How Much Does an Event App Cost?


Each of those apps cost quite a bit of money, although how much money ranges from several thousand dollars to several million. If you’re considering creating a mobile app for your members, you’re not alone. There are roughly 2.2

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Reduce Customer Support Costs the Community Way

Higher Logic

But one area communities are particularly effective in is reducing customer support costs -- Gartner found that communities reduce support costs for companies by 50 percent. Do you want to make customer support fun for your customers? And save money for your company?

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How Much Does an Event App Cost?


Each of those apps cost quite a bit of money, although how much money ranges from several thousand dollars to several million. 4 Factors that Affect the Cost of Your Mobile Event App. Each method includes a different amount of customization and coding, which affects development cost.

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Chapters– Are they worth the cost?


cost of chapter support?”, easily identify the costs (financial and otherwise), but struggle to. Nearly half of all associations. have components – a catch-all phrase for chapters, special interest. groups and the like – according ASAE’s last benchmarking study.

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Calculating the Cost to Serve a Member

Membership Marketing

One of the questions that I am frequently asked is how to calculate membership servicing costs. Here is a real life story on how NOT to calculate the cost to serve a member. He took the entire budget for his organization and divided it by the number of members and determined that the cost to service a member who annually paid $79 in dues was $300 ($3,000,000/10,000 members). So what is the best way to determine the cost to serve a member?

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The High-Cost Solution Association Fallacy

Smooth The Path

Free or low-cost solutions are not always bad. At the same time, high-cost solutions are not always good. In some cases, low-cost solutions work just as well as high-cost solutions, and this is good news for cash-strapped associations.

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How Much Does It Cost to Design An Association Website?

Vanguard Tech

After “ how long will it take ” the other question we most often hear is “how much does a website design project cost?” Well, the short answer is. it depends. Just like building a new house, you can design and build a townhouse, a ranch-style rambler… or a McMansion.

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The Causes and Costs of Lost Productivity in Nonprofit Workplaces and How To Avoid It

Beth Kanter's Blog

These three things not only cause a lot of stress and can lead to burnout, but also end up costing a lot of money in wasted time and lost productivity. This infographic offers a great summary and breaks it down in dollars how much these time wasters cost us.

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What Is Cost to Serve?

Thanks For Playing

At its most basic level: Revenue per member – Expenses per member = Cost to serve a member Simple, right? "If If membership is $100 a year, and it costs us $60 a year to mail each member our journal, that's our cost to serve, and we bring in $40 a year in revenue per member. What does it cost to recruit and retain each member? What do all services actually cost to provide, in both direct and indirect costs? (Oh Staff costs!) And why does it matter?

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The Hidden Costs of Inefficiency

Associations Now

When you’re losing a nickel here or a dime there, it doesn’t seem like a lot … until you do the math and realize it’s costing you a pretty penny. If you spend $20 on a new card, for example, the cost breaks down like so: $19 goes on your card. At a cost of $2.50

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The fallacy of “sunk cost”

Effective Database

As we all know, a sunk cost is a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. A good example of a sunk cost is the purchase of a new AMS to replace an old system. The cost is sunk. The sunk cost fallacy is the belief that once the money is spent, there is no going back; one must continue down the road you’re on, because after all, if you change directions now, all that money would be wasted. But sunk costs are just that; sunk.

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5 Ways to Find Low-Cost Association Conference Speakers


The post 5 Ways to Find Low-Cost Association Conference Speakers appeared first on GrowthZone. When it comes to finding a conference speaker, associations work with a limited (if any) budget.

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How User Groups Defer Customer Support Costs While Creating Raving Fans

Higher Logic

5 Ways User Groups Cut Customer Service Costs and Increase Satisfaction. User groups help your business save money by providing cost-effective self-service tools and better customer support overall. These costs are well worth the investment.

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Survey: Security, Cost Remain Pressure Points for Event Planners

Associations Now

Other notable highlights include an increased interest in social media, which DCI says is finally matching broader consumer trends, and continuing concerns about keeping costs down. The post Survey: Security, Cost Remain Pressure Points for Event Planners appeared first on Associations Now

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HBA Journey to Reduced Costs and Process Improvements


She knew that a dues-based organization had to have cost-efficient systems in place in order to provide members with valuable programs and services. Laurie identified costly inefficiencies at the association, including separate systems for managing programs, accounting, and member data.

