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HB2 Costing North Carolina Billions in Lost Business, Says AP Report

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The Associated Press this week reported that the controversial law, which prevents local governments from passing LGBT protections, will cost North Carolina at least $3.76 Now, a new report from the Associated Press estimates that HB2 will cost North Carolina more than $3.76

Design Group Pushes Back on North Carolina’s HB2

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In the days leading up to a large-scale North Carolina furniture tradeshow, the American Society of Interior Designers is pressuring the state to repeal a new law that prevents local municipalities from expanding discrimination protections for LGBT people.

North Carolina LGBT Law Widely Rebuked

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A quickly passed state law in North Carolina that effectively ends local antidiscrimination ordinances affecting the LGBT community has proved hugely controversial with advocacy groups, sports organizations, corporations, and trade groups.

HB2 Costing North Carolina Business, Convention Bureaus Warn

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Two major convention groups say that event planners have taken steps to move their events from North Carolina in response to the state’s controversial LGBT law. ” The post HB2 Costing North Carolina Business, Convention Bureaus Warn appeared first on Associations Now

North Carolina Groups Convince Musicians to Protest, Not Boycott

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North Carolina’s controversial HB2 law has led several musicians to boycott the state. I’m doing what I can do, and I’ll make the most of going to North Carolina.”.

Make Engagement More Fun With Digital Badges

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The North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (NCACPA) is in the process of implementing a digital leaderboard in its online community that counts everything from membership tenure to volunteering and other forms of service.

Calling on Members: Tech Association Embarks on Statewide Tour

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We really want to be able to tell a story about how specifically in North Carolina there is a diverse range in markets and how companies have gone to each of those regions and built businesses that have helped North Carolina’s economy.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 10.14.16

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Our home, property and lives were spared from the storm, unlike so many in North Carolina. The training industry is a huge enterprise representing approximately $160 billion in North America and over $355 billion globally.

Is Small Data the Next Big Thing?

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No, you don’t need to embed yourself into their lives (a North Carolina-based Lowes Foods, sends employees to live with consumers!). Most people aren’t skilled woodworkers -- but almost anyone can build an IKEA dresser. That’s how intuitive the company’s design and instructions are.

Coaches vs. Cancer: Groups’ Fundraising Strategy Eyes New Recruits

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In one legendary example, the late Jim Valvano, who coached the North Carolina State University basketball team to an NCAA championship in 1983 and later died from cancer, said, “Don’t give up.

A Social Media Banana Split

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NPR recently aired this story examining how Ohio and North Carolina residents are using Twitter to vie for the favor of the Chiquita fruit company, which is considering moving its Cincinnati headquarters to Charlotte. The report describes how Ohio marketing … Continue reading → Uncategorized Aguirre Banana Baquis Chiquita North Carolina NPR Ohio Salomone Social Media Twitter

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.30.16

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– AENC Membership Roundtable (North Carolina). North Carolina: save the date – Thu 6/9. The four-hour work week is a myth, despite what Tim Ferris says, but thankfully the four-day work week isn’t.

Study: Certifications Lead To Higher Salaries and Greater Job Fulfillment

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An idea supported by research from the ASAE Foundation and North Carolina State University’s Institute for Nonprofits, which found that the benefits of a credential can include increased prestige and a competitive advantage for credential holders, depending on the industry.

Association Brain Food: Week of February 1, 2016

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One of the ways I’m contributing to the Association Executives of North Carolina (AENC), as a member of its professional development committee, is by compiling a list of professional development opportunities that’s shared in AENC’s weekly newsletter.

How to Manage Social Media with Hootsuite and Buffer

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This article was originally published in the Association Executives of North Carolina’s Success By Association magazine, February 2016 issue. ~~~.

Mixing Art & Science

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Articles alchemy Cygnus Applied Research Dr. Laurie Paalberg science and art University of North Carolina Wilmington weltanschauung Wilmington/Cape Fear areaA couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the art and science of fundraising.

CPA Group’s Recognition Program Introduces Students to Accounting

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Following the successful pilot in Florida, Maryland, New York, and North Carolina during the 2015-2016 school year, the program will expand nationwide to 209 schools starting in the fall.

Organize and Visualize: Turning Member Numbers Into Knowledge

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The North Carolina Association of CPAs undertook a year-long project to get its member data both centralized and accessible via interactive dashboards.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.18.16

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But since my family is spending next week at Ocean Isle Beach in North Carolina, I will savor my time with them on the beach. 625 North Washington St, Suite 450, Alexandria, VA, US. Ah, the beach. Between you and me, I prefer the mountains, sssh.

Having it All (Been There…Done That)

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Another set of recently released research findings from folks at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill , NYU and University of Utah sent shivers up and down my spine.

