Case Study: Sponsorship Sales Success – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 221

Moery Company

The post Case Study: Sponsorship Sales Success – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 221 appeared first on The Moery Company.

Case Study: Membership Sales Success – Association Hustle Podcast Episode 222

Moery Company

I wish it wasn’t the case, your feedback would be valuable, but that’s the way it’s going to be in this situation. I could say, in my case, for example, every association is a potential client for The Moery Company. That’s not the case.


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Association Outside In Case Study

Potomac Core

Association Outside In Case Study. Association Outside In Case Study. The post Association Outside In Case Study appeared first on Potomac Core Consulting. If your members face top line growth challenges, generational transfer issues, and evolving consumer expectations, how can your Association support member success? Through a strategic planning process that transforms your organization from an inside out focus to an outside in focus.

Case Study: Texas Society of Association Executives

Association Adviser

The post Case Study: Texas Society of Association Executives appeared first on Association Adviser. We love that Naylor is always bringing new ideas to the table, and they are always open to trying something new. We love being a guinea pig with them and appreciate that together, we’re not afraid to fail. You never know until you try!” ” – Josh Spradling, CAE, TSAE Marketing & Communications Director. The Challenge.

Texas 74

Event Cancellations: An Unexpected Case Study Happens at MPI WEC

Association Adviser

The post Event Cancellations: An Unexpected Case Study Happens at MPI WEC by Brittany Thompson first appeared on Events Features cancellations case study eventBrittany Thompson, Naylor Association Solutions. Event cancellations: They’re not a matter of “if” but “when.”.

Segmenting Your Market - A Case Study.

Association Success

Is your association paying attention to trends and changes in market behaviors? In Segmenting Your Market - Part 1 , we introduced the topic of how associations have more than just diverse members, but how industry suppliers or similar communities present a varied market to be examined.

Engage Your Membership with Social Technology [Case Study]

Higher Logic

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) was ready to take member engagement to the next level. As its member base grew, the association needed to adjust member communications to match. So it gave members a voice and a platform with powerful social networking, discussion, and information-sharing tools. The Challenge: Increase engagement by upgrading online collaboration tools. ASAE members have historically been active on a network of listserv email discussion groups.

Case Study: How ACEP Directed 100,000 Messages to Congress about PPE Shortages

Association Adviser

The post Case Study: How ACEP Directed 100,000 Messages to Congress about PPE Shortages appeared first on Association Adviser. In February 2020, most Americans had never heard the term personal protective equipment, or PPE, as it is known.

Sometimes People Just Need to be Invited [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Pro tip: A conversion rate is the percentage of users who take a desired action, which in this case, refers to how many members joined or renewed as a result of the automation rule. The National Association of School Nurses (NASN) wanted a better way to increase membership sign-ups and renewals. Like other associations, it had to reach segments of its audience with different messages, which often required manual tasks and was hard to track successfully.

The Good, the Bad, and Missed Opportunities: a Fundraising Case Study

Wild Apricot

Tags: Fundraising nptech case studies Non-profit Communications

Free Popcorn: a Case Study in Social Networking

Wild Apricot

Tags: Non-profit technology General non-profit interest nptech online community Social networking case studies Non-profit Communications membership websites social media

AARC Brings Back 800 Lapsed Members with Automated Win-Back Campaign [Case Study]

Higher Logic

The American Association for Respiratory Care’s (AARC) membership was stalled. A flat line in the association’s core group of active members was even starting a bit of a downturn. This steady decrease in membership renewals gave rise to a growing number of lapsed members. Sherry Milligan, Associate Executive Director of Membership, was determined to find the right action plan to quickly change that trajectory.

Case Study in the Power of Culture

Jamie Notter

The November/December issue of Associations Now Magazine has an awesome story about Fitness Australia and the way they have built a successful organization around an intentional culture. I was proud to be a part of that work, helping them with their performance review system and a different process for hiring, but the article explains the bigger picture and the other elements that contribute to the culture (like their internal meeting structure and the use of social tools like Yammer).

Case Study: Community Membership Websites Help to Keep Neighborhoods Safe

Wild Apricot

Tags: Associations Membership management websites membership online community case studies nptech

Making Connections, Expanding Reach, Improving Data: A Trade Association’s Community Story [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Will and the staff gathered these seed questions to spark interest in case engagement started out slow on the community. Staying relevant, providing value, connecting with members and customers – do these challenges sound familiar to you and your organization? Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) was thinking through these goals. Leadership had sensed that PPAI’s relationship with members wasn’t very “sticky.”

