up their efforts to stop robocalls by developing call verification and blocking standards. Thanks to a new industry standard, the stream of robocalls may soon let up. Industry groups are working on ramp-up efforts as well.

Cruise Ship Industry Campaign Uses Stories to Revamp Public Image

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The Cruise Lines International Association recently launched the “We Are Cruise” campaign, which uses stories and videos to share the personality of its industry. CLIA wants the cruise industry to be seen as helpful to the communities they visit. “As

The State of the Community Industry: A Return to Community-Driven Business

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He attributes shifts like organizing for the gaming industry, joining Twitter and following thought leaders like Seth Godin and Lisa Gansky to his community success. David Spinks is the founder of CMX, the hub for the community industry.

Learning Pathways: How to Fill Your Industry’s Skills Gap

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Learning pathways also help students (high school and college) and young adults understand the different career paths in your industry and the type of skills they need to develop if they wish to obtain a job or enter a career. Design learning pathways (and your digital badge strategy ) in tandem with employers in your industry. A digital badge program will also help companies in your industry find and hire those qualified employees.

Report: Global Events Industry Gives World a Trillion-Dollar Boost

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In a wide-ranging new report, the Events Industry Council says business events around the world help drive a total GDP impact of $1.5 When it comes to the economic impact of the global meetings industry, one word stands out: trillion. The events industry also directly led to 10.3

A Look at the Event Industry’s Tech Skills Gap

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In my opinion, probably much of what you’ve done in the past: Turn to your association’s technology team, vendors, and other partners for guidance and advice; learn from what your competitors are doing; and keep up with industry news and events.

Grain Industry Highlights Safety Concerns, With OSHA’s Help

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In the annual Stand-Up for Grain Safety Week, the workplace safety agency partners with the National Grain and Feed Association to help industry employers educate workers on grain bin hazards.

Education, Industry Groups Focused on Student Readiness in the Workplace

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The National School Boards Association’s new report offers to help industry groups interact better with school districts to prepare “life-ready” graduates. The report also encourages a closer relationship between industry associations and schools.

Airline Industry Makes Room for Nonbinary IDs

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With a number of states allowing individuals to register their gender under a nonbinary status, the airline industry is likewise adjusting its flight-booking terminology beyond “male” and “female.”. The post Airline Industry Makes Room for Nonbinary IDs appeared first on Associations Now

5 Meetings Industry Trends Defining 2017

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Meanwhile, meeting planners are also grappling with a host of new trends—because, of course, every industry evolves. Indeed, BEC will provide every detail necessary to plan a program, including site and fam trip support, RFP facilitation, customs and tax queries—plus industry contacts.

Bridging the Education to Employment Gap Will Take An Industry-Wide Movement

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The post Bridging the Education to Employment Gap Will Take An Industry-Wide Movement appeared first on Spark Consulting. I recently had the opportunity to contribute to Association Success’s SURGE 2018 spring conference, hosting a “monitor-side chat” with Shelly Alcorn and Tracy Petrillo on the association role in the new educational paradigm. Association Success asked me to write a follow-up article about that session.

Five Tech Tools that Every Association Needs to Be a Leader in Their Industry


Over the past decade technology has changed at lightning speed. Systems are more intuitive and user friendly than ever before, as sites like Slack and Twitter continue to garner mass use with simplicity.

Tools 240

Lessons for Associations From the Service Industry

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How do you go about communicating the bigger picture? Ari Weinzweig is co-founder of the massively successful Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. They are world-renowned for their outstanding customer service, which has been engrained in the company culture. So how was such a culture established?