Colorado Nonprofit Association Makes Learning Free to Members

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The association that represents nonprofit organizations in Colorado is eliminating fees for its training programs and instituting a new learning recognition program. In the area of professional development, the Colorado Nonprofit Association is going from fee to free. The Colorado Nonprofit Association had heard from its members that the cost of training was a barrier to taking advantage of professional development opportunities.

Association Offers Colorado Teachers Member-Driven Video Coaching

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The right instructors might not be in the classroom, but in Colorado, they will be in easy reach digitally. The Colorado Education Association is incorporating video observation and feedback into its existing COpilot learning platform , collaborating with the video coaching vendor Edthena. Trained CEA members facilitate a variety of interactive COpilot courses and will now be able to provide peer-to-peer feedback on videos uploaded by Colorado teachers.

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Colorado Hospital Group Partners on Opioid Safety Pilot

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In response to high levels of opioid use and abuse in the state, the Colorado Hospital Association launched an opioid safety pilot in a handful of the state’s hospitals and emergency departments. Colorado has the 12th-highest rate of prescription opioid abuse and misuse in the nation, according to the Colorado Hospital Association. “We The post Colorado Hospital Group Partners on Opioid Safety Pilot appeared first on Associations Now

Supreme Court to Review Colorado “Amazon Tax” Law

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Supreme Court will hear a case challenging a Colorado law that requires out-of-state companies to tell consumers what sales tax they owe, even though they don’t have to collect it. The trade group for marketers is fighting a Colorado law that requires online retailers located outside the state to inform consumers of the state sales tax they would owe on purchases, even though the retailers are not required to collect it. The Colorado case isn’t the first on the issue.

How Colorado Ski Country USA Keeps Kids on the Slopes

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For nearly two decades, a trade group for Colorado’s ski industry has offered fifth-graders a chance to ski or snowboard at 20 of the state’s ski areas for free. Don’t let the warm weather fool you—we’re not that far from the winter months, a season of ice, snow, and, if you’re in Colorado, lots of skiing and snowboarding. And the strategy of Colorado Ski Country USA has been to get the state’s skiers and snowboarders to start young.

Colorado Produce Group Lends Growers a Helping Hand

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The Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association saw the bind new federal regulations were putting its members in and reacted accordingly: by holding mock FDA food safety inspections. The Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (CFVGA) is holding mock inspections for members in the wake of sweeping new federal Food and Drug Administration regulations. In July, a team of state inspectors joined growers at a Pueblo, Colorado, farm to go through the process.

Recovery in Colorado: Groups Move in as Floodwaters Retreat

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After a week of downpours and record flooding, rescue efforts continue and cleanup is underway in Colorado. Parts of northern Colorado are finally seeing some relief from the record-setting rainfall the pounded the area for nearly a week straight. Initial estimates by Colorado emergency management officials said nearly 19,000 homes were damaged or destroyed by flooding. It’ll be the positive message coming out of Colorado that, ‘Yes, we’re open,’” she said.

Colorado Ski Resorts: Marijuana Use on the Slopes Still Isn’t OK

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Colorado is headed for uncharted territory. But an association that represents 21 ski resorts—part of what it says is a $3 billion-a-year tourism industry for Colorado—has a warning for those looking to smoke on the slopes: Doing it in public is still against the law. However, Colorado Ski Country USA, the resort trade association, is concerned that people openly smoking pot on the trails could drive away families looking for a fun getaway.

Supreme Court to Review Colorado “Amazon Tax” Law

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Supreme Court will hear a case challenging a Colorado law that requires out-of-state companies to tell consumers what sales tax they owe, even though they don’t have to collect it. The trade group for marketers is fighting a Colorado law that requires online retailers located outside the state to inform consumers of the state sales tax they would owe on purchases, even though the retailers are not required to collect it. The Colorado case isn’t the first on the issue.

HOAs grapple with sign rules in era of social justice reform (CO)

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Colorado law states community associations can’t ban political signs around elections but can make rules about all other signs. That’s prompting debate in Lowry. Read the article…………………………… Colorado Condo & HOA News Displays & Signs National Condo & HOA News

Extra Extra Get Your Updated CCIOA!! (CO)

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But don’t forget about the need to comply with the new changes to the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”), which were put in place following the 2020 Legislative Session. Read the article…………………… Colorado Articles Legal & Legislative News Legislative Articles

Don’t Miss Out on PersoniFest 2020 — Check Out Our Top Program Picks!

