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Partnership v. Membership: Untangling the Knot

Spark Consulting

I’m excited to announce a new blog series I’ll be writing with Lewis Flax , the founder of Flax Associates , a consulting firm that helps nonprofits support their objectives through establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with corporations.

Engineering for Eighth Graders

Eric Lanke

My association sponsors an outreach and education program for eighth graders.

Is Your Association in Need of Membership Sales Professionals?

Moery Company

Associations are getting serious about business development right now. I’ve been working in association sales for the better part of 20 years and have begun to see a few things happening.

Your 5-Step Guide to a Streamlined Member Communications Schedule

Higher Logic

Picture this: Last month, your marketing department sent five emails to members promoting your annual event, while your membership department called members three times about the event. On top of this, your events team sent out two reminder emails.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.15.19

Reid All About it

The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Back in my restaurant general manager days, I went through a serious bout of burnout.

Denver 130

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 181: Building a Key Accounts Program at Your Association

Moery Company

Host JP Moery is fired up about selling the key account this year for his association partners. During this episode, he offers a 5-point plan to help build out this specialized sales approach for landing the big fish at your organization.

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Staying Ahead of Your Members

Eric Lanke

There's an old saying among association executives. To be successful, you need to stay ahead of your members. but not too far.

Course 130

Here’s Why Core Values Don’t Work

Jamie Notter

In my keynotes, I frequently poke fun at Core Values. I ask everyone in the audience who has “integrity” or “honesty” in their company core values to raise their hand, and then I congratulate them on effectively distinguishing themselves from all those companies out there that value “lying” and “deceit.”

3 Reasons You Need to Attend PersoniFest 2019

Wild Apricot Blog

Personifest 2019 is just around the corner, and here are 3 reasons why you should be there


#ASAEIdeas19: Three Ways to Unlock Your Creativity

Associations Now

Innovation sounds scary, but everyone has the power to think differently, according to three keynote speakers who opened the 2019 ASAE Great Ideas Conference Sunday. They offered three ways to reawaken your creative side. Want to get creative?

[The Highlight Reel] Best Practices for Onboarding New Members


So a new member joins your association or chamber - YAY! That means more growth for your organization and another person who believes in and supports your mission.

One Path to Better Decision-Making

Idea Architects

Once in an NPR interv iew about a budget deal , former sen at or Bill B radley reminded us of the most important rule for debate and decision-making: you have to agree on the principles which the ultimate decision should reflect.

Build a Better Request for Proposal

Association Adviser

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) can be a useful tool for associations wanting to discover the best options for products or services they need. You ask for bids to fulfill a need, and companies send you their specs and pricing. Easy, right?

3 Ways to Make Your Events Hassle-Free Using Attachments

Wild Apricot Blog

Organizing events can be stressful, but using the new attachments feature can make it easy to accept submissions, upload certificates and allow members to share notes

The Hottest Event Trends for 2029

Associations Now

Using ideas for the future to improve our events today. By Beth Surmont CAE, CMP. A search for “event trends 2019” brings up more than 657,000,000 results. We’ve got 2019 handled; let’s talk about 2029 instead.

How Much Should Your Association Invest in Improving Member Engagement?

HighRoad Solution

Why do people leave associations? Association Management

Buying Association Management Software in 2019? Start Here.


Before embarking on an association management software (AMS) selection this year, get clear on two things: Why you want a new AMS. What you want in a new AMS. LET’S START WITH THE WHY. Why is your organization considering new association management software? Do you need new functionality?

What Every CEO Needs to Know About Member Engagement

Smooth The Path

Member engagement is what makes associations successful. Member engagement should be every association’s first goal because everything from revenues to member satisfaction to advancing the profession or industry flows from this single goal. Member engagement is everyone’s job.

Hidden in Plain Sight: Advocacy As a Key Driver of Member Value

Association Success

Is the full potential of communicating advocacy efforts being reached? For years, technology has been disrupting the traditional portfolio of association member-value offerings. Long gone are the days when associations were a one-stop shop for all their members’ needs, from information and education to discounted products and services. That’s why associations large and small are spending countless hours (and dollars!) these days searching for the next big thing to attract and retain members.

