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Step Four: Discussing the Strategic Implications, Part 2

Eric Lanke

Two weeks ago, in Step Four: Discussing the Strategic Implications , I continued a description of a Scenario Planning exercise my Board chair and I decided to conduct at our most recently completed Board meeting.

AMS/LMS integration blueprint: Create efficiency, enhance experience, bridge the gap.

YourMembership Blog

Perhaps one of the most important features of a learning management system (LMS) is its ability to integrate with the heart of your operation—your association management software (AMS) system. The handshake between these two systems, and the seamless exchange of data between them, can mean all the difference in how your association is able to. The post AMS/LMS integration blueprint: Create efficiency, enhance experience, bridge the gap. appeared first on YourMembership.

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Growth Strategies from Top Fundraisers Q&A

Spark Consulting

In my last post , I shared the link to the webinar my Steal Like a Fundraiser co-author Sohini Baliga and I presented for Wild Apricot on March 21.

Marketing Matching Gifts: 4 Strategies to Boost Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising

Higher Logic

Matching gift programs are an incredible opportunity for nonprofits of all sizes, but unfortunately, many organizations fail to take advantage of that opportunity. Companies with a matching gift program will match part or all their employees’ charitable contributions. And they’re more common than you think. Chances are your organization has already missed out on some of these extra funds!

The Top 3 Things Holding Your Workplace Culture Back

Jamie Notter

Awesome cultures seem to be the exception, not the rule. That means most of us are on the outside, looking in—wishing that we had an awesome culture like Zappos, Netflix, or the organization next door that keeps making the “best places to work” list.

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Is Your Organization Risking Members' Privacy by Connecting on Facebook?

Higher Logic

They say to "never build on rented land," but is that always true? And, if this is the case, why do we continue to put our personal and business' intellectual property on public platforms owned by third parties?

[Cool Social Tools] Amplifr takes your social media management to the next level


Startups and tech vendors are welcome to contact me at maddie[at]socialfish[dot]org to submit guest posts about their platforms – SocialFish readers love to read about new tools and apps!

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This is the Easiest Membership Card Template: Upload Contacts & Complete in 3 Minutes

Wild Apricot Blog

Everyone has a smartphone these days. That’s why many clubs and associations are switching from paper-printed membership cards (which are a big waste!) to digital membership cards. Here are the steps to get started yourself using Wild Apricot — the entire process only takes about three minutes

The Facebook Scandal and What It Means for Your Nonprofit’s Digital Strategy

Beth Kanter's Blog

Source Facebook Blog – Click for Source.

A beginner’s guide: Migrating your association to AWS.

YourMembership Blog

As we continue to see global data breaches, an increase in the frequency and sophistication of malicious attacks, and continual shifts in security compliance standards, YourMembership has decided to partner with the leading cloud service provider – Amazon Web Services (AWS) – to host our application and supporting services moving forward. What is AWS? The post A beginner’s guide: Migrating your association to AWS. appeared first on YourMembership. Technology Tech Trends

Customers Buy Experiences, Not Products

Higher Logic

Traditional business models focus on products and services. Companies build up their products, advertise them, then make sales. That strategy no longer works. Sales are becoming less and less dependent on products and services.

Six reasons why co-creation makes SURGE a transformative event


Guest post by Arianna Rehak. Editor’s disclosure: I’m speaking at Surge with Susan Cato of ASPB and Garth Jordan of HFMA about digital transformation, and it will be awesome, so you should attend!!

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Nonprofit Experts Elizabeth Engel and Sohini Baliga Tackle Your Tough Questions on Growth, Fundraising and More

Wild Apricot Blog

Last month, experts Elizabeth Engel and Sohini Baliga presented a free webinar titled, "Steal These Ideas: 3 Growth Strategies From Top Fundraisers." Unfortunately we ran out of time during the Q&A period, but luckily Elizabeth and Sohini wrote down all the extra questions. Here are their answers

Organized Chaos - Moery Company

The Moery Company

Everyone has their idea of organization. What it looks like and how it feels. There are a ton of tools available – apps, websites, planners, calendars, etc.…. all are designed to keep you organized. The hard part is figuring out which one works best for you.

YM AMS migration to AWS cloud: Brief overview and what the future holds.

YourMembership Blog

YourMembership (YM) association management software (AMS) is built on a foundation to ensure our customers’ success. Our goal is to provide your organization with the highest quality security measures and to deliver world-class cloud stability and confidence. With a commitment to your success and continuous innovation, YM has now embarked on the road to the. The post YM AMS migration to AWS cloud: Brief overview and what the future holds. appeared first on YourMembership.

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How to Master Infotainment in Your Digital Content

Higher Logic

Have you ever come across the expression: “content is king”? Of course you have – most of us have seen this a lot in the last few years (because it’s true) and that probably won’t change any time soon.

