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The world is moving toward experiences … are associations focusing enough on member experiences? But what we are building with artificial reality is an internet of experiences.” Virtual reality, I hear, is far better when you experience it with someone else.

Intentionally Designing Member Experiences

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If you have ever had the experience of attending a meeting, conference or session where you saw the other participants respond enthusiastically, only to try that very same thing back on your home turf and get a lukewarm response you’ll know what I mean. Experiences are not a moment in time.

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Introducing SocialLink mobile app to transform your member experience.

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Your association membership is boosted by your members seeking credibility, professional development, competitive advantages and ways to give back. But, one of the primary reasons members join your association is for networking opportunities.

Asking Members to Opt In After a Bad Member Experience

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I met a really unusual member today. After having a bad first conference experience most members don’t attend again. After having a bad chapter event experience most members don’t go again. Not this member.

Delivering Super Low-Cost Exceptional Member Experiences

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A delightful member experience doesn’t have to flashy, highly technological, or expensive which is good because your smaller association or your chapters may not be able to afford expensive options. A very pleasant member experience can just be human.

3 Minute Mini-Course for Association Professionals: Better Member Experiences with Imaginative Empathy

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We have all felt the frustration of knowing that our members only remember a fraction of the benefits they are entitled to. The benefits list is hard to remember but the experiences our members have are easy to remember. Move membership from a transaction to an experience.

How to Customize Your Member Experience (With Limited Time and Money)


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could customize everything little thing you did for your members? We’re talking content, meetings, events - the whole member experience. But that’s not to say you can’t customize your member experience at all.

4 Ways Online Communities Have Improved the Member Experience


More associations than ever are adopting online community platforms for their members. Today, we welcome a guest post from Andy Steggles at Higher Logic. To learn more about the power of online communities, visit

Challenges with Member Experience Facing Associations

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One of the big questions Todd asked me was about the challenges facing organizations today; especially as it pertains to experience for their customers or members. What Challenges Are Facing Associations As It Pertains to Customer Experience? Understanding Data I think one big challenge organizations face in building the right member experience is in figuring out how to use the data associations already have. What does that experience feel like to the customer?

The New Member Engagement Rule of Three

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There is a short window of opportunity to engage new members. Most new members join with high hopes. During the first few days of their membership, new members are inherently very engaged. We only have 3 days or 3 weeks to engage some new members.

Association Tips: 6 Irresistible Member Benefits that Convince People to Join and Renew

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Here are six member benefit ideas that should do the trick. Members-Only Job Boards. Partner with major employers and experts in your field to create job boards for your members. All that makes job boards an excellent benefit for acquiring new millennial members.

An Introvert’s Guide to Growing a Private Online Community

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It may be a challenge for introverts to share their personality online, but that’s often what keeps members coming back. It’s fun to get to know other community members, especially the manager. Your workload will be more balanced and you’ll be more effective at connecting with members.

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The Most Frustrating Thing New Members Do

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One of the most frustrating dynamics for association staff is noticing that some members join but then never take another single action. You may be surprised to learn this super frustrating for new members as well. Members join with the intention of engaging.

You Need to Know Your Association’s Value Trigger Point

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Ask engaged members when they realized the value of the association and many could tell you the exact moment. The moment new members understand the value of the association is the Association’s Value Trigger Point (AVTP). Fueling exceptional new member experiences [e-book].

Why New Members Actually Join

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We think new members join for the professional development and networking, but a new member joins for one of these reasons: They believe in the cause. Someone they respect is a member. They know someone who is getting a lot out of being a member.

6 Key Features of the Best Learning Management Systems

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To make sure that your association has the best learning management system to educate members and provide valuable skills development, you need to avoid purchasing an LMS that’s DOA. Top LMS systems allow you to incorporate tests throughout courses to see what content members retain.

How Small-Staff Associations Can Get People to Come Back to their Websites (Without Extra Work)

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Putting your staff in charge of web management means they’re also tasked with attracting more new visitors to your website and convincing everyone – from new visitors to current members – to come back for more. Pick Your Projects Based on Member Needs. Do more with less.

Three More Problems Attendees Experience at Association Conferences

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Many of you were super interested in learning about the six problems attendees experience at conferences : If you don’t have me at registration, you’ve lost me. I’m a long-time member, and I’m bored with the sessions. Related: The problems attendees experience at conferences.

The Problems Attendees Experience at Conferences

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Members love to talk about their conference experience during in-depth interviews with me. We spend a lot of time talking about their conference experience because the conference is where most members get the most value. Members remember those first experiences well.

5 benefits of video-based learning.