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The Hidden Monetary and Environmental Cost of Invoicing


Cost of handling NSF checks. The post The Hidden Monetary and Environmental Cost of Invoicing appeared first on GrowthZone. The ugly truth about traditional billing and payment processing is, well, ugly. Invoices sent via mail require more resources than you may realize.

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How Much Does an Association Management System Really Cost?


If your organization is in the market for a new Association Management System (AMS), or if you’re comparing different membership software systems, the first question you’re asking is, “ How much does it cost? ”. There’s not a lot of information out there about this; I’m sure you’ve noticed that most vendors will want to set up a call with you before they give you any substantial information. The main reason for this is that the answer isn’t cut and dry. It depends. Association Management

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Delivering Super Low-Cost Exceptional Member Experiences

Smooth The Path

The post Delivering Super Low-Cost Exceptional Member Experiences appeared first on Smooth The Path. In many situations, customers have very low expectations. It is amazing how many businesses don’t think about customer service.

Costs in Translation

Associations Now

Can you manage meeting costs and deliver big on a small budget? Often, your venue contacts will have budget-friendly ideas, having worked with countless other groups also trying to cut costs. Also, determine which cost-saving measures will be felt by the attendee (e.g.,

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5 Options for Low-cost Event Publicity

Wild Apricot Blog

Here are some ideas for low-cost event publicity - as requested in our blog reader survey. By focusing on media relations, event calendars, your website, email and social media, even organizations with limited resources can promote events with little or no cost.( read more ). Associations event management event registration events membership nonprofit non-profit nptech public relations publicity

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[Cool Infographic Friday] The Shockingly High Cost of Disengaged Employees


You know exactly why we care about this topic, right? See this infographic from our friends at Good.Co. Figure out how to engage your employees. Buy our book. Or better yet, hire us. ———— ( photo credit ). Cool Infographic Friday Culture That Works

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How Much Does an Association Management System Really Cost?


If your organization is in the market for a new Association Management System (AMS), or if you’re comparing different membership software systems, the first question you’re asking is, “ How much does it cost? ”.

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Are hidden fees costing your members?

SCD Group

A Wall Street Journal story (7/23/16) about hidden fees inflating home price s got me to thinking about the hidden fees in the cost members pay to participate in your event. that scale up your costs.

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Open Source LMS: Hidden Costs for Associations

WBT Systems

At first glance, open source LMS may seem to have certain advantages over a commercial, purpose-built association LMS – no upfront licensing costs, full control over how the system can be customized, etc. Hidden Costs of an Open Source LMS.

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The Hidden Business Costs of a Cyberattack

Associations Now

For instance, if a cyberattack occurred, there would be costs associated with conducting a cybercrime investigation, making improvements to cybersecurity systems, and paying attorneys. But some costs might be under an association’s radar, and these could be even more monetarily devastating.

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The Cost of a Neglectful Board

Associations Now

It may be that the nonprofit world obsesses too much about overhead costs as a measure of success, but DVNF was disastrously mismanaged no matter how you look at it. The post The Cost of a Neglectful Board appeared first on Associations Now

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Sunk Costs, Marginal Costs and Economics - BlogClump


Sunk Costs, Marginal Costs and Economics. Two of these are cost related. Here are some basic definitions from The Economist website : Sunk Costs - When what is done cannot be undone. Sunk costs are costs that have been incurred and cannot be reversed, for example, spending on ADVERTISING or researching a product idea. If potential entrants would have to incur similar costs, which would not be recoverable if the entry failed, they may be scared off.

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Low-Cost (& Free) Ways to Improve Staff Morale


Try keeping morale up with these free or low-cost ideas: Free coffee is the norm for offices these days. Get even more low-cost (and no cost) proven ideas. The post Low-Cost (& Free) Ways to Improve Staff Morale appeared first on GrowthZone.

