Let's Rock, Rattle and Roll at AUDC in Austin!

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We’re heading out to Austin, TX this Thursday and Friday for the annual Abila Users & Developers Conference (AUDC), one of our favorite tradeshows of the year. Round up your colleagues and “roll on over” to one of the newest bars in Austin’s popular West Sixth Street District, Rattle Inn.

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YMCA of Austin Gets Buy-In, Results With “Big Data” Push

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The YMCA of Austin, Texas, boosted by the tech savvy of its hometown, has learned to embrace the use of big data in its day-to-day work. The post YMCA of Austin Gets Buy-In, Results With “Big Data” Push appeared first on Associations Now

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Meet WBT Systems in Austin for PersoniFest 2018!

WBT Systems

In just five days, we will be returning to sunny Austin, TX to sponsor PersoniFest 2018! The post Meet WBT Systems in Austin for PersoniFest 2018!

After Uber and Lyft Leave Austin, Tech Scene Rallies Behind Nonprofit Alternative

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One of the firms hoping to fill it in Austin is doing something unusual for an app of its nature: organizing itself as a community-driven nonprofit. The failure of a ballot measure backed by Uber and Lyft led the two companies to leave the market in Austin, Texas.

4 readings for association management

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Four Agri-Marketing Campaigns Any Marketer Can Learn From By Doug Austin via Marketing Profs.com When someone says the word "agriculture," what comes to mind? Allee blog; Shannon Neesere Stan Phelps XYZ University MarketingProfs 9" Marketing Doug Austin Retention vs. Acquisition: Do You Focus on the Funnel or Fix the Leaky Bucket? By Stan Phelps Via 9" Marketing Answer: Retention is Fast Becoming the New Acquisition/Satisfaction Drives Loyalty. More importantly, it drives retention.

Membership Hack: Microvolunteering for Content Creation

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At the Austin chapter of the National Association for Catering and Events, creating engaging content is everyone’s responsibility. NACE Austin members are eager to get involved in small but meaningful ways, and Chavez says microvolunteering is helping to fill the leadership pipeline.

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1-On-1 With Connor Finnigan: Managing a Board of Forty

Wild Apricot

Here are highlights of our 1-On-1 interview with Connor Finnigan of the Young Men''s Business League of Austin. leadership-technology

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Meet Outside the Box: Bringing the Destination to Attendees

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Austin House is a case study in creating a relaxed, but experience rich area featuring storied local businesses, food and artists together in one place for attendees to easily visit as part of their professional development and networking. This series is brought to you by Visit Austin.

Meet Outside the Box: Food Tourism for Team Building

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That’s where food tour operators can be useful, says Andy Potter, owner and operator of Austin Eats Food Tours in Austin, Texas. This series is brought to you by Visit Austin. Learn more at visitaustin.org/why-austin.

Daily Buzz: Set Chapter Leaders Up for Success

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CbA contributor Tirza Austin explains what you can do to avoid burnout and increase productivity in your community as a “team of one.” But that number is probably higher for nonprofits, Tirza Austin writes on Community by Association.

Meet Outside the Box: Teaching Veterans in a Novel Setting

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It’s not enough to have sessions or events outside of the convention center,” says Rachel Paisley, vice president of business development at Red Velvet Events, a destination management firm in Austin, Texas. This series is brought to you by Visit Austin.

Marfan Foundation: Life Will Go on for Would-Be NBA Star

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While an NBA career isn’t in the cards for Isaiah Austin, the Marfan Foundation says the basketball league may have saved his life by testing him for the genetic disorder. The foundation is using Austin’s situation to draw attention to the potentially fatal disease.

Meet Outside the Box: Aligning Locale & Attendees’ Identity

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For its 2018 annual conference, the organization selected Austin, Texas and hosted a block party for 1,800 attendees on the city’s historic Rainey Street. This series is brought to you by Visit Austin. Learn more at visitaustin.org/why-austin.

ASAE Joins Tourism, Business Groups to Oppose Texas “Religious Refusal” Bill

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ASAE joined business and tourism leaders in Austin on March 27 in opposing Senate Bill 17 , a pending bill in the Texas Legislature that would weaken LGBTQ rights in the state.

Meet Outside the Box: Getting Outside for Team Building

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There is such a high demand for it,” says Lindsay Rohler, general manager of Rowing Dock, which provides tours and activities on Lady Bird lake in Austin, Texas. This series is brought to you by Visit Austin. Learn more at visitaustin.org/why-austin.

Meet Outside the Box: Apply Your Knowledge to a New Business

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Gold Rush Vinyl in Austin, Texas is an example of a business that also functions as a venue for professional development. This series is brought to you by Visit Austin. Learn more at visitaustin.org/why-austin.

Five Things You Missed at Wild Apricot’s First User Conference

Wild Apricot

The conference took place between April 8 - 10, in downtown Austin, Texas. Last week we hosted our first ever Wild Apricot User Conference as part of Personify’s Annual user conference, PersoniFest. Here are the highlights

Meet Outside the Box: The Experience Economy

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Amy Brown, director of sales at Visit Austin, is part of a contingent of destination marketers working with event planners to harness the uniqueness of their cities. This series is brought to you by Visit Austin. Learn more at visitaustin.org/why-austin.

