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Study: Nonprofit Workers Stay Because They Want to Make a Difference

Associations Now

A new study shows that nonprofit employees find value in their work—a commitment that carries on through retirement.

Make Newbies Feel Welcome!

Association Success

How to give new members a golden first experience and learn from their feedback. Remember the first time you went to an association event and how that felt? Nerve wracking for most! Making new members feel welcome at your association’s events is a smart investment of resources. Will it cost more to organize an onboarding program to your events now, or replace the member who won’t return because they had a negative first experience?

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 156: Why Do Associations Carry Lapsed Members? - Moery Company

Moery Company

Host JP Moery has watched throughout his career as associations maintain lapsed members who haven’t paid their dues. And, for a very long time, in some cases. Why does it happen? JP breaks down the top 3 reasons and shares some recommendations.


Be Like Yoda, Not Luke: Designing a Customer Success Program

Association Management

At Virtual, we pride ourselves on the long-term success of each of our clients. To achieve that, our individual team members have been given a voice and the agency to help clients succeed.

Are You Prepared to Master the Engagement Economy?

Higher Logic

We’re moving from the attention economy to the engagement economy. It’s no longer just about reach – it’s about how people interact with your content. Website pages with many visitors, but no engagement, will be punished by search engines.

Data is Driving Sales Success at the Big Red “M” - Moery Company

Moery Company

Data is key to developing winning sales strategies. Tracking and evaluating trends can guide your next move, taking the guessing game out of the equation. The less guessing – leads to better prospects, more opportunities, and closed sales.

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Using Incremental Surveys to Supplement your Annual Survey 

YourMembership Blog

This past spring, I had the pleasure of speaking at Community Brands Xperience 2018 conference on the topic of Identifying Your Most Loyal Members. The session exposed findings from the Community Brands’ 2017 Member Loyalty Study. One of the key findings for member-based organizations is that, even at a time when we have a seemingly endless array of digital solutions. The post Using Incremental Surveys to Supplement your Annual Survey appeared first on YourMembership.

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Do Your Members Love or Hate Your Emails? (4 Tips for Getting Their Feedback)

Higher Logic

We all know our audience is the key to great email performance, but it can be hard to know whether your audience likes reading your emails. Sometimes, it can feel like the only feedback we get is the dreaded unsubscribe button. But with marketing automation, getting feedback can be easy.

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5 Steps to Increase Board Diversity at Your Nonprofit

Wild Apricot Blog

If you’re concerned about your board’s diversity, you’re not alone. In this post, I cover the five steps your organization can follow in order to increase board diversity, equity and inclusion. board-recruitment board-diversity

Onboarding New Members – and, Why it Matters! – Moery Webinar - Moery Company

Moery Company

How much time does your organization devote to the onboard of new members? We typically put them on a list and, we just send them a bunch of stuff. Onboarding is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT parts of the membership cycle.

Here’s How LinkedIn is a Powerful Association Tool


Many people know LinkedIn as being the number one professional networking platform that job seekers use as a great resource to find work. But, it’s not just a place to park your resume and connect with people – it is a must for associations who engage in social media.

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Announcing: Membership Q&A

Spark Consulting

You’ve got questions – I (may) have answers! Now that the Membership 101 Series has concluded, it occurred to me that folks might have some more questions about membership I didn’t think to address. I have some membership FAQs my clients have asked me over the years that I’ll address, but you might have questions too, and might want the opportunity to ask them in an anonymous setting (rather than on ASAE’s Collaborate community or other public forum).

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How to Make Your New Members Feel Welcome  

YourMembership Blog

I’ve written quite a bit about the new member onboarding process and keeping new members engaged because addressing these topics is critical to any association’s long-term success. The first interactions with your organization make a long-lasting impression on a new member and provide the foundation for you to build a relationship that continues for years to come. Your new members will begin forming their opinion about the value of.

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How Leaders Can Implement a D&I Strategy

Associations Now

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method for creating a diverse and inclusive culture. Association leaders will need to learn from their staff—as well as the industry the association serves. The association world, much like the corporate world, loves a good process.

What is The Most Neglected Association Growth Opportunity? - Moery Company

Moery Company

Sponsorship sales is the hottest growth opportunity for associations today, and organizations continue to miss the boat. Let me explain why and what your next steps should be to revamp your program.

Snapchat 101 for Associations


Snapchat could be just what you need to engage members or potential members – particularly young professionals. In the past, its younger user base and short-lived content may have left you unsure about adding this channel to your association’s social media strategy.

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Here's How to Use the Wild Apricot for Admins App

Wild Apricot Blog

You could be maximizing your time by using the Wild Apricot for Admins App to manage your events and contacts on mobile. Here's how to use it. Mobile-App mobile

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Measuring Success Is Hard

Eric Lanke

Measuring success is hard. Case in point this week was something we call the "up-market capture ratio" in my association's investment policy. Investopedia defines the up-market capture ratio as "the statistical measure of an investment manager's overall performance in up-markets.

