The Phoenix Rising


Two chapters I met recently are struggling. In both cases, the leaderships have kept their collective eyes and heads down over the past couple of years, muscling through the program year while the world around them changed

Phoenix Sinking

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My niece recently asked me for some examples of nonprofits that, seeing the handwriting on the wall, scaled back, refocused, got strong, and then let the phoenix rise again. A phoenix, however, is inspirational.

Association Social Media: National Association for Women Business Owners Phoenix Chapter (NAWBOPHX)


——————— Welcome to Tracie Rollins, social media manager for the National Association for Women Business Owners Phoenix Chapter (NAWBOPHX)! a content and social media marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona.

A Tuesday ‘thank you’

Aaron Wolowiec

You can also see how Phoenix House recapped its 2012 #GivingTuesday campaign and closed the loop for campaign participants with a heartfelt response from program beneficiaries. Editor’s Note: As Thanksgiving approaches, we all start thinking about our blessings.

This makes me a little sad.


Byeee Phoenix Mars Lander. Sweet Dreams Little Guy. We'll miss you. But take heart! There will be another mission to Mars soon.

New Member Onboarding (Part 1)

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Phoenix (Flickr). There’s a restaurant saying, “turn ‘em and burn ‘em.” Get customers in the seats and back out the doors as quickly as possible.

Where I'll Be Speaking In 2015

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and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association''s Health Care and Business Institute (July 2015 - Phoenix, AZ) - I''ll be leading two sessions about social media at this conference and I''ve heard that other speakers will include the lovely and super smart Adele Cehrs , so I''m pumped.

Twitter for Nonprofits in 2018: Rebirth or Retire?

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On the other hand, some say Twitter is ready for a renaissance , a phoenix rising from the ashes. The past year, Twitter has been widely criticized for its role in spreading misinformation , being a Petri dish for hate speech , and how it approaches world leaders use of the platform.

Conference Circuit: Gather, Engage, Inspire

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The National Association of the Deaf’s 53rd Biennial Conference starts in Phoenix next week. Venue: Phoenix Convention Center. Rundown Attendees: 2,000. Badge Ribbon Colors: 21. Sponsorship Levels: 8.

Alt-Weeklies May Struggle, But Don’t Count Them Out

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Large-market publications such as the Phoenix and The Village Voice have market challenges that many smaller publications don’t, she said, noting, “No one sees it as a death sentence for any of the others.”

Conference Circuit: Next Generation of Nurses

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Venue: Phoenix Convention Center. Location: Phoenix. Rundown Attendees: 3,500. Percentage of attendees who are 18 to 25: 53. Number of Focus Session topics: 26.

Arizona Restaurant Association, Tourism Office: Our State Is a Foodie State

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Meanwhile, there have been individual restaurant success stories, like Phoenix-based Little Miss BBQ, which has gotten international attention.

Smac! Cancer Where it Hurts.


buddy, Phoenix, can soon be in the hands of those with/impacted by cancer to help them SMAC! Phoenix , the “WTF? Monkeys Phoenix & NoMo I have one month to raise approximately $35,000 to launch the SMAC! Mom snoozing with NoMo & Phoenix.

Arizona and Mexican Business Groups Sign Trade Agreement

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Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who led the delegation, said the agreement is the first of its kind in the United States and will help soften some of the effects of the state’s tough immigration law , SB 1070, The Phoenix Business Journal reported.

Hackathons Helping Nonprofits: The Overnight Website Challenge Offers Pro Bono Redesigns

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Paul, Minnesota; Chicago; Kansas City, Missouri; and Phoenix.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 9.16.16

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<Photo of South Mountain Park/Preserve in Phoenix where I spent a few hours on the trail Tuesday night> Tagged: Brain Food. Does everyone have a cup of coffee and a maple-glazed donut? Just me? No matter, it’s time to review the many learning opportunities scheduled for next week.

Association Uses Facebook Live to Expand Education

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Specifically, staff used it to introduce Phoenix as the new location of its annual meeting, discuss member benefits, and highlight new education offerings.

13 Hidden Conference Gems

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With plans for future growth already in place, Chandler seeks to define itself as more than just a suburb of Phoenix. Tired of the cities where you’ve hosted conferences so often? Consider these 13 relatively unsung meeting destinations as you plan your next event.

Could Less Be More When It Comes to Meetings?

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With that in mind, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) restructured its 80th Annual Conference, which took place in Phoenix this week.

Cleaning Association Brings Cancer Nonprofit Under Its Wing

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It’s really hard to sit back and ask,” she told The Phoenix Reporter & Item. The global cleaning industry association ISSA announces that it has merged with Cleaning for a Reason, a charity that offers cleaning services to women fighting cancer.

What Happens When Digital Education Reaches Your Profession/Industry?

SCD Group

Large corporations in the University of Phoenix model? Sharing knowledge represents a core mission for many associations. Knowledge transferred via conferences, webinars, websites, blogs, etc.