Daily Buzz: Relaunch Your Online Community

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Tirza Austin from the American Society of Civil Engineers writes on Community by Association that the first step to a successful reintroduction of your online community starts with a solid rebranding initiative. Don’t go back to the angry members to say, ‘Look, it’s new,’” Austin says.

PhilanthroTech: How Nonprofits Are Using Crowdfunding

Beth Kanter

Note from Beth: I’m headed down to Austin, TX for SXSW where I will have the pleasure of facilitating a workshop on measuring social media with KD Paine with case studies by David Neff and Carie Lewis. Austin is hosting its own giving day, called Amplify Austin , on March 4, 2013.

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Conference Circuit: Getting Analytical

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The American Psychoanalytic Association’s 106th Annual Meeting is set to start in Austin, Texas, next week. Venue: Austin Hilton Hotel. City: Austin, Texas. Rundown Attendees: 500 plus. Scientific Sessions: 50. Exhibitors: 20 plus.

Following Harvey, Meetings Change Course to Give Back

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In the meetings sector, convention centers in Houston and Dallas, along with Austin, have been turned into shelters , and numerous hotel brands have also offered lodging and monetary support to those affected.

Make a Splash With Micro-Influencers

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In 2017, ACS created a marketing campaign targeting nonmembers at the famed South by Southwest conference (SXSW), the annual gathering in Austin, Texas, focused on technology, arts, and pop culture. “I Influencers on social media don’t always have millions of followers.

Groups Concerned Pending Texas Bill Could Weaken LGBTQ Protections

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But six major Texas cities—Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Plano and San Antonio—have their own nondiscrimination protections in place.

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How Associations are Making Their SXSW Imprints Felt

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Associations, big and small, are all over the annual education, interactive, and music festival, which is getting even more attention than usual, thanks to President Obama’s appearance in Austin this year.

Meet Outside the Box: Connections on the Race Track

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Circuit of The Americas, or COTA, located in Austin, Texas, is one of three purposely built Grand Prix Formula 1 race tracks in the world and the only one in the United States. This series is brought to you by Visit Austin. Learn more at visitaustin.org/why-austin.

How To Find Openly Licensed Educational Resources You Can Use [Infographic]

Velvet Chainsaw

Here’s an infographic from the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (at the University of Texas at Austin) that can help. Most of us turn to the internet when we are looking for resources to use for a presentation, report or article.

New Healthcare Group Aims to Fight Social Media Misinformation

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The group is led by Austin Chiang, a Harvard-trained gastroenterologist who, fittingly, has a large social media following.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.21.19

Reid All About it

Iggy Pop talking with Anthony Bourdain, via Austin Kleon ).

Thursday Buzz: How SXSW Convinced the Obamas to Speak

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The premier technology, film, and music festival in Austin, Texas, convinces the first couple to headline this year’s edition of SXSW. Plus: Check up on your expert speaker.

ICYMI: Key Takeaways From Our 2018 Super Forum Keynote Speakers

Higher Logic

Also, fun fact - Jackie identifies as a One-Percenter for the Pittsburgh Steelers, so she created a community for fanatics like her.who also live in Austin, Texas. What’s the connection between customer loyalty and Lady Gaga? Why are many Generation Z-ers best friends with their parents?

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Subscription Box Association Launches to Deliver Tips on Business, Sustainability

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Unveiled last month at the first Subscription Summit , in Austin, Texas, SUBTA welcomes box builders, thought leaders, supply chain members, and marketing partners.

ASAE Joins Business, Hospitality Groups to Oppose Texas ‘Bathroom Bill’

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Saying that a bill introduced in Austin last week would discriminate against the LGBT community and hurt business in Texas, ASAE and others in the hospitality, meetings, and association industries announced a joint campaign to oppose it.

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White House Brings SXSW Vibe to South Lawn

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The event is being put on with the help of the Austin-based SXSW team. South by Southwest (SXSW) is known for a lot of things, but an East Coast location isn’t one of them—it’s an Austin, Texas, festival through and through.

Monday Buzz: SXSW Becomes the New Front in Uber’s Campaign

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But this year, the plugged-in Austin, Texas, conference found one of its licensed vendors—the popular ride-sharing service Uber—disrupting the city itself. Austin has strict limitations on transportation options , barring services like Uber from operating in lieu of standard taxis.

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Get Member Thinking on Nondues Revenue Projects

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During last year’s ONA Conference in Austin, a few members who have experience working as public radio producers launched ONA On Air , which shared edited content from some of the conference sessions. When your association designs new products and services, do you tap your members for input?

Alright, Alright Alright!

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While I was watching the Academy Awards the other night along with the 43 million other fans of all things Hollywood, I was struck by Matthew McConaughey’s acceptance speech for his Best Actor Award.

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Destinations: Create a Social Media Strategy Just for Meeting Planners

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But it does set apart the Austin (TX) Convention and Visitors Bureau as “an exemplar of social media marketing success.”

Bring the Great Outdoors Into Your Meetings

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Meanwhile, in January, the Event Service Professionals Association took advantage of its venue’s new outdoor space in Austin by holding a “winter BBQ”-themed networking lunch. A new report reveals that attendees and planners have an increased interest in outdoor spaces being used at meetings.