Lessons from Arizona: Meetings and Controversial Legislation

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While Arizona’s governor vetoed the controversial bill that would have allowed businesses to use religious beliefs to refuse service to people earlier this week, the uproar around the measure provides plenty for associations to think about as they pick locations and plan for their upcoming meetings.

Arizona State University’s Alumni Association Tries Free (but Tiered) Membership

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In an effort to boost donations to the university and boost connections with the school’s numerous graduates, the Arizona State University Alumni Association is shifting to a free membership model, in addition to a variety of paid tiers for those who want more services.

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Arizona Wildfire Tragedy Worst Since 9/11, Says Fire Protection Group

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The National Fire Protection Association responded rapidly to the loss of 19 firefighters who died battling a wildfire in Yarnell, Arizona, on Sunday, providing data and resources to media covering the story.

Arizona and Mexican Business Groups Sign Trade Agreement

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Arizona associations dedicated to fostering business innovation and startups signed an agreement with a Mexican counterpart organization last week to help further business development in the U.S. Three groups are joining together to help foster the growth of startups in Arizona and Mexico.

Arizona Restaurant Association, Tourism Office: Our State Is a Foodie State

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Average temperature aside, is Arizona about to become the country’s hottest foodie hot spot? It’s a little early to say, but the Arizona Restaurant Association, in partnership with the Arizona Office of Tourism, is working to make the case.

13 Hidden Conference Gems

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Chandler, Arizona: Once largely devoted to ostrich farms, the legacy of which remains with the Chandler Chamber Ostrich Festival , Chandler is now a hub for golfing and spas. Tired of the cities where you’ve hosted conferences so often?

SCD Group: Associations, Flash Mobs, Meetups, Popup Restaurants.

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Random thoughts on options for associations: Years ago, an AMC in Arizona talked about the “unconferences” that one of her clients held during weekends. Pages. About. Contact. Causeaholic. AMR Management Services. Stronger by Association. Monday, June 4, 2012. Associations, Flash Mobs, Meetups, Popup Restaurants & Unconferences: Whats the connection?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.6.17

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Hear how the University of Arizona College of Public Health used existing content and training materials to design their online conference, and partnerships to broaden audience reach.

Major Gaming Convention Considers Leaving Indianapolis Over “Religious Freedom” Bill

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An Arizona Precursor An obvious comparison point for Gen Con’s approach is in Arizona, where lawmakers passed a harsh anti-immigration bill in 2010 that led many to boycott the state.

“Airbnb for Water” Teams With Association to Battle California Drought

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” The Western Growers Association, a trade group representing farmers in California and Arizona, is working with SWIIM to launch irrigation efforts in water-starved areas of the Golden State.

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Now Hiring: Show Ambassador

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The Arizona National Livestock Show offers a good example of the first role. To host a successful conference, you need employees in a variety of roles. But have you ever considered looking outside and having students, interns, or volunteers help market your conference or work onsite?

A Different Kind of Pain at the Pump: Gas Stations Struggle With EMV Upgrades

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In Arizona, for example, more skimmers were found at gas pumps during August than throughout all of 2015, according to a KSAZ report. With skimming becoming an epidemic at gas stations around the country, many are having to make expensive upgrades to their gas pumps to support chip cards.

Coffee Affects Ethical Behavior? Take a Sip of This Study

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According to research by business professors at three major universities—the University of Washington, the University of Arizona, and the University of North Carolina—coffee affects the ethical decisions we make at the office.

Hotel Group: Fake Hotel-Booking Sites on the Rise

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“These are primarily unknown companies that sometimes open and close within matter of weeks, under different names,” Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association Senior Vice President Kristen Jarnagin said to the Phoenix Business Journal.

Astronaut Twins Tell #ASAE16 Attendees to “Do the Hard Thing”

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Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, had been shot at a community event in Tucson. Read More Mark Kelly spoke with Associations Now earlier this year while Scott was recovering from his long sojourn in orbit.

How Associations Are Changing Up School Sunscreen Rules

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According to Stateline , six states—Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Utah, and Washington—have passed laws this year allowing sunscreen to be used during school activities. You may not think of sunscreen as medication, but the FDA does, and so do many schools.

Why Board Diversity (or Lack of It) Matters to CEOs

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A new study from a pair of researchers at Arizona State University, puts some hard numbers and research behind that notion. A new study suggests the diversity of the board at a CEO’s prior gig can impact present performance.

Study: Why It Pays to Have a Humble CEO

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Carey School of Business at Arizona State University found that humble CEOs make for happier, more engaged employees and, ultimately, a better bottom line.

Smaller-Scale Locales Score Big on Top Destinations List

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Other new spots on the list include Tucson, Arizona, and Salt Lake City. The usual suspects—Orlando, Chicago, and Las Vegas—showed up near the top of Cvent’s Top 50 U.S. Meetings Destinations list.

Conference Circuit: Wildlife Wins

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The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 105th Annual Meeting begins in Arizona this weekend. Canada, and Mexico are headed to Tucson, Arizona, to discuss conservation policy and management issues and accomplishments. Location: Tucson, Arizona. Rundown Attendees: 700.

