Older Condominiums Thrown A Curve Ball By North Carolina Court Of Appeals


The North Carolina Court of Appeals has issued a “published” opinion (meaning the case is binding authority for similar cases), effectively eliminating an important and effective tool for the collection of delinquent assessments for older condominiums: the “power of sale” foreclosure (“POSF”).

North Carolina Appellate Court Rules That Restrictive Covenants More Than 30 Years Old May Be Extinguished


The North Carolina Court of Appeals has now rendered its opinion, which is discussed below. In part because of the costs required to search real estate titles back to the beginning of real estate recordkeeping, the North Carolina legislature in 1973 enacted the Marketable Title Act.


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How to spot and correctly identify North Carolina’s six venomous snakes


But of the 38 species of snakes in North Carolina, the majority are nonvenomous and not aggressive toward people unless threatened

North Carolina LGBT Law Widely Rebuked

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A quickly passed state law in North Carolina that effectively ends local antidiscrimination ordinances affecting the LGBT community has proved hugely controversial with advocacy groups, sports organizations, corporations, and trade groups. A controversial bill that limits local governments in passing antidiscrimination laws affecting LGBT people has put the state of North Carolina in the crosshairs of both business and advocacy groups.

HB2 Costing North Carolina Business, Convention Bureaus Warn

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Two major convention groups say that event planners have taken steps to move their events from North Carolina in response to the state’s controversial LGBT law. It’s not just Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam announcing cancellations of events over North Carolina’s controversial LGBT law. The decision by the group to move its meeting to Baltimore costs North Carolina an event that was anticipated to bring 1,000 people to the state and more than $1.7

Design Group Pushes Back on North Carolina’s HB2

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In the days leading up to a large-scale North Carolina furniture tradeshow, the American Society of Interior Designers is pressuring the state to repeal a new law that prevents local municipalities from expanding discrimination protections for LGBT people. The measure became law at a key time for ASID’s members—less than a month before the semiannual High Point Market, the largest furniture tradeshow worldwide and North Carolina’s largest event by economic impact.

NCAA “Reluctantly” Ends North Carolina Ban After HB2 Repeal

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The University of North Carolina’s win in the NCAA men’s basketball championship Monday night isn’t the only reason many in the state are celebrating today. On Tuesday morning, the NCAA announced that it would end its ban on holding championship events in North Carolina. Human Rights Campaign, along with Equality North Carolina and the National Center for Transgender Equality, pledged legal action challenging HB142.

HB2 Costing North Carolina Billions in Lost Business, Says AP Report

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The Associated Press this week reported that the controversial law, which prevents local governments from passing LGBT protections, will cost North Carolina at least $3.76 North Carolina’s controversial HB2 law, which blocks local governments from adopting antidiscrimination laws to protect LGBT people, has long faced claims that it would hurt the state’s economy. Now, a new report from the Associated Press estimates that HB2 will cost North Carolina more than $3.76

It’s Easy to Be Excited About Your Work When You Work for Good People

Association Adviser

From the Corner Office: Andy Curliss, North Carolina Pork Council. This month, Association Adviser sat down with Andy Curliss, chief executive officer of the North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC), to chat about a job he was tapped for in November 2016 after 20 years of working as an investigative reporter and editor for The News & Observer (Raleigh) and as a division head for Gelia, Wells & Mohr, Inc., Andy Curliss, North Carolina Pork Council.

New Robert’s Rules of Order

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For instance, two North Carolina state statutes (NCGS § 47F-3-108 & 47C-3-108) provide that as to homeowner and condominium associations, “meetings of the association and the executive board shall be conducted in accordance with the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.” Read the article……………………………… Annual/General Meetings Condo & HOA Articles North Carolina Articles

Court Upholds HOA’s Right to Tiki Bar on Access Easement (NC)

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It sounds pretty self-explanatory,” says David Wilson, who heads up the South Carolina community association department at the law firm Black, Slaughter & Black, P.A. But, as a North Carolina court recently found, an access easement isn’t limited solely to ingress and egress across a property — it’s possible, the court said, for an easement to be expanded based on other conduct.

After 2 years, homeowner told to take down US flag adorned with thin-blue line, which honors police (NC)

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Property management at Tree Tops retirement community told John Nakaji last week to take it down after two years. Read the article…………………………… Flags National Condo & HOA News North Carolina Condo & HOA NewsA retired sheriff’s deputy didn’t see any problem with hanging a U.S. flag with a thin blue line outside his Lancaster County home to show his support for local police.

