Customers Buy Experiences, Not Products

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Traditional business models focus on products and services. Companies build up their products, advertise them, then make sales. Sales are becoming less and less dependent on products and services. Selling your product often includes ratting off its features.

Meet the Product Team!


Responsible for managing and planning the technology you know and love, the MemberClicks Product team is made up of curious, tenacious, caring Clickers. Know that every time you use one of our products, you’re logging into something this team has put their heart and soul into.

Productivity Hacks

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Sharing a fun presentation from Etienne Garbugli on how to be more productive: 26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known at 20 from Etienne Garbugli @egarbugli. presentations productivity Vinay Kumar My favorite tips include: Work when you’re in the zone – relax when you’re not (that’s also a great time to do stuff like your filing, balancing your books, reading an article, catching up on the blogs you follow, etc.).

How Binge Watching Relates to Association Productivity


The post How Binge Watching Relates to Association Productivity appeared first on GrowthZone. Productivity GrowthTweet. In order for associations to grow their membership and increase revenue, they must adopt “scalability.”

Top 11 Productivity Apps for Membership Managers

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While you enjoy the last of your summer and get back into the swing of things on the work front, we thought we'd greet you with a few recommendations on tool s that will help you get out in front of your deadlines and be more productive. Productivity and Time Management.

How Vimeo’s Community Helps Them Create Better Products

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Alexandra spoke about how she works with current Vimeo users to do usability testing on new products. Higher Logic: Tell us more about your background in community management and product usability testing. HL: How do you gather product feedback from your Vimeo users?

Association Conference Calls: Stay Productive

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With that many calls, I want them to be productive time. Here are seven habits that help keep calls that I facilitate more productive: Know who’s driving. Operations conference calls productivityThat’s how many association conference calls I facilitate in the average year. So many calls are just adrift, it’s unclear who is charged with facilitating the call [.].

Mastering the Art of Writing Course & Product Descriptions

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Mastering the Art of Writing Course & Product Descriptions. Read more about Mastering the Art of Writing Course & Product Descriptions

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Community Enhances Your Product Enhancements

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And that all adds up to a better product. Whether you’re an enormous B2C company like Coca Cola or a B2B startup with a short runway, collecting user feedback quickly and efficiently is key to creating a competitive product. Product feedback is a natural outcome of community.

’Tis the season for product roadmaps.

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YourMembership’s Product Roadmap constantly evolves. Here’s where YourMembership is headed in 2017, and beyond, to drive more member engagement + increase membership for forward-thinking associations. Around this time, everyone is eager to learn what the New Year will bring.

Are Your Products Aging Like Wine or Forgotten Yogurt?

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Visualizing your associations’ products throughout their lifecycle can provoke critical conversations. Collectively, they buy millions of products & services (including membership) from our associations every year. marketing products (sponsorships, advertising, exhibits).

9 Super Productivity Tools for Nonprofits

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If you find yourself struggling to keep up with everything you have to coordinate in your work, I encourage you to browse this list of productivity tools to see which ones might help you out. Every tool in the list has a free basic version or trial. Even if a tool can save you just one hour a week, it may be worth exploring

Improving Workplace Well-Being Can Boost Productivity, Reduce Turnover

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The post Improving Workplace Well-Being Can Boost Productivity, Reduce Turnover appeared first on Associations Now A new study from Myers-Briggs finds that workers with greater well-being outperform others and stay in their jobs longer.

Spring Clean Your Routine: Four Ways to Boost Your Productivity

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Don’t just focus on your closet or your file cabinet: Spend some time this season working on ways to minimize distractions while maximizing productivity. With that in mind, here are some alternative spring cleaning suggestions—each with improving productivity in mind.

How to Make Association Committee Members Happier and More Productive


The internet is filled with stories of organizations instituting radical changes to make employees more invested, happier, and thus more productive.

Snow day productivity: Briefer, clearer, funner communications

Aaron Wolowiec

First, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. Both Kristen and I, together with the Event Garde team, appreciate you following our blog, sharing your comments and post ideas and paying forward those posts that resonate with you most.

Nimble AMS Summer ’19 Product Release

Nimble AMS

Sell more easily with Cross-Sell functionality that will help increase revenue and member engagement by allowing associations to suggest related products and services for their constituents to buy. The post Nimble AMS Summer ’19 Product Release appeared first on

Daily Buzz: Tips for More Productive Meetings

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Though some of these might be uncontrollable, Smart Meetings suggests strategies for more productive meetings. The post Daily Buzz: Tips for More Productive Meetings appeared first on Associations Now A study shows that 56 percent of meeting time is unproductive.

MGM & Delos Partner for Productive Meetings & Relaxing Stays

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This partnership allows MGM Resorts to provide its customers state-of the-art solutions to make their meetings more productive and their visits more relaxing. Air quality can also have an affect on productivity.

