Small Towns, Big Gesture: Bar Associations Push Law Students Back to Main Street

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Maine Nonprofits Say Property Tax Proposal Would Jeopardize Programs, Services

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Looking for ways to bring in new revenue, Maine Gov. Last year, before releasing his biennial budget proposal, Maine Gov. At a town hall meeting on Wednesday , LePage said the proposal is part of a necessary plan to make Maine more prosperous.

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Maine Lobstermen Soften Shell of Longstanding Antitrust Regulations

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The Maine Lobstermen’s Association says a decades-old consent decree regulating the group is out-of-date and limits the group’s ability to advocate for its members. The regulations that manage Maine’s iconic lobster industry.

Maine Tourism Association Grapples With Employee Theft

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The potential for embezzlement threatens many organizations , and in the case of one association in Maine, it will likely lead to jail time for a former employee. The post Maine Tourism Association Grapples With Employee Theft appeared first on Associations Now

Catering and Innovation – Main Event

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Nancy Goodman and Joel Thevoz, the married business partners at Main Event Caterers in Arlington, Virginia have created an aquaponics system for growing vegetables and raising fish – in their warehouse!

New Association To Serve As Voice For ‘Main Street’ Investment Banks

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The American Securities Association formed late last month to serve as a voice and leadership platform for the investment banks, broker dealers, banks, and wealth managers that serve “Main Street.”.

Main Thing, Engagement & Problem Solving: Key Ideas for Association Executives

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Remember Stephen Covery’s “ The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing ”?). Today’s association executives face a myriad of problems. Changing demographics. Increasing competition. Defining income sources. Adapting to diverse media and technology.

Thanks For Playing: Always the Last to Know: Nicira's Network.

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skip to main | skip to sidebar. One of the main flaws with the construction of the Internet has always been that it was made to prefer stability (as in, the whole thing wont go down) to security (as in, your network wont get hacked). Thanks For Playing. Seeking community in associations since 2008. 14 May 2012. Always the Last to Know: Niciras Network Virtualization Platform. OK, this weeks ATLTK is REALLY geeky, I admit, but this is worth it.

SCD Group: Become a Hero to Your Association Members: 5 Ways.

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My main thought is: Why is this a question? Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic. AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. Sunday, June 17, 2012. Become a Hero to Your Association Members: 5 Ways Content Management Can Add Value to your Association’s Members.

Is It Time to Ax Your Young Professionals Group?


I wanted to move on to the main table. Do you remember sitting at the kiddie table? I do, and it’s a memory that brings up mixed feelings. I loved the kiddie table when I was five, but by 14 I was tired of all the screaming children.

How Much Does an Association Management System Really Cost?


The main reason for this is that the answer isn’t cut and dry. If your organization is in the market for a new Association Management System (AMS), or if you’re comparing different membership software systems, the first question you’re asking is, “ How much does it cost? ”. There’s not a lot of information out there about this; I’m sure you’ve noticed that most vendors will want to set up a call with you before they give you any substantial information.

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Sold Out! One Simple Change Filled This Club’s Events Like Never Before

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If your organization’s main form of accepting member dues and event registrations is through check or cash, there’s a good chance you’re missing out on registrations, new members and even cash flow. Find out how this club began to fill up their events simply by beginning to offer online registrations and payments. online payments

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What’s Next? 6 Membership Trends to Watch in 2017


I was watching a movie from 2001 recently and one of the main characters had a laptop. It seems like only yesterday we were worried about what would happen when the computers hit the year 2000. Now it’s nearly 2017 and a lot has changed. Just think about technology.

American Board of Medical Specialties Conference

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The three main audiences for this summary info-graphic are senior CHEST management, course chairs, faculty, and accreditation boards. ABMS , a prominent board of medical specialty boards, will hold its annual conference in Chicago, September 25-27.

Associations Now Cover Story on #Humanize

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In case you missed it, I got the cover on the September/October issue of Associations Now magazine with an article about the main concepts in Humanize. Consulting. Speaking. About. Contact. Generations. Humanize. Books: Jamie Notter. Leadership insight.right when you need it. Associations Now Cover Story on #Humanize. Posted October 21, 2011. in Books and Reading , Humanize - 1 comment. Tweet.

3 free DIY design tools for membership bodies

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Main purpose: Design. Main purpose: Photo editing. Main purpose: Infographic creation. Design is worth paying for. Design is more than just tools; it is also the experience, expertise and eye of a trained professional.

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Five Tips to Increase Your Email Open Rate

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Focus the main point of interest on the copy that will appear in the preview pane of your email. Want to increase your bulk email open rate? Of course you do! The subject is the most important part of the email.

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The Big Picture: The Forest and the Trees

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« Study Reveals High Levels of Twitter Use at Conferences | Main. But when I clicked, I was just brought to the main page of a site, not the story itself. The Big Picture. A big-picture view of issues and trends affecting associations - in Mississippi and nationally. Shawn on Facebook. Shawn on Twitter. Shawn on Google+. Shawn on Pinterest. Shawn on LinkedIn. Integrating social media into the association communication mix » January 31, 2012. The Forest and the Trees.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.22.17

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The PCMA Digital Experience Institute will be streaming live the most talked about sessions including each day’s main stage, thought leaders from across the globe and business events experts focusing on the most pressing industry topics.