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PersoniFest 2020 is in Colorado Springs between April 5-8. Here's why you and your team don't want to miss Wild Apricot's third annual user conference

Owners, preservation advocates agree to pause landmark process for Denver condo building (CO)

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The future of the Carmen Court condo building in Denver’s Speer neighborhood and a decision about whether or not its past makes it a historic landmark have both been put on hold. Read the article………………………………… Colorado Condo & HOA News National Condo & HOA News

Lowry Board Reverses Policy: Yard Signs Now Allowed (CO)

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Board regulations previously prohibited temporary yard signs, angering residents who had recently put up social justice yard signs. Read the article…………………………… Colorado Condo & HOA News Displays & Signs National Condo & HOA News

HOA Orders Lowry Residents In Denver To Remove Social Justice Yard Signs (CO)

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Melissa Steele has a sign in her front yard advocating for women’s rights, science, love and kindness. Read the article………………………… Colorado Condo & HOA News Displays & Signs National Condo & HOA News

2020 HOA Legislation (CO)

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The Bill also establishes a state law standard on limited religious displays on the door or door frame of a residence. Read the article………………………… Colorado Articles Legal & Legislative News Legislative ArticlesThe State’s HOA Information Office and its HOA Officer were continued for 5 more years. The State office was due to end (or “sunset”), but was renewed by HB 20-1200 (“Bill”).

Non-required But Essential Policies (CO)

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If an association is accused of discrimination or non-uniform treatment of owners, the best defense is to have a written policy the association can point to and tell a judge, “We follow the steps set forth in this policy every time this issue comes up to ensure we treat all owners exactly the same.” Read the article……………………………………… Colorado Articles Condo & HOA Articles Creating Rules & Regs

2013 – A Progress Report.

Robert M Barnes

Finish making the basketball backboard for my … Continue reading → A Dangerous Mind 2013 bucketlist Colorado Dangerous Minds Insurance lists progress report Report Services Snowboard things to do United States ( Here is an update on the things I made a commitment to myself to do this year. I really feel I am getting somewhere and it is nice to tick a few boxes.

Best of the Week: 6 Stories for Association Executives from SCDdaily

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The Nine Biggest Mistakes Meeting Planners Make By Debbie Taylor via Colorado Meetings + Events Planning any kind of event is a complex, time-consuming process that is filled with potential pitfalls. FastCompany Maddie Grant Becky Gaylord Pew Media Study Colorado Meetings + Events Dan Farber 12 Most Blog Social Fish QualityDigestHere are six stories and articles selected for association executives. Pew Study: News consumption up via mobile, social media.

Best Benefit Ever: Access to Ride-Sharing Services

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Check out how Bicycle Colorado is working to attract new members who occasionally need four wheels instead of two. Bicycle Colorado offers a free one-year membership to Zipcar to new and renewing members—a cost savings of $85. cities and on more than 100 college campuses nationwide, it’s a perk that extends far beyond Colorado. Other benefits: Bicycle Colorado works to promote cycling , while improving bike trails and street routes for members.

Marijuana Group Goes Stark, Simple With Public-Safety Campaign

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The Marijuana Industry Group, which represents Colorado’s legal pot trade, is launching a series of safety-focused slogans that take a few cues from campaigns targeted at alcohol users. Which is why the Colorado-based Marijuana Industry Group (MIG), the country’s oldest trade association representing licensed cannabis businesses, is building a message that encourages those consuming cannabis in any form to do so safely. Welcome to Colorado, the world’s first legal cannabis market.

Immediate Release: Duckworth Assumes Ownership of Everyday Mindfulness Show

Holly Duckworth

Ready to grow your organization? Listen to Verne Harnish on SURGEcast

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As the author of “ Mastering the Rockefeller Habits ” and its follow-up, “ Scaling Up: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 ,” few are in position to offer advice on how to grow your organization quite like Verne Harnish.

It’s all about boards and business models in March!

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March 8– Better Boards Workshop (full day) and a luncheon talk on the Five Reasons-Boards article in Denver, Colorado. March 10– Informal discussion on the Five Reasons-Boards article at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs. March 11– Informal discussion on the Five Reasons-Boards article at ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs. In support of my new article, “Trapped in the Past,” a.k.a.

Cutting Edge Social Media for Associations

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The highlight is the article about the social media strategy at the Colorado Oil and Gas Association. Jill McClure , Chief Operating Officer of Colorado Oil and Gas Association says: “It’s a shift away from that traditional communications style – here’s what we want you to think – to here’s a conversation we’re having and you can join in, and here are some concepts for us to think about and discuss, and things we can do together.

Insurance Advisory Group Finds Niche Supporting Cannabis Industry

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Colorado. Now, the insurance group is expanding its efforts to Colorado—another state that has seen success with legalization but where business has proven difficult to stick with because of regulatory challenges. Daily Marijuana Observer notes that Colorado’s status “as the most experienced recreational market in the U.S.” The American Association of Insurance Services launched a state-backed program for cannabis businesses in California last year.

Meet Your Community Manager: Will Machin

Higher Logic

After college, he moved to Colorado for several years. Ever wonder who the people behind the curtain are here at Higher Logic? We're introducing you to our community managers. They’ll talk about why they love community management, helpful resources to use and weigh in on the dog versus cat debate (as you can see, this is serious stuff…). In this sixth installment, we’re introducing our newest community manager, Will Machin. What excites you about community mangement?

