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8 Hot Tips for Revamping Your Prospectus

Moery Company

Istock/CreditFug4s. Does your prospectus follow the same old format? I’ve seen a few lately and I can tell you from my experience, chances are your prospectus needs a fresh approach. It’s time to shake things up and create something that will catch the prospect’s attention.

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4 Ways to Becoming the Best Continuing Education Resource in Your Industry

YourMembership Blog

How associations can support members through professional development. Members’ needs and expectations evolve as they move through their careers journey and look to associations for support. Here are some tips and tricks to take your online learning program to the next level. Your members look to your association to be a leader, especially when it. The post 4 Ways to Becoming the Best Continuing Education Resource in Your Industry appeared first on YourMembership.

How to Spot Useful Nonprofit Tech Tools — And 3 You Can Use Today

Wild Apricot

Here are several useful nonprofit tech tools, as well as how you can select the right ones for your nonprofit, from guest poster Amy Neumann, founder of Free Tech for Nonprofits

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Partnership v. Membership: Prospecting Dos and Don’ts

Spark Consulting

In Lewis’s last post in our ongoing series , he shared some great advice on prospecting for corporate partners. Lewis highlighted DO items, such as: Weed out “dead ends” Understand your potential partners’ business challenges and goals for your audiences. Focus on mutual benefit. He also called out time-wasters to eliminate (I love that framing!), such as: Pursuing a company that has no connection to your profession/industry.

Community Bankers’ Fintech Program Sees Accelerating Momentum

Associations Now

The Independent Community Bankers of America found so much success with the first round of its Arkansas-based ThinkTECH Accelerator that it’s doing it all over again next year.

What’s Trending in Association Content Delivery and Sales?

Moery Company

There are a few trends developing around our content delivery and sales process, and it’s very exciting. Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen growth in content engagement and have observed our sales cycle shortening rather significantly.

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How to Start a 501c3 Nonprofit the Right Way in Nine Steps

Wild Apricot

Congratulations — you're on your way to changing the world! In this guide I cover how to start a nonprofit or 501c3, from setting your goals to getting your first paying members

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Building Out a “Culture Ops” Function

Jamie Notter

I have a couple of keynotes at HR conferences coming up in September, and I am thinking about drawing some attention in those talks to a relatively new term in HR: Culture Operations, or Culture Ops. If you’re outside of the Human Resources world, you may not realize that the term, “human resources”, has become a bit out of fashion these days.

A One-on-One Growth Strategy

Associations Now

The National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions has enjoyed a membership and revenue spike in recent years. The secret? A lot of face time. When B.

Selling Government Relations as a Key Member Benefit

Moery Company

IStock_Credit:alekseykh. So, how do you sell government relations as one of most valuable aspects of association membership? We’ve been successful in selling for associations with great government relations and advocacy programs.

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Tips to Skyrocket Your Association’s Job Board Revenue

YourMembership Blog

At the top of every association’s priority list is growing non-dues revenue and driving more member engagement. But how do they do it? We’ll fill you in on their secret: a successful career center. The constant evolution of career centers has made them the go-to destination for all career development opportunities for association members. The post Tips to Skyrocket Your Association’s Job Board Revenue appeared first on YourMembership. Career Solutions Non-Dues Revenue

3 Ways to Make Your Conference Website More Accessible


Learn about ways to make your conference site fully accessible from guest, Mike Doane.

3 Ways to Incorporate Wellness Into Your Organization's Next Conference


“Wellness” isn’t as much a trend as it is a lifestyle for many people. More and more people are becoming aware that, in a world where “busy” is the new norm, it’s critical to put more thought, time, and effort into one’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Daily Buzz: Why Radio Is Becoming Part of the Hotel Experience

Associations Now

Radio stations are popping up in hotels across the country. Their goal: Amplify the local community. Also: Happy employees make for happy members. Hotels offer gathering spaces, a place to rest your head, and—radio?

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The Case for Human Connection in a Techie World

Association Success

In today’s digital era, the world is changing to favor convenience. Technology and automation give us bots to answer our questions 24/7, personalized messaging, and curated recommendations for what products to buy or shows to watch based on our past interactions.

Meet Brandon Jones - Enterprise Account Executive at MemberSuite


Meet Brandon Jones, an Executive Account Executive from Texas that enjoys restoring old cars and trucks. Learn more about Brandon in this month's Employee Spotlight

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4 Reasons Great Customer Experience Makes a Difference in Your Revenue

Higher Logic

Everybody’s talking about how to improve the customer experience (or CX) these days, but if better customer experience doesn’t translate into dollar signs for your revenue growth, then is the effort even worth it? Maybe focusing on customer experience is just a feel-good idea.