State Dealers Groups, Tesla Motors Find Room for Compromise

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The company, which is looking to invest $4 billion to $5 billion in a “gigafactory” that would produce lithium-ion batteries, is looking to build in one of four states—Arizona, Texas, Nevada, or New Mexico.

State Dealer Groups, Tesla Motors Find Room for Compromise

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The company, which is looking to invest $4 billion to $5 billion in a “gigafactory” that would produce lithium-ion batteries, is looking to build in one of four states—Arizona, Texas, Nevada, or New Mexico.

How Not to React to Criticism on Social Media

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In the episode, the owners of the Scottsdale, Arizona restaurant, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, are seen screaming at guests, employees, and each other and are accused of stealing tips from their waitstaff on top of other service-related issues.

Visitors Bureaus and Businesses Feel the Shutdown’s Sting

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Felicia Fonseca of the Associated Press reported on a proposal by Arizona Gov. But fresh news out of Arizona indicates the governor has had productive talks with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell that could eventually lead to a compromise.

Could “Safe Phone Zones” Help Stop Distracted Driving?

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Travelers Marketing has also worked on similar systems in Virginia and Arizona. The Governors Highway Safety Association has given a thumbs-up to plans by Illinois and other states to create designated zones for drivers to use their cellphones.

Sunny Side Up: Solar Industry Seeing Record Returns

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While the industry’s growth is significant, there’s plenty of room for more growth, as just five states (California, Arizona, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Nevada) represent three-quarters of the cumulative solar-energy production.

Laws Imitate ‘Dallas Buyers Club’: States Pass Right-To-Try Legislation

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The governors in those states have signed the bills into law; other efforts are moving forward in Arizona, Missouri, and elsewhere.) The bills are backed by the Goldwater Institute, a conservative Arizona-based think tank that focuses on state-level issues.

Not Feeling the Cheer: Customer Rage on Rise, New Survey Says

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In a new Arizona State University study, more than half of all respondents said they have dealt with bad customer service—a number that’s gone up over the years. A new study from Arizona State University’s W.P.

Association Social Media: National Association for Women Business Owners Phoenix Chapter (NAWBOPHX)


a content and social media marketing agency in Phoenix, Arizona.

Thursday Buzz: Is Female Leadership Reflected Fairly in the Media?

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“Historically, female CEOs garner far more media attention than their male counterparts, and not for corporate performance and policy decisions alone,” Christine Shropshire, an author of a similar study by Arizona State University, wrote, according to Fast Company.

“Almost” Journalism: Advocacy Groups Try Their Hand at News

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In a recent article for Slate , University of Arizona professor and noted media pundit Dan Gillmor praised organizations that don’t shy away from doing news in the name of advocacy, saying that, in many ways, such worldview-focused organizations do the public an important service.

Location, Support Network Prompt Holistic Nurses’ Big Move

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A desire to be centrally located and to improve the association management resources available to them made moving 1,000 miles from Arizona to Kansas an easy decision for the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Happy, Healthy 2016: What’s Your Theme for the Year?

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Happy New Year ! I had a wonderful break – filled with fun, family, walking, hiking, reading, quiet, and reflection. How about you? Last year, I decided that I didn’t need to wait until New Year’s to establish happy, healthy habits in my life.

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The Great Daylight Saving Time Debate

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Two states—Arizona and Hawaii—don’t follow DST at all, while lawmakers in Florida hope to make this latest “spring forward” permanent. Information Delivery A rule of thumb around daylight saving time, in addition to adjusting your clocks, is to check the batteries in your smoke alarm.

NSA Foundation Sets Up Emergency Fund for Members After Hurricane Harvey

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Then, after a separate conversation with NSA’s Interim CEO Chris Packard and others at NSA’s headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, a decision was reached. “We

Shell Shocked: Hermit Crab Association Reshapes Baseball Team’s Planned Giveaway

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Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns, blasted organizers of the Chandler Ostrich Festival in Arizona for forcing ostriches to participate in a “degrading and potentially injurious spectacle of animal abuse.”

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Conference Circuit: Teacher Educators Promote Social Justice

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Gunckel, assistant professor in the teaching, learning, and sociocultural studies department at the University of Arizona, for example, will lead a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQQ ) panel.

Executive Connections: FORO 2007: The Transborder Library Forum

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The Transborder Library Forum (FORO) began in 1989 at a local Arizona library conference where librarians from United States and Mexico recognized the need to create a network and events where they could meet and discuss issues of common interest while exchanging information and resources across borders. Executive Connections. « Mission: Advocacy | Main. Prosumers » 16 March 2007. FORO 2007: The Transborder Library Forum.

Tips for Enhancing Membership Value

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Providing excellent membership value is one of the most important ways associations improve recruitment and retention rates. But where should you focus your efforts?

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Oklahoma Tornado: How Associations Are Helping Out

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The Arizona-based Petfinder Foundation rushed a grant to OK Humane to help it continue offering services and is also accepting donations in the wake of the incident.