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Higher Logic's Rob Wenger Announces New Role as Executive Chairman, Welcomes Kevin Boyce as New CEO

Higher Logic

At the risk of bragging too much about our collective success, let me recap all of Higher Logic’s recent, amazing growth: 2007-2015 : We maintained a steady 30% growth rate on our own over the years, as we forged ahead in providing the best community and collaboration software for our customers.

Thinking in Four Colors

Eric Lanke

I attended a conference last week where one of the sessions was on the Hermann Whole Brain Model. Not familiar with it?

System 130

Single Culture or Multiple Cultures?

Jamie Notter

Nearly every organization we work with confronts an important question at some point in their culture journey: Should they strive for one, uniform culture? Or should they let multiple cultures develop inside the organization? The answer (as frustrating as this can be) is “both.”.

A Tale of Two Paradigms

Golden's Rules for Association

Paradigms are the frames of reference that filter our view of the world. They govern how we see things … and can blind you to realties that don’t fit your governing paradigm. Take professional licensure. It’s a no-brainer, right? Some form of professional licensure has existed in America for lawyers since 1763, for physicians and dentists […]. Uncategorized engineering licensure PE

3 Ways Texting Can Work for Your Members

Associations Now

At critical moments, your members might appreciate a text message notification over an email or phone call. Here’s how three associations are using texting for advocacy, customer service, and dues renewal. Think about the last time you sent or received a text message. Was it in the last hour?

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Be More Kind

Leadership Solutions International

If this blog title has you going, “What’s that?” you are not alone. We live in a world that encourages us every day to be hard, disagreeable, and in some cases unkind. In my coaching practice, I recently invited Tod, to, “Be gentle”. His reaction may be yours too.

American Heart Association: Cut Back on Kids’ Screen Time

Associations Now

In a new scientific statement, AHA recommends limiting screen time for children and teenagers to one to two hours per day, far below what’s common. One of the country’s most prominent public health organizations is the latest in a long line of groups to speak out on the issue of too much screen time.

SNMMI Rekindles and Sparks Recruitment Among Their Lapsed Member Base [Case Study]

Higher Logic

With nuclear medicine and molecular imaging rapidly expanding, it’s critical that The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging’s (SNMMI) members stay informed about the new therapies, devices, and drugs that are redefining the way patient care is managed.

2018 Building Associations Momentum Award Winners


The GrowthZone AMS 1st Annual Association Momentum Awards Competition for Construction Trades and Building Associations yielded extraordinary results, with entrants submitting details of their most inventive and forward-thinking programs.

Social Media for Nonprofits: 4 Questions to Answer Before You Start Posting

Wild Apricot Blog

Many nonprofits find that they spend hours writing social media posts in the hopes of attracting new members, but only get just a handful of responses. We have the secret ingredient to social media success — and it might surprise you. social media nonprofit

Choosing Our Dream AMS

Smooth The Path

The Association Management Software (AMS) is the lifeblood of the association. Through this system, we run many or all of our transactions and store much of the organization’s data. When the system does not work the way, we hope we get frustrated.

Architects’ Group: Better Design Can Help Keep Schools Safe

Associations Now

The American Institute of Architects announced a series of efforts that aim to improve school designs in a way that boosts security while keeping it invisible to students.

Leveraging Live Events for Membership Recruitment – Moery Flash Webinar - Moery Company

The Moery Company

What better place to recruit new members than during a live association event? Key to success is tactical preparation on several fronts. During his next flash webinar on September 6th at 2:30 pm, JP Moery will share three proven strategies to sign new members during your next big conference.

How to Nail Networking at #ASAE18


The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) 2018 Annual Meeting & Exposition is just DAYS away. Are you prepped, packed, and pumped? We are! Now one of the biggest benefits of attending this conference is all the amazing networking opportunities available.

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Missouri Department of Conservation News: MDC Delivers Grant Checks to Local Fire Departments

NonProfit University Blog

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is delivering matching funds grant checks to rural fire departments this month. Of the total 174 fire departments receiving checks, 23 are in southeast Missouri.

Organizations and Meaning-Making: A Prediction

Idea Architects

In their book, a simpler way , Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers shared a concise, but compelling proposition: “Life accepts only partners, not bosses.”

Membership Hack: Instagram Engagement

Associations Now

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association has a big presence on Instagram, where it highlights member stories every week and once a month gives a student member full-account access for a day-in-the-life look. How to hack it? Chances are good many of your members already use Instagram.

How to Seed Enthusiasm at Your Next Conference

Smooth The Path

I am a rails-to-trails kind of bicyclist so, I stepped up my game a week ago when I went to northern Vermont to mountain bike on Kingdom Trails. One afternoon we finished our ride at about 5 PM and were relaxing on the lawn of an outdoor bar when the sky opened up and poured.