How Wi-Fi’s Next Generation Could Help Keep Meetings Connected

Associations Now

While Wi-Fi 6, the next iteration of the widely used wireless protocol, could make things faster, its real benefit will come in the form of decreased device congestion—including at events.

2 Things to Try Before Hosting Your Next Webinar


Are webinars a part of your organization’s offerings? If so, how successful would you say they currently are? Are registrations and attendance high? For many, there’s always room for improvement.

Going Paperless

Association Adviser

Everyone at Naylor works with a computer, if not more than one computer. But this hasn’t always been the case. Naylor didn’t go “paperless” until 2001.

Debugging Your Members’ Experience

Smooth The Path

Member retention rates are falling, or perhaps they just are not rising. Or your new member renewal rate is far below the average member renewal rate. Or members join but they do not move up in the engagement hierarchy. These metrics probably indicate there is a leak in your membership pot.

Association Management Software (AMS) vs. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

HighRoad Solution

When an association installs new technology, they usually have two main goals: to acquire new members and to improve engagement and retention of existing members. Association Management

Spring Clean Your Routine: Four Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Associations Now

Don’t just focus on your closet or your file cabinet: Spend some time this season working on ways to minimize distractions while maximizing productivity. You may think of spring cleaning as a phenomenon to do at home, but you might want to devote a little time toward making room for it at work.

How to Energize Association Staff Around Using Your Database


Are there some people on your association staff who are less than thrilled when it comes to database use? We get it. For many, learning how to use technology can be tedious - even downright stressful if it’s a particularly robust system.

An Unexpected Solution for Professional Burnout: Association Membership

WBT Systems

An Unexpected Solution for Professional Burnout: Association Membership. Read more about An Unexpected Solution for Professional Burnout: Association Membership


GrowthZone AMS vs Excel Spreadsheets: An Unequal Battle


Tweet Spreadsheets aren’t enough. Here are 8 ways association management software will improve your workday. Most associations use association management software to manage their data, process joins and renewals, track finances, cultivate member engagement, and streamline tedious tasks.

On Becoming the Netflix of Associations

Association Success

How we are building a purpose-driven structure, and why. What does it mean to build a purpose-driven organizational structure? I don’t mean just aligning various departmental visions, or stamping down silos that might be blotting out communication in your existing organizational hierarchy. I mean actually creating a structure that is, from every angle, purpose-driven. Answering this question has been an integral part of a radical, full-fledged business model transformation at my association.

One Group’s Massive Dream: A Bike Trail Between Coasts

Associations Now

After much research, the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy says that a bike and walking trail that extends across the country is possible—and it’s ready to put in the hard work to bring it to life.

Maximizing Your Conference Experience: 4 Post-Event Best Practices


As an association or chamber professional, you likely plan a lot of events (or assist your members in their events). But hopefully you’re able to attend a few events of your own for professional development purposes.

Collaborating Makes Our Voice Stronger: Nicole Blankenship, MBA, CAE and Annie Storey, MS, CAE, American Academy of Pediatrics

Association Adviser

Association leaders often focus on optimizing resources for the benefit of their members, and Nicole Blankenship, MBA, CAE and Annie Storey, MS, CAE of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) are no exception.

How to Save Staff Time on Tedious Certification Tasks


Don’t you wish you could spend less time answering the same set of certification questions, doing data entry, and dealing with other tedious administrative details? Read the post to learn three ways to minimize the time spent on certification tasks

Reinventing Association Governance

Association Success

What is the future of governing? As the sun came up on our last day at the Mayan Dude Ranch, my mind was spinning. Circling around something. Tightening in like our trick roper’s lasso the previous night. No doubt, this all had a little to do with the potent smell of cowboy coffee, horse hair, and last night’s bourbon in my nostrils as we dug into breakfast.