Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.23.21

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WBT Systems suggests eleven areas probably in need of decluttering in your association, your work life, and your mind. They’ll share critical skills and lessons learned that all associations can use to support their work. Ben Rome, Senior Manager of Communications, AIHA.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 04.26.19

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WBT Systems explains how to design and market programs that meet the education expectations of Millennials and Gen Z. You’ll learn everything you need to know before deciding to launch a virtual or hybrid chapter in this series of posts from Billhighway: What the heck is a virtual chapter and why do we need one? Learn how associations can embrace the 4th industrial revolution, and how you can roadmap your way to success, navigating the unique realities of technology.


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Association Brain Food Weekly: 1.17.20

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Another pair came to mind—Celisa Steele and Jeff Cobb of Tagoras—because they often discuss reflection as part of the learning process. Here’s one you might not know much about but could find of interest: online fan fiction learning communities. Host: Talented Learning.

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3 Topics for Medical Society Execs to Watch

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We turn to the American Association of Medical Society Executives to learn from leaders in this space and hear their experiences adopting to change. I hope the summary below will help you navigate AAMSE and if you’re interested in exploring further, check out the additional resources provided to see where your learning management system may be able to step in and help. Trucil, MA, MPH , Communications Manager, American Geriatrics Society.

Daily Buzz: Make Digital Experiences Feel Real

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Any association executive who manages a meeting probably knows this by heart, but it’s still worth keeping in mind: The experience is everything. 3 associations share their AMS-LMS integration stories — by @WBT_Systems [link] #assnchat Integrating an association management system (AMS) with a learning management system (LMS) sounds like a horror story in the making.

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8 New Ideas for Engaging Online Students

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For many adults, taking a class online is a new learning experience. 1: Train instructors in online learning. Many instructors are subject matter experts but they aren’t trained in adult education or online learning. You can’t just transfer an in-person learning experience to an online platform. The course’s curriculum, content and delivery must be designed specifically for online learning. Arizona State University’s resources for teaching online. #2:

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