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Easily delivered through a learning management system, video is the most engaging way to hold your association members’ and learners’ attention. Video-based learning is a widely-accepted e-learning trend, and it’s gaining momentum.

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4 key takeaways from ASAE’s Membership Marketing & Communications Conference.

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How Association Members Really Evaluate Value

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Value is one part solution, another part story, another part experience. As you think about the value your association delivers to members consider these new trends. Some of us are experimenting with: less owning, more renting (turning from CDs to Pandora).

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Membership Growth Too Slow? Check These 8 Trouble Spots

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Joy Duling shows you how to avoid the pitfall of throwing away marketing dollars, by following an 8 step formula for keeping members forever. Membership renewal member-experience membership-growth membership Joy-DulingMany membership organizations struggle to grow their membership.

Make More Time by Adopting Minimalism at Your Association

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More time to spend with family and friends, more time for experiences, more time to do things that feel meaningful. Sometimes what members need is a deeper relationship with the association, with us the staff, and with each other. Improve the member experience with curated networking.

Normalization of Deviants and Your Association

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We’ve gotten used to that quirkiness, probably so have our board members and long-time members but for new members, our quirkiness is odd. Anytime our administrative systems deviate from the norm our members are mildly surprised, probably slightly frustrated.

Personalize the Member Experience, Increase Retention

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Ideas to help you engage, empower and retain members. Being Thoughtful Takes a Minute… June 12th, 2012 | Posted in Member Engagement + Retention. I’ve written about personalizing the member experience for years now but Chris Brogan reminded me in his weekly newsletter just how far personalization can go. In his newsletter he wrote about how the folks at Social Media Camp in Victoria, British Columbia made his experience memorable.

The Secret Value of Conferences

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For the experience. But sometimes members do not feel like they can network. Help members give themselves permission to attend and give them the opportunity to treat themselves to a few days out of the office, a few days of learning, and a few days of experiences.

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The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding for Your Association


Association Marketing Strategy Member ExperienceWhat color is your association’s logo? Was it something that was inherited from your founding or did you recently rebrand?

4 Ways to Use Nostalgia to Grab Your Customers’ or Members’ Attention


Customer Engagement Content Strategy Marketing Strategy Member ExperienceAuthor Tom Wolfe made a statement with the title of his novel, You Can’t Go Home Again.

7 vows to marry AMS tech and your association mission.

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Here’s a model to identify where your association management software comes up short and what to do if it does. Successful association management software is like a well-constructed wedding cake.

What 3 things will your association do well this year?

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Be selective with where and how you spend your time and resources. As association executives, we all know we must evolve our business models to remain relevant. It’s not enough to do what’s always been done.

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How to Get Amazon-Level Personalization (With No Extra Effort)


Email Communication Membership Management Software Member ExperienceI’m attending a wedding next month.

6 Compelling Reasons to Consolidate Your Association’s Technology Systems


Training Membership Management Software AMS Software Member ExperienceHow many times have you heard someone say that they want to make a difference?

How to Prepare the Ambassadors of Your Association

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The ambassador of the association is whoever a new member interacts with first. That means the ambassador might be a member services coordinator, a receptionist, or maybe even someone in finance if that new member has is a question about billing. How do you , welcome members?

5 Ways You Know It’s Time to Grow Your Community Management Team

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And if your team can’t keep up with member and program needs, then your community won’t be effective at generating results. Supportive board members. They’ll contribute where needed, creating a strong skillset with which you can engage members.

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Getting Volunteer, Staff or Sponsor Engagement May Be Hard Because…

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Volunteers won’t want to recruit their friends if they don’t trust the experience will be good. How big or small do association conferences make members feel? Staff won’t want to share their ideas if they don’t trust their best ideas will be respected.

Members Want to Have a Relationship with Our Association

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Yes, members want to receive value, but they want more than just that. Members want a relationship with the association. Members want to make an impact in the association, profession, or industry. Members want to feel ownership. Members want to connect.

5 Factors that Can Make or Break Your Association Website Redesign


Marketing Strategy SEO Association Management Services Member ExperienceThere was wood everywhere. Paper on the floor, nails on what was left of the counter, and a paint-splattered drop cloth was all that protected the kitchen tile. It was a mess.

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Personalization Tips: How to Reach More Association Members Through your AMS Software


And neither do your members. AMS Software Member Experience PersonalizationRemember the good old days when you were researching a vacation in Paris and an ad for Chinese food popped up in your internet browser? Do you miss that? Because I don’t.

What’s Next? 6 Membership Trends to Watch in 2017


Analytics Membership Marketing Association Trends Member ExperienceIt seems like only yesterday we were worried about what would happen when the computers hit the year 2000. Now it’s nearly 2017 and a lot has changed. Just think about technology.

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