Colorado Nonprofit Association Makes Learning Free to Members

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The association that represents nonprofit organizations in Colorado is eliminating fees for its training programs and instituting a new learning recognition program. In the area of professional development, the Colorado Nonprofit Association is going from fee to free.

Association Offers Colorado Teachers Member-Driven Video Coaching

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The right instructors might not be in the classroom, but in Colorado, they will be in easy reach digitally. The Colorado Education Association is incorporating video observation and feedback into its existing COpilot learning platform , collaborating with the video coaching vendor Edthena.

Colorado Hospital Group Partners on Opioid Safety Pilot

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In response to high levels of opioid use and abuse in the state, the Colorado Hospital Association launched an opioid safety pilot in a handful of the state’s hospitals and emergency departments.

Colorado Produce Group Lends Growers a Helping Hand

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The Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association saw the bind new federal regulations were putting its members in and reacted accordingly: by holding mock FDA food safety inspections. In July, a team of state inspectors joined growers at a Pueblo, Colorado, farm to go through the process.

Supreme Court to Review Colorado “Amazon Tax” Law

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Supreme Court will hear a case challenging a Colorado law that requires out-of-state companies to tell consumers what sales tax they owe, even though they don’t have to collect it. The Colorado case isn’t the first on the issue.

Supreme Court to Review Colorado “Amazon Tax” Law

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Supreme Court will hear a case challenging a Colorado law that requires out-of-state companies to tell consumers what sales tax they owe, even though they don’t have to collect it. The Colorado case isn’t the first on the issue.

Colorado Ski Resorts: Marijuana Use on the Slopes Still Isn’t OK

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Colorado is headed for uncharted territory. But an association that represents 21 ski resorts—part of what it says is a $3 billion-a-year tourism industry for Colorado—has a warning for those looking to smoke on the slopes: Doing it in public is still against the law.

2013 – A Progress Report.

Robert M Barnes

Finish making the basketball backboard for my … Continue reading → A Dangerous Mind 2013 bucketlist Colorado Dangerous Minds Insurance lists progress report Report Services Snowboard things to do United States ( Here is an update on the things I made a commitment to myself to do this year. I really feel I am getting somewhere and it is nice to tick a few boxes.

Report 100

Best of the Week: 6 Stories for Association Executives from SCDdaily

SCD Group

The Nine Biggest Mistakes Meeting Planners Make By Debbie Taylor via Colorado Meetings + Events Planning any kind of event is a complex, time-consuming process that is filled with potential pitfalls. Here are six stories and articles selected for association executives.

Strut your Stuff

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There was the elimination of school bus service in a school district in Colorado (done), slashing the number of prisons in New York State (proposed) and the withdrawal of support staff in the courts of Florida (proposed).

Marijuana Group Goes Stark, Simple With Public-Safety Campaign

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The Marijuana Industry Group, which represents Colorado’s legal pot trade, is launching a series of safety-focused slogans that take a few cues from campaigns targeted at alcohol users. Welcome to Colorado, the world’s first legal cannabis market.

Cutting Edge Social Media for Associations

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The highlight is the article about the social media strategy at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. The magazine for association executives, Associations Now , has another great issue this month (Feb. 2013).

Best Benefit Ever: Access to Ride-Sharing Services

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Check out how Bicycle Colorado is working to attract new members who occasionally need four wheels instead of two. Bicycle Colorado offers a free one-year membership to Zipcar to new and renewing members—a cost savings of $85.

Colo. Tech Group Asks Members to Help Break Down Barriers to Innovation

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Cory Gardner, the Colorado Technology Association is hosting interactive online sessions to solicit member feedback on barriers to innovation. Colorado is home to more than 14,500 electronics and IT companies that employ nearly 187,000 people, according CTA. In partnership with Sen.

Conference Circuit: Conservation Efforts

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After a welcome reception on Sunday evening, NACD’s 71st Annual Meeting officially starts on Monday with an opening general session featuring Colorado Gov. Books will be donated to North Elementary in Brighton, Colorado. Rundown Attendees: 1,000. Exhibitors: 30.

Meet Your Community Manager: Will Machin

Higher Logic

After college, he moved to Colorado for several years. Ever wonder who the people behind the curtain are here at Higher Logic? We're introducing you to our community managers.

Conference Circuit: Parliamentary Procedure

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The National Association of Parliamentarians’ 2016 National Training Conference begins in Colorado late next week. Location: Broomfield, Colorado. Rundown Attendees: 500. Educational workshops: 30.

Giving Day Hosts Must Have A Crisis Plan – #Givedaylessons

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Colorado Gives has hosted six gives days and has over $111 million dollars for Colorado nonprofits. Crisis Planning for Colorado Gives – Guest Post by Dana Rinderknect, Colorado Gives. We do live in Colorado and snow is going to happen!

Why Twitter Team Tweeting Works

Beth Kanter's Blog

Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved is a state network that links resources with people who can make change happen in Colorado.

Team 77

It’s all about boards and business models in March!