Be Productive While Having a Beer (or Two)

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There are plenty of productive tasks you can do while enjoying a beverage. If you really want to be productive, draft emails you need to send, but don’t enter the email address into the To field and don’t even think about sending them. Tagged: Productivity. Business Productivit

The Most Productive Time for Meetings: Before Lunch

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Rule of thumb: For maximum productivity, schedule meetings and calls before lunch. The post The Most Productive Time for Meetings: Before Lunch appeared first on Associations Now

How a Major Corporation Crowdsources Product Innovation (And How You Can Too)

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Customers made their requests, which were then voted on by other patrons to determine their popularity before Starbucks put them into production. 4 Steps to Crowdsource Product Innovation at Your Company. Create a Product Plan. Starbucks. You’ve heard of Starbucks, right?

Who Should Own Your Email Newsletter Production Process?

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The outlets surveyed had a many different processes for building newsletters, spending anywhere between four and 58 hours on newsletter production every week. The post Who Should Own Your Email Newsletter Production Process?

Five Strategies to Ensure Your Digital Product Has a Killer Launch

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Whether it involves expanding your scale or workshopping your messaging, a well-considered approach to launching a new tech product can really pay off. Launching a new digital product or service for your members soon?

Meet Albert Pak - Product Manager at MemberSuite


Meet Albert Pak, a Product Manager that is passionate about Atlanta sports, traveling, and playing soccer. Learn more about Albert in this month's Employee Spotlight

Making Meetings Productive

Association Leaders

Here are some tips I have for making meetings more productive. I participate in many meetings – in fact, every day I am involved in one or more meetings of one kind or another. There are staff meetings, conference calls, webinars, committee and task force meetings, board meetings, conferences, trade shows, and more. There is nothing more frustrating than unproductive meetings – they are a waste of everyone’s time – and time is a finite and very valuable resource.

10 Tools for More Productive Online Marketing


Productivity becomes key if you want to juggle these correctly. DrumUp is one of the most useful social media productivity tools around. Automated Spreadsheets is still pretty new, as the link to Product Hunt will attest. Online marketing is a many headed monster.

Tools 102

Realignment #5: From Products to Solutions


Amazon thought along the same lines when it decided to allow customer product reviews on its website, despite that some of these reviews would be negative and jeopardize the sales of individual products. Selling standalone products involves linear transactions rather than relationships.

Be Productive Anywhere: Tips for Getting Work Done During a Flight Delay

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Turns out that a little productivity might actually be possible. The post Be Productive Anywhere: Tips for Getting Work Done During a Flight Delay appeared first on Associations Now

7 Small Steps Towards Mindful Productivity

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Productivity is using your pro-activity to focus and attain your goals. Start out with a clear set of intentions and then align your thoughts, beliefs and actions to become productive. How do we integrate personal and professional productivity?

7 Tips for Association Pros to Improve Productivity


To avoid losing focus and diminishing productivity, build more rest and renewal into your daily routine. Here are seven easy-to-implement tips for improving productivity and focus: 1. Ignore your email for one hour and see how much more productive you become. Productivity

Ensure Your Price Is Right on Products and Services

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Here’s what you should do and shouldn’t do when pricing your association’s products, services, and events. It’s also something associations should aim for when they establish fees for their products, services, and events.

Price 79

Stop Days: The Secret To Nonprofit Productivity

Beth Kanter

The video chat provided a nice opportunity to have conversation in real-time about the relationship between self-care and workplace productivity. Workplace Productivity and Well Being . The blue zone is productivity and as you can see it peaks in the morning (8-10 am) and (4-6 pm).

My Interview with Creative Maya Kalman, CEO of SWANK Productions

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One exemplary standout from the lineup of speakers is Maya Kalman, SWANK Productions CEO. The focus of the interactive Plan-A-Thon this year is for attendees to reinvent three key event formats: the award show, the gala fund-raiser, and the product launch.

6 End-of-Day Tasks to Complete for a More Productive Tomorrow


Obviously, you want your work days to be as productive as possible, so to make that more of a daily reality, try ending each day by completing the following six tasks: Small Staff ChatterIt’s easy to get into an afternoon/end-of-day slump.

6 Steps to Run a Productive Virtual Meeting with Templates and Examples

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If you’d like help making your virtual meetings more productive, here is a six-step formula along with the templates and examples that can make your virtual meetings super productive. Nancy-Settle-Murphy meetings virtual-meetings

Does a WELL-Designed Office Boost Productivity?

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ASID’s CEO sees the sleek, thoughtful space as not only a place to do work but also to do research into the impact of design on productivity. Some of that purpose is to inspire creativity and productivity. Is your office a place that inspires productivity?

To Boost Productivity, Encourage On-The-Job Naps

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Economic incentives, meaningful feedback, and adequate training are all ways to boost productivity at the office, but what about naps? billion in lost productivity. The post To Boost Productivity, Encourage On-The-Job Naps appeared first on Associations Now

So Long LinkedIn Products & Services Tab

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On April 14th LinkedIn will "retire" the products & services tab. Here are the details and what it might mean for your organization. social media

What Makes You More Productive At Work?

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People can get lost by asking if their day or week is full, mistaking a busy calendar with productivity. Exploring how you and your workplace view salary can be your first step in exploring your relationship with productivity. It requires continuous effort to have a better relationship with productivity, and if you ever get it figured out, you have to maintain it in a healthy way. I have tried various tactics to make my work time more intentional and productive.