Reserve Studies: Preparing Your Community Association For The Future (NC)

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But what exactly is a reserve study? Read the article…………………………… Condo & HOA Articles North Carolina Articles Reserve StudiesReserve studies are essential to ensuring the financial security of community associations. When conducted properly, they aid in preparing associations for large future repairs and create a timeline so that the membership will have the appropriate funds allocated for such repairs.

A Social Media Banana Split

Beekeeper Group

NPR recently aired this story examining how Ohio and North Carolina residents are using Twitter to vie for the favor of the Chiquita fruit company, which is considering moving its Cincinnati headquarters to Charlotte. The report describes how Ohio marketing … Continue reading → Uncategorized Aguirre Banana Baquis Chiquita North Carolina NPR Ohio Salomone Social Media Twitter

The Elephant Climbs up on the Table : Off Stage

Off Stage

I was asked by the North Carolina AEs to be a featured speaker at a ‘Fireside Chat’: the AEs submitted questions and I (retired and “experienced”) responded with shoot-from-the-hip answers. Off Stage. 24, 2010 - The Elephant Climbs up on the Table. Last week was an adventure—a new and fun experience.

2021 AMG Scholarship Winners Press Release


AMG provides professional residential property management services to more than 30,000 homeowners across the Carolinas living in communities with homeowners or community associations.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.14.16

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Our home, property and lives were spared from the storm, unlike so many in North Carolina. If you’d like to buy food for the North Carolina residents who lost their homes or don’t have the means to make their lives bearable, please consider supporting my favorite charity: Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina is holding a virtual food drive. Our neighborhood creek found a new path during the hurricane.

One State Association’s Search for Missing History

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The North Carolina Bankers Association is sifting through historical records to uncover four portraits of North Carolina’s earliest governors in an effort to update an old poster and distribute 4,000 copies to local schools. Thanks to the North Carolina Bankers Association, those living in the Tar Heel state won’t have to spend much time on Google coming up with those answers in the near future.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 12.20.19

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If you’re in North Carolina, please consider supporting the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. If this law ever comes to North Carolina, I am screwed.

Paul Mengert to Address Management Convention


President of One of North Carolina's Leading Homeowner and Condominium Association Management Companies - Paul Mengert to Address Annual Convention on Community Management. Paul Mengert, President of Association Management Group, which manages condominium and homeowner associations throughout North and South Carolina, has been tapped to address the 42nd annual international Community Association Institute convention, which will be held in Orlando, Florida May 15th - May 19th.

Calling on Members: Tech Association Embarks on Statewide Tour

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We really want to be able to tell a story about how specifically in North Carolina there is a diverse range in markets and how companies have gone to each of those regions and built businesses that have helped North Carolina’s economy. The North Carolina Technology Association is reaching out to members and going on a series of visits to member companies with the hopes of demonstrating how the tech industry is a boon for the state.

No swimming: Why opening pools in a pandemic isn’t so simple


By contrast, fewer than 10% of respondents in Florida, 24% in Texas, and 29% in North Carolina reported their pool is closed. North Carolina and Georgia have done just that.

Leadership Lists

Association Leaders

The other leadership blog I read recently was about former North Carolina basketball coach, Dean Smith, who passed away this week. I have always liked North Carolina basketball. We’ve all seen them. Some of us have written them. I’m talking about lists…not grocery lists or to-do lists. I’m talking about the tenets of leadership lists. I love reading other people’s tenets of leadership lists.

Speaking Elsewhere: April 2011

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Last week I spoke to a group of association professionals here in North Carolina on the basics of blogging – And Now You Want Us to Blog Too? What do I do when I’m not writing? Every now and then I share what I know with others. Recently I did a few presentations that I thought I’d share with you too. Of course it’s not like the real deal when you get to experience my witty banter and stories. Consider this the Cliff Notes version.

Are Zip Lines Safe? Industry Faces New Questions Following Girl’s Death

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A fatal zip-line accident involving a 12-year-old girl in North Carolina has legislators talking regulation at the state level. Such issues are currently being addressed in North Carolina, where legislators are debating whether industry accreditation programs are enough to keep the public safe. The death, the second caused by a zip-line accident in North Carolina, led to the closure of the zip lines at the YMCA’s Camp Cheerio.