GDPR Will Affect Both Facebook and Online Learning

Web Courseworks Associations

GDPR has been in the news recently, and on the mind of companies that collect personal data via the Internet. We at Web Courseworks are in the business of helping national associations stand up an online learning business using our CourseStage learning management system.

Want More Members? Leverage Engagement as an Art AND a Science

Wild Apricot Blog

This is a guest blog post by Ben Bisbee, the presenters of our free webinar on 7 Ways to Increase Member Engagement in a Distracted World. Click here to sign up for this webinar on April 24, 2018. Art is fun. As a nonprofit, allowing yourself to direct. Ben-Bisbee membership members engagement

Looking to Replace Your Sales Team? You Should take a Second Look - Moery Company

The Moery Company

I’ve been around a lot of execs these last few weeks and some of those folks are looking to make major changes to the sales structure in their organizations. Before taking action, I hope associations consider we are virtually at full employment.

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6 tactics to boost your social media reach among members.

YourMembership Blog

How many times have you scrolled through your social media feeds today? Here’s an astonishing statistic to give insight on how much time you might be spending on them every day: The average person will spend more than five years of his or her life using social media. Considering how much time you might be spending on your mobile device checking your social media, it’s worth incorporating social. The post 6 tactics to boost your social media reach among members. appeared first on YourMembership.

Help Attendees Bring the Value of the Conference Back to the Office

Smooth The Path

Attendees say, “this time is invaluable. It is the only time of the year when I can step away and think strategically” Or, “I always hope to walk away with a few new ideas.” ” Or, “conferences are a great reminder of things I know we should do.”

PSA To Nonprofits: GDPR May Apply to You


Guest article by Beth Bacon, Director of Policy and Privacy, Public Interest Registry.

Best Cloud-Based AMS and MMS Features for Organizations


Association Management Software (AMS) offers associations, as well as other member-based organizations, the tools to run their day-to-day operations and provide services to their members.

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 134: Customizing Membership and Sponsorship Sales, with Jordan Weiss - Moery Company

The Moery Company

Host JP Moery welcomes to the show for the first time – Moery Biz Dev Manager, Jordan Weiss. A specialist at revamping association legacy programs, Jordan has developed a customized approach for two very distinct client groups – membership and sponsorship sales.


Xperience 2018: Must-dos for continuing education professionals.

YourMembership Blog

Roadmap sessions. Join us on day one of the conference for the Crowd Wisdom LMS and Freestone LMS roadmap sessions. Here, we will review the latest features and enhancements from the past year and discuss the product strategy and accelerated innovation shaping the upcoming releases and roadmap. Hear first-hand from the product managers about the. The post Xperience 2018: Must-dos for continuing education professionals. appeared first on YourMembership. YourMembership News Xperience

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Do Not Tell Members What You Want Them to Know

Smooth The Path

One of the hardest parts of your job is preparing member messaging that members want to read, hear, and know about. Advertising… ugh! Promotions… ugh! Spam… ugh! Every day we get ready to do battle with our email inboxes, and our members do too.

Make a Splash: Promoting Your New LMS and Making a Great First Impression

Blue Sky eLearn

Your LMS is ready to launch. What’s next? Congratulations! You did it. You’ve finished the initial implementation of your LMS and are ready to go live. Now what? It’s time to announce your new learning platform and create some excitement while inviting your learners to check it out!

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22 Ideas: April Social Media Posts for Associations


The Interstate Mullet Toss weekend, Autism Awareness Month, and Volunteer Appreciation Day are just a couple of this year’s April holidays. Holiday observances are a great way to keep your association’s social media feeds active. Check out these April themes to get you started: Monthly Observances.

Why Associations Should be in the Podcasting Game - Moery Company

The Moery Company

It’s no secret I’m a HUGE fan of the podcast. I’ve been hosting my own – the Association Playbook for more than 2 years now and recently launched a service for organizations to launch their own.

Invest in Yourself: Book Recommendations for Young Professionals

Association Adviser

There is a highly disturbing realization when you go from being a college student to becoming a young professional: It’s the realization that no matter how much you prepared, what your GPA was, or how talented or determined you might be, you’re starting at the bottom.

Association Email is Dying

Smooth The Path

Email is ridiculously important to the health of our association because at most associations email is by far the most used channel to communicate with our members. But email is in trouble! I am not going to address deliverability (although that is a problem).

Interview: The Surprising Benefits of In-House Technology Development

Association Success

Solving pain points for your members can provide results for associations everywhere. A decade ago, NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) set out on a mission to modernize their whole organization through technology.

Engage Your Members with a Book Club


Stories are always better when they are shared with others, and creating a book club is a great way to for association members to network and foster relationships – either in person or online. Not sure where to start? These steps will help you get going. Set goals : What do you want to get out of it?

JP Moery’s Association Playbook – Episode 132: What’s Your Association’s #1 Priority? - Moery Company

The Moery Company

Some 20 years ago, when Host JP Moery was a young association exec, he began to realize the importance of setting priorities.