Why Video? A Micro-Learning Case Study

Association Success

This association offer an educational program that is flexible, engaging, and serves learners. The Education and Career Services department at the Institute of Management Accounting (IMA) has always been strategically focused on monitoring current and future trends to ensure that we are meeting the needs and learning preferences of our members.

Case Study: Virtual Mentoring Using LinkedIn

Associations Now

The post Case Study: Virtual Mentoring Using LinkedIn appeared first on Associations Now How one association delved into the world of e-mentoring to offer its members an accessible and flexible career-management program. Nowadays you can pay your bills, buy your groceries, get a degree, and even see a therapist online. So, it’s no wonder that mentoring can also now be done digitally.

Case Study: MHEDA Conquers Video Integration

Association Adviser

A new case study by Naylor on MHEDA’s use of video highlights how video can be used to serve a variety of association challenges, including member engagement, recruitment and retention; member services such as training and continuing education; and how to raise awareness of advocacy and campaign issues. To see some of the challenges and considerations MHEDA faced when integrating video into their communications platform, read the full case study.

Anticipating Trends Across Industries: A Case Study

Association Success

The way we plan for the future can make or break an association and its industry. Many years of working in the association space, and two very different industries within it, have taught me a thing or two about using foresight to an association’s advantage. Now, with ASAE’s ForesightWorks , all of us have access to the resources we need to scan for trends and anticipate changes before they happen. What kind of impact can this future focus have on an organization?

Case Study: New Website for Revitalized Small Business Association

Wild Apricot

As a slew of marketing studies remind us, most people make the Internet their first stop when they're looking for information. Getting online is no longer a "frill" for nonprofits, but a necessity — especially in a tough economy — and epecially for a small organization on a tight budget. Here, interim director Welthy Soni-Myers gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of Virginia Microenterprise Network, where she's working on a new website.( read more

Customers for Life: Meet the Zenoss TechZen User Community [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Today’s preferred customer experience combines support, community, and outreach into one unified platform. Zenoss has facilitated a user community for over 10 years, becoming the de facto online gathering place for IT Ops customers. Recently, Zenoss enhanced customer experience by revamping its online community – name, brand, and all. The company prioritized five initiatives: Migrating all existing community discussions and user profiles. An open API for its CRM integration.

Massachusetts Society of CPA’s Online Community is Members’ #1 Benefit [Case Study]

Higher Logic

A few years ago, MSCPA communicated with its members solely through traditional methods like emails and events. Members connected with one another in the same ways, emailing friends and colleagues or meeting up at events. MSCPA thought about improving engagement using an online community to increase interaction and connect members directly, but wasn’t sure its members would feel comfortable with the software.

Case Study: Calgary Meals on Wheels Takes Campaign Online

Wild Apricot

Many of us are familiar with the Meals on Wheels concept - to deliver nutritious and affordable meals to people in need: seniors, convalescents, and people living with disabilities. In desperate need of a new facility in which to prepare all those meals, Calgary Meals on Wheels has just launched a major capital campaign - and a new website. We asked Leann Hackman-Carty to tell us about it.( read more

Data Informs Decisions: ASAE and Association Analytics Aim to Predict Engagement [Case Study]

Higher Logic

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) uses multiple systems—AMS, email marketing, and online community, among others—to collect member data, but it couldn’t compare or analyze valuable member activity across systems. There was no clear way to track retention, understand satisfaction, or analyze member engagement. ASAE partnered with Association Analytics to integrate all data into a consolidated architecture for analysis.

SNMMI Rekindles and Sparks Recruitment Among Their Lapsed Member Base [Case Study]

Higher Logic

With nuclear medicine and molecular imaging rapidly expanding, it’s critical that The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging’s (SNMMI) members stay informed about the new therapies, devices, and drugs that are redefining the way patient care is managed.

Case Study: In-depth Member Interviews Feed Association’s Strategic Plan

Smooth The Path

The post Case Study: In-depth Member Interviews Feed Association’s Strategic Plan appeared first on Smooth The Path. What else should the association do to support members during these extremely challenging times? This was the nagging question one association VP had. It was time to revisit the strategic plan.

Management Case Study : Off Stage

Off Stage

12, 2010 - Management Case Study. What might be a more holistic approach, particularly in this case situation? In the case study example, designing a website is not an activity for FSBOs and amateurs: an association needs professional help to articulate online objectives and engineer optimal results. Permanent Link View more entries tagged with: Virtual , Association , Technology , Membership , Case History. Off Stage.

