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Your association membership is boosted by your members seeking credibility, professional development, competitive advantages and ways to give back. But, one of the primary reasons members join your association is for networking opportunities.

Intentionally Designing Member Experiences

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If you have ever had the experience of attending a meeting, conference or session where you saw the other participants respond enthusiastically, only to try that very same thing back on your home turf and get a lukewarm response you’ll know what I mean. Experiences are not a moment in time.

Association Trend Watch: Member Experiences

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The world is moving toward experiences … are associations focusing enough on member experiences? But what we are building with artificial reality is an internet of experiences.” Virtual reality, I hear, is far better when you experience it with someone else.

Amanda Kaiser Webinar: Fueling New-Member Experiences


It’s a fact that a member’s decision to renew is profoundly influenced by their experience when they first join – is your association fueling exceptional new-member experiences? See why engaging new members within 3 days to 3 weeks is critical.

Delivering Super Low-Cost Exceptional Member Experiences

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A delightful member experience doesn’t have to flashy, highly technological, or expensive which is good because your smaller association or your chapters may not be able to afford expensive options. A very pleasant member experience can just be human.

Membership Hack: Storify Member Experiences

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Associations can use the Storify tool to quickly and efficiently gather social posts into online stories that highlight the member experience. The stream of posts became a way to highlight RTDNA members doing the grueling and challenging work of covering a category three hurricane.

Challenges with Member Experience Facing Associations

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One of the big questions Todd asked me was about the challenges facing organizations today; especially as it pertains to experience for their customers or members. What Challenges Are Facing Associations As It Pertains to Customer Experience? Understanding Data I think one big challenge organizations face in building the right member experience is in figuring out how to use the data associations already have. What does that experience feel like to the customer?

Why Engagement Must Be Built Into the Member Experience

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Struggling to get members engaged? When associations struggle to get members engaged, they often search for practical solutions like these, special tricks for getting members’ attention. Of course, once members do get involved, they’re more likely to stay with you.

3 New Year’s resolutions to improve your association members’ experience.

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The post 3 New Year’s resolutions to improve your association membersexperience. Membership & Marketing Member Retention Professional DevelopmentIf you’re anything like me, coming up with New Year’s resolutions can be overwhelming and anxiety-ridden, not to mention their failure is often accompanied by evidence. I only have to look over my shoulder at the elliptical in my office to spot a failed resolution of 2016. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

3 Minute Mini-Course for Association Professionals: Better Member Experiences with Imaginative Empathy

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We have all felt the frustration of knowing that our members only remember a fraction of the benefits they are entitled to. The benefits list is hard to remember but the experiences our members have are easy to remember. Move membership from a transaction to an experience.

Asking Members to Opt In After a Bad Member Experience

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I met a really unusual member today. After having a bad first conference experience most members don’t attend again. After having a bad chapter event experience most members don’t go again. Not this member.

Improve the Member Experience with Curated Networking

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How many meaningful connections does each member make during the conference? Are you wondering how that can be when members share the same profession or same title or same industry? From our member’s point of view there is actually a lot of variation.

Don’t Be Led Astray From Protecting the Member Experience

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Businesses that deliver a cluttered customer experience have likely fallen victim to short-sighted temptations. Associations can avoid the same fate by fending off the forces that put other goals ahead of member needs. And that the association itself belongs to the members , anyway.

4 Ways Online Communities Have Improved the Member Experience


More associations than ever are adopting online community platforms for their members. Today, we welcome a guest post from Andy Steggles at Higher Logic. To learn more about the power of online communities, visit

How to Customize Your Member Experience (With Limited Time and Money)


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could customize everything little thing you did for your members? We’re talking content, meetings, events - the whole member experience. But that’s not to say you can’t customize your member experience at all.

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding for Your Association


Association Marketing Strategy Member ExperienceWhat color is your association’s logo? Was it something that was inherited from your founding or did you recently rebrand?

The Whole Conference Experience is Decided in the First 10 Seconds

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A meeting planner said to me, “the whole conference experience is decided in the first 10 seconds”. But, attendees are assessing the experience. Typically great experiences cost money, right? Not all experiences have to, especially these.

How to Seed Enthusiasm at Your Next Conference

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Imagine members clapping, and cheering, and standing on their feet. Conference Member Experience attendee engagement attendee experience conference conference culture conference experience creating member experiences member experiences

Responsive Associations Boost Early Member Engagement

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When members get no response, they may think the association is another bureaucratic mess with no focus on customer service. It is worth noting that most members and potential members are blind to how busy the staff may be pre-conference or during other crunch times.

Marketing Automation: Creepy? Or Just Good Customer Service?

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Have you ever had this experience? An abandoned cart campaign is a perfect example of how marketing automation can be used to create a great user experience. When revealed, it’s actually quite a useful way to give members a more personalized, tailored, helpful experience.

5 Unexpectedly Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Association’s Volunteers

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Change your member’s profile photos to show a special banner, such as MVP, so it’s clear that your volunteers are some of the most valuable members of your association. Add a permanent, rotating leadership role or board member position for your volunteers.

