Education Groups Aid Louisiana Flood Victims

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As southern Louisiana begins the arduous process of cleaning up after the floods that ravaged the area this month, the National Education Association and the Louisiana Association of Educators are working to provide public school employees with relief assistance and school recovery resources. Floodwaters are finally receding in southern Louisiana after heavy rains pounded the area the last few weeks, killing 13 people and displacing thousands.

Repaying the Favor: Louisiana Restaurant Association Mobilizes Harvey Relief Efforts

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The Louisiana Restaurant Association, in tandem with other New Orleans groups, is coordinating a relief fund targeted at hospitality workers affected by Hurricane Harvey. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and other parts of southeast Texas , Louisiana’s restaurant industry knew all about how bad a storm like this could be. Across Louisiana, we’re getting lots of calls from members saying, ‘We want to help the people there like they helped us here when we needed it.'”


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All Aboard the Open Access Train

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Features ASAE ASQ association resources CalSAE Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors Louisiana Oil and Gas Association Munich open access Munich’s U-bahn (Untergrundbahn, underground rail) and S-bahn (Stadtschnellbahn, commuter rail) require tickets, but the train stations do not have turnstiles. Which means the trains are technically. For more about this topic, click on the headline.

Let’s talk about race

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We’re bringing in Maxine Crump, CEO of Dialogue on Race Louisiana, to lead this workshop. One hundred percent of all donations will go to Dialogue on Race Louisiana and Color of Change.

Associations Respond to Hurricane Harvey

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In case you missed it, ASAE’s Collaborate forum (member login required) has recently been hosting a robust discussion of how associations are helping their members and the local community in Houston and southwest Louisiana respond to Hurricane Harvey. With Houston and Louisiana still drying – and digging – out and Hurricane Irma about to strike Florida, I wanted to summarize some good practices that have emerged.

Association Spotlight: LOGA

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January 2012 -- Association Spotlight This month's spotlight on communication excellence falls on the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association (LOGA) , whose aggressive push into new media and technology has opened up a deep reservoir of membership growth and lobbying success in support of the "little guys."

The importance of shared definitions in conversations on race

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Having what Dialogue on Race Louisiana President and CEO Maxine Crump calls “shared definitions” is the key to fostering genuine and solution-oriented conversations. When people come into Dialogue (on Race Louisiana), we help them know the definition we’re using.”.

La. Restaurant Group, Health Department Team Up to Offer Healthy Menu Options

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Through an initiative to help people eat healthier, Louisiana restaurants can be recognized as “WellSpots” with nutritious items on their menus. Louisiana is known for good food—but not necessarily food that’s good for you. To encourage restaurant-goers to make healthy choices, the Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA) has joined forces with Well-Ahead Louisiana , an initiative of the Louisiana Department of Health, to put healthier options on restaurant menus.

Pennsylvania Legislation Threatens Private Certification, ASAE Says

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Last year, ASAE and the Institute for Credentialing Excellence cofounded the Professional Certification Coalition after bills limiting private credentialing emerged in Louisiana, Missouri, and several other states. In Louisiana, for example, the measure passed only after language that would have affected association credentialing had been removed.

Bureau Moves to Stop Flood-Damaged Vehicles from Deluging Market

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Last month’s flooding in Louisiana damaged thousands of cars. That’s the warning the National Insurance Crime Bureau issued following intense flooding in Louisiana last month. While officials in Louisiana enacted tough restrictions to ensure water-damaged vehicles weren’t resold, other states are more lax, according to Scafidi. A problematic vehicle from recent flooding in Louisiana might end up in, say, Nevada or Michigan.

Association Brain Food: 4.29.22

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Instead of hoarding a dozen oysters to myself last week, like I usually do, I made Emeril’s Louisiana oyster and sausage bake. The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. ASAE scholarships.

How this survey revealed the racial inequities in the association industry

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Different Strokes

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Ways to know the conference you are involved in is being held in Louisiana: The Starbucks in the hotel complements its assortment of sugar-free syrups with a half-dozen liqueurs to add to your coffee. The morning break at the conference offered only Bloody Mary's and another alcohol-laden drink. Just a good in-my-face reminder of the different norms and customs one may need to get accustomed to when stepping into others' worlds

Association Brain Food Weekly: 4.2.21

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Think Portugal meets Louisiana. The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community…. Post-pandemic association workplace.