Day 1: Membership Growth Online Summit - Online Marketing Funnel

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As a nonprofit manager, one of your main initiatives is to attract and retain new members. You’ve tried various marketing campaigns, but they take a lot of work (plus the payoff is largely unpredictable). All this can be solved by an automated Marketing Funnel. membership growth summit funnel john-haydon

Want to be an Association Thought Leader? Ditch Vanilla.

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While it was written mainly for CEOs, there are some valuable lessons for associations as well. Categories: Social Media and Business Trends Tags: associations , though leadership There’s a great article in Inc. magazine on becoming a thought leader in your industry. Contrary to expectations, becoming a thought leader is not about being the most intelligent person in the community. It’s about being unique and being [.] ( Read more. )

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SocialFish Job Board is Live! Please Share!


Jobseekers: Here’s the main job seeker page: [link]. Employers: Here’s the main employer page: [link]. So excited to announce that our job board is now live!!!!

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What We Love About the New Business Impact of Online Communities Study

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The data suggests organizations that spend less than $200K either under-staff their communities, don’t invest in software, don’t account for internal “charge backs” such as IT labor, or rely mainly on community generated content.

Engaging members digitally – National Trust’s story

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Decentralised digital audits: After its main site and key property content was audited to ensure it matched the new digital personas, local properties and regional teams were trained to audit further content themselves via an audit template and content training.

You Engage By Being Engaging

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In the video interview, we talk about the three main engagement mistakes associations make: Equating engagement with sales.

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Association Campaign Gets Mainers to Talk Tourism

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A new video campaign from the Maine Tourism Association aims to show how the tourism industry benefits the state’s entire economy. The videos will also be aired as paid PSAs on Maine television and radio channels.

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7 things I like about the Federation of Small Business’s website

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Key campaigns: Found under the ‘Policy Issues’ section on the main navigation toolbar, the campaigns are made very accessible and easy to understand through clear visuals, explanations that are to the point and through clear calls to action, with easy ways to get involved.

3 steps to improve how you communicate the value of membership

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33% of organisations say that their main barrier to growth is effectively communicating the value of membership.

Latest Social Media Tool Tips You Need To Know


Main takeway: ignore G+ at your peril. Main takeaway: If your work is visual, Pinterest is worth it. Main takeaway: Stay on top of FB as much as possible. Main takeaway: Buffer is one to watch. Main takeaway – less commenting across the board seems to be a trend.

Announcing Association Summer Jam 2013

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At a pre-determined time all party hosts will logon to a special Google hangout where we will broadcast live, get to see each other's sites and share each sites main thoughts on the topic. So hey all you Association Subculture blog

The Psychology of Sharing


They found that according to a study in the New York Times, there are six main types of sharer: Hipsters, Careerists, Altruists, Selectives, Boomerangs and Connectors. In contrast to the Hipster, they mainly use email to share online.

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The Bigger Community ROI Picture

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Here are the basics: as you cook the rice (a main ingredient for the dish), you need to add it slowly while stirring. Even if you’re main work is on creating that critical mass, or helping your community members create community norms, continue to connect each action to positive ROI.

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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.5.18

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The PCMA Digital Experience Institute will be streaming live the most talked about sessions including each day’s main stage, thought leaders from across the globe and business events experts focusing on the most pressing industry topics.

Why Online Communities Still Aren’t a Top Business Strategy (And How to Change That)

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A large majority of participants, most at the manager level or above, reported reactive methods as their main source of competitive advantage. Dear online community professionals, We have work to do.

How to Increase Nonprofit Website Traffic (And How That Translates to Revenue)

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In the alt text, you can either describe the image or include the main point of the content. Body text should also include latent semantic index (LSI) keywords, which are similar to your main keyword and give search engines more details on your topic. Websites are par for the course.

The Top 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Launching an Online Community

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I'm getting settled into my new job and my main task for these first few weeks has been to study the online community field. Find books to read, write out notes, identify main themes across your various research and write blog posts or whitepapers about them.

How Attendees Use Technology to Interact at Events

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As an event organizer or planner, your main goal is to keep attendees informed and engaged throughout the show. The use of technology at events has grown tremendously and varies greatly for different. For more about this topic, click on the headline. Events Marketing & Communications Membership Technology Beth Ziesenis Charles Popper event app event tech event technology events live video streaming Meerkat Periscope social media wearables

Three Reasons You Need a Dedicated Community Manager

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Also, having one main point of contact will ensure your community has a consistent tone and conversational style. At first glance, an online community appears to be a harmless task to add to a worthy colleague's plate.

The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Brand Identity Guides

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There is usually one master brand identity guide that covers the main areas. A number of clients have been working on various branding related issues lately, so I’m so pleased to be able to share this guest post from my colleague Sharon Bending at Rx Creative Lab on the keys to putting together effective brand identity guidelines: A set of brand identity guidelines (also referred to as brand standards) is a part of every rebrand.

5 reasons why I love the CIM’s hardcopy benefits poster

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This leaflet just focuses on six main areas of benefits. I am a member of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and in with my renewal Direct Debit confirmation letter there was a nice A3 poster outlining my benefits.

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