Mismatches Between New Strategies and Problems Happen at Associations

Smooth The Path

An association’s board had been talking about how young professionals were the least engaged of all the member segments. Much to the dismay of the staff, the board surprised them by voting for free membership for each young professional’s first year of membership.

How Omnichannel Marketing Can Build Relationships With Your Members

Associations Now

Two new reports point to member engagement challenges for associations, which could mean it’s time to test out an omnichannel marketing strategy—and, no, that’s not the same thing as multichannel marketing. Here’s what the omnichannel approach looks like. Is your member engagement rate dropping?

Local Perspective: Brussels

Association Success

No matter where you are in the world, associations are encountering similar challenges, and then also finding similar opportunities. Globalization presents us with opportunities to collaborate and flourish, but also has its own set of bottlenecks that aren’t necessarily seen locally.

Flipping the Script on Rebranding: How an Association Told Its Member Story

Association Adviser

SMPS went through a 2-year rebranding to better tell its story and those of members. Rebranding improved its messaging andand membership appeal. The post Flipping the Script on Rebranding: How an Association Told Its Member Story appeared first on Association Adviser.

6 Things You Need to Know About Deliverability

HighRoad Solution

When you hit send on a marketing email, you can’t be 100 percent certain that it’s going to reach its destination. Every email has to clear a number of hurdles before it gets anywhere near the intended recipient. Email Marketing

Free Membership Might Actually Discourage Membership

Smooth The Path

Somewhere around a decade ago, just about every cloud-based consumer software companies that wanted to reach the masses included a free customer plan. As a non-paying customer, you are allowed to use the software for free up to a certain point.

How to Keep Your Employees From Leaving Vacation Days on the Table

Associations Now

New research found that U.S. workers didn’t use 768 million vacation days in 2018. An HR expert offers advice for employees and employers on making sure those days get used. Last year, workers didn’t use 768 million vacation days, according to a new study from the U.S.

Don’t Make Paying You an Inconvenience

Association Success

After all the work you put in to deliver value to your members, it should never be inconvenient to make membership payment. You need to have options, think about what might make the process easier, and sometimes have something automatic available.

From #ASAE19: Tips for Managing and Mentoring Up


When you hear the words “manager” and “mentor,” you often think of those above others; those whose job it is to provide guidance and feedback. But after attending an educational breakout at ASAE’s Annual Meeting & Exposition , I realized that management and mentoring should go both ways.

Investing in Members So They Can Better Invest in Themselves

Association Adviser

Chris Haerich of the Professional Association for Customer Engagement explains how investing in association membership guarantees you’ll receive the membership value you want, and why everything about her industry keeps her up at night.

The First 3 Months of Association New-Member Onboarding


New-member onboarding is crucial for associations. A touch plan to improve the process builds a strong foundation for engagement and for a long-term membership. The new-member onboarding and first-year renewal processes work hand-in-hand and should be a 12+ month program (at a minimum).

Associations Launch Coalition to Support Professional Licensing

Associations Now

With a variety of fields represented, the new Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing aims to speak up in state legislative battles over credentialing, which have picked up in recent years.

Stop throwing money at your old association management software

Nimble AMS

Evaluate the cost of maintaining your current system versus buying a new AMS with modern features. Eventually, you realize the cost of maintaining an old car and the risk of it breaking down just aren’t worth it anymore. It’s the same with legacy member management software.

8 Ideas for Promoting Your Job Board to Employers


If your organization has a job board on its website, then you probably already know just how much value it can add to your organization. And not just value in membership terms, but in how you’re viewed by employers in your industry or community.

Performant Recovery Company Review – Should you Fear Them?


Debt recovery is the process of pursuing payments of debts that are owed by individuals to either health insurance companies, banks, credit card companies, or any other creditor.

A short introduction to branded community websites

Disciple Media

Consumers are more empowered than ever because they can access and share information about the products and services they love (or hate) over the web. This has led to a dramatic change in the way brands work. Companies are no longer the ones in control now that we live in the Age of the Consumer. Every individual with an internet connection has the power to influence the purchase decisions of others.

New Coalition Examines Job Displacement Risks in Post-Automation World

Associations Now

The goal of the Emma Coalition, co-founded by the National Restaurant Association, is to kick-start the discussion about how automation will affect the workforce—and how employers can adapt.