How Fast-Acting New Orleans Won Over the NBA

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The city and the state of Louisiana pursued a thoughtful strategy to convince the league that it was taking discrimination concerns seriously. Almost immediately after news of the potential move broke last month, Louisiana Gov. “Louisiana is rich in diversity of heritage, culture, cuisine, and people, and we believe the NBA could not select a better place for everyone to come and enjoy this spectacular sporting event.”

County Clerk Associations in Hot Spot Over Same-Sex Marriage

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Louisiana’s Shifting Stance. To give you an idea of the issues at hand, look no further than Louisiana, where the Louisiana Clerks of Court Association (LCCA) has gone back and forth on whether to recommend that its members hand out marriage licenses to same-sex couples, a decision made even more difficult by the fact that the state’s governor and attorney general have both publicly spoken out against the ruling.

Rail Passengers Association Takes Message on a Field Trip, (Mostly) By Train

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Field representatives for the association are traveling in the Deep South this month in an effort to advocate for expanded Amtrak service in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

3 trends we’re watching in 2021

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That’s why we’ve given members and non-members alike access to the handouts and recording of “ Rooting out racism: How to get started at your organization ,” a workshop with Dialogue on Race Louisiana CEO Maxine Crump.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.17.20

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Presenter: Maxine Crump, CEO of Dialogue on Race Louisiana. The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Design thinking demystified. Are you just a tiny bit intimidated by the idea of design thinking? It’s okay, we’ve all been there.

Funeral Directors Group Enlists Volunteers for COVID-19 Funeral Home Relief

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Today we may help out in DC, and tomorrow it may be Louisiana.”. The staggering numbers of coronavirus deaths in some states have left funeral homes without enough personnel to manage the deceased.

Internet Association Opens Texas Office And Hires State Government Affairs Southern Region Director


Hines will also cover Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia, which include an additional 1,366,000 American internet sector jobs. “We’re excited to have James join our team.

Electrical Manufacturers Group Reenergizes Disaster Safety Guidelines

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This is a life safety issue,” said Bryan Holland, NEMA’s southern region field representative, which covers Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where major flooding in August left multiple people dead and tens of thousands of homes damaged. Following this summer’s devastating disasters in California and Louisiana, NEMA sent the document to electricians and civil authorities in both states. Natural disasters have struck the U.S. frequently in recent years, leaving devastation in their wake.

SLA 2010: What a Conference!

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Shortly before I left for New Orleans, I was saddened at the news that the Louisiana State University School of Library and Information Science is being threatened with closure. I sincerely hope that the visibility our conference generated in Louisiana helps Beth call attention to the fact that LSU has the only library school in Louisiana, and one of the few in the Southeastern U.S. . If you could not join us in New Orleans for SLA 2010, you missed something special.

Laws Imitate ‘Dallas Buyers Club’: States Pass Right-To-Try Legislation

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More details: A “right to try”: Several states, including Colorado and Louisiana, have passed laws that allow patients to make deals with pharmaceutical firms for access to experimental drugs, which generally require FDA approval before legal distribution. In testimony given to the Louisiana legislature, the institute’s senior attorney, Kurt Altman, questioned why patients in the U.S.

Why eliminating racism starts with institutions

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We’ll talk with Maxine Crump, CEO of Dialogue on Race Louisiana, about how to identify racist policies, bylaws and practices in your association, and what you can do to move toward eliminating them. Is racism a result of prejudice, or is prejudice a result of racism?

Actuarial Groups Launch Climate Measurement Tool

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In just the last few months, droughts and fires have plagued Tennessee , and heavy rains and floods have deluged Louisiana. Last week, four actuarial groups in the United States and Canada introduced the Actuaries Climate Index, an online tool that measures changes in extreme weather events and sea levels.

Tools 76

Best of the Web: September 2013

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Louisiana Society of Association Executives. Best of the Web. How Do You Address the Long-Time Members or Customers No Longer in Your Ranks? Jeffrey Cufaude. Idea Architects. The 5 Must-Have Qualities of the Modern Employee. Jacob Morgan. Forbes. Making an Impact: Building Trusting Relationships and Expanding Your Sphere of Influence. Go Boldly Where Your Members Are. Christine L. Avery. Association Media & Publishing. The Game of Association Growth. Sarah Hill.