Boost Your Brand by Taking a Stand

Associations Now

Nike’s new ad campaign spotlighting former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has lessons for associations—in particular, that embracing controversy can be worthwhile if you go about it thoughtfully.

Managing Workplace Culture within EOS

Jamie Notter

EOS ( Entrepreneurial Operating System ) is a concept put forward by Gino Wickman in his book, Traction , and it is popular with many leaders.

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Emerging Evergreen Conference Practices—From This To That

Velvet Chainsaw

You can never get enough of what you really don’t need says Eric Hoffer. To paraphrase Hoffer, you can never get enough of conference fads, gimmicks and trends. We want more, more, more! Unless your a conference participant and we often have had enough!).

Member Recruitment Tactics: Is Paid Digital Marketing the New Direct Mail?


What marketing channels does your association use to recruit new members? Of those channels, which ones are the most successful?

Change or Help: Your Perspective Is Everything

Leadership Solutions International

As a coach it’s my natural set point to want to help people. I naturally care. I ask questions. I listen to the answers. I want to offer my skills and expertise to help people. Recently a “non-paying” friend came up and told me, “Holly, you are trying to change me.” I was shocked and […].


Looking Back to Move Forward With Member Data

Associations Now

The Entomological Society of America’s new membership study looks at member data to shed light on current challenges like young member retention. At the same time, ESA is asking its members to help make sense of membership trends.

Move Your Association from Community Resource to Community Leader

Smooth The Path

Which members are most important to the health of your association? I would argue the innovators among your members are the most important to the health of your association. The innovators in your membership are the ones who will eventually change the profession or industry.

Increasing Event ROI: 15 Timeless Design Prompts

Idea Architects

Every day millions of people convene in conferences, meetings, strategy sessions, or workshops. Over time their formats and agendas become stale and need upgrading to deliver a better ret u rn.

Webinar Marketing 101: How to Choose a Topic


If webinars are a part of your association’s offerings, then you know that a big factor in success (i.e. registrations and attendance) is the topic you choose. So how do you go about picking a topic that’s going to attract your busy members (and prospects, for that matter)?

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3 Key Concepts to Get Your Board Back on Track

Association Success

How can an association reap the most valuable rewards from its board? Let me open by sharing a line that I use to explain the role of my association’s board and its importance to achieving our mission: “It’s called a board of directors, not a board of doers.”. Have you, as staff or a board member, ever expressed similar sentiment?

New Trade Group Goes Fishing for Aquaculture

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The industry collective Stronger America Through Seafood will press for policies that support aquaculture, or the farming of fish and other sea creatures. The goal? To increase seafood production in the U.S., which is lagging behind other countries.

Help First-Time Speakers be More Confident with These Tips

Smooth The Path

How many of your conference, chapter, or other event speakers are first-time speakers? At least a few and these first-timers are likely super nervous about their upcoming presentation.

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3 eLearning Examples to Spark Innovation

Blue Sky eLearn

Creating online courses that not only educate learners but captivates and leaves them full of curiosity is a difficult task. Most people will agree that the quality of the content is the most important aspect of any educational course.

How to Choose Between Staff for Professional Development Events


Unfortunately, not every member of your staff can be out all of the time at professional development events ( as much as they may wish to be ) due to budget constraints and workload. However, you also want to make sure that you’re rotating your staff so that everyone gets to attend at some point.

SURGE Optimism Line-up: Find out what’s in store!

Association Success

Announcing the speakers and sessions for our November 7th-9th interactive virtual conference! It is with optimism surging through our veins* that we announce to you the launch and line-up of our next SURGE virtual conference. Running on November 7th-9th, this event is themed around Optimism for the Future. The goal of our twelve sessions is to celebrate and make possible the potential of our associations.

Groups Speak Up on New Senate Opioid Bill

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The Senate passed the Opioid Crisis Response Act this week, drawing a variety of responses from organizations inside and outside of the medical field. Is it enough to combat the opioid epidemic? On Monday, the U.S.

Einstein & Artificial Intelligence for Associations


By Beth Farrar, Marketing Manager, Nimble AMS When we hear the name “Einstein,” we tend to think of the crazy-haired physicist, the theory of relativity and maybe even E=mc2 if you are a math wiz.

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KAUNAS, Lithuania | Pope honors victims of Soviet and Nazi crimes in Baltics

NonProfit University Blog

KAUNAS, Lithuania— Pope Francis paid tribute Sunday to Lithuanians who suffered and died during Soviet and Nazi occupations on the day the country remembers the near-extermination of its centuries-old Jewish community during the Holocaust.


3 Ways to Get Members to Recommend Your Association


How many times have you been talking to a new member who said they were encouraged by an existing member to join? I bet it’s nice to hear that someone is talking you up! But beyond the good vibes, how can you capitalize on the fact that satisfied members are willing to refer you to their colleagues?