Tech2Empower: The Llama Pack Project

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This team I worked with helped social entrepreneur Alejandra Arias Stella , the co-founder of the Llama Pack Project to build a reservation system for the Llama treks. The Llama Pack Project has literally transformed their lives because they able to earn a decent annual wage with their llamas.

Unpacking an Association’s Project Management Bag


Project managers head into a new project with that same sense of excitement and caution. And, like backpackers, they only achieve success if everything they need is in their metaphorical association project management backpack. A backcountry camping trip is a project.

Website Redesign Project Lessons: Inside the Brilliant Mind of a Project Manager

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This is a guest post from our senior project manager, Denise Pace. process project management CMS association websitesIt's great advice for any association about to embark on a website redesign.

Do Not Put off Your Next Big Association Project

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There is a big project you would like to do, but it is so big you have back-burnered it until the day when you have a significant chunk of time. But you can still make headway on your big project. Related: The fragile middle of a big association project.

Keeping Up Association Staff Engagement Throughout A Tough Project

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If you live in an over 100 year old house like mine you know there’s a rule of thumb about time and cost for home projects. Association projects are much the same. Often times starting a project like this is fun.

Workplace Genome Project: Q1 Update


We launched our Workplace Genome Mapping project in early 2016 as a means for helping organizations begin their own transformation from the (oft overlooked) stating-point of deeply understanding who they really are, how they really work, and how their employees really experience it all.

MC Cares: ELI Project


For the third year in a row, we teamed up with ELI Project , a nonprofit organization dedicated to hosting events in safe environments for families and children with special needs. Every year, ELI Project hosts a sensory-friendly movie event with a special visit from Santa Claus.

Google Shifts Governance Strategy for AMP Project

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The mobile page project, largely associated with Google, will move to a governance model that will bring in outside companies to work on the open-source endeavor. Now Google, responding to the criticism, appears to be loosening the reins on the project by rethinking its governance strategy.

The Fragile Middle of a Big Association Project

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The difficult time in any project, especially those long projects, which associations seem to have lots of, is the middle. The middle of the project is when things start to go wrong. It is so easy to start a project but it is so hard to keep it going.

Life is a Do-it-to-Yourself Project

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Life is a do-it-to-yourself project. If, in fact, life is a do-it-to-yourself project, what are you doing to yourself? Sometimes I just say things, like no big deal things. Then the person across the table lights up like I have said something revolutionary.

New Association Foundation Announces Tiny Act of Kindness Project

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It main project will be to build tiny village communities for the homeless and connect them with rehabilitation resources. Holland acknowledges that this is a long-term project, and this first year will be focused largely on getting funding in place.

Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project

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Association Executives: Provocative Proposals Research Project. So Im launching a project. I would like to announce the Association Executives: Provocative Proposals for Change project (that link will take you to my website for a complete description). Adding that to my belief in appreciative inquiry led me to create and launch this project. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Thursday, January 20, 2011. Second stage is cut. Were now in orbit.

Small Business Set-Up and Digital Project Management


Well, one thing that will help a great deal, particularly in the early stages, is Digital Project Management. The CAPM qualification covers everything from Project Life-Cycle and Organisation, to Project Risk Management. The first thing you need to do is plan the project.

Life is a Do-it-to-Yourself Project

Leadership Solutions International

Life is a do-it-to-yourself project. If, in fact, life is a do-it-to-yourself project, what are you doing to yourself? And, since life is a do-it-to-yourself project; those who choose hard also get that choice, to make life harder. My friend who inspired this blog went on to ask me what a “do-it-to-yourself project was”. Here was my answer to her – Today I invite you to consider what type of project is the project of your life in this now moment.

The Critical Role of an LMS Project Manager during Implementation

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The Critical Role of an LMS Project Manager during Implementation. Read more about The Critical Role of an LMS Project Manager during Implementation

Meet Gen Z Philanthropist Sejal Makheja, Founder Elevator Project

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When she was 14, Sejal founded the Elevator Project , an organization that aims to lift people out of poverty through apprenticeship, vocational training and job placement. She was inspired to create her project in 2012 when she met a man named Juan in a Soup Kitchen in Washington, DC.

Association Culture Projects Outward Upon Potential Members

Smooth The Path

A good culture greases the wheels for everything from conversations to project management. The post Association Culture Projects Outward Upon Potential Members appeared first on Smooth The Path. Why all the recent hubbub about culture?

Why I like the Market Research Society’s (MRS) successful membership change project

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I know from working with my clients on membership change projects that there are two essential elements to any change process that affect members: Ensuring you use a long-term communications campaign that is consistent. Have you carried out a major change project at your organisation?

Feeding A Zombie Project And Getting No Results

Velvet Chainsaw

Is your organization stuck maintaining and nurturing a zombie project? A zombie project is one that continues from year to year regardless of its effectiveness. Often many people feel these zombie projects have a birthright and should always be delivered regardless of the outcome.

Panorama Council Celebrates Cyclorama Preservation Project

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A large-scale project is underway in Atlanta to preserve a football-field-sized painting, and the International Panorama Council applauds the efforts to save it. The post Panorama Council Celebrates Cyclorama Preservation Project appeared first on Associations Now

Know Your Culture, Show Your Culture: The Authenticity Project #MMCon


That’s why WorkXO and 5:00 Films & Media are partnering to explore the intersection of culture and video in a new project! In this project, we will be working together to help interested associations create an awesome About Us video that really reflects their culture.

