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Dump the Performance Review!

Spark Consulting

We can add the boss who uses performance reviews as an opportunity to bludgeon staff to that list. Why do annual reviews have to be like this? I like the idea UCLA’s Samuel Culbert proposes as a solution: If someone has a behavior, attitude, or productivity problem, don’t wait until review time to address it.

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Our Customer Reviews Make Higher Logic a G2 Leader in Online Community Management

Higher Logic

The post Our Customer Reviews Make Higher Logic a G2 Leader in Online Community Management appeared first on Higher Logic. The post Our Customer Reviews Make Higher Logic a G2 Leader in Online Community Management appeared first on Higher Logic.

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2023 Legislative Review Part 3

Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog

This week we continue our review of the legislative changes concerning community associations. In our last column, we were reviewing the changes to Chapter 720, Florida Statutes in HB 919, the Homeowners’ Association Bill of Rights. The post 2023 Legislative Review Part 3 first appeared on Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog.

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2023 Legislative Review Part 4

Florida Condo & HOA Law Blog

This week we conclude our review of relevant legislation from the 2023 Legislative Session. Previously we reviewed the bills that directly impact community associations through amendments to the community association’s statutes, including Chapter 718, the Florida Condominium Act and Chapter 720, the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act.

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SME Relationships: Proven Solutions for Seamless Collaboration and Success

Speaker: Tim Buteyn, President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions

💢 Do you find yourself stuck in never-ending review cycles? Are you wondering if your Subject Matter Expert actually got that last review request? Are you having trouble trying to decipher impractical or conflicting feedback?

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How to Handle Performance Review Bias

Associations Now

Those choices also reveal how leaders think about how work ought to get done—which means performance reviews can be more complicated now, and more at risk for bias. The third bias is a little subtler, and points to a way leaders might rethink how they handle performance reviews, and management in general. Many, I’m sure, already do.

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A New Look for Performance Reviews

Associations Now

But workers should also be empowered to establish reviewable goals and how to meet them. It’s practically axiomatic at this point that the annual performance review is broken. According to a new report by the Arbinger Institute , a full 30 percent of respondents said that such reviews are “not useful or a complete waste of time.”

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The Roses and Thorns of an LMS Strategy: How to Flourish with the Right LMS

Speaker: Amanda Davis, Chief Experience Officer and Liam O'Malley, VP of Association Solutions

Join Amanda Davis and Liam O’Malley for a review of the roses and thorns of an LMS strategy, and learn to navigate the selection process from beginning to end so that your organization and eLearning content can flourish. Integration. Effective marketing & monetization. And even more!

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How to Apply the Concepts of Neuroscience to Create a Thriving Learning Culture

Speaker: Margie Meacham, Founder and Chief Freedom Officer at LearningToGo

In this session you will learn: Tips for establishing a psychologically secure environment for performance reviews and coaching sessions Blended Learning strategies for increasing employee engagement Advice on how to produce material that is simple to understand and retain March 9, 2023, at 9:30 am PT, 12:30 pm ET, 5:30 pm GMT