Calm and collected: 6 steps for board members to reduce tensions in a community


Wilson is an attorney with Law Firm Carolinas. He is licensed to practice in North Carolina and South Carolina. . >>Download By David C. Wilson, Esq.

Lessons Learned from March Madness

Association Leaders

As his North Carolina Tarheels found themselves down with the clock running out. However, before allowing North Carolina to inbound the ball and try their last desperation play, the referees reviewed “the tape” After that review, they determined the clock operators started the clock late allowing more time than they should have AND when the referees eventually recognized Coach Williams was calling a timeout, there shouldn’t have been any time left.

Lending updates: Federally backed mortgage rules tighten for condos in vacation areas


” “Sanctuary at False Cape is and always has been predominantly a second-home community similar to many resort areas in Florida, North Carolina, California, and other coastal, mountain, and lake communities.

Starting Chapters? In 2019?

Mariner Management

They launched new chapters in six focus regions: Austin, Birmingham, Detroit, Piedmont North Carolina, Tulsa, and Dallas/Fort Worth. According to the 2019 Chapter Benchmarking Study , the trend looks more like it’s about closing chapters.

Tulsa 62

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.6.16

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– Association Management 101 (North Carolina). If you’re in North Carolina, here’s an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of association management and feel recharged about your profession, all at a price your budget can afford. Moving from Relevance to Revolution: Leading Association Change with Strategic Solutions (North Carolina).

Election notice: How communities can regulate displays of political signs


Slaughter, a partner with Law Firm Carolinas in Greensboro, N.C., Political signs often receive a lot of attention in local news and on social media, particularly during election seasons.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.27.20

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You’ve probably seen stories about distillers in your area who are now producing hand sanitizer—I know they are in my part of North Carolina. If you’re in my part of North Carolina, your donation to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina goes even further this month.

Association Brain Food: Week of February 1, 2016

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One of the ways I’m contributing to the Association Executives of North Carolina (AENC), as a member of its professional development committee, is by compiling a list of professional development opportunities that’s shared in AENC’s weekly newsletter. The strong will survive, the smart will thrive. Even busy professionals must set time aside for reading, listening, and learning. Schedule it. Maybe 20 minutes a day, maybe an hour or two a week.

Ask Different Questions

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I’m finishing a presentation on blogging for the Association Executives of North Carolina Technology 20.11 “What keeps you up at night?” ” Its intention is good: discover what troubles people, their pain points, and try to address the underlying needs. But its roots are negative and focused on problem-solving instead of aspiration-pursuing. Jeffrey Cufaude wrote this in one of his Leadership Limerick posts, The Mojo of Motivation.



He attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, was loved by many, and cared passionately for his family. These scholarships can be used towards any public college/university in North or South Carolina.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.16.16

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Organizer: Association Executives of North Carolina. Facilitator: John Nash, Executive Director, The Arc of North Carolina. What’s on your mind this week? I’m thinking about one-page strategic plans, automating processes, change management, shifting board mindsets, cybersecurity, leading from the middle, personalizing content, and other juicy association topics. Never a dull day!

Study: Internet Leaving Low-Skilled Workers Behind

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A study from North Carolina State University found that the internet created a disparity in how employers recruit that favors already skilled workers over those who want to find a better job. The internet has certainly created changes in the ways that people find new jobs, but are those changes always for the better? The short answer? It depends on your vantage point.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.9.16

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This one’s for my North Carolina association community. Facilitator: Tom Purdy, IT Director, North Carolina Board of Nursing. Here’s the learning line-up for the association community for the week of May 9. Since it’s not a big list, if you know of something I’ve missed, please let me know and I’ll add it. Tue 5/10 at 12 p.m. EDT* – Providing Multilingual Communications at Your International Event.

Internet Association Opens Texas Office And Hires State Government Affairs Southern Region Director


Hines will also cover Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, which include an additional 1,366,000 American internet sector jobs.

Texas 52

In Case of Emergency: Financial Counselors’ New FEMA Collaboration

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The initiative comes after a hurricane season that had devastating effects on Florida and North Carolina and as western states recover from major wildfires. It’s always better to prepare for the big one before it hits. A new collaboration between the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education and the Federal Emergency Management Agency could help get the public in a risk-management mindset.