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Part 2: Kick Start Your Association’s Networking Events


Association networking events are critical to increasing member engagement and demonstrating value. Give your members the tools to maximize the time and energy they put into event attendance. Download Business Cards Are Not Your Customers. and share it with your members now.

4 Challenges for Trade Associations and How to Tackle Them with Community

Higher Logic

We know the value of trade associations – they play a vital role in social and economic dialogue. They bring competing organizations together to protect and promote entire industries, products, services, and workforces.

4 ways to increase member engagement.

YourMembership Blog

Member engagement is the lifeblood of an association. Active, engaged, passionate members renew their memberships and help to bring even more new members into the fold. But this isn’t simple to achieve. It’s too easy to get wrapped up in the daily operations of your work, forgetting that you’re also supposed to be a cheerleader and champion for the issues. The post 4 ways to increase member engagement. appeared first on YourMembership.

3 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Membership


This post originally appeared on MC Talks. ——-. There are thousands upon thousands of associations out there, but one thing all associations have in common: They all want to grow! Now you may have a growth strategy in place (as part of your association’s strategic plan), but does that growth strategy incorporate social media? If not, you may want to consider adding that in, as social media is typically a fairly cheap and easy way to reach new eyes.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 2.9.18

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events for the association community… Ernie Smith at Associations Now provides really smart advice on SEO (search engine optimization) for your website and blog based on Google algorithm changes over the last few years.

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Breaking through the Noise on Social Media: How to run a Twitter Chat That Spotlights Your Nonprofit’s Impact

Beth Kanter's Blog

Breaking through the Noise on Social Media: How to run a Twitter Chat That Spotlights Your Nonprofit’s Impact – guest post by Neil Parekh. Every second, on average, around 6,000 tweets are posted to Twitter.

Tools 21

Wild Apricot Launches Mobile App for Members

Wild Apricot Blog

If you want to speed up event registrations and increase engagement among your members, encourage them to download our free Mobile App: Wild Apricot For Members. Member-App Mobile-App


Are You Calculating Your Online Community’s Business Impact? [eBook]

Higher Logic

Your online community wasn’t a whim. You didn’t buy, implement, and grow it for no reason. You did it to make a positive impact on your business. And chances are you’ve been successful. But have you used business metrics to prove that success?

eBook 17

Does Middle Management Have a Future?

Jamie Notter

I’ve noticed an interesting pattern in some of the Workplace Genome data of some of my consulting clients lately: Middle managers experience culture as less futurist than BOTH the people above them in the hierarchy, and the people below them. Think about that.

Webinar: Growth Strategies from Top Fundraisers

Spark Consulting

Have you ever wondered how some charitable organizations get major donors to write those five-figure checks? Or, how they manage to attract all those millennials to volunteer? Or, how they put together those beautiful, emotionally-compelling, multi-channel, integrated-end-of-year campaigns? Join me and my Steal Like a Fundraiser co-author Sohini Baliga on Wednesday, March 21 at 2 pm ET for a FREE webinar (thank you, generous host Wild Apricot!) to find out.

Guest Post: Facebook Video Tips from Non-Profit Marketers

Beth Kanter's Blog

Note from Beth: Is Facebook Live or posting videos part of your nonprofit’s strategy for 2018? It should be. Using a tool like Animato can make it easy for your nonprofit to create DYI videos, but to be successful you need to develop a strategy and use compelling storytelling.

Tools 12

Top 10 Tips for Uber-Efficient Meetings (How to Make Every Minute Count!)

Wild Apricot Blog

If you know your meetings could use a boost in efficiency, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve identified ten of the most common ways time is wasted in meetings and the tips that make them uber-efficent. Nancy-Settle-Murphy meetings

Tips 21

Two Ways to Demonstrate the Business Impact of Customer Communities

Higher Logic

Revenue. Customer support costs. Acquisition. Retention. These are basic examples of business metrics companies track to evaluate their performance. They’re also metrics any online community can use to show business impact.

Cost 14

Boosting Membership Retention from the Start: Your Members’ First 3 Months


Does membership retention really begin the second a member joins your association? It should! The better you onboard, the more likely your members are to renew. So the question then do you effectively onboard your new members? What should you be doing in their first few months? Here’s a breakdown: association management member retention membership management Association Views

Using Hashtags for Nonprofit Marketing: Tips & Tricks


Studies have shown that posts with a hashtag have an engagement that is 12.6% higher than posts that don’t use hashtags. The power of hashtags is undeniable. People use them to search for the posts they want and marketers use them to find their way to relevant customers.

February Social Media Tips for Associations


From pistachios to polar bears, February is full of random (and not-so-random) holidays. Holiday observances are a great way to keep your association’s social media feeds active. We’ve shared several February themes to get you started: Monthly Observances. American Heart Month. Black History Month.