How Fast-Acting New Orleans Won Over the NBA

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After the NBA announced it would move its All-Star Game game from Charlotte, North Carolina, because of discrimination concerns, New Orleans worked quickly to put together a bid that focused on creating a welcoming environment.

Coffee Affects Ethical Behavior? Take a Sip of This Study

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According to research by business professors at three major universities—the University of Washington, the University of Arizona, and the University of North Carolina—coffee affects the ethical decisions we make at the office.

Why CEOs Want to Improve Literacy Among Third-Graders

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In North Carolina, a few top executives are taking that point to heart. The Business Roundtable is taking the long view on improving the skills gap for corporations with its most recent report, and some of its members are already following its lead on literacy issues.

How One Association Started a Conversation on Workplace Safety

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This is on par with other state bar surveys taken in Utah, Idaho, Kansas, Oregon, and North Carolina. After a tragedy that served as a wakeup call, the State Bar of Arizona worked to educate legal professionals on workplace safety and was recently awarded for its efforts.

Valentine’s Day: 14 Reasons to Love Associations

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the North Carolina Technology Association traveled throughout the state meeting with members and hosting roundtables with industry partners and leaders to discuss technology issues and illustrate how the industry is helping North Carolina’s economy.

Conference Circuit: Storage Space

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The Energy Storage Association’s 26th Annual Conference and Expo begins in Charlotte, North Carolina, next week. Location: Charlotte, North Carolina. Rundown Attendees: 2,000. Speaker and keynotes: 100 plus. Expo hall time: 20 hours.

Humane Association: Why Aren’t Military Dogs Reunited With Their Owners?

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According to the report, the North Carolina dog-training facility K2 Solutions has given up more than 100 military dogs for adoption to either agencies or civilians—despite efforts by soldiers to get their dogs back. “I

How an American Beer Hit a German Tradeshow’s Center Stage

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Proving its global reach, the Chamber of Commerce of Charlotte, North Carolina, is participating in a massive tradeshow in Germany later this month.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.16.16

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Organizer: Association Executives of North Carolina. Facilitator: John Nash, Executive Director, The Arc of North Carolina. What’s on your mind this week?

Association Brain Food Weekly: 5.9.16

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This one’s for my North Carolina association community. Facilitator: Tom Purdy, IT Director, North Carolina Board of Nursing. Here’s the learning line-up for the association community for the week of May 9.

Fundraising Best Practices to Enhance Individual Donor Strategies


Third Space Studio based in Durham, North Carolina collected and analyzed the survey while BC/DC Ideas , a Raleigh based communications firm, designed the report and infographic. This post originally appeared on BC/DC Ideas. ———-.

Conferences Are Providing Inferior Education Through Lectures

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Other universities followed including Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, North Carolina State University, the University of Maryland, the University of Colorado at Boulder and Harvard.

Nonprofits Go to the Mall

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Across North Carolina, malls with empty spaces—know any malls like that?—are Articles freedom division of the atlantic league of professional baseball nonprofit community events north carolina malls Sovereign Bank Stadium YCIDA York PA York Revolution Yul Brynner

Speaking Elsewhere: April 2011

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Last week I spoke to a group of association professionals here in North Carolina on the basics of blogging – And Now You Want Us to Blog Too? What do I do when I’m not writing? Every now and then I share what I know with others.

Reads of the Week: February 22, 2013

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Even better, the nonprofit partner for the evening was one of my favorite organizations: the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina. North Carolina produces about half the sweet potato crop in the U.S. Last night I went to Ignite Raleigh where the speakers, including a few of my friends, delivered a mix of inspiration, entertainment and education.

Study Looks at What Drives Volunteer Leaders’ Commitment

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Andrews of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, used data collected from over 1,600 Sierra Club volunteer leaders across 368 chapters to try to determine what elements of their work affected their level of commitment to the group.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 6.6.16

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– Association Management 101 (North Carolina). If you’re in North Carolina, here’s an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of association management and feel recharged about your profession, all at a price your budget can afford.

Study: Travelers Hungry for Culinary Experiences

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Good places to eat and drink will never go away in terms of branding yourself as an attractive destination,” said Erica Hill, director of communications at Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) in Charlotte, North Carolina. “It

Writing Online Content for Distracted Readers

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This article was originally published as “Writing Online Content for Distracted Humans and Web-Crawling Spiders” in the Association Executives of North Carolina’s Success By Association magazine, November/December 2015 issue. ~~~.

Company or Individual: How Member Type Shapes Association Work

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I posed a few questions on this subject to Kim Lawyer, QAS, manager of association operations at the North Carolina Nurses Association, and Liz Peuster, director of membership at the National Wood Flooring Association.