Social Media Integrated Campaign Case Study Slam: SSIR Social Media on Purpose Conference

Beth Kanter

Not yr same old social media NPO case study SLAM at #SMoP14 The panelists delivered their case studies and poems in three rounds, each with a sub-theme. Humberto Kam from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium and Cindy Johanson from Edutopia shared some case studies about storytelling and what inspires people to share your organization’s content. The final set of case studies discussed social media success and failure.

Q&A with The Discovery Educator Network Community: Connecting and Empowering Educators Across the Globe [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Dave : Well, when you find people who are passionate about similar things, in this case, teaching, you tend to bond quickly. Where can educators around the globe find resources, advice, networking, and support when they need it? There was never one dedicated space that offered a sense of community beyond the walls of a school building or district. Connecting was difficult - until the Discovery Educator Network (DEN).

Tuesday Buzz: Don’t Forget Your Case Studies

Associations Now

How one association took a data-based approach to building effective, personalized case studies. Julie Thomson, the marketing and communications officer at the Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF), says that building out case studies on your website, like she did earlier this year, can prove an effective strategy for selling the value of membership to the audiences you want to target.

Challenge of Expanding & Managing Chapters in Emerging Markets – Middle East Case Study


Two video case studies from Middle East chapter leaders from the American Society for Quality and Project Management Institute offer insights into building the right local chapter strategies for growth in emerging markets. In lot of cases these memberships are compulsory, which is why there is no drive by associations or its volunteers to make it work.

Online #learning exams and assessments.

YourMembership Blog

Case Studies eLearning Industry News + Trends Product Information certification elearning learning management software learning management system online education online learning online learning assessment online learning exam online testing platform personalized learning professional development professional education young professionalsWhy learners embrace them and associations are best qualified to deliver them.

From Blastoff to Outer Space: How Jama Software’s Community Became the Best Resource for All Things Jama [Case Study]

Higher Logic

Since its founding only 12 years ago, Jama Software has made a huge impact in the product development software market. With clients like SpaceX, Caterpillar, Boeing, and NASA, Jama Software helps companies developing life-and-economy-critical products keep a system of record and action. After Jama launched an online community, the staff has seen their community become the best resource for all things Jama, from customer support to product improvement. Meeting their customers’ unique needs.

Case Study: Alexandria City Public Schools

Plexus Consulting

By Steven M. Worth, President at Plexus Consulting Group, LLC For the Alexandria City Public School System, one of the most diverse in the United States, a direct, specific vision was difficult to maintain. With students from over 80 differing countries speaking over 60 various languages, ACPS sought aspirations that were representative of all members of the system.

Wild Apricot Blog : Using online tools to build alumni relations- La Habra High School Alumni Association Mini-Case Study

Wild Apricot

Advocacy and social media: A case study from ASHA

Association Advocacy Chick

I’m always talking about the need for associations to use social media in their advocacy efforts. With nearly every member of the House and Senate on at least one social network, there’s opportunity to push our issues beyond the traditional email action alert. Just this morning, I read a piece on how Members of Congress are starting to use Google+ and Google Hangouts in communicating with their constituents.

Creating a Great B2B Case Study: 16 Tips for Marketing + Sales Enablement

Higher Logic

Quantifiable, well-presented case studies are how business-to-business (B2B) companies prove their solution works. And what does a great B2B case study come down to? It’s no secret that consumers rely heavily on reviews, and buyers of enterprise software or other services are the same: Prospects view case studies before requesting demos. Sales teams rely on case studies to support and close deals. However, great case studies can be created!

Wild Apricot Blog : Case Study: Mamapreneurs on Growing Membership Site for Business Moms

Wild Apricot

Part Two: The Interim AE--A Case Study : Off Stage

Off Stage

16, 2011 - Part Two: The Interim AE--A Case Study. Granted, this article is billed as a case study--your organization may not fit this exact description. 16, 2011 - RE: Part Two: The Interim AE--A Case Study. 17, 2011 - RE: Part Two: The Interim AE--A Case Study. Off Stage. 800x600. Normal 0. false false false. EN-US X-NONE X-NONE. MicrosoftInternetExplorer4. "Im sorry," Al said. "I really am.

Case Study: How Human Rights Watch Leverages Employee Personal Brands on Twitter

Beth Kanter

” Leadership modeling is important. When they launched their staff as champion strategy, they had to make the case that it was worth the investment of their time. There are no better champions for your organization’s communication’s strategy than your staff.