Lessons from Arizona: Meetings and Controversial Legislation

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Particularly worrisome to Arizona tourism officials was the potential loss of revenue surrounding the 2015 Super Bowl, scheduled to take place at Glendale’s University of Phoenix Stadium.

A convention odyssey

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Yes, it takes awhile to get there (11 hours with a layover in Phoenix) and the airfare and/or hotel can be expensive. From July 31 – August 7, I traveled thousands of miles to attend 2 conferences in 2 cities on 6 planes in one week.

Help Bring “SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer” to Life!

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buddy, Phoenix, can soon be in the hands of those with/impacted by cancer to help them SMAC! Phoenix , the "WTF? Monkeys Phoenix & NoMo. Mom snoozing with NoMo & Phoenix. It's hard for me to describe how my boys (NoMo and Phoenix) make me feel.

Help Bring “SMAC! Sock Monkeys Against Cancer” to Life!

Mizz Information

buddy, Phoenix, can soon be in the hands of those with/impacted by cancer to help them SMAC! Phoenix , the "WTF? Monkeys Phoenix & NoMo. Mom snoozing with NoMo & Phoenix. It's hard for me to describe how my boys (NoMo and Phoenix) make me feel.

Mobile Study: Home is Where the Eyeballs Are

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According to a new research report from Mobile Posse and Phoenix Marketing International, a major new frontier in reaching mobile users could be no further than your home screen.

Outdoor Advertising: Charting a Fake Campaign’s Viral Boost

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The RushmoreVote campaign placed 164 ads on billboards and bus shelters in Cincinnati, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Sacramento, California, and asked consumers to go online to vote for the president they thought should be the face added to Mt.

FCC Fines Expo Vendor $750K for Blocking Wireless Hotspots

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The FCC found that wireless users at convention centers in Orlando, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Cincinnati were affected by network blocking, which the agency said was not prompted by any security threat.

For SABR, Data Is Just a Small Part of the Equation

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We put together this SABR Analytics Conference which is now in its third year—we just wrapped it up here in Phoenix in March,” Pomrenke said. “We

Maddie’s Must Reads for July – Social Media Edition


How a bunch of government space geeks at NASA won the internet – how they decided to tweet as the Phoenix lander in the first person – in order to save characters – and created one of the most popular and iconic social media voices in the history of Twitter.

Conference Circuit: Teacher Educators Promote Social Justice

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The Association of Teacher Educators ’ 2015 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, February 13-17, will demonstrate how teaching goes far beyond classrooms and textbooks. The Association of Teacher Educators encourages its members to spur big changes.

Monday Buzz: Why Boston Doesn’t Have Cheap Rooms

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Boston’s not Phoenix or Denver; we have water on a couple of sides and incredible barriers to entry,” Moscaritolo explained. “It’s An array of economic and geographic pressures have boosted Boston’s hotel rooms to extremely high rates.

Can Social Media Really Humanize a Large Corporation?


Park Howell opened his sustainable marketing firm in Phoenix, AZ, in 1995, and uses the power of storytelling to ignite the growth of people, products, companies and causes that dare to make the world a better place.

Hotel Group: Fake Hotel-Booking Sites on the Rise

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“These are primarily unknown companies that sometimes open and close within matter of weeks, under different names,” Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association Senior Vice President Kristen Jarnagin said to the Phoenix Business Journal.

Take Heart: Online Support Group Helps Those with Cardiovascular Disease

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After reaching out to AHA, Clinkscales eventually became a volunteer leader for a pilot support network in Nashville, which along with programs in Phoenix and St.

Deal in Congress Keeps FAA Funded, Expands TSA PreCheck Program

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The tool, expected to be tested at Phoenix’s airport by the end of the year, could make it possible for people to keep their laptops in their bags, along with liquids, and would reduce the need for humans to X-ray every bag that goes through a checkpoint. Could Automation Help?

U.S. Airlines See On-Time Performance Decline

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Earlier this month, passengers on a flight from Las Vegas to Phoenix sang R. carriers’ flights arrived on time only 77 percent of the time in April, down from 86 percent a year ago. Airlines for America blames “government-imposed air traffic controller furloughs.”.

Associations Make Their Winning Predictions For Super Bowl Sunday

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Phoenix, which hosted the Super Bowl last year, netted $1.5 As the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos prepare for kickoff on February 7, several associations are forecasting increases in betting, chicken wing consumption, and tax revenue. Are you gearing up for Super Bowl 50 this Sunday?

Wednesday Buzz: Clarity in a World of Acronyms

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When talking about your association to the outside world, don’t forget to ditch the jargon. Also: what you can learn from an app that turns pizza delivery into a one-button affair. Considering the line of work you’re in, you deal with a lot of acronyms.

Making “What is” Visible

Jamie Notter

So I am back from my whirlwind, three-city tour last week (Phoenix, Toronto, Chicago), which explains my lack of blogging. I had a fabulous time at three very different events. Monday I was speaking at the Organization Development Network’s annual meeting.