The Real Value of Associations for Members

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What is the real value of associations for members? I have heard members say, “I felt very uncertain, even scared, about taking the next step in my career but, the association helped me be confident.” How does your association make members feel?

The Evolution of Experience with Marketing Automation

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You’re already trying to provide a positive customer or member experience, and maintain strong communications with them. Let’s start with that first part, about the experience. Put Experience First. Personalize the Member Experience.

Add Value for Members Even When They Are Not Succeeding

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How can your association help members when they are at their most fragile? Do you have content, resources, networks, consultants, processes or other mechanisms for helping members when they hit those inevitable low spots in their career?

Integrate for Success: 3 Sweet Results of AMS Integrations

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For example, when a new member joins your association, your AMS shoots that piece of data over to integrated software. Your online community starts adding the member into the right communities. Your marketing automation software triggers a new member welcome campaign.

How to Get Amazon-Level Personalization (With No Extra Effort)


Email Communication Membership Management Software Member ExperienceI’m attending a wedding next month.

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Many Associations Are Too Passive with New Members

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Finally, she decides to try a one-year experiment and join. Even if your members do not pay for their membership themselves, research says, they are annoyed by asks for more money early on. Consider adding a new member onboarding program or revising your existing program.

6 Compelling Reasons to Consolidate Your Association’s Technology Systems


Training Membership Management Software AMS Software Member ExperienceHow many times have you heard someone say that they want to make a difference?

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Why You Might Want to Add an Online Summit to Your Association Innovation List

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The biggest problem with most annual conferences is that most members cannot go. What percent of your members make it to the conference each year? Which means that 70 to 90 percent of our members do not experience one of the top benefits the association has to offer.

[New eBook] The Community Module Guide: How to Support Your Organization’s Business Objectives

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Customization capabilities and mobile-friendly access are also vital features at the core of delivering the seamless community experience your members want. Drive a Better Member Experience with Additional Modules. Objective #6 - Online Member Experience.

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5 Unique Ways to Improve Your New Member Engagement Program

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Shirley looked at the metrics of her 6-month new member email campaign. Overall new member renewal rates had increased a couple of percentage points since the program was implemented, which was directionally good, but not good enough. Focus Only on The Value New Members Need.

Personalization Tips: How to Reach More Association Members Through your AMS Software


And neither do your members. AMS Software Member Experience PersonalizationRemember the good old days when you were researching a vacation in Paris and an ad for Chinese food popped up in your internet browser? Do you miss that? Because I don’t.

Do Your Members Love or Hate Your Emails? (4 Tips for Getting Their Feedback)

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If members feel engaged in both the organization and their own experiences with your organization, then everyone benefits. You’re putting your members in control of their experience. You’re starting a conversation with your members.

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How the Computer in Your Pocket Has Changed Event Attendee Behavior


Conference Management Mobile Strategy Event App Member Experience“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.”. What a spectacularly incorrect statement.

That Tone Could Be Repelling the Very Members We Are Trying to Engage

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However, our members, especially new members are highly attuned to our tone. Spend some time pondering how you want members, and new members to feel when they interact with the association. Related: We talk about the importance of tone in the New Member Engagement Study.

Study Holds Key to Association Member Engagement

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For the last year, I have been saying that members who engage with the association within the first 3 days to 3 weeks of joining become more engaged through the life of their membership. I have been shouting this from the rooftops because members have told me this in interview after interview.

Associations Just Need to Exceed Expectations

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What if the member experience at your association was just the opposite? What if the experience was more like Joe’s? Related: 3 The decision to join myths and the reason members join our associations. Hidden problems that seriously erode member engagement.

The New Member Engagement Rule of Three

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There is a short window of opportunity to engage new members. Most new members join with high hopes. During the first few days of their membership, new members are inherently very engaged. We only have 3 days or 3 weeks to engage some new members.

What You Notice Can Help You Radically Improve Your Association

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Not only do we experience first impressions of each other, but we also have first impressions for everything else from places to brands, and products, and organizations, and more. Our members do the same. Related: New Member Engagement Study [free report].

Do You Know What Your Member’s Personal Worldview Is?

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Each member may not bring a banner, like a canvas grocery bag, along with them expressing their worldview. However, each member certainly does bring their strongly held personal worldview to each interaction with their association. Some members are not huggers.

Why Some Long-Time Members Choose to Stay Engaged with Their Association

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Many associations see that their most at-risk members, the ones least likely to renew, are new members. But some new members do engage with the association, and they go on to become engaged 3-7 year members. Is the association providing enough value to long-time members?

What’s Next? 6 Membership Trends to Watch in 2017


Analytics Membership Marketing Association Trends Member ExperienceIt seems like only yesterday we were worried about what would happen when the computers hit the year 2000. Now it’s nearly 2017 and a lot has changed. Just think about technology.

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You Could Just Set It and Forget It with Marketing Automation…But Don’t!

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You’re informed about members’ digital activities. Each aspect can be connected to dictate the pathways and actions triggered during a unique subscriber’s experience. You want your subscribers to feel like their experience has been tailored just for them.