Associations Project Uptick in Thanksgiving Travel

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The projection, per The Wall Street Journal , takes into account all major U.S. Roads will be packed this weekend: The American Automobile Association projects that 48.7 AAA projects that more than 89 percent of U.S.

Is Wounded Warrior Project an Example of Too Much Money?

SCD Group

The CEO and COO of the Wounded Warrior Project were fired a few weeks ago over spending practices at one of the nation’s largest charitable organizations for veterans. ASAE association boards Association CEOs association executives Joe Waters SCD Group Wounded Warrior Project

Plastics Industry Project Aims to Boost Automotive Recycling

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A demonstration project from SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association will test how well recyclers recover plastic car parts to promote better recycling processes, greater plastic resale and reuse, and more sustainable auto design.

Crowdfunding Tools to Fundraise the Project of Your Dreams


While Kickstarter is a great tool, it’s not the best for all projects. Kickstarter needs to approve your project before it goes online, and will usually only sign off on those with creative initiatives.

State Restaurant Group Backs Transgender Workplace Project

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The California Restaurant Association put its support behind a member-launched project that helps to connect transgender people with jobs in the restaurant industry. CRA hopes to bring Mendelsohn the restaurant audience she needs to get the project moving. “If

Things change during a project

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” Acknowledging that things change during a project is critically important to the success of the project. What’s most important is how the team responds and adapts to the changes in the project. When I work with my clients on implementing a new software system, one of the first things I tell them is this: “We will make some decisions that ultimately are wrong. Because things change.

Give Back: Community Service Projects at Conferences

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Service projects will help your attendees feel a closer connection to the city—and also to each other and your association. If the answer’s yes, and you want to give back to the greater Nashville community, consider signing up for this year’s community service project.

3 Ways Event Management Is Like Project Management


Part of being a product manager at MemberSuite is finding ways to continuously improve our product so that it meets the evolving needs of our customers. There are many ways we do this - we look at trends in the industry, analyze innovation in technology, and interview our customers.

The Critical Role of an LMS Project Manager during Implementation

WBT Systems

The Critical Role of an LMS Project Manager during Implementation. Read more about The Critical Role of an LMS Project Manager during Implementation

How the Hyperledger Project Is Pushing the Blockchain Forward

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The Hyperledger Project, which just added American Express as a member, isn’t interested in creating a bitcoin-style currency. That’s where the Hyperledger Project comes in. The post How the Hyperledger Project Is Pushing the Blockchain Forward appeared first on Associations Now

Four Key Leadership Traits, According to the CEO Genome Project

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A decade’s worth of research went into the CEO Genome Project, an effort to identify the characteristics that define high-performing chief executives. If you can get those decisions right, a lot of things flow from that, which is how we got to the CEO Genome Project.”.

Friday Buzz: Don’t Let Your Tech Project Fall Apart

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The issues that can cause your association’s technology project to lose steam. When taking on a tech initiative, you’re dealing with a lot of moving parts, and they can often cause the project to veer off course.

Groups’ Clemency Project Pays Off With Obama’s Commutation Streak

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President Barack Obama’s decision to use his power of commutation as a form of criminal justice reform has been helped along by Clemency Project 2014, a collaboration between numerous legal and civil liberties groups.

Lunchtime Links: 3 Essential Project Management Skills

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How to keep important projects moving forward. The essentials of effective project management, and more, in today’s Lunchtime Links. She suggests that “anyone embarking on planning and managing a project for the first time” focus on “three critical activities.”

TwitterPack Project


The password is "project"; click on any page, hit "edit" and away you go. A bunch of Twitterers have set up a Twitter wiki, where you can list yourself (if you use Twitter) under various categories. Check it out here. One benefit of this is that people can "follow" a group of people on Twitter based based on their specific interests. This could be useful for newbie or seasoned Twitterers looking for people to follow NOT at random.

Tapping Into Attendee Expertise For Community Service Projects

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Your attendees have professional skills and specialized knowledge that can make a difference when they’re put to work in a conference-related community service project. However, NCRA members don’t limit their volunteer time with the project to the annual meeting.

Tom’s Planner Project Manager is Free for One Year

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“Easier than MS Project & faster than Excel,” Tom’s Planner is a web-based project management tool with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for even non-techies to collaborate on, create, manage, and share project schedules. Tags: Non-profit technology nptech collaboration project management application

Why Every New AMS Software Project Needs a Change Management Team


Selecting a new membership management system isn’t a membership department project, it’s an association project. Colleagues from across the organization must be involved in the project from the start so they can help you select the best AMS software for your association.

Project Management for Board Members and Committee Chairs

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Project management requires structure. So I make structure and organization a means to an end with the projects I'm leading. staff is unavailable to help with your project? volunteer leaders Board Management committee leadership leadership Project Management

Take a fresh look at old content for your association website design project

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Now throw in a big, content rich project like a website redesign and you have an opportunity to not just audit your existing inventory but to take a fresh look at the content and present it in a new light.

Project Management and the Dangers of Too Many Cooks

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When too many stakeholders get their hands on a project—especially a high-profile one—innovation can slow to a crawl. For associations, this example highlights an uncomfortable truth about project management: Stakeholders can have a damaging effect on the process.

Best Benefit Ever: Accreditation for e-Learning Projects

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Members of the eLearning Industry Association can have their independent virtual learning projects reviewed and accredited. Thanks to a new benefit from the eLearning Industry Association in Australia, members can now receive course reviews of, and accreditation for, their e-learning projects.