The 4 cornerstones for successful and equitable hiring

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Members have access to coursework and handouts from Dialogue on Race Louisiana CEO Maxine Crump detailing actionable steps for starting the conversation. With new experiences, new budgets and new plans come new chances to further your mission.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 7.24.20

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Presenter: Maxine Crump, CEO of Dialogue on Race Louisiana. The weekly list of free educational events and resources for the association community… Associations and the future of colleges.

3 things Popeyes’ chicken can teach you about branding

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This frenzy was no accident: GUT , Popeyes’ Louisiana Kitchen’s marketing agency, implemented some seriously effective strategy with impeccable timing and grace over the past six months. . Since its Aug. 12, 2019, debut, the Popeye’s fried chicken sandwich has been quite the craze.

Normal is Over(rated) – For Now

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My organization was supposed to hold a 5,000-person meeting in Louisiana in late October. This is a guest post by Joy S. Davis, CAE, based on an email she sent to me after reading Lisa Block’s recent post, “I Am Sorry, But We Are Not All Fine.”

Associations Launch Coalition to Support Professional Licensing

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The issue, which last year led associations into legislative battles in Louisiana and Missouri , reflects a situation where highly credentialed professions are being caught in the crosshairs of a broader movement intended to prevent the use of overly arduous licensing, ARPL members say. With a variety of fields represented, the new Alliance for Responsible Professional Licensing aims to speak up in state legislative battles over credentialing, which have picked up in recent years.

Association Brain Food Weekly: 3.27.20

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Good eats—skip down to the list of free webinars if you’re not into cooking: The highlight of the week was Louisiana oyster and linguiça bake , an Emeril Lagasse recipe.

New Orleans: Returning to Life, a Decade After Katrina

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the storm left more than 1,800 dead and an estimated $100 billion in damage, much of that damage hitting New Orleans and surrounding areas in Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi. Morial Convention Center and the Louisiana Superdome saw their normal usage as event venues take a back seat to basic human necessity.

How Associations Are Changing Up School Sunscreen Rules

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According to Stateline , six states—Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Utah, and Washington—have passed laws this year allowing sunscreen to be used during school activities. You may not think of sunscreen as medication, but the FDA does, and so do many schools. School rules restricting suncreen use lead to dangerous sun exposure for students, dermatology associations say—and they’re working to ensure kids are protected, one state at a time.

Ready to talk about racism at work? Here’s where to start

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In all 50 American states and in over 15 countries, protests continue over the systematic oppression of Black people. Intentional or not, racism happens every day in all facets of life.

Members Were My Mentors: Building Consensus Among the Folks Who Build

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Long story short, AGC hired me at age 24 to run a chapter in Louisiana. I was pretty up to speed when I got back to the Louisiana chapter office for my first job. After eight years in Louisiana, I ran a chapter in Jacksonville, Florida for six years and then came up to Atlanta to run this chapter in 1995 where I’ve been ever since. After more than three decades at the helm of various AGC chapters, Michael Dunham, CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Georgia, Inc.

Making Introductions: Landmen Group Launches “Meet Us” Campaign

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The group focused its efforts on markets near major shale plays like Marcellus (New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia), New Albany (Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky), and Haynesville-Bossier (Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas), among others. Facing negative media depictions and a lack of knowledge about their profession, the American Association of Professional Landmen launched campaign to help the public—especially landowners—get to know them. Early returns have been promising.

Three Ways to Grow Membership With Mission

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In response to the 2016 flooding in Louisiana, GoFundMe users raised more than $11M through more than 6,000 flood-related campaigns. Reading Time: 3 minutes. How Can You Make Your Mission Drive Membership? Associations are “mission first” in word and often in deed.

New Battlefront: Same-Sex Spouse Benefits and the National Guard

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Politicians in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi have worked to block gay and lesbian National Guard members’ spouses from receiving benefits based on state law not recognizing same-sex marriage. With political leaders blocking the processing of same-sex spouse benefits for members of the National Guard in four states, the American Military Partner Association is working with the American Civil Liberties Union to fight back. The U.S.