Keep These 5 Website Features Refreshed for Member Engagement


Like it or not, your website is a living, breathing thing. It must be consistently maintained and updated in order for members to visit regularly and keep engaging with information and content. Don’t be overwhelmed!

Beyond the Threads: Jade Marlin Releases New Men’s Falls 2018 Fashion Line that has a Philanthropic Outreach for Children Nationwide through his Foundation, Jade Loves Kids

NonProfit University Blog

CA – Jade Marlin is a celebrity designer from Southern California who is making a huge statement in NYC underscored with class and substance. Jade started from modest means and overcame a great deal of adversity to become the Fashion Mogul is today.

CA 54

ASAE2018 – Education in Healthcare: The Next Fundraising Gold Mine


Monday, August 20. 12:15 PM – 12:35 PM. Halls F1 & F2 Level 3, McCormick Place-West Building.

Help Attendees Meet Up and Get Talking

Associations Now

Curated conversations make it easier for conferencegoers to get to know one another. The National Restaurant Association’s new effort may provide food for thought for your own association. In a sea of thousands of meeting attendees, it’s still possible to feel lonely.

How to Plan an Association Board Orientation


Make the most of your association’s board orientation by having a well-thought-out plan in place to prepare attendees for maximum payoff. In Part 2 of our Board Orientation series , we focused on how to structure the orientation for a board of directors.

Your Guide to Gen Z: 3 Common Misconceptions


As the focus shifts from Millennials to Generation Z, we begin to see the stereotypes and biases for our generation form. While some are perfect in depicting our technologically-savvy group of individuals, many stray a little far from the truth.

IDAHO | Fish and Game seeks comments on proposal to extend check times for winter wolf snaring in two units

NonProfit University Blog

Rule would only apply to game management units 7 and 9, and only between Jan. 1 and Feb.

Idaho 55

Interview with an Expert: Laurie Frye, Cannon Financial Institute

Blue Sky eLearn

Laurie Frye is a Professional Education Coordinator at Cannon Financial Institute, where she has worked for the past 10 years. Over the years she has gained ample experience and knowledge in the professional education sector. How long have you been involved with professional education? Just over 10 years now. How did you get involved with the virtual and eLearning side of things? By default really. Someone left the company and I was asked to step up, and I’ve done it ever since!

Daily Buzz: Associations for Left-Handers (Really)

Associations Now

It’s International Left-Handers Day. Meet some of the groups that support lefties around the world. Also: Ask this question before you rebrand. Only about 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed, so you could say that it’s a right-handed world. But southpaws have advocates too.

Tips 67

Before You Begin: 5 Co-Creation Tips

Association Success

Working with members to make decisions takes intention, planning, and even culture change. Co-creation happens when an association and its members work together to create something that is valuable for both the association and the members. Generally speaking, it is important for the association to maintain decision-making control over the use of resources in the co-creative project, whereas the participating members should be given control over design decisions.

Tips 40

4 Metrics That All Associations NEED


It’s one thing to have an idea of why your members act a certain way and quite another to actually have the hard facts. Without tracking those metrics however, how are you going to know? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at these four metrics (that you should be tracking with your AMS ) that all associations NEED to know. small staff association member engagement Small Staff Chatter marketing

Maryland News: Dark Web Vendor, Cory Nicholas Skinner Sentenced To 7 Years in Federal Prison for Conspiracy to Distribute Heroin, Cocaine, and Buprenorphine

NonProfit University Blog

Greenbelt, Maryland – On August 13, 2018, U.S. District Judge Deborah K.

Can Associations Lead Workers Out of a Rut?

Associations Now

Employees are feeling disengagement as much as ever. Those workers may be an opportunity for associations to help. Economic trends come and go, but dead-end office jobs are forever. A few generations back we were satirizing the “organization man” who drably punched in and out of a desk gig.

3 Tips to Improve Member Outreach

Associations Now

A fresh look at your membership database can serve as the key to improved communication and higher member satisfaction.

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How to Lay the Foundation for Culture Change

Association Success

Don’t miss these key steps when preparing for culture change. Culture change is not rocket science. Conventional wisdom may say that it is hard, that it is undefinable, or that it takes many years to accomplish, but I disagree. People participate in culture change all the time—they just don’t realize that’s what they’re doing. My business partner, Maddie Grant, and I have been doing change work in side organizations for twenty years.

How Associations Are Embracing Apprenticeships

Associations Now

With a growing interest in apprentice programs among the public, associations are in a position to capitalize—and perhaps close those pesky labor gaps that grow every year. Check out a few examples of associations big and small offering such programs for their respective industries.