SilkStart Launches Free Stock Photo Platform for Associations and Nonprofits


Associations and nonprofits can now source high-quality and hand-picked photos through an entirely new web platform by SilkStart. February 4th, 2018 (VICTORIA, BC) —SilkStart, a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Membership Management Platform, today announced the launch of Stock Photos for Associations to connect member-based organizations with high-quality imagery for their websites and marketing efforts.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 124: What’s the Biggest Problem in the Association Profession? - Moery Company

The Moery Company

An anemic approach to business development is holding associations back from achieving their missions, says Host JP Moery. He details three factors having the greatest impact on sales rigor within the industry and offers how best to tackle the issue head on.

What’s in a Name? Why language matters in your Webinar Strategy

Association Success

Paying attention to the naming game can help you with your webinar pricing methods. One of the issues with which I routinely see organizations struggle is how to compete with free Webinars in their market place, or related, how to justify charging for some Webinars while offering others for free. Webinars have become a commodity item often closely associated with content marketing, meaning that a charging for them has become increasingly difficult.

Break Your Mobile Phone Addiction: There’s An App for That and More

Beth Kanter's Blog

Having trouble getting that mobile phone out of your hands and checking it when you need to focus on work? There’s an app that can help you break your mobile phone addiction and it makes it fun. The app is called Forest that turns putting down your phone into a game. Here’s how it works.

“What I Love Most About Associations Is…”


Love is in the air! Can you feel it? Maybe you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day.maybe you’re not. Well, aside from all the delicious candy, that is.) Either way, we decided to indulge in the holiday a little bit and ask Clickers (what we call MemberClicks employees) what they love most about associations. Here’s what they had to say…. association leadership Small Staff Chatter

A Sneak Peak at Wild Apricot’s Online Store

Wild Apricot Blog

Here's a sneak peak at what you'll be able to do with our new Online Store feature once it launches on April 3, 2018. Online-Store


Nimble AMS, Data Privacy and the GDPR


Matt Rist, Director, Product Delivery ​Data privacy and protection are getting increased attention in the software world and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect on May 25, 2018, is leading the way.

Four Ways to Get the Most out of Video at Your Next Event

Association Success

How to create a video strategy that supports the big goals of your association. Imagine being seated in a giant general session room with thousands of conference attendees. The lights go down, the crowd’s excitement builds, and the giant screens light up with….a a PowerPoint presentation. Event fail!

Trainer’s Notebook: The Importance of Hands-On Learning

Beth Kanter's Blog

For the past five years, I’ve been an adjunct professor at Middlebury College in Monterey teaching a graduate course called “ Networked International Organizations ” for students pursuing an advanced degree in International Development.

[Guest Post] Your Association’s Website Is Your Best Member Recruitment Tool


The following blog post was written by SBI Association Management , a Seattle-based and AMCI-accredited association management company. How shopping for an association is a lot like buying a toaster on Amazon. Online purchases for all consumer goods are at an all-time high. Prospective members are used to finding everything from the best-rated camera to the safest car seat online, so it’s no surprise they’re using similar “shopping tactics” to decide on joining your association.

Conferences Can Foster And Reclaim Authentic Conversations, Deep Connections And Transformational Community

Velvet Chainsaw

One of society’s greatest paradoxes is that we have more connections today than we did in the past but there is less community and conversation. As a conference organizer, you can seed your annual meeting with experiences that nurture authentic conversations, deep connections and community.

Bookmark This: 2018 Social Media Image Sizes



Analytical Mindsets in the Association Space: Part One

Association Success

Data analytics can transform the way we work in associations and pave the way to success. Why Data Analytics? We are running into the future at top speed. We have more decisions to make and less time to make them, and without data we have an increased likelihood of making bad decisions or no decision at all. Now is the time for associations to take advantage of advancements in data to help them make decisions with confidence.

How Associations Increase Membership Sales


You may not realize it, but you’re in the business of selling. Think about it. You sell memberships. Renewals. Sponsorships. Certifications. And conference registrations. Get the idea? But how do you really succeed in sales? It starts with being able to track and manage the sales process.

Amplify Non-Dues Revenue With This Beginners' Guide to Banner Ads


One of the things that MemberClicks employees (aka, Clickers) often talk about with associations when we’re designing and building their websites are banner ads – how they work, what they should cost, and why to even bother with them. Yes, digital advertising is a monster, but by understanding the basics your association can build itself an easy to manage, super profitable non-dues revenue stream.

Next Markets May Include Leveraging Opportunities Of Perennials

Velvet Chainsaw

Frequently, when we think about next markets, we mention Next-Gen, Millennials or Gen-Z audiences. We immediately jump to the generations following or before ours. Or those that will have the largest working and buying power.

Calculating the Cost to Serve a Member

Membership Marketing

One of the questions that I am frequently asked is how to calculate membership servicing costs. It is an important question to building and sustaining a success membership marketing program. But how you answer the question can have profound implications on your membership program. Here is a real life story on how NOT to calculate the cost to serve a member. One of my clients presented the following analysis to his staff.

Why We Changed Our Membership Model

Association Success

How transforming our offerings gave our members what they really wanted. Nobody wants to be put in a box. And in fact, it is equally as frustrating to attempt to engage a person and address their needs when they have been boxed in. When it comes to membership models, we can use this fact to re-think the way we attract and retain members.