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Normalcy, Resiliency, and “Boston Strong”

Guilt by Association

Much has been made of “Boston Strong,” and I do believe in it. I was awakened by a robo-call from work, announcing that our offices in Waltham and Boston were closed for “security reasons.” Maybe that’s the essence of “Boston Strong.“. Today, my community is trying to regain some sense of normalcy. On this sunny, mild Sunday, I did some yard work, watched a little bit of baseball, and bought groceries. We do not, as a whole, wallow in self pity.


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Boston Marathon Organizers Run Toward Documentary

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The documentary Boston , currently being produced with the help of the Boston Athletic Association, is one of many films in the works about the Boston Marathon. The history of the Boston Marathon feels a little slim these days, focused more on the tragedy that defined the event nearly three years ago and less on the 115 years that had come before. The post Boston Marathon Organizers Run Toward Documentary appeared first on Associations Now

Boston Bombing: Events Adjust After City Shutdown

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Airlines Adapt As the Associated Press reports, Boston’s Logan International Airport’s main airlines—including JetBlue and Delta—remain active but are adapting for any travelers with concerns. JetBlue, which has 100 flights out of Boston, will allow free ticket changes for passengers headed to or from Boston. The ripple effects of Boston’s terrible week are reaching far and wide.

Full-Scale Navigation System Coming to Boston Convention Center

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The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority has a plan to help attendees find their way through the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center with ease. The post Full-Scale Navigation System Coming to Boston Convention Center appeared first on Associations Now The system, scheduled to launch in March, will provide meeting attendees with turn-by-turn navigation throughout the convention center, to meeting rooms and even specific booths in the exhibit hall.

Boston Convention-Goers Hit by Widespread Credit Card Thefts

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Recent thefts of credit card data in Boston have affected hundreds of people, including an estimated 300 convention-goers. In October, the American Society of Human Genetics hosted its annual conference at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in the city’s Seaport area. Since then, some 200 attendees have reported unauthorized charges to their credit cards, according to The Boston Globe. Boston Mayor-elect Martin J. I’m not worried about Boston.

Thursday Buzz: Boston’s Events Venue Gets a Major Upgrade

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The skinny on a just-passed $1 billion plan to revamp the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Courtesy of that pen , “An Act Relative to the Expansion of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center,” or H. As Meetings Focus notes , the new law helps MCCA with its “Top 5″ campaign—a strategy launched in 2009 to make Boston one of America’s top five cities for conferences and events. percent tax on hotel rooms, according to the Boston Herald.

Monday Buzz: Why Boston Doesn’t Have Cheap Rooms

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An array of economic and geographic pressures have boosted Boston’s hotel rooms to extremely high rates. Case in point: the current situation in the Boston metro area. The Boston Globe reports that most hotels in the region are commanding historically high rates, with rooms in even the lowest-end establishments, located far from the city center, going for more than $200 per night. According to Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau CEO Patrick B.

Association Helps Local Business Rebound After Boston Bombings

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Helping the Victims The American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association recently announced it would offer free prosthetic and orthotic care for uninsured/underinsured amputee victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. “We Local businesses in Boston lost tens of millions of dollars because of the Boston Marathon bombings, but the Back Bay Association is helping them through the crisis.

Boston Bombing: Carrying on a Meeting After a Tragedy

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How and why the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association decided to continue its annual meeting in Boston two days after the marathon bombing. Last Tuesday, a day after the bombing at the Boston Marathon, William Prentice, executive director of the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, sat on a plane bound for ASCA’s annual meeting in the same city, making a list of criteria to determine whether the association should cancel the meeting. “I

Boston Athletic Association Preps Museum, Running Center Near Marathon Finish Line

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The new Boston RunBase will serve as a multifaceted running center for Boston Marathon participants and running enthusiasts. Runners prepping for the upcoming Boston Marathon now have a wealth of resources in Boston RunBase , a new hub for all things running, with an emphasis on the city’s famous race. Boston RunBase will open April 16, four days before this year’s Boston Marathon. “It’s director of running at Adidas, told the Boston Globe. “It

How the Boston Athletic Association Plans to Keep the Marathon Safe in 2014

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A year after the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon shook the city to its core, the Boston Athletic Association is taking steps to boost security at the foot race. With this year’s Boston Marathon—and the one-year anniversary of last year’s bombing and the manhunt that followed—quickly approaching, questions of security are front-of-mind concerns for organizers of the annual foot race.

Boston Globe-Union Negoatiations: Down to the Wire

Guilt by Association

Boston Globe front page: April 4, 2009. to wring $20 million in concessions from the union representing workers at the Boston Globe. Something like that will happen in Boston. Currently in Boston, that includes public pension abuses and the infuritating attitude of entitlement that pervades the governing class. Midnight tonight Sunday is the deadline set by the New York Times Co.

Boston Globe’s Union Writes Its Own Obituary

Guilt by Association

With sadness, I saw last night that the main union at the Boston Globe voted narrowly to reject the New York Times’ proposal to cut $10 million from the paper’s costs by cutting salaries, reducing benefits and other costs. The union members were angry. They were frightened. Still, after listening to and reading their comments last night and today, I have to wonder what planet they’re living on. These are smart people; I know many of them.