Colo. Tech Group Asks Members to Help Break Down Barriers to Innovation

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Cory Gardner, the Colorado Technology Association is hosting interactive online sessions to solicit member feedback on barriers to innovation. The Colorado Technology Association is asking its members how they could create one more innovation or one more job—if not for a regulation or another perceived barrier. Our One More Job/One More Innovation Initiative aims to give the Colorado technology industry a voice at the table in Washington, DC,” Gardner said in a statement.

CompTIA Study Finds Tech Hubs Where You Wouldn’t Expect Them

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Other major college towns on the list included Lansing, which benefits from Michigan State University in nearby East Lansing; Madison, Wisconsin, home to the University of Wisconsin; and Boulder, Colorado, the home base for the University of Colorado. But even cities that couldn’t simply be excused as college towns, like Des Moines, Iowa, or Colorado Springs, Colorado, also did well on the list.

Geospatial Analysis and Predicting the Future

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A statement in a report that “10 percent of our membership is in Colorado” is useful, but not as useful as showing in shades of blue, red or orange how Colorado compares to any of the other 49 states. Which visual representation permits your data to come to life in the most palatable, efficient, understandable way? What does it mean not to be behind the geospatial curve?

No Paper Needed: Anthropology Association Builds New Review System

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University Press of Colorado Director Darrin Pratt called the system a “radically new workflow for scholarly book reviews.”. In addition to the University Press of Colorado, four other university presses have signed up: the University of Chicago Press, University of Nebraska Press, University of New Mexico Press, and University Press of Florida.

Association CEO Looks to Debate Congressman Over Fracking Conflict

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As a fight between local communities and the energy industry plays out in Colorado over hydraulic fracturing, the Colorado Oil and Gas Association’s CEO hopes to make her group’s case by debating the area’s anti-fracking congressman. Jared Polis (D-CO) and the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA). COGA’s lawsuits follow one in Longmont, Colorado, where a similar restriction passed in 2012. There’s very little you can do, under Colorado law.”

Conference Circuit: Conservation Efforts

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After a welcome reception on Sunday evening, NACD’s 71st Annual Meeting officially starts on Monday with an opening general session featuring Colorado Gov. Books will be donated to North Elementary in Brighton, Colorado. By offering six optional tours, NACD is encouraging attendees to learn more about both Denver and Colorado. Rundown Attendees: 1,000. Exhibitors: 30.

Best Benefit Ever: Environmental Protection for Bicyclists

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The association leads volunteers and members in conducting field research ; offers insights into how to negotiate with stakeholders about the preservation of untamed, natural areas; and has supported initiatives to preserve wilderness in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, and Virginia. Prompted by a successful membership drive, we look at what keeps a bicycling association’s wheels spinning. What’s the benefit?

Join Jeff for Better Boards Workshop on March 8 in Denver

Principled Innovation

Join Jeff De Cagna of Principled Innovation on Friday, March 8, 2013 in Denver for a full-day workshop on Building Better Boards , presented by the Colorado Society of Association Executives. The workshop and luncheon talk will take place in Denver on the Friday before ASAE’s Great Ideas Conference in Colorado Springs.

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Conference Circuit: Parliamentary Procedure

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The National Association of Parliamentarians’ 2016 National Training Conference begins in Colorado late next week. More than 500 parliamentarians from around the world will be in Broomfield, Colorado, next week to ask questions, share ideas, and make connections that will contribute to moving the profession forward. Location: Broomfield, Colorado. Rundown Attendees: 500. Educational workshops: 30.

Laws Imitate ‘Dallas Buyers Club’: States Pass Right-To-Try Legislation

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More details: A “right to try”: Several states, including Colorado and Louisiana, have passed laws that allow patients to make deals with pharmaceutical firms for access to experimental drugs, which generally require FDA approval before legal distribution. The Colorado law includes exemptions to protect physicians and hospitals for being sued for prescribing experimental drugs to the terminally ill.

Clarity Is Fleeting

Eric Lanke

I was attending one of my association's major workforce development programs in and around Denver, Colorado, but where I was and what I was doing is not really relevant for the purposes of this post. I was on the road for much of this past week. What is relevant is that I was away from my office, and that while I was away I was able to get a clear picture on several of the issues that have been vexing me of late.

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Cannabis Association to Host First National Conference

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In the year since recreational pot use was legalized in Colorado and Washington, the cannabis industry has been booming. Since 2012, when voters approved ballot initiatives in Washington and Colorado creating the legal-marijuana market in those states, the growth of the industry has been tremendous, West said. As for location, West said NCIA wasn’t tied to holding the meeting in Washington or Colorado, but Denver was a logical choice given the nature of the cannabis market there.

2019 Accomplishments – A Message from Scott


I had the pleasure of recently meeting with Betsy and Jerry, a client and a search engine optimization consultant, in Colorado. Each year as we plan for the upcoming year, our focus is on how we can serve more associations, always improving on the year before.