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The High Cost of Governance : Off Stage

Off Stage

30, 2011 - The High Cost of Governance. Seldom is thought given to the cost of administering policies and programs (or refinements, if you will). ” But nobody has ever replied with a specific dollar figure, cost per member, or ratio of program expenditures to total budget.

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Study: Business Travel and Its Costs Are on the Rise

Associations Now

Will higher costs slow down business travelers? The post Study: Business Travel and Its Costs Are on the Rise appeared first on Associations Now Forecasts from a New York University professor predict record increases in both room rates and hotel real estate.

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4 Common Website Problems that Cost You Members and Revenue

Wild Apricot Blog

If you're not growing your membership or generating the kind of revenue you want, your website could be a major culprit. In fact, most membership organizations suffer from at least one major website problem. The good news is, fixing these website issues is probably a lot easier than you might think. design website builder Abourahma Lamees

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22 High-Impact, Low Cost Social Media Opportunities for Nonprofits

Wild Apricot Blog

For non-profits new to social media, guest blogger, Brad Aronson offers 22 social media opportunities to consider. social media

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Pharmacists: The Missing Link to More Cost-Effective Healthcare?

Associations Now

The recently published report from the National Governors Association reaffirms what has been shown [in] research and in practice: When pharmacists are included on the healthcare team, outcomes improve and costs go down,” said NASPA Director of Policy and State Relations Krystalyn K.

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25 (Cost-Effective) Ways to Thank Your Volunteers


As an association professional, you understand the importance of volunteers. They’re the ones that help your association function. They help out with events, administrative tasks, strategy on occasion - the list goes on and on. Simply put, they do a lot - and they deserve to be thanked!

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Credit card fees are a cost of doing business

Effective Database

The simple fact is, credit card fees are a cost of doing business. So either you can raise your prices by 3% to 5% to cover the costs, or you can just “eat” the expense as one more bit of overhead. Over the years, and even recently, I’ve had clients tell me they want to discourage their members and customers from paying with a credit card, because of the transaction fees (typically between 3% and 5%).

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Understanding Meetings Cost in the New Reality [HYBRID EVENT 5/23]


Centered on the topic “ Understanding Meetings Cost in the New Reality ,” we’re combining thought-provoking industry experts and compelling subject matter with our progressive hybrid event model. 3:00pm ET – Understanding Meetings Cost in the New Reality.

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The 3-Pronged Facebook Advertising Strategy That Cut Lead Costs by 80%


The campaign was costing them roughly $17 to acquire a new lead – which in this space was considered fairly good. Here’s how it looked: At a cost per lead of $19.07…that The end result was that we reduced their cost per lead from $17.62 Cost per lead.

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Prediction: Increased Travel, Meeting Costs in 2014

Associations Now

CWT expects meeting suppliers to raise prices worldwide, resulting in increases in daily attendee costs and overall meeting costs. percent), while daily attendee meeting costs may increase up to 5.5

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Use Facebook To Measure The Cost Of New Members

Wild Apricot Blog

You run a small, nonprofit or membership-based organization and you’re looking for inexpensive ways to gain new members. Have you thought of advertising on Facebook? Facebook measure ads

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HB2 Costing North Carolina Business, Convention Bureaus Warn

Associations Now

The decision by the group to move its meeting to Baltimore costs North Carolina an event that was anticipated to bring 1,000 people to the state and more than $1.7 Combined, says the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau, the passage of HB2 has cost the area $3.1

Study Reveals Career Cost of Promoting Diversity, For Some

Associations Now

” The post Study Reveals Career Cost of Promoting Diversity, For Some appeared first on Associations Now

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Another Federal Conference Scrutinized for Excessive Costs

Associations Now

It’s the latest in a string of reports detailing what investigators say is a failure to rein in costs. But the findings from this latest investigation could draw additional attention to conference costs associated with entertainment and lodging.

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5 Low Cost Ways to Boost Your Next Conference

Association Success

The added bonus of this feature was that we were using regular tap water and not bottled water, therefore saving cost (and the environment!). Let's remove barriers to maximize engagement. There has been a rise in popularity of “ unconferences ” at meetings of late, in response to meeting delegates increasingly shunning lecture-style, didactic conferences.

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