Blockbuster week for newspapers: what it means for trade associations

SCD Group

First came the announcement that the owner of the Boston Red Sox had purchased the Boston Globe from the New York Times (NYT). The New York Times purchased Boston Globe for $1.1 newspapers new media SCD Group associations Washington Post Boston Globe association communications ASAE13 What a week for the media business? Then, came the announcement that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had purchased the Washington Post for $250 million.

Halloween Offers Associations Creative Growth Opportunities

SCD Group

Here are five examples of associations and other nonprofits using Halloween to help their organizations: Boston Medical Center used a “ Halloween Town ” to raise funds for five years. Halloween Town is the largest family (19,000 participants) Halloween event in Boston. Halloween Town benefitted the Kids Fund at Boston Medical Center. Craig Wilson SCD Group Boston Medical Center USA Today Joe Waters Halloween Tweets Unleashed YMCA Delta Dental Health Theater West County Hond

Membership Hack: Karaoke Battle

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You’ll find out if you put on a karaoke fundraiser, like the one the Greater Boston Association of Realtors hosts annually. The event benefits two local nonprofits, Toys for Joys and Homestart Boston. Can your members carry a tune?

TED Bound


I’m currently sitting in an airport lounge in Boston waiting to board a plane to Chicago, then Palm Springs (note: if I ever become President, I will federally mandate that all airport lounges must have Walker’s Shortbread Cookies). I’m used to being in airport lounges—I flew something like 150,000 miles last year—but not used to

Boston 126

Happy Birthday, Standard Time


Who cared if Boston was a few minutes earlier than New York when the two were days apart on horseback. On today in 1883, time zones launched in the United States. Prior to the time every major city had a "noon stick" where the sun being overhead set the time for noon and time was extrapolated from there. The railroads changed all that. And industry came together--albeit with heavy hand by the Vanderbilts--to solve the problem.

Boston 130

Membership Q&A: Don’t Leave Us!

Spark Consulting

At the endof the next year’s renewal cycle, with your next conference coming up in Boston, you notice that he’s lapsed, so you put him back into your lead cultivation cycle. What’s the #1 reason a long-standing member would not renew?

Blizzard Tales


I’m sitting here looking out my window at the first flakes falling of Boston’s Blizzard of 2013. The timing of the storm—February 8—comes almost 35 years the day after the great Blizzard of 1978—the one that gave me a week off from school as a kid, and the storm by which all future storms have

Boston 109

Winning Lessons from the World of Sports


In Boston sports, these are “the good old days.” In honor of Boston sports, here’s what our four teams can teach associations: From the Red Sox: “Know your role.” When a ball is hit up the middle in baseball, you never see the shortstop and second basemen collide as they both go for it. So they’re pretty low on the Boston sports pecking order at the moment.

Boston 152

Membership Hack: Coworking Space for Members Only

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Mimicking WeWork and other coworking operations, the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council recently opened a coworking space near its Boston headquarters. The MassBioHub , which opened last week, is located in Boston’s Kendall Square. Boston is a growing hub for the life science industry, and the MassBioHub space defers some of the cost associated with a red-hot commercial real estate market. “We

Technology Standards and Flight Delays


hour flight from DC-Boston to give you time to [.]. I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks on the road. Heck, I’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few decades on the road. But as I was circling Logan again today due to thunderstorms (nothing like a 2.5 Technology meetings Standards technology standards

Let Me Tell You a Story…


His work has appeared on The Today Show, This American Life, All Things Considered, Washington Post, Boston Globe, and Entertainment Weekly and was hailed “a cultural phenomenon” by Newsweek. Can you create deeper, more meaningful relationships by sharing your personal stories?

‘Tis the Season for Giving


We’re fortunate at Virtual to be in a position to support many worthy causes in the Boston area. Over the past few years, we’ve given tens of thousands of dollars to charitable causes ranging from the Jimmy Fund, to supporting employees who participate in various charity walks and runs, to volunteering our time at Habitat for Humanity and more. As CEO, I’ve been fortunate to have been the recipient of the thanks and good feelings that go along with that giving.

Boston 159

Conference Circuit: American Delirium Society

Associations Now

The American Delirium Society’s 2019 Annual Meeting begins next week in Boston. Hundreds of investigators, educators, and clinicians are headed to Boston to learn, network, and discover how to make a difference for patients who are at risk for delirium or who develop it. Venue: Boston Park Plaza Hotel. City: Boston. Rundown Attendees: 400 plus. Faculty: 100 plus. Symposia and workshops: 25 plus.

Brewers Association Grants Will Support Events Focused on Diversity and Inclusion

Associations Now

Thoughts on a Merger Last week the craft beer industry was abuzz with discussion of a possible merger of two of the largest independent brewers in the country—The Boston Beer Company (the makers of Sam Adams) and Dogfish Head (known for its namesake 90 Minute IPA). The other three events seek to expand the diversity of the industry itself—two employment fairs in Cleveland and Boston and an event series in Brooklyn, New York, that aims to elevate women in the craft beer community.