Principled Innovation

March 8– Better Boards Workshop (full day) and a luncheon talk on the Five Reasons-Boards article in Denver, Colorado. March 10– Informal discussion on the Five Reasons-Boards article at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs. March 11– Informal discussion on the Five Reasons-Boards article at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs. In support of my new article, “Trapped in the Past,” a.k.a.

Association CEO Looks to Debate Congressman Over Fracking Conflict

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As a fight between local communities and the energy industry plays out in Colorado over hydraulic fracturing, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s CEO hopes to make her group’s case by debating the area’s anti-fracking congressman.

Best Benefit Ever: Environmental Protection for Bicyclists

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The association leads volunteers and members in conducting field research ; offers insights into how to negotiate with stakeholders about the preservation of untamed, natural areas; and has supported initiatives to preserve wilderness in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Virginia.

No Paper Needed: Anthropology Association Builds New Review System

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University Press of Colorado Director Darrin Pratt called the system a “radically new workflow for scholarly book reviews.”.

Laws Imitate ‘Dallas Buyers Club’: States Pass Right-To-Try Legislation

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More details: A “right to try”: Several states, including Colorado and Louisiana, have passed laws that allow patients to make deals with pharmaceutical firms for access to experimental drugs, which generally require FDA approval before legal distribution.

Cannabis Association to Host First National Conference

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In the year since recreational pot use was legalized in Colorado and Washington, the cannabis industry has been booming. As for location, West said NCIA wasn’t tied to holding the meeting in Washington or Colorado, but Denver was a logical choice given the nature of the cannabis market there.

Brew Your Own: Homebrewers Association Launches Beer Clone Guide

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The American Homebrewers Association is making available specific recipes for brewing small batches of popular craft beers. The group notes that many of the original brewers of these beers started out as homebrewers themselves.

With Banking a Sticking Point, Cannabis Group Boosts Lobbying Game

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The inconsistencies between state-level marijuana legalization and federal-level banking regulations still linger nearly two years after Colorado pot shops legally opened for business.

Join Jeff for Better Boards Workshop on March 8 in Denver

Principled Innovation

Join Jeff De Cagna of Principled Innovation on Friday, March 8, 2013 in Denver for a full-day workshop on Building Better Boards , presented by the Colorado Society of Association Executives. The workshop and luncheon talk will take place in Denver on the Friday before ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs.

Denver 117

ATV Groups to Enthusiasts: Stay Off the Roads

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A movement to allow all-terrain vehicles to operate on public roads has won fans in rural counties across the country, including in Colorado, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Eleven of Colorado’s 64 counties allow ATVs to be operated on some public roads, typically those with lower speed limits.

Monday Buzz: Finding Profitability in Virtual Events

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Then if you’re in Colorado, there’s good news! The Colorado Society of Association Executives has just launched the Colorado Association Marketplace Directory.

Data+Culture Change+Digital = Awesome at #ideas16


Ready to turn your “ #Membership Inside Out”? Join @joecolangelo @maddiegrant @susancato at #ideas16 PCHAHbHpxG 3/14 #assnchat. Bear Analytics (@BearAnalytics) March 11, 2016.

Wednesday Buzz: A Unique Way to Support Soldiers

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But the Colorado nonprofit The Home Front Cares (THFC) is putting a spin on traditional support: The organization will be selling ready-to-eat meals, commonly known as MREs in military terms, for an “MRE Lunch Day” November 10.

How the Outdoor Industry Found Its Lobbying Voice

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Colorado and Utah are not the closest places in the world to Washington, DC, but the outdoor industry—thanks in no small part to its economic clout—is well-positioned to make the political gap a lot smaller.

Utah 82

Hemp Industry Brings Momentum to Annual History Week

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That’s when Ryan Loflin, a Colorado farmer, decided to grow 55 acres of the once-prevalent crop, whose regulatory status has long been lumped in with its sister plant marijuana. A ballot measure legalized both plants in Colorado in 2012.

Cannabis Industry Group Works to Boost Safety for ???Edibles???

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For every three legal marijuana products sold in Colorado, two are edible.

Study Reveals Career Cost of Promoting Diversity, For Some

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For women and minorities who advocate for other women and minorities in the workplace, the price of promoting diversity might come as a less favorable performance review, according to a new University of Colorado study.

Cost 82

Marijuana Industry Takes More Steps Toward Viability

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With high-profile venture capitalists beginning to invest in legal cannabis businesses and a pot-focused nonprofit credit union launching in Colorado, the industry is gaining momentum on the financial front.

Where are you stuck? A Visit to the Saltan Sea

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The Salton Sea is now where the Colorado River inflows. Photo by @davidlauer. As you look at this photo, what do you see? Do you see the darkness of the mountains or the light of the sunset? This is an iPhone photo sent by a friend in the moment of reflection.

Conference Circuit: On the Rocks

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The American Association of Petroleum Geologists will head to Colorado’s capital city for its Annual Convention & Exhibition. Venue: Colorado Convention Center. Rundown Attendees: 8,500. Technical Presentations: 900. Exhibitors: 250.

As One Internet Tax Battle Ends, Talk of Another Heats Up

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Last month, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) was on the losing side of an appeals court ruling regarding Colorado’s “Amazon tax.”