Study Holds Key to Association Member Engagement

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For the last year, I have been saying that members who engage with the association within the first 3 days to 3 weeks of joining become more engaged through the life of their membership. I have been shouting this from the rooftops because members have told me this in interview after interview.

Why Just One Kind of Member Research Isn’t Enough

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By pursuing both quantitative data and qualitative input from its members, the Construction Financial Management Association discovered a gap in its member value proposition—and how to fix it. For associations looking to better attract and engage members, the answer is better data.

Learn About Members’ Why

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This is great advice but it is awfully hard to do when we don’t know our members’ why. For every action (or inaction) members (and non-members) take there is a why. As established organizations, knowing our member’s why helps us develop and communicate our why.

Our Point of View is Not Our Members’ Point of View

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Our members may think membership is priced too high because of its impact on their budget or personal wallet. If members bought all the benefits a la carte, they would pay twice as much. Members see three precious days out of the office, away from their families.

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Our Members Are Not Crazy

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Members don’t take the time to understand their benefits. Those chapter leaders are not communicating well with new members. There are so many situations that pit association staff against members. Dive into your member’s stories and find out how close you are.

Members Who Share Their Opinions Expect Action (here is what we are going to do!)

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Our members won’t want to give 45-minutes to hour of their time for an interview is a common worry among many association executives. But I find that members actually do. The good news is these are exactly the members we most need to talk to. Members want to be heard.

Members Leave Associations Without a Sound

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Related: Don’t ask for feedback from members who are too new. Asking members to opt in after a bad member experience. The post Members Leave Associations Without a Sound appeared first on Smooth The Path.

How to Exponentially Improve Member Engagement at Any Association

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Wouldn’t it be great if members felt this way every day of the week? At some associations, members do feel this way, and your members can feel like this too. Deeply understanding members is at the root of it all. Related: Member Engagement Research.

Developing My Dream Association

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If I were to build an association, I would pull the most significant insights from all of the research I have conducted. One of the core staff values would be to be intensely member-focused. We would talk with members often, conduct listening tours, and interview them.

There are Important Things We May Not Know About the Association

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There are some things about the association we may not know unless we ask members. our long-time members are disengaging. we use different words than our members use. we are solving a problem members have already solved.

Engaging Not New or Long, But Medium-Time Members with Your Association

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While conducting member research new members and long-time members share why they engage with their association (and why they don’t). Related: How new members are prompted to engage. The new member engagement rule of three.

Do Members Like Association Renewal Notices?

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Yes, many of the association’s loyal members like receiving renewal notices because they serve as an essential reminder to renew. Over the years these members received more value than the cost of their membership and they had wonderful experiences because of the association.

How to Leverage Your Association’s Super-Members

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The trouble with association boards is they tend to be populated with super-members. Super-members are members who are so engaged, so seasoned, so advanced in the profession or industry they are not like most members. Don’t ask them to guess what new members need or want.

Three More Problems Attendees Experience at Association Conferences

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Many of you were super interested in learning about the six problems attendees experience at conferences : If you don’t have me at registration, you’ve lost me. I’m a long-time member, and I’m bored with the sessions. Related: The problems attendees experience at conferences.

How to Recruit and Engage an Entirely New Generation of Members

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Some associations are seeing exceptional member growth while other associations are seeing a decline. Not all associations are struggling to retain their members, but some are. Focusing on one segment of membership, but not on younger members.

Why Didn’t Our Members Choose Us?

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It is so frustrating… Industry suppliers launch competitive products and events and our members purchase them. Members have a challenging problem and we have the solution but they do not use our solution. We reach only 14% of the population of potential members.

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Understand the Three Professional Stages to Improve Association Value

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The results of years of member research show that high-performing professionals tend to move through three stages during their career. How can you develop content or a forum for members at each stage? Related: How new members are prompted to engage.

Associations and the Network Effect

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I credit the network effect for propelling all of my recent initiatives from speaking, to recruiting quality participants for association industry research, to having clients find me for custom member research. Networking is one of the top values we provide our members.

The 4 Skills Associations Should be Teaching

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What we are lacking are life skills that can make our member’s lives (and jobs) significantly better. Life skills that can make them happier, more productive; a better professional and a better member. Dr. Carol Dweck proves this out in her research.

It is Time to Revisit Our Member Segments

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Going one step further, we typically see segment-able behavior, preferences or problems within our classically defined member categories. We may see members who are far more entrepreneurial than most. We may see members who are more forward thinking than most.

When did you last map your member touchpoints?

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Understanding how your members and potential members experience your organisation is an important insight in membership development. When I work with clients I have found it useful to map out these touch points across the member journey. Uncategorized member touchpoints

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Daily Buzz: Event Registration’s New Frontier

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Everyone is talking about the sexy technology developments around VR experiences, facial recognition, etc., A learning management system, or LMS, can be fundamental to members’ professional development—but finding the software that fits within your organization can be challenging.

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How Are Associations Using Twitter?


While all of these things are important for our members to know perhaps pushing all of the time is not so engaging. Instead of just pushing messages through Twitter here are some other ways to use this social media channel that may help you serve your members.

Peek Behind the Scenes of One Innovative Annual Conference for New Ideas to Use at Your Annual Conference

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For many new members the annual conference is the first time they get to interact with the association and the community in a meaningful way. If they have a good experience at this first conference they are more likely to become more engaged with the whole association.