Reads of the Week: September 28, 2012

Reid All About it

If you’re in NC, I recommend seeing it, or for double the pleasure, wait until October 21 when an exhibition of still-life masterpieces visits us from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Stephanie Pappas at LiveScience digs into the cultural differences between the east and west coasts , specifically Boston and San Francisco. “Sometimes I try to leave my narrow path and join the swirling mainstream of life, but I always find myself drawn inexorably back toward the chasm’s edge…”.

Winning Lessons from the World of Sports


In Boston sports, these are “the good old days.” In honor of Boston sports, here’s what our four teams can teach associations: From the Red Sox: “Know your role.” So they’re pretty low on the Boston sports pecking order at the moment. So be sure to constantly deliver and communicate value—the only banner that people want to see in the Boston Garden is the next one, and you should be building toward that in your organization.

Boston 100

Conference Circuit: Association for Jewish Studies

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The Association for Jewish Studies’ 50th Annual Conference begins next week in Boston. students, will make their way to Boston in the coming days to discuss creative new research directions and celebrate the diversity of interests and perspectives represented in the profession. City: Boston. Rundown Attendees: 1,100 plus. Sessions: 190 plus. Exhibitors: 40 plus. Attendance is expected to top 1,100.

Nonprofit: Just a Tax Status


Here in Boston, we have some nonprofits that are pretty well run. If there’s one thing I’d like to change about working with nonprofits of all kinds, it’s the belief that nonprofits are somehow the “minor leagues” of organizations—that it’s ok for them to have deficits in leadership, operations or strategy that you wouldn’t see in a for profit corporation. That’s a load of hooey. Being a nonprofit is your tax status, not your business strategy.

Boston 116

Leaning in a Little More: Venture Capital Group Spotlights Women

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With a new study showing that 70 percent of entrepreneurs find Boston’s tech scene less inclusive than it could be, the New England Venture Capital Association is starting a conversation on how to improve the balance. The New England Venture Capital Association, which represents members of the startup scene throughout the region, particularly in the Boston area, has released a study analyzing just how women are perceived in the culture.

Where have we been?


Worked with the Boston Estate Planning Council on their annual Gala dinner. I was reminded today that it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Well, it’s been quite a few months. Between client meetings, new initiatives and more, we’ve been flat out. Here’s just a bit of what I’ve been up to: Joined PCI SSC for its first Middle East Forum in Dubai in March. We had more than 200 registrants for the session. Read article here.

Boston 122

Advice for the ages (and associations) from a political icon


And we’ve had some great ones here in Boston. Election Day was this week in the United States. As we elect our leaders, it’s a great time to reflect on some of the folks we’ve had in various offices in the US. One of my favorites was Tip O’Neill. Tip was the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives for ten years. But more critically, Tip was like a walking fortune cookie of good political aphorisms.

How to Protect Yourself in the Age of Videoconferencing Calls

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On Monday, the FBI’s Boston field office warned of a surge in “Zoom-bombing ,” the practice of unwanted guests intruding on video meetings for malicious purposes, after two schools were affected. Zoom calls, for one, aren’t as private as you may think.

Boston 107

Conference Circuit: Burn Care

Associations Now

The American Burn Association’s 49th Annual Meeting begins next week in Boston. Close to 1,500 physicians, healthcare professionals, first responders, hospital administrators, and other professionals dedicated to burn care are headed to Boston in the next few days to learn about the latest advances in practice, technology, products, and trends for the future. Venue: Sheraton Boston Hotel. Rundown Attendees: 1,500. Exhibitors: 80. Sessions: 75 plus.

How the Craft Brewers Redefined Membership

Associations Now

Boston Beer, brewer of the Sam Adams brands, is the second-largest craft brewery in the United States. In the last few years, Boston Beer launched new alcoholic seltzers, ciders, and hard iced teas, which didn’t fall into BA’s “traditional” beer definition. We acknowledged upfront to our members that the timing was related to Boston Beer,” Gatza says. Our board didn’t want to leave [Boston Beer] out there to hang.”.

Conference Circuit: Plan on It

Associations Now

The Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference is set to start this weekend in Boston. More than 2,000 Certified Financial Planner professionals will come together in Boston to share practical knowledge and strategies that they can take back to their practices. Conference: Annual Conference—BE Boston 2015. Venue: Boston Conference & Exposition Center. Rundown Attendees: 2,000 plus. Exhibit hall time: 22 hours.

Meetings 5.0: Five Ways to Improve Your Events


And if you’re in the Boston area, swing by NE/SAE on Thursday and Friday the 16 th and 17 th. This week I’m speaking on a panel at the New England Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the session title is. But I know it has something to do with “innovations in meetings and programs.”. And while I’m not entirely sure of the topic, I’ve got some thoughts on how meetings are changing. Here’s my “high five.”.

Boston 165